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In general terms, the word orchestration means to arrange or manipulate, especially by means of clever or thorough planning or maneuvering. In music it translates into compositions that are carefully constructed to create pleasing and compelling experience. In the tech world the goal is similar.
4/27/2015 11:27:01 AM
Microsoft, Google and IBM still can't touch Amazon Web Services (AWS) when it comes to cloud infrastructure services. New findings from Synergy Research Group reveal that AWS remains firmly implanted at the top of the cloud IaaS space, commanding 29 percent of the market as of the first quarter of the year.
4/27/2015 11:18:38 AM
In an oddly counter-intuitive move, some reports suggest that many customers are increasingly willing to accept some snooping from businesses if it yields a better overall experience. The importance of putting customer data to use is likewise known, but there are still limits, even in an environment that seems more willing than ever to be snooped on. One of these limits was recently seen by Nomi Technologies, who reportedly settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) following charges of an opt-out agreement that didn't actually allow for opting out.
4/27/2015 11:14:34 AM
While there are a number of places in the world that are having some issues getting ready when it comes to UC adoption, Unify, a leading company that deals with communications software and services has dubbed Scottsdale, Arizona a New Way To Work Global Ambassador. The company points to Scottsdale streamlining its communications using OpenScape VoIP solutions. This move alone now serves more than 1,800 employees across a wide range of city offices.
4/27/2015 11:08:03 AM
RingCentral, a leading provider of cloud business communications solutions, has announced the launch of the new RingCentral Contact Center powered by inContact.
4/27/2015 10:42:55 AM
The legal world is an interesting market, particularly when it comes to technology. A fast-paced setting in which communication is paramount lends itself to the conveniences of mobility, collaboration and cloud computing technologies. But legal firms must also adhere to strict mandates surrounding the discovery process and documentation, and technologies must be tailored to meet those compliance requirements.
4/27/2015 10:28:07 AM
With mobile technology, remote working and collaboration now becoming part of the workforce, IP telephony has become an indispensable tool. Unicoi Systems, provider of Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice and Video over IP (V2IP), and networking software solutions to the embedded device market, has announced the addition of new capabilities and functionalities to its Fusion Voice Engine platform.
4/27/2015 10:00:06 AM
Qoppa announced recently that it had released version 10 of PDF Studio for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems. The latest version of the PDF editor provides several helpful features that optimize PDFs, allow comparisons, and convert PDFs to HTML5.
4/27/2015 9:47:12 AM
Two powerhouses in the contact center industry have debuted a new joint venture to further cement their place in the business while helping call centers improve operations.
4/27/2015 9:08:41 AM
Comcast may have called off its $45 billion megamerger with Time Warner Cable, but the legacy of what that means for the FCC's policy for online video will live on.
4/27/2015 8:07:53 AM
Today, with cloud-based contact center software, the options are far more varied. Companies can plan for volume surges and bring personnel online from anywhere they are located: remote offices, other departments or even their homes, according to Five9's Liz Osborn in a recent blog post.
4/27/2015 8:07:51 AM
There are many analytics solutions on the market today designed to help companies do a better job of routing calls by using all available information about a customer. Before choosing one, contact centers should examine their business to determine which features would work best for them in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed (or spending more than they need to).
4/27/2015 8:06:29 AM
The solar industry has been of particular interest to consumers, businesses, and technology developers over the course of the past decade or so. Solar technology has grown to be more efficient both in terms of how much energy it can produce and in terms of how much it costs to set up and install. In addition, the federal government has offered a ton of economic incentives and rewards for businesses and consumers who have adopted the technology, in a massive effort to drive more renewable energy usage and further development in the industry.
4/27/2015 8:04:27 AM
In a modern business environment characterized by an increasingly mobile workforce, many companies are challenged with adopting a secure IT infrastructure that can manage a wide array of devices, information and applications. The Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) method involves managing workspace, mobile devices, mobile applications and mobile content to effectively deal with this important trend and maintain successful business practices - and a rapidly growing market surrounding EMM has arisen to cater to these needs.
4/27/2015 7:56:44 AM
While there were some hitches in the 'giddyup' when the Apple Pay service was first launched, it appears that more and more companies are getting increasingly comfortable with the new service.
4/27/2015 7:52:56 AM
According to a recent report, Butte College had a particular item in its possession that should have rendered blackouts meaningless.
4/27/2015 6:00:00 AM
There have been several studies conducted in the U.K. over the past few years concerning service providers. The main focus has been on the fact that U.K. broadband users seem to be very reluctant to switch service providers.
4/27/2015 6:00:00 AM
Auto dialers certainly have a place in that environment, but many people are surprised to learn that small and medium-sized businesses also use auto dialers to good effect.
4/27/2015 6:00:00 AM
The network infrastructure giant has partnered with Imagine on integration. Imagine's Zenium workflow manager and VersioCloud have been certified to work on Cisco's Unified Computing System, a platform that brings together data center capabilities such as compute, storage access, and virtualization enablers.
4/25/2015 7:21:00 AM
We have seen that the concept of bring your own device (BYOD) to work has created the need for companies to develop policies for their use. Augmented reality devices, smartwatches and a variety of other wearable devices have given us a new acronym, BYOW, which stands for bring your own wearable. New may not be the correct word, as it seems that a report from SalesForce shows that over a majority of companies already has a BYOW policy.
4/25/2015 7:17:00 AM
There was plenty of news emerging all over the tech sector this week, and session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking proved no different. Now that we've got a weekend on hand, it's a great time to take a step back and take a look at the wider week of news. That's just what we'll do with our Week in Review coverage, so settle in and let's take on that big stack of news!
4/25/2015 7:14:00 AM
Sometimes one of the funny consequences about technology is that as we see improvements and maturity in one area, we also see problems stemming from other areas. The idea of bringing your own devices (BYOD) to work has made it much easier and convenient to work with devices that you have mastered. Unfortunately, as this makes it easier to work anywhere outside the office, it also means that the companies are facing unmanageable roaming charges. Webbing is an Israeli-based company that is looking to ease the burden.
4/25/2015 7:12:00 AM
From elections overseas to small and medium sized business (SMBs) to corporate contact centers, this week the Contact Center Analytics Review covered quite a wide berth of news. This simply further illustrates the value in analytics regardless of industry, as the ability to compile data and create actionable insight as a result is something ANY business could use. Without further ado, as you may have guessed; it's that time again-time for the week in review!
4/25/2015 7:11:00 AM
There was a flurry of new product releases this week in the NFV and SDN Zone.
4/25/2015 7:10:00 AM
A productivity specialist at Microsoft noted this week an important element about the cloud: someone can always run applications better, faster, and at a lower cost than you can. It is that statement which set the stage for continued news about power of Skype for Business and Office 365 and also makes way for development of stories surrounding recent product releases involving IR Prognosis, AudioCodes, MindLink, MobileIron, and SkyKick.
4/25/2015 7:06:00 AM
What a difference a week makes! This week we were absolutely buried under an avalanche of news in the real time communications sector, and there's a lot of ground to go over. Now that we've got a weekend on hand, it's a great time to take a step back and help make sense of this massive array of news. So get your donuts and coffee handy-or go whole hog and fire up the waffles-because it's the weekend, and that means it's time for our Week in Review coverage!
4/25/2015 7:05:00 AM
Stay off the highway to the danger zone, and enter the Conferencing Zone. The wonderful thing about conferencing technology is that it lets people communicate for business or for pleasure, from near or from afar, without the travel. Perhaps this is why so many companies are jumping on the video conferencing bandwagon.
4/25/2015 7:05:00 AM
Hello friends. It's time for another week in review, and we've seen some pretty interesting stuff come down the line this week.
4/25/2015 7:04:00 AM
The embrace of open source technologies is at the top of the slate this week for its affect on both Microsoft and Atlassian while a recent survey of U.K. knowledge workers shows that they consider collaboration technology to be essential to their daily tasks.
4/25/2015 7:03:00 AM
Happy Earth Day, IoT Evolvers. Hope you had a good one. The industry celebrated and we showed you how at in a special report this week. Sprint is helping vendors take over the IoT with its Command Center.
4/25/2015 7:02:00 AM
Web-scale networking continued to draw interest this past week, and we have all the details.
4/25/2015 7:01:00 AM
It was another week of growth and innovation in the call center space, and we have all the details.
4/25/2015 7:00:00 AM
Thanks to Unified Communications (UC), workers of the world can communicate with one another over sea and mountain without ever leaving their desks and conference rooms. As always, we spent the week tracking the newest developments in a technology that continues to improve work efficiency for a wide array of industries. Here's what we came up with.
4/25/2015 7:00:00 AM
The digital services market has left no room for the faint of heart, as innovative ways of creating greater customer engagement and new revenue streams are proving the fourth wave is here. Those leveraging next generation digital services will be enjoying the ride, while others who are not will be watching from the sidelines. With that said, it's time to take a look at the week that was: time for the week in review!
4/25/2015 6:22:00 AM
Following one of the biggest weeks in the Next Generation Communications Community would be a tall order for any market, yet the influx of news this week didn't fail to offer a lot to consider. After the confirmation of Nokia acquiring Alcatel-Lucent, there was still quite a bit of news to be had in the sector as Alcatel-Lucent brought out a lot of exciting new points to consider. But Alcatel-Lucent wasn't alone in the field, as other sources brought out information to match.
4/25/2015 5:21:00 AM
With the debate in full swing over whether real time communications will end up killing the concept of unified communications (UC), a new wrinkle in the conversation has developed. Specifically, a new report from Easynet-a worldwide provider of managed services-has detailed that UC deployments are proving difficult, if not impossible, for a wide swath of sites in Europe.
4/24/2015 6:37:23 PM
Metaswitch, a network software provider, has announced that Education Networks of America (ENA), an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider for K-12 schools, has chosen Metaswitch's IP multimedia communications software.
4/24/2015 6:34:18 PM
Kaltura, a video platform aimed at the Over the Top (OTT) TV, Online Video Platform (OVP), Education Video Platform (EdVP) and Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) markets has announced the launch of a new HTML5 web app for the Amazon Fire TV. The platform provides publishers and content owners with comprehensive tools for publishing, managing, monetizing and analyzing video and other rich media content. Completely software-based, it can be implemented into any website or application to augment it with advanced video and rich media capabilities.
4/24/2015 6:29:34 PM
Always, always, have a backup plan. This is a very simple message that everyone-especially massive data centers and enterprises-must adhere to. As a recent blog post from TeamSupport reveals, even the slightest mishap can muck up your business's most basic operations. The example cited in the blog post involves a planned customer call in which the client mysteriously disappeared when the hour was at hand.
4/24/2015 6:28:07 PM
The future is officially here. No longer do maladies and medical situations entail driving to the nearest clinic or hospital. Telemedicine has made it possible to receive treatment-or at least a prognosis, diagnosis or prescription-from any place in the world, or more simply, anywhere in the greater metro area.
4/24/2015 6:22:15 PM
In the realm of business to business (B2B) software choosing the most appropriate customer support software is a decision far more important than many realize. When purchasing anything there can be buyer's remorse, and when it comes to customer support software deliberating on a solution can feel a bit overwhelming. It's for this reason we should take a look a few things that can help you not just choose a solution but purchase the BEST customer support software to suit your need.
4/24/2015 6:22:06 PM
Across the board, technology has advanced the enterprise to be more efficient, productive and in most cases more prosperous. One technology advent in particular that has meant a great deal to businesses of all shapes and sizes is video conferencing. By leveraging a video conferencing solution, a business can save on the cost of travel and disregard geography while at the same time increase team productivity and collaboration.
4/24/2015 6:17:00 PM
WOW! Business announced recently that it would begin offering its business-grade VoIP service to smaller businesses in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. The company also announced a wiring plan for businesses that still use premises networks.
4/24/2015 4:55:55 PM
Yealink, a provider of Unified Communications (UC) terminal products and services, won the 2015 Internet Telephony Product of the Year award for its CP860 Internet Protocol (IP) conference phone. This is the fifth consecutive year Yealink has received the honor, which was presented by the global integrated media company Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC).
4/24/2015 4:51:00 PM
Gartner recently named NetNumber a Gartner Cool Vendor for what it's doing with TITAN, its Transactional IP Telephony Addressing and Numbering platform.
4/24/2015 3:45:59 PM
Silver was the primary mineral mined in Nevada when it was admitted to the union in 1864, earning it the slogan of The Silver State. Times changed, with the gaming and convention industries gaining prominence over the past 30 years. But the state is shifting character again, with technology being its big bet for the future.
4/24/2015 3:16:50 PM
Big telecom mergers just don't fly these days, but it took Comcast 14 months and at least $237 million spent in 2014 to figure it out it couldn't buy Time Warner Cable. In retrospect, this was a no brainer. If the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wasn't going to sign off on an AT&T and T-Mobile merger back in 2011 and a Sprint/T-Mobile merger in 2014, what sane individual believed that Comcast could pull off a merger with so many negatives hanging over its head?
4/24/2015 2:39:07 PM
High schools are no strangers to changing technologies. Having to both put such things to use within current operations as well as teach the next generation about how such mechanisms work, keeping up with technology in school is important for a wide array of reasons. Kearney High School in Kearney, Missouri, meanwhile recently saw a fairly substantial upgrade to its own phone system with the passage of a new measure at a recent school board meeting.
4/24/2015 2:36:33 PM
Contact center managers can be very arbitrary about offering guidance and feedback, and frequently play favorites with some agents over others.
4/24/2015 1:43:45 PM
With so much of our lives online these days, the ability to protect against cyberattack is as important now as a night watchman was in the days before the Internet. Protecting assets and protecting property against vandalism or destruction were all important tasks, and such tasks now have Internet equivalents. Enter IBM, whose QRadar system now powers analogues to the real-world watchdog, using analytics technology to find potential cyberattacks and prompt reaction.
4/24/2015 12:32:48 PM
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