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GE Capital Fleet Services has once again been recognized as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal. This is the fourth time the global fleet management company has received the certification, which is one of the most prestigious honors in the service and support industry as it is only given to the top 10 percent customer service call centers that exhibit the best in efficiency and effectiveness.
10/31/2014 5:35:06 PM
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, based in Chicago, has given its approval of Redbox's practices for disclosing customer information to a third party regarding customer service issues.
10/31/2014 5:14:35 PM
Tampa-based Sykes Enterprises Inc. announced this week that it will be closing its Sydney call center, the only one run by the company in Nova Scotia. According to a report in the Capre Breton Post, the closure will affect the approximately 130 current employees trained to handle billing inquiries, direct marketing and upselling to customers.
10/31/2014 5:10:02 PM
Google is making a foray into robotics with the acquisition of seven robotics companies in the U.S. and Japan. It has grand plans in the world of robotics, and it is believed to be working on robots that would automate electronic assembly processes and even help with delivering items to customers.
10/31/2014 5:07:05 PM
Pegasystems Inc. announced it has improved its customer service application by bringing together social media, mobile apps, live chat, co-browsing, phone calls, and in-person service to engage customers, while at the same time delivering context and visibility as they use different communication channels and devices.
10/31/2014 5:02:02 PM
As today is Halloween, it is only fitting to tell you a scary story. We all have that person in our office that refuses to take a day off. This person comes to work with a hacking cough, fever, sore-throat-you name it. While the dedication is a positive thing to see, it can prove quite harmful to the rest of the office-we all touch the same doorknobs, breathe the same air and share the same space. On days when truly under the weather, the best solution to staying productive is telecommuting. Conference call services have advanced to the point where not being in the office is not a detriment, and one can show their dedication to the team without putting the health of the team at risk.
10/31/2014 4:57:08 PM
As the second round of enrollment for Obamacare is about to begin on November 5, the healthcare industry as a whole is getting ready to accommodate the influx of millions of new patients. This number of customers not only affects healthcare providers and facilities that deal directly with patients, but also companies that provide services to these organizations. Xtend Healthcare, a healthcare revenue cycle management company, is increasing its workforce with the addition of 300 new positions to its call center in Hendersonville, Tennessee.
10/31/2014 4:51:56 PM
Depending whose account of events you believe, the wrist watch was invented anywhere between 1810 and 1868, and since that time it has continued to evolve by adding new functionalities throughout the decades. With information and communications technologies impacting virtually everything, it was only a matter of time before watches started integrating some of this technology.
10/31/2014 4:48:15 PM
X2O recently announced that it had released the latest version of its media platform. With this update, it will be possible to create TV-quality graphics, integrate with social media, tie in to other platforms and connect to real-time data sources.
10/31/2014 4:43:55 PM
The last two months of the year are commonly looked to with a giddy mix of anticipation and dread. As the shopping season for three major holidays-Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa-there are many more opportunities than normal for gift-giving, and by extension, shopping. That's got stores taking on substantial numbers of seasonal help, but what about the call center? recently took a look at the idea of an integrated virtual call center and its ability to help take on the influx of new callers that will likely arrive with the season.
10/31/2014 4:36:09 PM
The nation's communications infrastructure is undergoing a sea change as incumbent telephone providers decommission their copper networks in favor of fiber, and communications traffic increasingly becomes IP based. While there are plenty of upsides to this transition, it also creates new challenges in terms of ensuring consumers have continued and reliable access to 911 emergency services, and giving competitive providers reasonable access to customers so they can continue to offer end users alternatives in the marketplace.
10/31/2014 4:06:25 PM
Business today can be conducted just about anywhere thanks to mobile technology-from offices, backyards, coffee shops, trains, and even from another country. In order to compete in the global marketplace, international mobility can go a long way. Up until now, this has been an expensive practice for businesses, and those international fees have even held some companies back from offering it to their employees at all. Thankfully a new solution has entered the scene to make international mobile calls and conferences affordable and accessible for all.
10/31/2014 3:59:30 PM
Big data analytics is allowing organizations to crunch data that was previously unavailable to them or that they were unaware of the value of. By analyzing this information they are recognizing many different value points to increase the efficiency of their organization and reduce costs along each and every point. One industry that is being scrutinized with analytics is the BPO industry, which seeing a rise in the number of contracts with outcome-based pricing models.
10/31/2014 3:55:18 PM
Very large companies are able to deploy and manage the infrastructure needed to bring mobility fully and securely into all business processes. Ericsson actually rolled this out internally and it took 15 months. The company realized this was an endeavor only large enterprises could undertake and as a result teamed up with SAP to better deploy enterprise mobility management solutions across a range of enterprises - regardless of size.
10/31/2014 3:51:20 PM
Customer feedback is vital for businesses to determine if they are adequately meeting the needs of their consumers. While obtaining insight into the customer experience and doing everything possible to ensure consumers are happy should certainly be a priority, businesses must also remain aware of costs associated with the process.
10/31/2014 3:45:46 PM
In the tech industry, buzzwords and buzz-phrases come and go almost daily. But one that's starting to show some strong staying power is the term employee engagement.
10/31/2014 3:40:00 PM
If you live in the U.S., consider this a type of public service announcement. We are about to enter the open enrollment period for 2015 as part of the continuing rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which has become better known as Obamacare. As we are all aware, the initial rollout of Obamacare was problematic-to put it politely. However, the good news is that, thanks to some great work by the IT industry experts called in to fix it, is working better and is seemingly ready for the expected open enrollment tsunami. In fact, the opening of the enrollment period should be a good stress test of the patched system.
10/31/2014 3:37:20 PM
Globally, education systems are in the midst of a technological overhaul as more and more institutions invest in technologically advanced 'smart education' systems.
10/31/2014 3:30:56 PM
It's been one of the biggest issues of personal preference since Coke took on Pepsi: hard drives or solid state drives? While the hard drive camp has a good point in that hard drives offer up huge amounts of storage for a minimum of expense, the solid state drive camp's focus on reliability and speed has its own points to consider. But even solid state these days is starting to really drive up the capacity, as seen in Skyera's new skyHawk FS, which fits a hefty slug of flash storage in one surprisingly handy package.
10/31/2014 3:29:55 PM
Mobile banking is, increasingly, a major part of not only business operations but also everyday life. As more and more users turn to the mobile device rather than the bank branch, that's prompting some changes in how mobile banking services are provided. Temenos' new mobile banking solution, meanwhile, looks to help banks provide better solutions with a particular focus on greater efficiency and a better customer experience overall.
10/31/2014 3:27:42 PM
The United States is becoming more bilingual as each day passes. While the majority of people speak English in the country - and this doesn't seem to be changing any time soon - there are many who feel more comfortable addressing their issues in Spanish. To a growing number of people living in the continental U.S., Spanish is their native tongue. This also applies to their children, as it is also the language of choice for the household in many cases. But don't take my word for it. Pew Research Center says that over 37.6 million people speak Spanish in their homes. That's roughly one-tenth of the country.
10/31/2014 3:13:16 PM
In the tech industry, buzzwords and buzz-phrases come and go almost daily. But one that's starting to show some strong staying power is the term employee engagement.
10/31/2014 3:00:00 PM
Customer service is one of the major deciding factors in the success of any company today. While in the past more emphasis was placed on the products and services being offered, as well as competitive pricing, markets have become so saturated in recent years that consumers' priorities are shifting. With so many choices out there, it isn't so much about where to get the cheapest version of a product as it is about where to get the most bang for your buck-and that means top-notch customer service that customers are willing to pay a little more for, if it ensures a consistent and pleasant experience.
10/31/2014 2:34:20 PM
Mobile apps serve as a more convenient and feature-laden method of accessing Internet content and tools, and at their core they are simply a specialized form of software. As a result non-profit app developers must consider many of the same issues that other software developers do, with the addition of several legal considerations that are unique to mobile apps.
10/31/2014 2:28:22 PM
In the tech industry, buzzwords and buzz-phrases come and go almost daily. But one that's starting to show some strong staying power is the term employee engagement.
10/31/2014 2:22:00 PM
I got the chance to hear Content Marketing Institute (CMI) founder, Joe Pulizzi, speak two years ago at CMWorld. I remember taking note of how everyone's eyes lit up when he took the stage, of attendees furiously jotting down every content marketing tip he shared, and of the electricity in the air-which was surpassed only by Joe's own magnetism.
10/31/2014 2:20:14 PM
Maintaining good communication with clients is one of the most important responsibilities of an attorney. As such, an East Coast law firm recently implemented a new hosted phone system using ShoreTel Sky's cloud-based VoIP solution, which has proven to be beneficial on many levels.
10/31/2014 2:16:33 PM
Maintaining good communication with clients is one of the most important responsibilities of an attorney. As such, an East Coast law firm recently implemented a new hosted phone and softswitch system using a cloud-based VoIP solution, which has proven to be beneficial on many levels.
10/31/2014 2:15:17 PM
In the tech industry, buzzwords and buzz-phrases come and go almost daily. But one that's starting to show some strong staying power is the term employee engagement.
10/31/2014 1:01:00 PM
The National Institute of Standards and Technology has a cloud computing vision: to apply standards and foster a clear understanding of the ecosystem that supports the cloud model.
10/31/2014 12:29:32 PM
According to Re/code, Strava has just raised $18.5 million in venture capital funding. The funds are to help the company become more of a factor internationally and lead the way as a social medium for endurance athletes. It also comes at a time when wearable fitness is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years.
10/31/2014 12:20:47 PM
Zultys, a leading global provider of IP phone systems and unified communications (UC) systems, has launched Zultys Cloud Services, an umbrella solution for enterprises that offers cloud-based IP hosted phone systems, UC options, SIP trunking services and contact center services. The solution is derived from the award-winning MX series of IP phone systems for enterprises and is easily deployable for businesses of all sizes.
10/31/2014 12:08:10 PM
A building along the Midlothian Turnpike that was vacant for four years now has a new tenant. Xerox State Healthcare, LLC (XSH) recently signed a three year lease with Gladstone Commercial Corporation (GCC) and, according to Richmond BizSense, will use the facility as a call center.
10/31/2014 12:06:04 PM
French cable TV operator Numericable's purchase of Vivendi's SFR mobile operation has been approved, conditionally, by the French Competition Authority.
10/31/2014 12:01:55 PM
A weekly update on the happenings at VoIP Innovations.
10/31/2014 12:00:08 PM
There are a few interesting angles to the likely new network neutrality framework the Federal Communications Commission now is expected to propose. The plan now under consideration would separate broadband into two distinct services, with different rules. The Internet access business, where ISPs sell connections to the Internet, would be less regulated. But the back end relationships between access ISPs and content providers would be regulated as a common carrier utility service.
10/31/2014 11:58:52 AM
According to IDC, the global business process outsourcing (BPO) market is forecast to increase at a 5.7 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), reaching $209.4 billion in 2017. While India and the Philippines are recognized as the biggest players in the industry, increasingly many countries are making the necessary infrastructure investments to start providing these services.
10/31/2014 11:55:07 AM
The smartwatch market is still in its early stages, and manufacturers are still not 100 percent sure how well this product will be adopted by consumers as a whole. As of now, the level of excitement is niche specific, and the vast majority of people don't see the benefit of having a smartwatch and a smartphone at the same time. Companies will have to educate the public as to why they need this product to justify the purchase of a device costing in upwards of several hundred dollars. The Samsung Gear S is the latest product available in the marketplace for consumers, and the major carriers in the U.S. have announced the pricing structure for the watch.
10/31/2014 11:52:16 AM
According to Microsoft, poor network performance can result in dropped calls or jittering audio in any given Lync Server deployment, affecting the end-user experience. In order to overcome these challenges, Microsoft has released the Lync SDN API, which allows network administrators to use it in combination with a network management system to monitor traffic down to a single media stream in real time, while at the same time being able to optimize the quality of service experience with Lync.
10/31/2014 11:49:04 AM
Sadly, life is not like a Kids in the Hall sketch; particularly, the one involving the Flying Pig. The Flying Pig was notorious for entertaining people in line for bank machines or for various other lines that people have to endure on a regular basis. But while we don't have a Flying Pig to entertain us in line, we do have ways of making lines shorter overall, a development that businesses would likely do well to put to use. A recent look at the options from, meanwhile, shows just which options are available, and how best to put said options to work.
10/31/2014 11:45:53 AM
Rackspace, a managed cloud company, has set up a new business unit called Cloud Office at Rackspace. It will offer services mostly for Microsoft business productivity and collaboration tools. The new unit will provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, as well.
10/31/2014 11:42:04 AM
The idea of a voice solution that's entirely cloud-based isn't exactly a new idea, but it's one that's comparatively recent. Thus, new firms are getting into the field and are eagerly hunting down a slice of that particular pie, with one of the newest entrants in the field a combination of firms. New partners Voxbone and Alianza are looking to take on the world of cloud voice by combining components from earlier operations into a potent new whole.
10/31/2014 11:38:11 AM
In the tech industry, buzzwords and buzz-phrases come and go almost daily. But one that's starting to show some strong staying power is the term employee engagement.
10/31/2014 11:30:00 AM
It appears that a number of moves Facebook has made in order to increase revenue are starting to pay off in a big way. The company just announced the third quarter revenue numbers and it seems like it's almost all good news for the social media giant. In total, Facebook says it brought in more than $3 billion in the third quarter of 2014. This is a massive 59 percent increase when compared to the same quarter in 2013.
10/31/2014 11:17:46 AM
Recently, the Brickman Group, a landscape services company responsible for servicing over 30,000 properties across the U.S., decided to move its corporate offices to a new location. The company knew it needed a new home, but it wasn't sure whether it should leave its legacy phone system behind or go with something new. After much research and consideration, Brickman managers turned to McEnroe Voice and Data, a Star2Star partner, for help.
10/31/2014 11:12:56 AM
A malware called ransomware has led to recent demands of ransom payments, after malicious code became embedded on the legitimate ads. The new trend has been seen with ads on trusted Websites such as Yahoo, AOL, and The Atlantic.
10/31/2014 11:12:44 AM
The meteoric rise of Xiaomi is nothing short of impressive. In just four years the company has managed to be the third largest global smartphone vendor, overtaking established companies that have been in the segment for years. While companies such as Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola and others are struggling to find their place in the smartphone environment, Xiaomi has continued to grow each successive quarter leaving these and other companies in its wake. According to the latest WSS (Smartphones) research service report from Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi was the clear standout during Q3 2014, as the 18 million units it sold elevated its global ranking.
10/31/2014 11:05:36 AM
It should be no surprise to anyone that the holiday season is fast-approaching, which means all hands on deck in the contact centers of retailers. And, as we move into what can best be characterized as the Omni-channel Era when it comes to providing a compelling customer experience, retailers are busy transforming virtually every aspect of how to provide such experiences.
10/31/2014 10:59:53 AM
Human beings are very visual, and whenever we see something we admire, depending on the impact it is having on us, all we can say is ooh, wow and stare with our mouths wide open. This of course doesn't happen all the time, but there are occasions when you see a perfectly designed product and these reactions are more than appropriate. When I saw the new payment terminal by Poynt, my initial reaction was wow! Followed by another wow!
10/31/2014 10:49:03 AM
In the contact center of old, workforce management was once quite literally a full-time job. It was accomplished through a mix of spreadsheets (or graph paper, if you go back far enough), paper time sheets, notes about vacation request, calendars with notes scribbled and more. Managers needed to devote hours to examining historical call volume on old records to build schedules, and managing time-off and vacation requests alone was a gigantic headache.
10/31/2014 10:37:16 AM
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