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May 31, 2013

YouTube Adds Slow Motion Feature to Video Editor

By Monica Gleberman, Contributing Writer

YouTube (News - Alert) has added a new feature to its video editor that will allow users to slow down the speed of a video they have uploaded. The new slow motion feature will let users change the pace without the use of a high-speed camera.

Since YouTube’s formation in 2005, the online video-sharing website has been trying to enhance its video capabilities for users. Due to the majority of the content being uploaded by account holders, updates have come frequently, including HTML5 playback within your browser, video length expansion to as long as 12 hours, additional video format capabilities, HD compatibility, and of course the video editor.

To take advantage of the slow motion features, users must have a video uploaded into YouTube that is no longer then 10 minutes. Once it’s uploaded, users can navigate to the video editor screen and click on a new button displaying a turtle. Once highlighted, additional options will appear, letting users slow down the footage by 12.5, 25 or 50 percent of its original pace.

This announcement comes only weeks after the video sharing website revealed it would be expanding its Live Streaming features to more accounts. This seems like YouTube’s way of competing with popular live streaming websites such as UStream.

Regardless of its intent, the expansion has been a long grueling process. If you are in good standing with YouTube, have a channel that has at least 1,000 subscribers, and you apply – you could be the next person to be given access to live streaming.

Once the capability is awarded, users will have a new listing at the bottom of their Account Feature page letting them click an ‘Enable’ button to go live. The new service will let you know how long you have been live, if your streaming status is good, average length of time people have been watching, and of course the total amount of people that have click in.

YouTube plans on allowing more people to become verified to live stream over the next couple of months.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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