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Delta Electronics selected AudioCodes and NTT Taiwan to provide a Microsoft Skype for Business unified communications and collaboration solution capable of supporting global operations. The announcement comes to affirm Delta's companywide commitment to digital transformation.
9/5/2019 11:28:48 AM
We hear it every day: Computerized Maintenance Management Software makes facility managers' jobs easier, saves them time and money, and results in fewer asset issues. Here's why.
9/5/2019 9:56:40 AM
While there are plenty of ways for a start-up company to try to remain relevant in a competitive business landscape, there is no denying how challenging it can be. When there are already so many factors to consider, it can be all too easy to neglect a few aspects. Marketing, in particular, is a topic that many inexperienced owners of businesses dread, as traditional marketing is often too expensive for most start-ups to handle.
9/5/2019 9:09:50 AM
Blogger outreach is all about making the right pitch. If you are the one sending it, you need to ensure that you are making the right impression. Many who proclaim themselves as experts in blogger outreach did not get there in an instant. Everyone knows that it is a process that requires multiple trials, and a few errors along the way. Yes, it can be scary at times, not knowing what to expect. But the great thing is that you can outsource blogger outreach. There are excellent SEO firms who have more or less perfected the strategy to guarantee positive results.
9/5/2019 9:04:31 AM
Technology evolves rapidly in all spheres of human life, and education is also affected by it. New generations should enter an adult world being fully prepared for living in a modern information space, solving problems and making decisions conditioned by our progressive age. Traditional learning methods became ineffective and should be replaced by innovative technologies. Proceed reading to find out about the most important educational trends and perspectives.
9/5/2019 8:56:01 AM
Right now in the United Kingdom, the national attention is fixed squarely on Brexit and its attendant controversies. That singular focus even extends to the technology community, who are furiously planning to survive in an uncertain economic climate. They're right to do so - especially in light of the fact that almost half of the UK tech sector's exports go to EU member nations
9/5/2019 8:45:28 AM
Vectors 2019 announced Jeff Pulver will be hosting the session Now Is The Best Time To Be Selling UCaaS, on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 running 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. where he will walk attendees through the trends taking place that are opening the door to sales opportunity.
9/4/2019 5:29:30 PM
Many companies today are looking to improve the usability of their quality monitoring solutions so they can get more out of them. Call centers were once obliged to listen to any calls they wanted monitored, and the time-consuming nature of the task meant that few calls were actually monitored. Thanks to modern analytics and cloud delivery, it's easier than ever to use call recordings to keep careful and real-time track of call quality…even for small businesses.
9/4/2019 5:26:42 PM
Many companies today are looking to improve the usability of their quality monitoring solutions so they can get more out of them. Call centers were once obliged to listen to any calls they wanted monitored, and the time-consuming nature of the task meant that few calls were actually monitored. Thanks to modern analytics and cloud delivery, it's easier than ever to use call recordings to keep careful and real-time track of call quality…even for small businesses.
9/4/2019 9:54:20 AM
Technology has entered all aspects of our lives. Today, taking notes with a pen and paper is passe, since technology enables typing on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. It is not surprising to find that technology has become one of the main contributors to essay writing and writing in general. It has also revolutionized research and data collection.
9/4/2019 9:49:17 AM
What do Netflix suggestions, driverless cars, chatbots, Facebook's face recognition, and Apple's Siri all have in common? If you said that they all are convenient technological advancements, you are not wrong. However, to be more specific, the thing that binds them all together is that they all use one of the most impressive technological developments in the last years-deep learning.
9/4/2019 9:45:15 AM
Healthcare is perhaps the only field after banking and education that produces and analyzes the most data, yet the least integrated with big data analytics. This is both a blessing and a curse. While keeping medical data off shared networks helps maintain its integrity and secures it from attack, it prevents us from gleaning into the cues that could possibly save more lives and lead to better treatment outcomes.
9/4/2019 9:16:25 AM
SEO is something all businesses need to be concerned with today. It does not matter whether you run a local cake shop or you have a network of accountancy firms around the world, you need to work on your search engine optimization strategy to make sure that you have good visibility on Google and the other major search engines.
9/4/2019 9:10:14 AM
AGAT announced the arrival of SphereShield for Cisco Webex Teams. The innovative software provider is extending the functionality of its flagship product to Webex Teams.
9/3/2019 4:45:52 PM
Acuity Unified Communications announced its status as an official Loway reseller partner. The IP-based Unified Communications provider touts a rich portfolio of communications solutions and various networking services, as well.
9/3/2019 4:19:14 PM
When it comes to setting up business IP phones, provisioning and management can be time-consuming and difficult, and leave end users in something of a flux when it comes to communications until all the kinks are ironed out. SIP unified communications solutions provider Grandstream recently announced the expansion of its GRP series of carrier-grade IP Phones with new Wi-Fi model, the GRP261W. Grandstream provides small and medium enterprises and consumer markets with products designed to reduce communication costs, increase security and improve productivity.
9/3/2019 4:01:44 PM
You may have heard that quality monitoring technologies such as voice of the customer (VoC) are the ideal means for capturing net promoter scores (NPS). NPS, a proprietary calculation, is a management tool that can be used to measure how loyal a customer is. It's often presented as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research, and its inventors claim that it's strongly correlated with revenue growth.
9/3/2019 2:48:44 PM
Today, there's a whole new category of cloud software companies to reach public scale -- those targeting specific industry verticals. Historically, software companies offering unique vertical solutions rarely reached critical mass. Their markets were often too small and customer access too limited and expensive to achieve hyper growth. As a result, vertical software companies tended to stay small and focused regionally and were therefore rarely venture-backed. Some very large verticals like financials and healthcare were rare exceptions to this rule.
9/3/2019 2:06:45 PM
Compact 4G LTE (Cat 18) USB800 USB modem delivers plug-and-play speed and simplicity to connect devices, also certified and approved for FirstNet platform
9/3/2019 1:47:05 PM
Most businesses host conference calls on a regular basis, meeting with clients, relaying instructions to teammates, and providing updates to investors and partners. Conference calls are highly convenient and an effective way to facilitate communication between multiple parties. But if you aren't careful, they could also be a security vulnerability.
9/3/2019 12:03:46 PM
If you've been paying attention to the news lately, you've surely seen tales from across the globe on the new and exciting dangers the digital world is bringing to our lives. As intimidating as this may be, it's natural. The more the internet intertwines itself into our daily lives, the more crime potential is created. It's the same story with any new advancement throughout human history.
9/3/2019 11:50:16 AM
In just over a decade, the internet has integrated into every human experience in the developed world. We have access to endless knowledge, tools that make our lives easier, and communications capabilities that help us stay connected whether we are in the next room or on the other side of the globe.
9/3/2019 11:45:30 AM
Despite your best efforts, your startup product might be taking longer to get off the ground that you had hoped it would. You seem to be bleeding cash because your expenses are piling up, but your income isn't yet flowing into the business. Don't feel that you're alone in this situation, because you aren't. A lot of people who are creating startups also have their sales stall or fail to take off right away.
9/3/2019 10:14:18 AM
SIP trunking has undergone slow and steady growth according to a recent study from Nemertes. The research firm found that many companies have converted or are planning to convert their PSTN trunks to SIP, even those using a UCaaS provider.
8/30/2019 6:53:28 PM
Job burnout is on the rise and poses a significant threat to the global workforce. AI technologies are increasingly being used to aid contact center employees and help improve customer service interactions, and may also help significantly to offset the phenomenon of employee burnout.
8/30/2019 6:50:24 PM
Call center recruitment practices are key to finding and retaining the best agent talent available in the marketplace.
8/30/2019 6:47:29 PM
Communications Platform as a Service, also known as CPaaS, is an important technology for businesses of all sizes today to understand and to utilize.
8/30/2019 6:44:02 PM
Cable operator Charter Communications has announced the sale of Navisite LLC, its managed cloud services unit in the Spectrum Enterprise brand.
8/30/2019 10:13:00 AM
Artificial intelligence makes many aspects of your contact center smarter today: it helps locate conversations in quality monitoring solutions, and it helps build better, more intelligence schedules.
8/30/2019 9:56:20 AM
Mitel announced the appointment of Rick Cirigliano as Senior Vice President, Global Cloud Operations for UCaaS. Cirigliano is tasked with taking the lead on Mitel's UCaaS cloud operations, which includes network operations and service reliability engineering.
8/30/2019 9:47:00 AM
While it's been a drier than average monsoon season in Arizona, Wednesday's monsoon brought wind, lightning, and heavy rain to many areas of the state.
8/29/2019 5:57:40 PM
Custodia Technology announced a new partnership with Verint Systems. The pairing introduce a tollset capable of capture, record and retain voice, data and other internal or external communication interactions to support compliance for financial firms.
8/29/2019 5:00:02 PM
Hodusoft, a unit of VoIP software provider Ecosmob and a business VoIP solutions provider, is now offering a pay-as-you-go model. Company officials say this isexactly what start-ups need to get around the high costs and investment required to have top-quality collaboration tools.
8/29/2019 4:39:09 PM
AIOps and log management company Splunk has announced it will buy SaaS real-time monitoring and metrics company SignalFX in a $1.05 billion deal.
8/29/2019 4:11:25 PM
Bestmile announced it has raised $16.5 million in a Series B round and has strengthened its leadership to accelerate its growth.
8/29/2019 1:51:01 PM
We caught up with Mazer as part of our ongoing series profiling IoT Innovators to understand what attracted him to the world of connected things in the first place.
8/29/2019 1:28:05 PM
Sigfox, an IoT service provider and 0G network operator, and Alps Alpine, a manufacturer of electronic products, have signed a Global Alliance Partnership Agreement.
8/29/2019 1:18:37 PM
There may come a point in your life when you need money in a hurry. Unless you have enough cash in the bank to cover your needs, you'll find yourself comparing a variety of options. Fortunately, there is more than one way to get cash in a hurry. Here are five of the best ideas to consider:
8/29/2019 1:02:02 PM
Many businesses today, especially as they grow from a small business into a larger enterprise, will need to expand their communications infrastructure. Ensuring that customers are able to easily reach out to and communicate with your business is an essential component of long-term success. By outsourcing your call centre needs to a third-party, you can reap numerous benefits. Here are just some of the most important.
8/29/2019 12:58:53 PM
Communications software company Ytel is dedicated to making it easier for businesses to engage their customers and serve them across more communications channels. The company recently announced it's latest move to improve voice and text to speech applications by integrating the Google Cloud Platform and its Cloud Text-to-Speech and Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) in its communications platform as-a-service (CPaaS) offerings.
8/29/2019 11:40:41 AM
For many organizations, especially non-profits, the cost of enterprise telephony remains a significant burden. While they need a highly reliable solution to communicate with their customers, clients and employees, they can't afford top dollar. Many charity organizations are turning to SIP trunking to minimize costs while maximizing functionality by replacing dedicated PRI circuits to their remote and branch offices with centralized SIP trunks.
8/29/2019 9:51:05 AM
Today, Brekeke Software announced successful interoperability testing of the SIP trunking and termination services provided by Virtual Global Phone (VGP). Now, Brekeke users and partners can take advantage of VGP's services, which tout a footprint of more than 60 countries.
8/28/2019 6:19:37 PM
A storm system that caused heavy flooding and damage knocked out power for nearly 120,000 OG&E utility customers in the Oklahoma City metro area Monday night.
8/28/2019 6:08:59 PM
What is Ransomware?
8/28/2019 5:42:47 PM
If you're in the business of selling products that are intended for human consumption - food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, etc - it's vital that everything you offer is compliant with the stringent rules and regulations that are established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This federal agency is tasked with regulating the safety of all products that are marketed for consumption by humans, such as those listed above.
8/28/2019 5:14:45 PM
With cyberattacks on hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies and other healthcare-related organizations on the rise and cybercriminals developing increasingly effective tools and methods to attack healthcare organizations, effective healthcare data security has never been more critical. This is particularly true regarding the secure retention and archiving (warehousing) of dormant yet still sensitive data and records that are stored for future use because their utility is no longer critical and isn't being utilized on a regular basis.
8/28/2019 4:28:01 PM
The City of Barrie, Ontario announced the selection of Verint's Engagement Management solutions for government and public sector. The deployment will impact citizens and city employees alike with back-end as well as front-end enhancements.
8/28/2019 2:06:58 PM
In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Dr. Alan Messer, CTO, Mojio, to talk about Connected Transportation, Automated cars, Smart Cities, Supply Chain and all the -- ahem -- moving parts.
8/28/2019 1:28:30 PM
Are you someone who buys the latest gadgets the moment they are launched? Believe it or not, your habit can be doing your more harm than good! As it turns out, buying technology products right when they are launched may not be a good idea. It's better to be a late adopter, watching every technology with a critical eye and buying only when it makes sense.
8/28/2019 1:06:33 PM
Online Casinos are growing in popularity. Chances are that anyone who enjoys a good card game has played at an online casino at least once. They're easy to access, they're fun, and they can be quite lucrative. The only thing that can be better than playing at an online casino, is owning one.. So how do you go about creating an online casino on your own? How do you set up the games, and figure out the legal licenses? These are just a few of the questions that might be running around your head as you contemplate setting up your own online casino.
8/28/2019 11:10:20 AM
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