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The business world talks about collaboration a lot lately. As business becomes more global, workers become more remote and telecommuting gains traction, it has become very commonplace that workers might be in different cities, states or countries. Alternatively, they may be in different parts of the same campus. Technological collaboration is the face of business today.
7/3/2019 1:01:52 PM
Poly announces the G7500, an all-in-one collabration solution that combines video conferencing, collaboration, and content sharing.
7/3/2019 12:31:33 PM
The U.S. Federal Government has published a new approach to Cloud Computing in a recent document.
7/3/2019 11:46:56 AM
In a 2016 survey, the Center for Disease Control found that over a third of Americans aren't getting enough sleep. So, if you're struggling every night, you're not alone, and there are a variety of factors that might be influencing your sleep patterns. Stress, outside distractions, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are some of the most common reasons.
7/3/2019 10:54:03 AM
'Forearmed is forearmed' is an apt phrase for students aiming to learn tech skills. They need to have this goal in mind in their formative years itself, when in school. Tech skills assume even more significance in 2019 for boosting your career growth.
7/3/2019 10:48:52 AM
Frost & Sullivan's Nancy Jamison speaks with Noble Systems CEO Jim Noble about the single-code base that allows customers to easily move their contact centers between on-premises and cloud.
7/3/2019 10:09:55 AM
Two more major shipping companies have joined the blockchaiin-based TradeLens consortium. The addition of Hapag-Lloyd and ONE (Ocean Network Express) mean five of the top six are now part of TradeLens.
7/3/2019 9:15:29 AM
While it's true that all contact centers play an important role in meeting callers needs, those receiving emergency calls have an especially vital job of exceeding caller demands. Proper scheduling, management and a mix of the right technologies and solutions all come into play to make these critical operations function optimally.
7/3/2019 7:00:00 AM
The Avaya Device Adapter Snap-in solution received a 2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for its exceptional innovation. The Avaya IX Workplace is empowering users with a cloud-based, fully integrated collaboration solution.
7/2/2019 4:56:43 PM
San Jose Becomes First in the Country to Deploy FirstNet to All Public Safety Personnel and Emergency Response Staff
7/2/2019 3:32:07 PM
Qt to provide LG with comprehensive development environment for next generation embedded devices in automotive, robotics, and Smart Home sectors
7/2/2019 3:18:19 PM
It's been awhile since we've written about the Mirai botnet, a malware that turns networked devices running Linux into remotely controlled bots to perform large-scale network attacks.
7/2/2019 3:03:24 PM
GE has made available three new grid analytics that combine domain expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
7/2/2019 2:55:46 PM
New RavenDB Cloud Database-as-a-Service frees developers from database operations to focus more on developing applications
7/2/2019 2:49:02 PM
ERM Advanced Telematics is expanding its activities from telematics solutions for locating and tracking vehicles, drivers and passengers, into the IoT.
7/2/2019 2:37:02 PM
When it comes to business phone communications, we rely heavily on hosted and cloud solutions today to connect callers at lower costs. Whether you're just starting to look into the technology for use at your business, or have had phone systems in place for some time, understanding the unique differences is key to knowing which option is going to be most beneficial for your operations going into the future.
7/2/2019 2:12:10 PM
Communications are at the forefront of every great business. Regardless of the industry or vertical, the need to communicate via diverse channels both efficiently and effectively and at a low cost, is vital.
7/2/2019 2:01:12 PM
Call center scheduling, the art of creating just the right balance of staff to handle communications is a constantly shifting target. Today, with the rise of digital communications and more people gaining confidence in online chat, phone calls coming into call centers have died down but the focus on answering queries and meeting customer satisfaction levels is only on the rise.
7/2/2019 1:59:03 PM
The benefits of a virtual office model are many. Workers who can do their jobs from their homes save time in commuting and tend to spend more time working. Companies can reduce or eliminate the costly office facilities needed to support a full complement of in-house workers. Plus, many employees consider the ability to work from home to be a perk of employment. This is particularly important for companies trying to attract and retain top talent in a competitive employment environment.
7/2/2019 12:53:47 PM
The benefits of VoIP include reduced costs compared to traditional telephony, extra features such as call forwarding to other locations - including mobile phones - teleconferencing and the ability to easily scale up and down to the needs of the business. VoIP can be used over hard phones that a provider can install at your home or business, and softphones, which are virtual phones that exist as an app on a computer or tablet.
7/2/2019 12:48:05 PM
One of the hottest topics at the moment in the world of business is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Love it or hate it, worry about it or feel excited, AI is here to stay and is embedding itself in an increasing number of aspects of our lives. Predictive text, self-service checkout cash registers, advanced security checks at the airport, and chatbots are just a few examples.
7/2/2019 11:59:39 AM
Call center work isn't easy even under the best of circumstances. After all, at the core of the job is solving other people's problems. It can be exhausting and even dispiriting. But no one wants dispirited employees servicing their customers, so it becomes the job of managers and supervisors to boost morale to keep employees engaged with their jobs.
7/2/2019 11:13:05 AM
Have you thought about where the foundation for the digital age came from? Hard, manual work that today is considered old fashioned and out of step with the way the cloud-powered economy works today. On Demand! Driven by software.
7/2/2019 10:12:47 AM
Residents in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, had to make alternative plans in the middle of the busy summer season, when the Selinsgrove Community Pool pool was unable to open due to a power outage.
7/1/2019 5:21:42 PM
Estonia has been on the cutting edge of technology for some time, so it's not surprising to see Tallinn-based healthcare platform provider Solve.Care, taking a lead in using technology to build better healthcare solutions.
7/1/2019 4:45:47 PM CEO Ari Rabban and CTO Alon Cohen accepted invitations to join the Newark, New Jersey based event's speaking faculty. The executives will be offering insight in a couple sessions during the week.
7/1/2019 2:51:00 PM
Nextiva announce the NextOS platform earned honors for exceptional innovation, receiving a 2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award from INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.
7/1/2019 1:27:35 PM
IPFONE announced the addition of Cisco's SD-WAN powered by Meraki to its offered solution suite. The Cisco SD-WAN allows multi-location organizations of all sizes the ability to provide exceptional efficiency, management in addition to the perks of a user friendly deployment.
7/1/2019 1:03:50 PM
In the field of business, order management is very important thing that can assist a business in its smooth execution. By making your order management process simple, you can make your customers delighted. You can even convince them to make a visit to your business again in the future.
7/1/2019 10:43:09 AM
Millennials are clearly becoming the most productive members of society. Since they have grown up with the internet, most are old enough to remember what life was like without it, but have learned to use it every step of the way. Now, as more millennials go into their careers, they are getting more work done than those before them.
7/1/2019 10:38:15 AM
Ever since the wonky science fiction films of the 1950s, one of the true mark of 'the future' was always represented by two things - flying cars and self-driving cars. Whilst we still might be a few years off the flying cars seen in Back to the Future 2, the era of autonomous driving is upon us already and there are a number of companies currently leading the way. We'll put the spotlight on just a few of them below.
7/1/2019 10:14:35 AM
How your agents speak and the words they choose to use when responding to customers needs is directly related to the end result of the call. Upbeat action words that reflect a positive outlook can increase quality scores and even improve the likelihood that customers will recommend the company or repeat business.
7/1/2019 7:00:00 AM
Communications is a vital component to businesses of all shapes and sizes. So, while your company chooses to deploy a future-forward, feature-rich unified communications solution or working with a number of vendors for collaboration needs it is vital to protect this investment with UC network management. And, with the weekend upon us there's no better time than the present to take a look back at the week that was in UC network management: It's time for the Week in Review!
6/29/2019 7:00:00 AM
If one mother is unable to pay rent after nearly a two-week power outage, think of the impact on a small business that isn't able to operate for two weeks.
6/28/2019 4:34:54 PM
Technology is affecting the whole world even more positively than you'll ever know. Almost every industry is shaped by technology, and the medical industry is no exception. The future of healthcare is looking brighter and more accessible, all thanks to technological advancements.
6/28/2019 3:55:00 PM
Most business owners dream of taking their company public. A publicly traded company is widely seen as the epitome of business success - it signals a level of accomplishment that few are able to achieve. While this is great, says Scott Stevens, a partner at Grays Peak Capital LP, there are some serious downsides to going public as well.
6/28/2019 3:50:56 PM
?loud computing is a particular way to deliver various computing services, such as networking, servers, database, storage, software, and analytics via the internet. The primary purpose of using Cloud is to get faster innovation, the economy of your hard disk space, and flexible resources. Using cloud-based services can be free, or you might be asked to pay a fee, but it still help you save a lot of money on your operating costs. Your infrastructure will run more efficiently, which is very important in education and business.
6/28/2019 3:46:26 PM
The business phone app Netlines unveiled Voice Valet, a new cloud answering service. Voice Valet provides users with a second number that goes directly to voicemail. Bye bye distractions.
6/28/2019 2:40:40 PM
The business phone app Netlines unveiled Voice Valet, a new cloud answering service. Voice Valet provides users with a second number that goes directly to voicemail. Bye bye distractions.
6/28/2019 2:38:50 PM
Vonage announced a partnership with Sendinblue to providing a robust email communications solution to customers courtesy of Nexmo, the Vonage API platform. Moreover, the partnership makes Nexmo Sendinblue's only SMS provider, making it responsible for millions of monthly SMS messages.
6/28/2019 2:14:26 PM
Software License Management is critical in the digital age thanks to automation and the software supply chain assistance it affords. Let's take a look at a ways manual licensing processes are harming your software supply chain.
6/28/2019 1:05:52 PM
This week, Verint was the only vendor to be recognized in two 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrants. Specifically, the customer engagement company earned accolades in CRM Customer Engagement and Workforce Engagement Management.
6/27/2019 5:06:10 PM
Verizon and Zoom unveiled a new partnership enabling Verizon to provide its global customers with a robust unified communications solution, with Zoom's cloud-powered unified communications platform the straw stirring the drink, so to speak.
6/27/2019 4:42:58 PM
One of the trickiest decisions a call center manager is expected to make is the right size of the staff. Too many agents, and you risk overstaffing and all its associated downsides (extra costs, bored agents, high turnover). Too few agents, and you're asking for burned out workers, customer complaints, missed metrics and (once again) high turnover.
6/27/2019 2:50:48 PM
There are steps every business can and should take, regardless of size, which can avoid devastating power-related situations. That includes investing in power protection systems.
6/27/2019 11:58:43 AM
If you made a list of the top 10 most stressful jobs, there's a good chance that call center agent would land on it somewhere, alongside emergency room health worker or air traffic controller. While most call center agents aren't handling life or death situations (those manning 911 call centers being the exception), they're still working in a high-pressure environment for relatively low pay, and they can't hit pause on the calls when they need to catch a breath. Add in the pressure to meet performance metrics, and call center work can be a very stressful job.
6/27/2019 11:50:34 AM
In the contact center, performance management is a critical function since it plays a large role in the company's success or failure. It's the job of call center management to build performance management into a company culture that produces real results for the organization.
6/27/2019 11:23:58 AM
Clovity announced it is now offering managed network services through a newly minted partnership with Dispersive Networks. The two companies are combining their technologies for applications across a number of industry verticals, and support large-scale Smart City initiatives.
6/27/2019 11:00:06 AM
Recently, at The LoRa Alliance 11th All Members Meeting & LoRaWAN Live day in Berlin, Germany, Ali Hosseini, Co-Chair of the LoRa Alliance Marketing Committee and Founder & CEO of SenRa, was honored with a Distinguished Service Award from the LoRa Alliance.
6/27/2019 10:49:00 AM
Since 2015, there has been a drastic increase in the interest of robotics in healthcare. This is further proven by Siemens recently announced unconventional partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina. Mark A. Scheurer, M.D. the Chief, Integrated Center of Clinical Excellence, Children's and Women's Health, and Chief Medical Officer of MUSC Children's Hospital describes the mission of this partnership as working towards a better healthcare experience by thinking methodically through families' experience in the hospital. He emphasizes that over everything the family experience is most important.
6/27/2019 10:39:49 AM
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