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The popularity and pervasiveness of AI technologies raise interesting moral and ethical questions about whether it can surpass or even replace human thought. Humans are at a crossroads when it comes to defining AI's role in our workplaces and our culture at large.
12/27/2019 12:54:21 PM
Starting a business with no money might seem like an impossible feat, but with the right amount of savvy, you can make it happen. In fact, the internet and modern technology has made it easier than ever for anybody to turn their business idea into a reality without the need to apply for hundreds of thousands of pounds in startup funding. Online shopping is booming, and strategies like dropshipping mean that it's now perfectly doable to start an online store without the need to buy and carry stock, for example.
12/27/2019 12:47:35 PM
AI is increasingly being used throughout a host of vertical markets to improve the customer experience (CX) and boost engagement. AI and automation are becoming an entrenched part of the CX industry with plenty of room for development and growth.
12/27/2019 12:45:47 PM
The uncertain nature of the global economic landscape makes it extremely important for businesses to keep worker productivity up and costs down. One of the best ways to do this is to make proper use of the latest technology solutions. Today's employees also understand the value of maintaining adequate workplace safety, be it preventing acute injuries leading to huge treatment costs and insurance claims or ongoing fatigue that can diminish the efficiency of the workforce significantly.
12/27/2019 12:37:15 PM
It is said that marriages are made in heaven. There is nothing more devastating in a relationship than having to call it quits. However, in recent years, we have observed an alarming rise in divorce rates all over the world. According to the Centers and Disease Control and Prevention, the divorce rate in the US was 3.2 per 1,000 people in 2016. All of us are more or less aware of the top reasons for divorce such as a two-timing partner, ideological differences, sexual incompatibility, abusive relationships, and the like.
12/27/2019 12:33:48 PM
The digital workplace is here and with mobile devices becoming the leading choice for communications, it's more critical than ever to add security measures that protect devices and corporate networks.
12/27/2019 12:32:01 PM
Workers' compensation has been around for many years. However, this particular segment of the insurance industry has not seen much technological innovation over the years. Many organizations still make use of emails, spreadsheets, and paper to manage workplace safety and claims. However, some of the latest technologies have the potential to improve workers' compensation programs in terms of training, communications, health care delivery, workers compensation payments, and much more.
12/27/2019 12:30:27 PM
Amongst all segments of the legal field, criminal justice has always been proactive about embracing the latest technological innovations to protect citizens and improve the outcome of legal cases and rulings. As offenders started using technology for committing more sophisticated crimes, the legal system has also started using the latest technology tools to outwit the offenders.
12/27/2019 12:27:44 PM
Be it boxing, football, Formula 1, or Cricket, technology has had a significant impact on sports, virtually changing how the fans enjoy the games. As a result, even a sport like Kabaddi now has followers worldwide and is attracting a range of sponsors.
12/27/2019 12:24:46 PM
As demands for more communications options increase, the need for CPaaS is also growing. According to the latest data findings from Synergy Research Group, revenues in the first three quarters of the year have already surpassed those of 2018.
12/27/2019 12:24:31 PM
One US real estate franchise is ensuring it's prepared for the future and making the move to the cloud with Five9. The company announced it was chosen to provide its intelligent cloud contact center offering to replace the on premise offering currently in use by the nationwide real estate investor.
12/27/2019 12:17:28 PM
Of all facets of health, oral care is considered a less priority. It's easy to overlook basic oral care, especially for busy people who seem to always run out of time. People who have a schedule to keep, such as entrepreneurs, find it challenging to squeeze in a quick dental checkup because their time is usually spent on important priorities.
12/27/2019 12:13:23 PM
The menace of addiction in the US has indeed been a quite challenging issue to handle. In fact, research has suggested that there are more than 30 million people in the country who have been affected by the drug menace. Ideally speaking, you need to have access to a professional help to address to treat the drug abuse. But, sadly enough, not many come forward to get assistance.
12/27/2019 12:08:59 PM
PSCU, a company that was formed back in 1977 to provide services for credit unions across the country, has announced its latest move to streamline call experiences with its call centers.
12/27/2019 12:08:51 PM
Regional telecom service provider Cincinnati Bell provides landline telephone, fiber-optic Internet, and IPTV to customers in the Cincinnati, Ohio region. The company, which dates to the nineteenth century telegraph era, recently announced that it has agreed to be acquired by Toronto-based conglomerate Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP in a cash-and-debt deal valued at more than $2 billion.
12/27/2019 12:03:09 PM
If you manage a call center and you're of a certain age, chances are that you know how to calculate the Erlang-C formula, a mathematical calculation that allows call center managers to calculate the number of staff needed for a given number of calls, to meet a given service level. It's a way to put mathematical numbers to a queuing system in which calls arrive, wait in a virtual line, and are then serviced by an agent.
12/27/2019 11:49:26 AM
Effective call center forecasting isn't just about day-to-day or week-to-week operations. Accurate forecasts are also critical for budgeting and hiring. With a new year beginning, many contact centers will begin the budget-setting process for the year and make hiring changes to either add to or subtract from the current headcount. Without a good forecast, this process becomes a shot in the dark. So how do you go about building a call center volume forecast for the next year?
12/27/2019 11:37:29 AM
Cloud-based communications provider Fuze has partnered with Snap Recordings, a company that specializes in personalized, automated voice recordings. The companies are working together to create automated yet personalized customer interactions and engagements.
12/27/2019 11:27:28 AM
AMD joined the Blockchain Gaming Alliance earlier this month, signaling a transformation in how games will be created, published, purchased and played moving forward. The move also has the hardware giant partnering with major gaming companies like Ubisoft, Robot Cache and ULTRA.
12/27/2019 11:23:12 AM
Alibaba is cementing a leadership role in the blockchain space by winning two new U.S. patents for its technologies and making key partnership announcements. The company has launched the Ant Open Blockchain Alliance Consortium and has also partnered with Ant Financial and major Chinese bank ICBC.
12/27/2019 11:10:26 AM
In 2017, Philips made a research to check the quality of sleep among participants of 10 countries. They suddenly found that only 17% of people get enough rest every night. Many analysts are noticed to blame technologies for such results. They suggest people stay long by their PCs and go to bed with smartphones in their hands and, therefore, do not get enough energy. This is partly true. However, technologies are just a tool. They can also help you to improve the comfort of your sleep.
12/26/2019 11:17:56 AM
In 2019, the big story in the aviation industry was two Boeing 737 Max crashes, six months apart. Following these tragedies, a number of airlines pulled the Boeing 737 Max from their schedules until Boeing itself finally became proactive and suspended production.
12/26/2019 11:11:59 AM
The healthcare industry is always simmering with innovation and new ideas, but it's typically taken years - or even decades - for significant change to occur on a large scale. But over the last 18 to 24 months, it's like gasoline has been poured over hot coals. Transformation is happening at an astonishing pace, redefining everything we know.
12/26/2019 11:08:46 AM
As CIO of a company, you carry a lot of weight. If you aren't careful, this burden can translate into stress and anxiety. Ultimately, this puts a strain on your performance and can exacerbate the underlying feelings. What you need is a plan for reducing stress and maximizing performance.
12/26/2019 11:02:57 AM
Have you ever wondered what the person on the other end of the phone conversation is really thinking? Or have you thought back to a previous phone conversation and wondered what the person meant when they asked, are you sure about that?' Conversations are often more complex than the surface-level sentences would suggest, and the only way to tap into those complexities is with a kind of conversational analysis.
12/26/2019 10:59:50 AM
Businesses always want to improve so that they can draw in more customers. Many do so through online marketing since the online consumer market continues to grow. Some companies may struggle to find things that improve their online marketing. Here are a few tips to help you to improve and expand your online marketing strategy.
12/26/2019 10:49:30 AM
Cloud computing can sometimes give companies pause. They worry about security issues with the public cloud where their data might be intermingled with the accounts of other people and businesses. As a result, interest in the private cloud to get greater security has been growing in recent years.
12/26/2019 10:43:12 AM
Vislink Technologies has announced that Ralph Faison has been appointed to its board as a non-executive independent director.
12/26/2019 9:51:31 AM
Top 10 Year-End Cybersecurity Stories for 2019
12/24/2019 11:21:34 AM
Today, there are a huge number of vocal stage microphones, both budget dynamic models and more expensive condenser ones.
12/23/2019 4:13:04 PM
Every company relies on human capital to operate. Even in mechanized industries like mining and manufacturing, employees still play an important role. It is no wonder that all companies have some form of human resource management function to handle this precious resource. When employees are happy and engaged, the company thrives, but when they become disgruntled, things can take a turn for the worse.
12/23/2019 2:50:48 PM
Creating a new website isn't easy. Sure, you can hire a company to develop a new website for your business, but maybe you are eager to build it yourself. Building your own website will take a lot of time, but we are happy to help. So, let's talk business and go through the basic steps you need to take for the creation of your new website.
12/23/2019 2:45:37 PM
TMC announced the winners of the 2019 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award, presented by TMC's INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.
12/23/2019 2:43:51 PM
TMC announced VoIP Supply has signed on a platinum sponsor for ITEXPO and MSP Expo, both of which are held February 12 -14, 2020 at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
12/23/2019 2:39:45 PM
In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Richard Korthauer, VP, Home and Distribution, Schneider Electric, to talk about smart power management in Smart Homes.
12/23/2019 1:53:55 PM
Teraki has closed $11 million in Series A funding with the aim of addressing the problem of data demand in constrained electronics components.
12/23/2019 12:15:17 PM
TMC today announced the winners of the 2019 Cloud Computing Security Excellence Awards.
12/23/2019 10:55:02 AM
TMC announced today the winners of 2019 Customer Experience Innovation Awards, presented by TMC's CUSTOMER magazine.
12/23/2019 10:34:43 AM
Online gaming involves an interactive aspect that not only makes them entertaining but also realistic. Today, the best online games allow you to interact with other gamers, making real-time communications a crucial factor in the gaming world. While a jackpot bonus code may not need this technology to survive, time are changing in the gaming market, and interactive games are getting more attention than others.
12/23/2019 9:57:49 AM
Change is the law of nature that can't be denied. In the present day world, advancement in technology is a dire necessity for many reasons. Technology has always been the foremost contributor towards changing our lives and these changes will continue in the future. However, unfortunately, all the changes brought by technology are not positive in nature. Over the last few decades, we have also experienced a darker side of technology in the form of a growing crime rate. In fact, the advent of modern technology has created new opportunities for criminals. Some of these technological advancements have also changed the area and scope of criminal activities.
12/23/2019 9:52:46 AM
One of the oldest professions in human civilization is the legal profession. Over the centuries, this profession has experienced significant changes in the way it operates. However, when it comes to the use of technology, this profession has not really been amongst the early adopters. Luckily, things have now started changing for good and legal services around the world have started embracing the benefits of technology instead of still relying on archaic practices.
12/23/2019 9:49:13 AM
It's amazing and impressive how the IT industry is growing and how it changes everything around us. Robotics, self-driven cars with artificial intelligence, smart homes and things like that don't really surprise us anymore. We are used to the fact that new technologies constantly emerge and we have to learn how to use them.
12/23/2019 9:06:30 AM
You run a successful business, or maybe you've just started. You have a highly ambitious team in place; You have it all figured out. Resources, check. Target audience, check. Production, check. Marketing, check. Sales, check. Post-sales support - This is an area that is quite demanding in itself and requires your full-fledged attention. You can't compromise on customer support, but you don't have the infrastructure for it, either!
12/23/2019 8:58:56 AM
For many senior citizens, a decrease in mobility is one of the hardest things to adjust to in later life. Seniors who become less mobile are more prone to depression and other physical and psychological effects that are associated with a lack of exercise and fresh air. Fortunately, there is a range of accessories that you can buy and technologies that are now on the market, which are designed to help seniors to live a more mobile existence. Below are three of the most significant.
12/23/2019 8:43:05 AM
How the Recent Leak of 267 Million Facebook Users Could Hurt Every Business
12/22/2019 4:48:41 PM
Software development and Cloud UC platform provider BroadSource, has announced it was recently issued a new patent by the US Patent Office for Adaptive Cloud Unified Communications.
12/20/2019 3:49:57 PM
In a move to focus even more on improving customers experiences and enhancing communications capabilities, CallMiner, a provider of AI-fueled speech and customer interaction analytics, has announced it recently secured $75M in investment funding from technology investor Goldman Sachs.
12/20/2019 3:37:45 PM
Avaya has announced SYNNEX Corporation joined its Master Agent program and will distribute its new Cloud Office UCaaS solution through its nationwide network of sales agents.
12/20/2019 3:20:18 PM
Cloud communications provider Fuze has announced new updates and enhancements were added to its enterprise communications offering. The addition of click to call escalation to video, screen share and multimedia messaging service support are among just some of the latest features to help enterprises in achieving more productive engagements.
12/20/2019 3:13:58 PM
Joint replacement is a very popular medical procedure all over the world. In some cases, only joint replacement can help patients to reduce joint pain and improve mobility.
12/20/2019 12:57:20 PM
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