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Anytime the business and technology world come together under one roof, it makes for the perfect opportunity to bring awareness and excitement around new and emerging solutions. Matrix Comsec plans to do just that this week at ITEXPO Florida 2019. Not only will the company be showcasing their solutions, they're also using the platform to launch several new products.
1/30/2019 3:32:46 PM
Across the U.S., nearly four million Americans work from their homes for at least half the week, according to a report by FlexJobs. In the coming years, this number is expected to climb steeply. It's good news for the environment (fewer miles driven), the businesses (employees have more time to work without a commute) and good for workers (for starters, the ability to work in sweatpants is a big one). All this telecommuting, however, has meant that companies need to adjust the ways they communicate, and bring unified communications (UC) solutions to the forefront.
1/30/2019 3:20:24 PM
Many companies, for lack of a better option, employ FaceTime, Apple's video-telephony app, for business conferencing. The reason is that it's easy to use and most everyone has it on their phone or tablet. There are, however, significant drawbacks to relying on FaceTime for conferencing.
1/30/2019 3:16:08 PM
To talk more about the benefits of capitalizing on customer experience revenue opportunities, Ken Lienemann, chief revenue officer at CoreDial, is hitting the stage at ITEXPO this week to deliver a keynote address titled, CX Sells- How the Channel Wins by Selling the Customer Experience. His session will discuss how channels can increase profits and retain customers when they bundle next-gen customer engagement solutions with their UCaaS deployments.
1/30/2019 2:54:38 PM
Cloud-based softswitch solutions provider Telinta has teamed up with thinQ, a provider of VoIP Termination and Origination services, to roll out a new joint offering as part of an ITEXPO special offer.
1/30/2019 2:47:52 PM
According to research group Frost & Sullivan, conferencing service providers (CSPs) are switching focus from standalone conferencing services to all-in-one solutions. These converged solutions provide users with more flexibility as well as simplicity, allowing them to switch between different modes of communication in the same work session, and adding enhancing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics.
1/30/2019 2:42:45 PM
Panel to Explore Tracking Factory Assets and Inventory with Sensors; PsiKick to Share Batteryless Sensor Expertise
1/30/2019 1:23:03 PM
CEO Emmanuel Cotrel will speak about new strategies for improving connectivity in remote and in-transit applications
1/30/2019 1:19:27 PM
Chicago-based company designed to support IoT innovators and entrepreneurs creating vertical industry solutions
1/30/2019 12:45:53 PM
Two Huawei employees landed in hot water at the beginning of January 2019 for a Twitter blunder made on behalf of the tech giant. Apparently, this little mishap occurred due to the employees having to switch to iPhone after their VPN let them down. But what is a VPN and how did it lead to Huawei's marketing fail? Let's explore the details.
1/30/2019 12:42:31 PM
On this quickie episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh is on the ground at the IoT Evolution Expo, and got a chance to sit down with George Mulhern, Cradlepoint, and Tom Davis, Azure IoT at Microsoft and talk about the new NetCloud Edge Connector for Azure IoT Central.
1/30/2019 12:41:09 PM
New Solution Combines Microsoft's Azure IoT Central with Cradlepoint's New NetCloud Edge Connector Technology to Help Enterprises Build Your Own IoT Solutions
1/30/2019 12:33:31 PM
The most likely answer is with a camera. While you can use your smartphone to do the trick, (thanks to some great devices like the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the Google Pixel series), ardent photographers still prefer to use their cameras
1/30/2019 12:07:28 PM
The IoT Evolution Expo running at full steam, and we interviewed our sponsors and exhibitors to get a bit of a preview of what to expect from them at the show, and some insights into their view on the IoT industry.
1/30/2019 11:44:27 AM
Industry events offer us the opportunity to gain insight into where innovation is taking us. Today kicks off SD-WAN Expo and three days of delving into this burgeoning technology. Leading up to the event TMC had the opportunity to catch up Tallac Networks CTO and Co-founder Paul Condon and pick his brain about this burgeoning space.
1/30/2019 7:29:58 AM
LeoSat Enterprises, the company building the world's first business backbone in space, announced today that its SVP Americas, Michael Abad-Santos, will be presenting at ITEXPO, held January 29 - February 1, 2019 at Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
1/30/2019 7:00:00 AM
LeoSat Enterprises, which is launching a constellation of 108 low-earth-orbit communications satellites that will provide the fastest, most secure and widest coverage data network in the world, is participating at #ITEXPO19 in Ft Lauderdale. Michael Abad- Santos, SVP Americas at LeoSat will be outlining LeoSat's unique system architecture - a space-based MPLS network providing Gigabits of secure connectivity with lower latencies than fiber, opening-up new possibilities for Enterprise looking for scalable, flexible solutions for their expanding networks.
1/30/2019 7:00:00 AM
If security isn't top of mind at your business, you probably shouldn't be running one - and you likely won't be for long. But, despite the critical importance of security today, it's hard to dispute how much time it can take to secure an entire business, which is why automation and artificial intelligence are emerging as key parts of security solutions.
1/29/2019 4:07:20 PM
CoreDial, LLC, a leading provider of cloud communications and UCaaS services, announced that Ken Lienemann, its chief revenue officer, will deliver a keynote presentation at ITEXPO about opportunities for resellers to differentiate with CCaaS. Lienemann's address, CX Sells- How the Channel Wins by Selling the Customer Experience, is scheduled for Thursday, January 31 at 10 a.m. He will outline how partners can expand revenue streams, increase profitability, and improve business outcomes for customers by adding contact center solutions to their existing UCaaS portfolios, creating a compelling offering for businesses. ITEXPO will take place at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, January 30 through February 1, 2019.
1/29/2019 3:39:14 PM
The IoT Evolution Expo is coming up fast, and we recently interviewed our sponsors and exhibitors to get a bit of a preview of what to expect from them at the show, and some insights into their view on the IoT industry.
1/29/2019 2:05:58 PM
As the world's largest technical professional organization, IEEE's global community includes over 420,000 members in engineering, computing and technology.
1/29/2019 1:53:54 PM
Local e-government innovation is alive and well, with a movement to make daily life easier, the streets cleaner, and citizens more generally content.
1/29/2019 1:49:29 PM
At the first blockchain education and certification session, kicking off a full week of activities at the IoT Evolution Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, three experts came together to discuss the potential of blockchain to improve healthcare delivery.
1/29/2019 1:40:49 PM
IronBridge Enterprise, a start-up based in Austin, Texas, introduced an Internet service layer that unifies security of smart devices, cloud services, edge services, and digital assets, enabling next generation distributed applications and services.
1/29/2019 1:37:06 PM
SyncFab has taken on the challenge of harmonizing Supply Chain 4.0, and for years has been developing a procurement platform able to support manufacturing partners.
1/29/2019 1:27:45 PM
With the imminent arrival of millions of connected cars on the roads by 2020, hundreds of terabytes of data will be being generated every second, making data management and the security of that data critical.
1/29/2019 1:22:45 PM
Twice each year, Smart City Works, a non-profit organization which works with other non-profits and corporations to support innovation in the development of smart cities and regions, hosts a demo day.
1/29/2019 1:13:31 PM
Even as the Industrial IoT continues to make major gains, the CEO of SyncFab, Jeremy Goodwin, sees the potential of enterprise blockchain to make it all work as literally key.
1/29/2019 1:01:18 PM
IoT devices are becoming more prevalent every day, spanning industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, and more.
1/29/2019 12:57:33 PM
Relocating your office is never an easy task. It takes months of preparation, maybe even more. In order to prepare for the relocation, you need to have a plan. Usually, that plan needs to be well-made so that your success is guaranteed. Fortunately, such a plan can be made by following several simple steps. Listen well and prepare yourself for one of the best journeys of your life
1/29/2019 12:27:32 PM
Office relocation is a nightmare. It takes a joint effort from the whole team in order to pull one off. And once you set the machinery in motion, you are past the point of return. While it's true that an office relocation can never be one of those easy things that don't require your utmost devotion, it also doesn't have to be something to dread. Thanks to the latest apps on the market, your business can go through minimal disruption in the days to come, and you can get on top of your upcoming duties.
1/29/2019 12:19:04 PM
Having the proper cyber security measures in place is crucial for any business. Big corporations are the ones that usually end up in the news when they are faced with cyberattacks. Small businesses, however, are just as likely to be victims.
1/29/2019 11:43:29 AM
Zip911, a national E911 enablement and routing provider, will launch its new product, alertTree, during the 2019 ITEXPO at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, January 29 - February 1, 2019.
1/29/2019 7:00:00 AM
It is a well-known fact that cigarette smoke can be incredibly harmful and detrimental to one's life, and the health of those around them. For a lot of people, the task of quitting this habit can be quite strenuous, especially for those who have been smoking for several years.
1/28/2019 2:14:18 PM
Next week marks the 20th iteration of ITEXPO, and Sennheiser is joining the fray showcasing its robust audio solutions in booth 234. In advance of the event, TMC had the opportunity to catch up with Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sennheiser Enterprise Solutions Americas Jim Fairweather.
1/25/2019 5:45:28 PM
Hollywood has given us an idea of what a war room should look like. It should be large, secret, preferably underground, dominated by an enormous table and presided over by generals with lots of ribbons. It's probably not something you need in your business, you might think.
1/25/2019 4:45:12 PM
Call recording. It seems like one of those things large companies do that small companies don't need to be bothered with. Once upon a time, when call recording was a complex process that required expensive equipment, that might have been the case. Today, it's so easy to do - it's often available with business voice over IP service -- it has no downsides…only business benefits for the contact center.
1/25/2019 4:39:13 PM
This week Konftel took a highly popular wireless conferencing solution and paired it with a robust video solution. Konftel will be showcasing the complete solution set at the upcoming ITEXPO.
1/25/2019 4:30:59 PM
The McAfee® Secure Home Platform was recently named an IoT Security Excellence award winner by IoT Evolution for its exemplary and forward-looking strategies to protect consumers.
1/25/2019 12:44:03 PM
The Linux Foundation has launched LF Edge, with the mission to establish an open framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system.
1/25/2019 12:38:56 PM
Before beginning the automation journey, Ciena believes that operators need to design and build an adaptive eco-system so the various groups that are automating network processes can use tools and resources that mesh with the tools and resources being used by other groups. Called the Adaptive Network, it's built on three pillars: programmable infrastructure, analytics and intelligence and software control and automation.
1/24/2019 4:53:52 PM
When white label hosted VoIP provider nexogy opens its exhibit at the 20th anniversary ITEXPO SuperShow taking place January 29 to February 1 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it will feature a new team member: Jim Koretz. Koretz has an extensive background in VoIP services, and is known for his high degree of responsiveness in finding solutions to any problems that clients may have.
1/24/2019 4:44:47 PM
While the benefits of unified communications (UC) are widely proven, most enterprises today struggle to successfully deploy and deliver advanced UC tools like Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, or Avaya's Aura platform. This, in turn, has led to underutilization and an inability to manage UC. At the same time, the average mid-size to large enterprise is more complex than ever before. Research has found that 75 percent of these enterprises use two or more different PBX vendors, and 33 percent have active users on two or more UC solutions (presence and IM at minimum).
1/24/2019 4:42:11 PM
ISI announced a major addition to its leadership team with the hiring of Jason Forehand to serve as President and CEO of the unified communications management software company.
1/24/2019 4:40:03 PM
According to a new research report from the M2M/IoT analyst firm Berg Insight, annual shipments of wireless devices for industrial automation applications reached 4.6 million units worldwide in 2018.
1/24/2019 3:43:40 PM
Woolpert has been working with Collier County, Florida to support the implementation of Cityworks Asset Management Solution (AMS) for multiple county departments.
1/24/2019 3:35:35 PM
Leading healthcare provider information management platform earns accreditation for comprehensive security controls and data asset protection
1/24/2019 3:05:57 PM
There is nothing like the fun and thrill of the outdoors. From breathing fresh air to seeing greenery for miles, just being able to escape the pollution and hustle of city life is already a great adventure to a lot of people. This is also why many families now choose to buy their own campers so they can go on road trips and camping adventures without having to leave the comforts of home behind.
1/24/2019 1:06:49 PM
Followers of the IoT craze have heard before that over 30 billion connected devices are expected to be installed worldwide by 2020.
1/24/2019 12:57:12 PM
1901 Group has successfully completed the 100-Day Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner Transformation Program (PTP) from the AWS Partner Network (APN).
1/24/2019 12:53:03 PM
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