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Call Center Management Tips for Improving Quality Assurance

6/11/2021 5:12:29 PM

Managing a call center can be challenging. There are agents to think about, demands from management, and then the customers. It's a balancing act that requ…

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Buchanan Technologies Gains SOC 2 Type 2 Certification for Managed Services

6/11/2021 5:06:28 PM

Managed services provider Buchanan Technologies, which provides managed IT services for mid-tier and enterprise-level organizations across the United State…

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Emplifi Adds Messenger API for Instagram

6/11/2021 5:00:08 PM

Social media customer service has become an increasingly important channel for businesses to focus on. Today's customers not only want instant access to br…

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Microsoft to Support Netflix-Esque Video Game Streaming

6/11/2021 3:20:27 PM

Microsoft is working to make video game streaming a reality with new hardware to support a subscription-based service.

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Reconsidering the Approach to Customer Experience Research

6/11/2021 2:36:22 PM

Customer research is an excellent way to gain knowledge for improved business operations, but company department heads may be useful for pinpointing questi…

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DCM Supports Canadian Financial Institutions with Management Platform

6/11/2021 2:31:51 PM

DCM will be partnering with Canada's top financial institutions to deliver communications solutions for improving customer experiences.

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Vonex Purchases Cloud Phone, Mobile and Internet Services Business from MNF Group

6/10/2021 5:30:40 PM

Vonex is an Australian telecommunications company that provides business VoIP solutions designed to "change the way companies connect." During the last yea…

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AT&T Business and Cisco Partner to Enable Hybrid Work Environments

6/10/2021 5:21:07 PM

While interest in working from home was high on the wish list of American employees before the COVID-19 pandemic, the long period of quarantine and social …

Read More Helps Customer-Face Companies Bridge the Digital Divide

6/10/2021 5:03:16 PM

Though digitization and internet technologies have brought humans closer to machines, the need to bridge the communication barrier between them will shape …

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Five Ways to Ensure a Balanced Customer Experience

6/10/2021 4:57:53 PM

Delivering a satisfactory customer experience is about balancing technology and automation with meaningful, empathetic human interactions.

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IKIN Brings Hands-on Holographic Content Development Experience to Developers at ITEXPO

6/10/2021 4:29:47 PM

IKIN is giving developers a chance to learn first-hand how to create 3D holographic content at IKIN University at ITEXPO.

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ConvergeOne Celebrates Genesys Platinum Partner Status

6/10/2021 1:36:03 PM

Cloud and digital services provider ConvergeOne has announced the company has been granted status as an official platinum partner with Genesys, marking a s…

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Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience Go Hand in Hand

6/10/2021 1:02:10 PM

The customer experience is becoming inexplicably tied to digital transformation, and businesses are taking advantage of AI, machine learning and variety of…

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5 Warning Signs Of Depression To Watch Out For

6/10/2021 11:19:48 AM

Are you having a hard time dealing with your emotions and thoughts? Do you always feel like you're in a cold, dark, and bleak place where no one's there to…

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The Inevitability of Using Security Controls from Different Vendors and How to Unify Them

6/10/2021 10:42:01 AM

What's wrong about an organization using an antivirus from one security firm, firewall from another company, VPN from a different source, and other securit…

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Questions To Ask While Hiring A Staffing Agency

6/10/2021 10:37:00 AM

Today every company wants to find a perfect candidate for themself but couldn't find time for it. Therefore, one should consider hiring a staffing agency f…

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Factors To Consider When Choosing an IoT Data Plan

6/10/2021 10:31:28 AM

Are you currently confused about what to look for when choosing an IoT data plan? You've come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss a few i…

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New Technology Innovations Shaping the Online Casino Realm

6/10/2021 10:22:15 AM

Online casinos have become trendy in the past few years. Technological innovations have played a critical role in the growth of the industry. Nowadays, the…

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How asset-based financing works for growing businesses?

6/10/2021 10:15:12 AM

Asset-based financing is a loan that uses the business' assets as collateral, such as equipment, inventory, or accounts receivable. The lender provides fun…

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How To Maximize Existing Business Technologies

6/10/2021 9:57:21 AM

As technological advancements prove their advantages to business operations, organizations large and small vamp up their investment in devices, software, a…

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Monogoto Lands $11M Investment to Expand Globally and To Continue to Disrupt The Status Quo With Enterprise Cellular 5G Communications

6/10/2021 9:15:19 AM

Cloud computing has been around for approximately two decades, and although it isn't new to the market, it has gained enormous demand and popularity in rec…

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IKIN University, RYZ SDK Open Door to 3D World

6/9/2021 6:17:39 PM

Recently IKIN CMO Michael D'Arminio and EVP, Marketing Cody Oakland dished on how IKIN is deploying imagination - no, seriously. The IKIN RYZ SDK empowers …

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5 Best Practices In IT Risk Management

6/9/2021 4:26:40 PM

Information technology risks, or IT risks, in short, are risks that can potentially damage your company's IT systems. It used to be pretty simple to manage…

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Why every business should have their own lawyers

6/9/2021 3:24:56 PM

If you are a business owner, regardless of the size, age, or sector of your business, you should most certainly have your own set of lawyers. However, the …

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How to build a website in 6 steps!

6/9/2021 3:18:38 PM

Creating a new website is not as easy as it seems. Because it involves designing and coding a website. If you don't know how to do things like that, it's g…

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China Accelerates Blockchain Development Following Crypto Ban

6/9/2021 3:12:37 PM

The Chinese government has published a set of guidelines to accelerate blockchain and associated technology development. The move follows a ban on crypto m…

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What are the technology tools that can help you manage your anxiety?

6/9/2021 2:57:53 PM

Anxiety is becoming more prevalent in the modern world. If you have missed this very important aspect in your daily interactions, you clearly weren't payin…

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6 Creative Ways to Improve Social Media Conversion Rates

6/9/2021 2:48:11 PM

Improving conversion rates on social media is vastly different compared to improving conversions on your website. After all, people who visit your websi…

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Healthcare and the Data Privacy Cliff

6/9/2021 2:40:23 PM

The healthcare industry likely runs neck-to-neck with the financial services industry when it comes to consumer sensitivities around the privacy of their d…

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An Edge Computing Breakup: Out with the Old, and In with the New

6/9/2021 1:54:20 PM

When COVID-19 arrived in early 2020, enterprises' first priority was to patch together a communications and information-sharing infrastructure that could s…

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Facebook's New Tools For Instagram/Whatsapp Highlight Shift in Business Communications

6/9/2021 1:10:19 PM

Facebook has released new tools for its most popular applications, allowing customers and businesses to have easier methods for communication.

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Nordis Technologies Secures Patent for Expresso Management System

6/9/2021 12:50:26 PM

Cloud communications service provider Nordis Technologies has announced its customer communications management system, Expresso®, has been approved by the …

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Stirring Things Up in Stopping Unwanted and Fraudulent Calls, Ribbon Ties Up a Deal with Intrado

6/9/2021 12:28:03 PM

Ribbon Communications announced this week that Intrado, a global provider of technology-enabled services, has chosen Ribbon Call Trust for STIR/SHAKEN comp…

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Cloud-Based Cellular Network Platform Challenger Monogoto Lands $11M in Funding

6/9/2021 11:17:24 AM

Today, Monogoto, innovator, and developer of a secure, global cloud-based cellular network platform, announced they have closed a round including venture c…

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As Cyber Attacks Grow, Data Center Operators Can Bring Value-Added Services to Enterprises Leveraging Cloud-Based Access Management Services

6/8/2021 1:48:08 PM

No threat facing businesses today has grown as fast, or in a manner as difficult to understand, as the danger from cyberattacks. Cyber threats are increasi…

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Accelerating and Expanding Data-Driven Engineering: Haystack Analytics is Creating Elite Tech Teams as it Announces New Capital and Traction with 7,000 Developers

6/8/2021 1:42:05 PM

This week, Haystack Analytics, an engineering insights tool backed by Y Combinator, announced that it had secured a $1.2 million funding round which includ…

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5 AI apps that improve our daily lives

6/8/2021 12:54:36 PM

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. Today, solutions based on Machine Learning, Virtual Assistants, Computer Vision, etc. are used in alm…

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What is the Solution for bad cell phone reception in house?

6/8/2021 12:49:18 PM

Your cell phone does not pick up well at home? Do you have difficulty making a call or connecting to the Internet with your smartphone in certain rooms of …

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Setting Up a Home Office: The Dos and Don'ts

6/8/2021 12:15:37 PM

The ongoing pandemic has forced many Americans to readjust in many ways, including shifting to remote work. Working from a home office no longer raises eye…

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What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for Your Company?

6/8/2021 12:10:02 PM

It is tough to run an ecommerce business, especially if it is still small and you do not have enough staff to handle it. If you're a startup, it may only b…

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7 Proven Ways to Grow your Business's Following on Instagram

6/8/2021 12:03:11 PM

With technological advancement, social media marketing has become the cornerstone for various businesses to promote their brand and earn profits. Out of al…

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How Businesses Can Start Instagram Influencer Marketing

6/8/2021 11:59:25 AM

Influencer marketing has become a thriving trend of social media marketing, that has helped in monetizing businesses to a large extent. Owing to authority …

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The Feature is here - Get Ready to Celebrate Innovation with 5G

6/8/2021 11:50:06 AM

The news of 5G changing the world of telecommunication has been the talk of the town for a few years. It was expected to come with high-speed and quick res…

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How AI Can Play A Role In Online Gambling

6/8/2021 11:45:31 AM

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has set foot in every corner of our lives, whether it is space research, robotics in the medical sector and o…

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Is OnlyFans Marketing Here to Stay?

6/8/2021 11:41:18 AM

It's easy for those who doubt the platform OnlyFans to think of it as a passing fad. Many Social Media websites are now history with only those old enough …

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What Does the Future Hold for the Communication Service Providers Keeping the World Connected During COVID-19?

6/8/2021 10:06:02 AM

The extraordinary value of digital communications has never been more apparent than during the past year. As COVID-19 swept the planet, businesses and indi…

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Cloudpick is Leading the Way in Transforming Retail as We Know It

6/8/2021 9:54:42 AM

The introduction of online shopping eliminated many of the frustrations that shoppers experienced in brick-and-mortar stores. Shoppers no longer waited in …

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6 Ways Technology is Changing the Investing Landscape

6/8/2021 9:43:57 AM

COVID-19 has changed the world of investing for good. In fact, 25% of investors are now considered "retail", which represents an all-time high. Technolo…

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The journey of online gambling

6/8/2021 9:28:45 AM

Online gambling is a huge industry all over the world as people are tapping into the easy opportunities to gamble online instead of having to set foot in l…

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SignalWire Boosts Platform Development with $30 Million in Funding

6/7/2021 4:42:38 PM

The company's series B investment round brought in $30 million, which will be used to develop a new unified communications platform and support the company…

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