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SEC Publishes Cybersecurity Observations
1/28/2020 7:46:01 PM
There is some evidence that working humans have become about as productive as they can. Studies have shown that productivity has stalled in the last decade, yet employers are still searching for a magic solution that will squeeze a little more productivity out of them. They believe they've found it: in bathroom breaks.
1/28/2020 5:52:41 PM
In two weeks, Cannabis on the Blockchain takes place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (part of #TechSuperShow) bringing together some of the industry's leading minds to unpack the massive opportunity that lies in this burgeoning arena. This week, I had the chance to catch up with Cody Stiffler, Founder & CEO FloGrown Cannabis Consulting, LLC, a member of the speaking faculty at the upcoming inaugural event.
1/28/2020 5:08:05 PM
Native Apps developers always put a lot of effort into making beautiful apps with a rich UI and which are stable on every supported device. For iOS, this means just a few devices. For Android it could be over a dozen. When you code an app with React Native you can add up these numbers and then multiply it by two, since every device can be rotated. In this short article I'll try to show you a few tools and tricks which can help you deal with the huge range of devices without going crazy!
1/28/2020 4:07:47 PM
This editor had the pleasure of catching up with CloudGenix CEO Kumar Ramachadran in advance of SD-WAN Expo, and as always, the industry pioneer was not shy. I'll let the interview speak for itself, find our full interaction below.
1/28/2020 4:02:19 PM
We are in the digital era. Technology has made communication more manageable, and today, everyone needs a mobile phone, including seniors. However, unlike teenagers and mid-aged people, you must be super careful when selecting the right mobile phone for seniors. Ideal seniors mobile phones have specific features that you must put into consideration to ensure that they are adequate and useful for them. For starters, the right phone should be easy to use and uncomplicated. You should also put their bad hearing and eyesight into consideration.
1/28/2020 1:27:27 PM
Creating your own Kanban board or updating the old one is all about being creative. These Kanban board examples will give you the inspiration you need.
1/28/2020 11:34:11 AM
Bone spurs, which are also known as osteophytes, are bumps that grow along the edge of your bone, often near the joints. These typically occur on your heels, knees, shoulders, neck, and hips. In some cases, it can develop in the spine, which is severely uncomfortable.
1/28/2020 11:21:30 AM
Business phone systems are a necessary expense if you run a large office. However, you may not realize all the issues that you could have with one of these systems. A list of common office phone system problems is listed with potential solutions. Using these tips will make your business more efficient, more profitable, and customer-friendly.
1/28/2020 9:44:28 AM
Technology is no more an external factor of our life but it has become part and part of our lifestyle. And the young generation is becoming more tech-savvy than ever with every single day.
1/28/2020 9:38:49 AM
The issue of data protection and privacy was, until recently, a conversation confined to a specific group of people within an organisation. Unless you were an IT consultant or a corporate lawyer, privacy compliance was something somebody else took care of. So, how have we reached the point where many organizations are bound by law to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO)? Why are CEOs now so interested in their company's data protection and privacy policies?
1/28/2020 6:30:00 AM
The company says radio frequency transceiver IC provides broad coverage, low power and low cost for applications in proximity of homes and buildings.
1/27/2020 4:57:38 PM
Seeq Corporation recently announced the completion of a Series B funding round to expand its Industrial IoT business and offerings in the advanced analytics software space.
1/27/2020 4:44:13 PM
Company will appear on Smart Manufacturing Panel to discuss leveraging Machine Intelligence for better manufacturing outcomes.
1/27/2020 4:38:35 PM
If this important time-stamped data is at the heart of initiatives to keep things performing, why are we entrusting this data to an ordinary relational database?
1/27/2020 1:54:09 PM
In today's age of internet connectivity and digital marketing, basic traditional services like medical, educational and legal services have incorporated this new technology in their design of doing business. It is not only trendy, but it is also a cost-effective way to get brand recognition and reach new clients. For legal firms, it is common for them to create a website that best describe their proficiency and their background. This way, it is easier for prospective clients to get a better understanding of their services, which is the client's paramount intention - finding the right professional.
1/27/2020 12:46:00 PM
Nowadays, the company which wants to sell some goods need to be well-prepared and use out of ordinary selling and presenting methods to meet the customers' attention and encourage them to be owners of your goods. Luckily, there is one solution that can help you to be unique on the market and beat your business competitors. It is called ClickMeeting and this article will tell more about it.
1/27/2020 11:36:51 AM
Every company or firm needs to have a strong online presence that can attract more people and potential clients. Law firms are no different when it comes to making themselves known in the digital world. There should be various strong SEO strategies that push them to the level of exposure and success they want, and this can be achieved through simple steps that can make a huge difference in the firm's lifespan.
1/27/2020 11:30:41 AM
The year 2020, like the decades before it, will be a year of unprecedented technology. Each year, companies gain a better grasp on essential technologies that are transforming the way we do business, communicate with others, protect ourselves, and live our daily lives. This upcoming year, keep a close eye on the following 10 tech trends that will probably impact your life in one way or another.
1/27/2020 11:17:24 AM
Using a wireless internet for online gaming is a cardinal sin especially when you are a gamer. Although the wireless internet services have drastically improved with time, you can't deny the importance of Ethernet cable for online gaming. The global gaming community because of the lag and instability of the connection looks down upon wireless internet. Cox Internet Service offers you Elite gamer that gets you lower latency and better gaming experience.
1/27/2020 10:47:09 AM
Over the past few decades, technology has advanced tremendously and has integrated seamlessly with almost every field, including healthcare. From simply being able to book appointments online, to telemedicine, technology has changed the entire landscape of healthcare in the past few years and continues to do so rapidly on a day-to-day basis.
1/27/2020 10:40:54 AM
Financial institutions can prevent, or vastly mitigate damage from, security breaches by developing and continually executing a cybersecurity plan.
1/27/2020 10:37:09 AM
If you have a small business with a website and webstore, the chances are you use WordPress as your content management system (CMS). However, simply having a website is not enough, you need to make the most of it by reaching as many customers as you can. Luckily, you can start your marketing directly on WordPress.
1/27/2020 10:28:17 AM
Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms with over a billion monthly active users sharing 100 million images and 3.5 billion likes per day.
1/27/2020 10:23:42 AM
Running a successful business means you need to make sure you get your company to thrive on a global scale. There are a lot of things that you are going to need to make the most of if you are serious about improving and thriving as a global brand. And this means focusing on the important elements of running a company, such as marketing, supply & demand, and quality service.
1/27/2020 10:18:45 AM
While hospital leaders are not prognosticators, savvy healthcare CEOs have their eye on 2020. For those riding the disruption wave, the answer is simple. CMS alone is providing more than 80 billion in reimbursements for preventive care initiatives. This calculation alone does not count on complex chronic care conditions and other follow-ups from preventive care engagements.
1/24/2020 5:45:49 PM
If you're looking to staff your call center with agents who are engaged and who will be dedicated to long term growth with the company, here are some tips for nurturing their employment relationships with you.
1/24/2020 5:33:46 PM
Windstream Wholesale, the business-to-business arm of voice and data network communications and managed services provider Windstream, recently announced that's its adding over 1,000 miles to its ultra-long-haul fiber network with the addition of a new route from Salt Lake City to Portland and Seattle. The new fiber will provide low-latency connectivity to markets in the Pacific Northwest.
1/24/2020 5:25:08 PM
Call center agents must be engaged and motivated on the job to successfully engage customers. Call center managers can boost engagement by fostering a positive corporate culture in which agents and workers have a voice in operations and feel challenged and motivated.
1/24/2020 5:20:50 PM
Ransomware is now Extortionware
1/24/2020 4:20:02 PM
TMC announces 2020 SD-WAN Implementation Award Winners. Each winning customer vendor duo will be honored during SD-WAN Expo held February 12-14, 2020 at the Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward Country Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. SD-WAN Expo provides the stage for award winners to deliver their deployment case study. The event features three days of robust content, with insight from industry leaders, networking and more.
1/24/2020 2:51:04 PM
It is really fun to be at a casino especially when rustling with the slots in real life. Somewhat it makes life glamorous. However, with online casinos, you have to be a bit uncertain. This is due to the rise of numerous scoundrel online casinos that are used to duping players of their fair winnings. Also, some casinos have loopholes when it comes to keeping personal information safe. Therefore, you have to be careful when engaging in casinos, and seek reviews for the reputable ones.
1/24/2020 1:53:51 PM
The cutting-edge technology of online casinos have powered numerous sites and games. On the other hand, an online casino outsources game improvement to third-party firms because of their wide range of games, which they license to online casinos. Casino software involves downloading software, and installing it on your PC, phone, or any other necessary gadget to enable you to play.
1/24/2020 1:50:48 PM
Technology has overtaken industries worldwide and online gambling is no exception. With time, internet gambling is expected to surpass $ 94.4 billion revenue in the year 2024. Factors determining such figure target include the variety and reliability of payment methods provided to customers.
1/24/2020 1:46:15 PM
Unfortunately, most employers are not aware what their overtime rates should be for each employee. Often, your hourly rate gets buried in accounting as you focus on managing the business or department. However, it is a good idea that you know your employees' regular and overtime rate so that you can be sure that you are compliant with state and federal labor laws.
1/24/2020 12:14:59 PM
With 2019 being such an environmentally-focused year. It is no surprise that this year's CES 2020 was focused on renewable energy, but it didn't stop there. Health technology is always an important sector at CES 2020. There were two wearable devices that allow diabetics to control their glucose levels through non-invasive methods in a new, innovative way. There are advantages for users, but they also have their limitations.
1/24/2020 10:41:57 AM
Web proxies are popular tools used to protect private information when surfing the web. They hide your geographic location and the IP address of your computer, making it difficult for websites and scammers to track your browsing activity. They do this by serving as intermediaries between your computer and the rest of the public web.
1/24/2020 10:38:57 AM
Proxies are a fundamental link between your computer and the rest of the internet. While they safely secure your privacy and identity, a proxy address also ensures anonymity. This is the top reason why people all over the globe feel the need to have one.
1/24/2020 10:36:09 AM
The dramatic changes of the digital economy are radically reshaping the way companies do business. Businesses that embrace the digital economy thrive; those that don't are left behind.
1/24/2020 10:30:03 AM
Let's set the record straight; the days of spammy content and directory abuse are long gone because Google's algorithm punishes all websites that still use these strategies. At some point in the past, SEO was about spammy link-building, but since then, it took some great hits, it made considerable changes to rebuild its reputation.
1/24/2020 10:20:40 AM
5G is finally here! It comes bearing phenomenal potential for business but also new 5G security risks. Find out 5G business security risks & how to manage them.
1/24/2020 10:15:39 AM
Evisort is a cloud-based contract management software designed to use artificial intelligence to provide a new way to manage contracts. Evisort, founded in 2016, has experienced rapid growth in the past four years. Initially designed by Harvard Law and MIT researchers for the legal field, the software can easily adapt to handle documents from virtually any industry or enterprise.
1/24/2020 10:09:37 AM
Your business is slowly growing and, whether you are aware of it or not, technology will play a crucial role in its evolution. In 2019, the worldwide spending on technology reached $3.3 billion and most of this growth is due to the recent explosion of artificial intelligence, big data, AR/VR, and IoT. Whether it's because they want to attract new customers, increase marketing efforts, streamline internal operations, or increase profit margins, business owners everywhere are trying to invest in tech and even place it at the core of their organization.
1/24/2020 10:04:04 AM
What Companies Can Learn from the Bezos Hack
1/23/2020 6:52:01 PM
In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Bryan Jones, SVP & GM of OEM & IoT Solutions at Dell Technologies, to talk about IoT Implementations, IoT Pilots, and Scale and Growth of IoT companies and solutions.
1/23/2020 2:54:01 PM
Rail companies are relying on innovation and connected solutions within the IoT to improve scheduling, service, safety, security, profitable operations, and capacity planning for the future.
1/23/2020 1:05:47 PM
The Aeris Mobility Suite enables automotive OEMs to deploy cutting edge connected vehicle programs globally in less than a year, at a fraction of the cost
1/23/2020 12:55:30 PM
It's not enough to post a job ad and expect to find the most talented call center agents in the field. Companies need to work to foster a positive and engaging corporate culture, and ensure their social media and branding accurately reflect that culture.
1/23/2020 12:16:07 PM
Fedex Text Scam Gets National Attention. What About the Other Scams?
1/23/2020 12:04:45 PM
CallTower has now announced a new proactive Microsoft Teams business-ready solution that company officials say fills the feature gaps that have been missing for those users who migrate their phone systems to Teams.
1/23/2020 11:44:10 AM
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