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Track Your Favorite TV Shows with These Tips

9/10/2020 11:31:35 AM

If TV watching your way through the pandemic ranks high on your to do list, you aren't alone. A recent Nielsen study revealed that time spent on devices sa…

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Simplify Compliance by Implementing PAM: SOX, HIPAA and PCI DDS

9/9/2020 3:28:15 PM

Regulatory compliance is becoming more challenging for all industries, but in the financial, payments, contact center, and healthcare industries, the requi…

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Tracking this Year's Mergers and Acquisitions as the USA Regulates Online Gambling

9/9/2020 11:08:06 AM

The global gambling industry is growing at a rapid pace but so is the competition. It is getting harder for land based gaming operators and iGaming operato…

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What You Can Do If Your Employee Refuses a Background Check

9/9/2020 10:46:14 AM

While carrying out background checks is standard practice in many organizations (over 90 % of employers carry out, at least, one form of screening checks),…

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How Police Checks in Australia Help Create a Positive Workplace Environment

9/9/2020 10:36:40 AM

Police checks are an important part of many employment processes. They help employers weed out unsuitable candidates based on their 'relevant' criminal pas…

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How to find the best React JS agency

9/9/2020 10:28:48 AM

React is considered one of the best frontend tools for creating web interfaces. However, if you want to get all of the benefits associated with it, you nee…

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3 Ways Technology Is Changing the Casino Gaming Industry

9/9/2020 10:24:33 AM

Technological advancements have always had a strong impact on all industries, making thins easier and more appealing for us all. The casino industry is no …

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Best Tips for Driving Online Sales With eCommerce Tech Trends

9/9/2020 10:18:38 AM

The market of eCommerce is constantly growing, mostly because we have never had such online tools that would make the creation of online business so fast, …

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As TDM Declines, ATCA Tech Symposium Explores Migration to IP as Step One in Digital Transformation

9/8/2020 4:38:51 PM

Many of today's air traffic controllers still leverage TDM technology, with approximately 90% of the FTI network supported by this outdated technology. TDM…

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CEO Spotlight: Paul Shapiro of the Better Meat Co.

9/8/2020 3:36:21 PM

Paul Shapiro is a renowned thought leader in the realm of food sustainability, clean meat, animal welfare, and the future of food manufacturing. He is the …

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How Good Ice Breakers Help Sales Dialers in Cold Calling?

9/8/2020 3:30:01 PM

It's a bright morning today. You decide to start your day with a pretty good target to call plenty of prospects. And the roller coaster ride begins. You li…

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Press Release Distribution Services for Business Online

9/8/2020 3:20:40 PM

So, you have unlimited creative ideas to start a new business. You might have set up a series of events that you may follow to achieve your goals. It may i…

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How to Make $10,000 Per Month Drop Servicing by Dylan Sigley

9/8/2020 3:15:33 PM

This is your complete guide by Dylan Sigley for how to make $10,000 per month from your drop servicing business while working zero hours per week!

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Ransomware Stops Hartford, Connecticut Schools from Opening

9/8/2020 2:43:14 PM

Ransomware Stops Hartford, Connecticut Schools from Opening

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Black Box Launches Connected Buildings Solution

9/8/2020 2:05:55 PM

Black Box recently introduced its Connected Buildings product, which the company described as a suite of solutions and services to enable digital experienc…

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New Survey Shows that Business is Committed to LTE for WAN

9/8/2020 1:36:29 PM

New report indicates that 78 percent of companies now use or plan to use LTE for WAN or internet connectivity and 82 percent believe 5G will deliver increa…

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Intelligent Protection Against DNS DDoS Attacks is Critical Part of Cybersecurity Architecture

9/8/2020 1:35:45 PM

In 2020 DDoS attacks continue to increase both in volume and in frequency. Nexusguard Research just reported a 542% increase in DDoS attacks in the first q…

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Hortica Comes out of Stealth Mode to Reveal Connected Cultivation Greenhouse for Medical Cannabis Leveraging Edge Compute and Advanced Automation

9/8/2020 1:09:42 PM

After years of development and testing, one of Israel's most interesting AGTech startups, Hortica, announced this week they are coming to America to build …

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USPS Blockchain Patent Could Enable Secure Mail-in Voting

9/8/2020 1:00:18 PM

The USPS has filed a patent for a mail-in voting system that uses blockchain along with other technologies for security and verification. The solution woul…

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IoT 101 with the Internet Society

9/8/2020 12:41:07 PM

Organizations have been supporting data generating endpoint devices for quite some time, including: building automation, security devices, and cameras, and…

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Remote Collaboration Soaring, Zoom & Facebook Announce New Video Integrations

9/8/2020 12:39:12 PM

Both service and solution providers have upgraded their offerings and introduced new ones to meet growing demands. The latest announcements from Calif.-bas…

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Verizon Completes Fully Virtualized 5G Data Session in the World

9/8/2020 12:22:08 PM

Verizon says it is the first in the world to successfully complete an end-to-end (from the core of the network to the far edge) virtualized 5G data session…

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First Insight Enhances VoC Analytics Platform

9/8/2020 12:21:53 PM

With First Insight, businesses can meet the needs of their customers using its Voice of Customer Analytics platform. The enterprise-grade digital product t…

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5 Reasons To Get An International Marketing Diploma In 2024

9/8/2020 11:00:59 AM

Are you interested in psychology and interpersonal relationships? Are you attracted by new technologies? Do you have a craving for creativity? If you answe…

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Security Devices and Equipment for Your Company

9/8/2020 10:49:51 AM

As a business owner, what comes next after protecting your company's digital information from cyber attacks is protecting its physical assets from theft an…

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How Can Blockchain Revolutionize Online Gambling?

9/8/2020 10:39:42 AM

The online gambling market is one of the fastest-growing on the planet. Facilitated by the availability of mobile Internet devices and improvements in smar…

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Not Just a Game: The Cognitive Benefits of Poker

9/8/2020 10:29:09 AM

Poker is an interesting game to judge your efficiency of the brain. Poker is the final battle of wits, and to achieve victory, boost up your memory power t…

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Patton's VoIP Services Pass Interoperability Testing with New SIP Offerings from Deutsche Telekom

9/8/2020 10:25:05 AM

US-based telecom manufacturer Patton Electronics has announced the successful completion of interoperability testing between its SmartNode VoIP gateway and…

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5 Tips for Remote Sales

9/8/2020 10:17:58 AM

The number of people working from home has risen to about 80% throughout the past decade. With the current pandemic, the number has gone even higher. Sales…

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Pandemic Put Digital Transformation Pedal to the Floor

9/8/2020 10:01:07 AM

Twilio recently surveyed more than 2,500 enterprise decision makers to gain insight into how much COVID-19 has impacted digital transformation roadmaps. Le…

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Things Travel Brands Should Know to Succeed in a Post COVID-19 World

9/8/2020 8:39:13 AM

The COVID-19 situation has brought an abrupt halt to the travel and tourism industry. The virus scare has stirred global lockdowns and led to bans on inter…

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Managed Services Set to Dominate Security Market over Next Six Months

9/7/2020 9:45:00 AM

New IDC research shows managed services will make up the largest and fastest growing segment of the security market over the next six months. Growth has be…

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Energy Group OPEC Will Discuss Blockchain for Supply Chains at Virtual Meeting

9/4/2020 3:48:20 PM

Blockchain technology already underpins the sophisticated networks that manage payments, sales, trading, and the supply chain. Many utilities are already u…

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Reasons to Start Using an Inventory Management System

9/4/2020 3:03:48 PM

Inventory management is a vital part of the success and sustainability of any business that manufactures, designs, or sells a product. In order to accurate…

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Nokia Aggregation Router now FirstNet Ready

9/4/2020 2:56:07 PM

The Nokia 7705 SAR-Hmc wireless service aggregation router is now certified and approved for use on FirstNet, the high-speed broadband communications platf…

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Smart Cities and Their Digital Assets

9/4/2020 2:33:12 PM

Smart city is a popular construction concept in recent years, yet regrettably the concept now focuses more on the technical construction of various informa…

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Telarus Partners with Mobile Solutions for Complete Mobility Services

9/4/2020 2:00:00 PM

Telarus, a master agent of business cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and contact center services, has announced a partnership with Mobile Solutions to …

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Speech Analytics Technology Keeps Call Center Agents and Customers Engaged

9/4/2020 11:42:34 AM

Speech analytics technology is being used in the call center to boost agent and customer engagement alike. The technology is useful for vetting and trainin…

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Genza , Parateum Partner with UK MVNO Market in Mind

9/4/2020 11:16:31 AM

Parateum Corporation announced a new partnership with Geneva-based telecom Genza to create an MVNO to address the U.K. market. Genza gains access to the Pa…

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How Houseparty brought fun back to video conferencing

9/4/2020 10:38:35 AM

Even just ten years ago, "Video conferencing fatigue" was not something many people could have ever imagined thinking about - or feeling - on a daily basis…

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Customer Support Tips For Retailers To Address The COVID-19 Situation

9/4/2020 9:31:54 AM

With the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases across the world, there has been a significant impact in the retail industry. People are hesitant to go t…

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IoT Time Podcast S.5 Ep.32 Sony Semiconductor (Formerly Altair)

9/3/2020 2:55:32 PM

In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Dima Feldman, VP, Product Management and Marketing, Sony Semiconductor, formerly Altair.

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Analyze This: Difference-making Analytic Capabilities to Elevate the Performance and Efficiency of an SD-WAN

9/3/2020 2:45:19 PM

If ever there was a time for businesses to look inwardly for ways to operate more efficiently and maximize their resources, it's now. And for many business…

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Top 5 Uses of CBD Oil - Is it Really Beneficial for Your Health?

9/3/2020 2:11:52 PM

CBD oil has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and if you don't know what all this fuss is about, then this article is for you. CBD oil has …

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Why a contemporary hearing aid is your ideal travel partner abroad

9/3/2020 2:04:44 PM

Modern hearing aids such as the Starkey Livio AI, Widex Evoke or Phonak are much more than a hearing aid with great sound quality. Because it is linked to …

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The biggest wind turbine yet is breaking world records

9/3/2020 1:58:32 PM

Have you ever seen a traditional Dutch windmill? They may be a photogenetic sight, but windmill technology has come a long way since then. The latest tech …

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What Are the Challenges of Running a CBD Brand in the United States?

9/3/2020 1:36:41 PM

With the worldwide CBD market predicted by some to reach $23.6 billion in annual sales by 2025, it should come as no surprise that entrepreneurs all over t…

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Mastering The Remote Software Development Process During COVID-19

9/3/2020 1:30:55 PM

There are several clear steps and guidelines to master the remote software development process during the Coronavirus. The global pandemic has forced busin…

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What are the Benefits of Using a Softphone for My Small Business

9/3/2020 1:24:59 PM

Every small business is looking to scale up to the next level to expand its financial base and clientele. To achieve the above requires investment in commu…

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How to Choose the Right Softphone App for your Small Business

9/3/2020 1:20:04 PM

Businesses are constantly innovating to keep abreast of new and emerging technologies. Among the areas that have seen tremendous growth is the communicatio…

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