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The Best Safe Online Casino Apps

8/26/2021 12:08:34 PM

Accessing state of the art slot games has never been easier thanks to top of the range apps which can be downloaded from any app store directly onto your m…

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Game Streaming Basics - The Equipment You Need

8/26/2021 12:04:09 PM

Online entertainment has evolved considerably over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major catalyst in the growth of online entertainmen…

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Best press release distribution services in 2021

8/26/2021 11:57:17 AM

The digital world has swept the traditional marketing practices but few of them are revamped to the digital marketing world. One among them is PR. In the a…

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5 Tips for Effectively Connecting With Your Employees

8/26/2021 11:52:56 AM

The last thing you want is for your employees to view you as a disinterested, compassionless boss. You should be a reason that they look forward to coming …

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Tim Murawski Builds on Successful New Augmented Reality Spinal Operations

8/26/2021 11:43:12 AM

The medical field is constantly evolving and improving, in part, thanks to the influence of modern technology. One relatively new piece of technology that …

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The Technology Behind Online Gambling

8/26/2021 11:31:57 AM

Have you ever wondered how technology has helped online gambling? The gambling industry has experienced a number of major changes over time. Digital techno…

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How a Smartphone Can Aid Your Career Change

8/26/2021 11:24:30 AM

Smartphones are handy for many reasons. They help you stay connected with friends, let you stick to a schedule, allow you to unwind with games, and so much…

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These tech innovations are revolutionizing family planning

8/26/2021 11:20:14 AM

Although many people imagine that the primary purpose of family planning is to avoid unwanted pregnancies, the truth is that the benefits of family plannin…

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Online Data Analytics Tools Showing the Way in 2021

8/26/2021 11:13:06 AM

Did you know, the global data sphere will grow 175 zettabytes by 2025? How can one industry grow so massively in such a short time? Well, the answer lies i…

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Senet is Granted a New US Patent for the Secure Onboarding of Gateways to IoT Network Infrastructure

8/26/2021 10:09:55 AM

Senet, Inc. today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent for Senet's approach to IoT networking, U.S. Patent …

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Comcast Business Bolsters Solution Set with Masergy Acquisition

8/26/2021 10:07:53 AM

Comcast Business announced a signed agreement to acquire Plano-based SDN and enterprise cloud pioneer, Masergy, putting Comcast in a prime position to bett…

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IBM Enters SASE Space

8/25/2021 3:57:34 PM

Today, IBM introduced the arrival of IBM Security Services for SASE to its portfolio, with the aim of driving adoption of cloud-security at the edge, and k…

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IBM's Telum Processor Allows AI to Work Where Data Resides

8/25/2021 3:21:35 PM

While artificial intelligence (AI) is helping many businesses get significant value from their data and enabling better fraud prevention and improved workf…

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NICE Evidencentral Marketplace Gains Five New Technology Partners

8/25/2021 3:16:13 PM

NICE has announced five new technology partners for its Evidencentral Marketplace. The open evidence management ecosystem is designed to accelerate the dig…

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Blockchain Startup XREX Raises $17 Million to Help Businesses with Cross-Border Financial Transactions

8/25/2021 3:04:36 PM

XREX, a blockchain startup from Taiwan, has raised $17 million in funding. The money will be used to build out the company's crypto-fiat exchange platform,…

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Latium Technologies Unleashes E-Sense on Mining Industry

8/25/2021 2:41:43 PM

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions provider Latium Technologies announced the arrival of the Ingenious E-Sense IoT sensor to offer mining firms…

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Quadient Joins UiPath for Automation-Focused Strategic Partnership

8/24/2021 4:20:12 PM

Quadient and UiPath will combine tablets to offer business customers advanced automated solutions to enhance customer experiences and business productivity…

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Is Conversational AI Ready to Take Over for Humans?

8/24/2021 4:17:47 PM

Chatbots and self-service programs have long had a reputation of being inferior to human employees. But recent developments in AI are proving that soon cus…

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Utilizing CRM Integrations to Form Stronger Customer Relationships

8/24/2021 4:11:16 PM

Enterprises and large scale companies that use CRM solutions should consider a number of simple integrations to boost customer experiences and general prod…

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CYBAVO Secures $4 Million in Latest Funding Round

8/24/2021 3:49:58 PM

CYBAVO's latest investment will help with the company's global expansion and product development.

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Using Tech to Capture a Target Demographic as a New Business

8/24/2021 2:36:33 PM

Running a new business is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to competitive industries. New business owners have their work …

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Behind the Scenes of Freedom Mobile's Latest Market Moves

8/24/2021 2:29:36 PM

When the fourth largest wireless telecommunications provider in Canada, controlling about 6% of market share, is possibly up for sale, it is only natural t…

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Cybersecurity for the Future: 5 Key Considerations

8/24/2021 2:20:10 PM

The cybersecurity industry has been subject to constant evolution and development. Cyber-attacks have gathered strength across businesses worldwide, especi…

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How to Grow Your Business - Business Guide

8/24/2021 2:13:46 PM

It's the dream of all businesses to generate more customers and grow. If you are not growing, even if you are doing well at the moment, sooner or later you…

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Electrification of Federal Fleet Will Result in Reduced Emissions

8/24/2021 10:11:49 AM

Early in 2018, Stanford University researchers carried out a national survey on the topic of climate change and global warming. Questions included belief i…

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From the Biggest Cities To The Smallest Towns: Infrastructure Funding Will Make Connected Communities a Reality

8/24/2021 10:08:52 AM

Today, with some of the largest cities in the United States of America on the verge of becoming smart cities, the heavy integration of various technologies…

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5 Ways You Can Catapult Your Business Forward to Support Safe Remote Work

8/23/2021 5:33:59 PM

How can businesses thrive while keeping employees happy?

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Football: Cloud Security

8/23/2021 5:01:06 PM

This past year and a half have been challenging for football fans worldwide as many have been forced to watch their favourite teams play on streaming websi…

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Why are Thinkpads most popular for Business Purposes?

8/23/2021 4:56:18 PM

Are you an emerging business professional in search of the perfect laptop? When you go take a sneak peek at the market, you can find a slew of laptop choic…

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Edify Huddle CX v4.0 Brings Enhanced Customer Interactions

8/23/2021 2:46:43 PM

Edify's latest version of the Huddle CX solution offers service agents new resources for enhancing customer journeys from every angle.

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IR Joins ServiceNow Partner Program for Better Real-Time Insights

8/23/2021 1:56:48 PM

IR creates solutions designed to simplify that complexity. Its technology can supply insights, monitoring and support to keep business-critical systems run…

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IDC Anticipates Serious Growth in Managed Edge Services Over Next Five Years

8/23/2021 1:21:45 PM

A new forecast model created by IDC expects to see major growth for managed edge services within the next five years.

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Dialpad Brings Modern Communications Services to Law Firms

8/23/2021 1:16:17 PM

Dialpad and Clio have created a new integration that brings advanced, cloud-based communications services to the legal sector.

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Logistics and Supply Chain - What Is Steering the Wheel and Aiding Big Leaps?

8/23/2021 1:10:28 PM

The global pandemic has had an impact on every sphere of business. The resultant action has led to sluggish growth or even contraction of the world economy…

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Chatwoot's New Open Source Customer Engagement Platform Could Change the Game

8/20/2021 4:47:29 PM

Open source solutions which have the benefit of free, easy to use tools are one way to approach getting these solutions out to more businesses. However, wi…

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Kakao Looks to Singapore for Next Blockchain Move

8/20/2021 4:41:09 PM

South Korean Internet Company Kakao is reportedly pushing forward with global expansion plans and has recently said it plans to move into the Singapore reg…

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Texas City Selects Ameresco for Smart Meter Infrastructure

8/20/2021 3:38:40 PM

Bellmead, Texas represents a trend taking utilities across the country by storm: smart meters. The city selected Ameresco to modernize its water metering i…

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Uniphore Buys Jacada

8/20/2021 2:15:32 PM

Conversational service automation provider Uniphore has announced the acquisition of customer experience vendor Jacada for an undisclosed sum.

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Telia Turns to ServiceNow for Workflow Management Transformation

8/20/2021 1:05:27 PM

Telia Company will be working closely with ServiceNow to bring new technical and service management support to the company's multinational business operati…

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Airkit Discovers 64% of Customer Service Agents Falling Short

8/20/2021 12:41:56 PM

Airkit's new report finds that a significant majority of customers are unsatisfied with customer service support.

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Netskope Security Cloud Receives SASE Enhancements

8/20/2021 12:36:44 PM

Netskope announced a number of new additions to the Netskope Security Cloud addressing growing concerns stemming from a robust increase in WFH, the need fo…

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Zylo Launches Portfolio of Managed Services

8/20/2021 12:36:10 PM

Last week, enterprise software-as-a-service management platform provider Zylo announced the introduction of its latest offering, Zylo Managed Services. Usi…

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Conversational Service Automation Uses AI to Create More Meaningful Customer Interactions

8/20/2021 11:38:30 AM

Conversational service automation is gaining traction among businesses to help create more streamlined, automated and personalized customer interactions. T…

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Microsoft Contemplates Piracy Strategy Utilizing Ethereum Blockchain

8/19/2021 4:08:14 PM

Due to the exponential rise in online crime, tech giants like Microsoft are devising new strategies to combat hackers from stealing private digital propert…

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UCaaS Provider OIT Forms Business Relationship with CLA

8/19/2021 3:49:05 PM

CliftonLarsonAllen(CLA) will be supporting OIT, LLC with regulatory and compliance services as OIT shifts attention to business development and growth.

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ISG Provider Lens Names Persistent Systems Hybrid Cloud Service Leader

8/19/2021 3:46:02 PM

Digital solutions provider Persistent Systems is celebrating recognition from the 2021 ISG Provider Lens Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud - Data Center Servic…

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Launchpool Labs to Host Incubation of NOWwhere NFT Marketplace

8/19/2021 3:41:22 PM

While many companies are developing blockchain technology for the next several decades, many individuals and companies are shut out because of the costs in…

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'Dialpad for Startups' Program Offers High-Grade Cloud Solutions

8/19/2021 3:41:18 PM

Dialpad has created a discounted service program for qualifying small businesses, helping them gain momentum with advanced cloud solutions.

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Avaya and Microsoft Reveal Azure Communications Integration with Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

8/19/2021 3:38:03 PM

Avaya and Microsoft have teamed up to offer customers a wider range of cloud communications services, as well as extending global availability.

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NTT DATA Lands $15.4 Million Contract for Argonne National Laboratory IT Support

8/19/2021 3:33:36 PM

NTTA DATA has been selected to support Argonne National Laboratory's digital transformation and business development.

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