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February 1997

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New Products...

New Telemarketing Consulting Firm
Telemarketing professionals Kathryn Barber and Carol Dixon have announced the formation of Barber, Dixon & Associates, a new partnership that combines the resources of Barber Consulting Services and Dixon Associates. The company provides a senior-level source to companies seeking to institute, expand or improve in-house or outsourced telemarketing operations. Barber, who formed Barber Consulting Services in 1989, is the former president of telemarketing and chief quality officer for LCS Industries and has been active in the field of telemarketing for over 20 years. Dixon, also a 20-year industry veteran, has held senior management positions with Oxford Health Plans, Prodigy Services Company and Salesnet, a telemarketing company owned by Dun & Bradstreet. For more information, contact Kathryn Barber at 201-509-1022, or Carol Dixon at 914-937-5240.

Workforce Management Software
TCS Management Group, Inc. (TCS) has announced Release 4.3 of the TeleCenter System, a resource planning system that automates many of the tasks associated with managing the workforce in an incoming call center, including call volume forecasting, staff scheduling and performance tracking. Release 4.3 includes more than 60 new features, some of which are: a meeting optimizer; supervisor permission; overtime scheduling; vacation waiting lists; and audit trails. TCS has also released a new version of the Real-Time Adherence (RTA) module of the TeleCenter System. RTA provides a picture of what agents are doing in relation to what they are scheduled to be doing at any instant by creating a real-time link between a call center's ACD and the TCS database, which contains detailed information about agent schedules. For more information, contact Jennifer Stroud at 615-221-6800.

New Company Formed
Pat Angulo has announced the formation of Intuitive Marketing International, a business development firm specializing in database marketing, lead management, teleservices and integrated sales and marketing processes. Intuitive Marketing International provides consultancy services to bridge the link between sales and marketing. For more information, contact Pat Angulo at 770-475-8099.

Inbound Routing Capabilities Added To Fax Server
Teubner & Associates, Inc. has announced the addition of inbound routing capabilities, referred to as "AIR," to FAXGATE, its enterprisewide fax server. AIR offers improvements to automating inbound fax processing by automatically reporting on end-to-end fax processing variables. Faxes can be automatically and electronically archived, and AIR allows choice in delivery destinations and flexibility in routing attributes. Received faxes can be AIRed to fax mailboxes, e-mailboxes, universal inboxes, network printers, local or remote fax machines, or specific computer-based applications for automated processing. The FAXGATE AIR functionality also supports if-then-else logic that can automatically process a variety of input information to determine where and how faxes are delivered. For more information, contact Laine Latimer at 916-432-3710.

Drop In Toll-Free Rates
Harcom Corporation has announced two telephone services that include an individual toll-free 800 telephone number at a rate of 7.5 percent per minute, nationwide, billed in six-second increments, with no minimum and no service fee. The first of the co-offered two services is a voice mail service that provides an inexpensive voice mailbox solution. Each voice mailbox includes a call back feature and a Talking Diary. The second is a fully automated, computerized telephone call processing, information access, call transfer and voice mail service that can answer a business' calls when its lines are busy, after hours or at any time. It includes an automated, recordable Information Center which can be customized. For more information, contact Dan Harris at 714-770-5008.

Speech Processing Product
Philips Speech Processing has announced the release of SpeechPad, a digital Pocket Memo� with a PC card slot that allows users to dictate information for later transfer to a PC or PC network. The cards currently hold up to 20 minutes of dictation per MB of storage space. SpeechPad offers all the dictation features of a traditional Pocket Memo and additional digital features for input and transfer of recorded voice into a personal computer. After dictating, users download the voice file into a PC for later transcription. Once downloaded, the speech files also can be played back, transcribed or transferred to other users anywhere via a network or telephone modem. Philips plans to provide speech-to-text translation using the company's natural speech recognition software. Philips has also announced the release of SpeechPro 2.0, SpeechMagic 2.0 for Windows NT, SpeechNote 1.7 for Windows NT, and a new Trackball Microphone which combines a microphone and a trackball into one device, designed for use within speech processing applications. For more information, call 516-921-9310.

Call Center Software
Pulse Technologies has announced the release of soEASY, a data warehouse decision support system that collects data from a variety of sources, including a company's automated call distributor (ACD) management information system, outbound predictive dialers and interactive voice response units (IVR), and stores it in a data warehouse. soEASY is designed to perform complex "what if" scenarios and multidimensional analysis in a simple point-and-click environment. Managers can perform automated exception scanning by implementing decision support algorithms that are linked with key factors in the operations of the call center. soEASY utilizes a Windows NT server and an open database interface to provide a flexible and scalable architecture. For more information, contact Aimee Martin at 203-351-4800.

New Chair Collection
Carolina Business Furniture has announced a new task/managerial chair collection called ALBA. It is available in a low back or high back model and a complimentary sled base guest chair. The design features a back which is positioned in a forward angle about the channeled lumbar area to offer ergonomic support. The ALBA chair mechanism features knee-action with back lock-out in any position or freefloat and vertical pneumatic gas lift to enable the chair to adapt to the body. For more information, call 800-763- 0212.

Voice Mail Data-Retrieval System
Vitel Software, Inc. has announced that its VMACS-Plus Software is now available for users of Centigram voice mail systems. VMACS-Plus is an automated data retrieval and centralized management tool for multiple voice mail systems. It monitors system usage, identifies potential abuse and security issues and gathers data for analyzing traffic growth trends and optimal configurations. It provides information in easy- to-read management and statistical reports and graphs, including system audits, directories, security and traffic reports. A new Windows 95 version of VMACS-Plus is available and will support Centigram versions 5.0X and 6.X platforms. For more information, contact Susan Anderson at 508-831-9700.

New Phone Directory Software
TELEMATE Software, Inc. has announced the release of TELEMATE TeleDirect, a Windows software program designed to simplify internal phonebook generation. An internal, personalized directory can now reside on computer networks or individual desktops, allowing any changes to be seen immediately by all organization members. TeleDirect offers: an icon toolbar; yellow, pop-up tool tips; right mouse button context menus; and multiple window display capability. It also features multiple index fields to enable sorting by name, extension number, department or location. TeleDirect files can be downloaded for use with a laptop or other computer. TeleDirect supports Windows 95, NT and Windows 3.11, both the 16- and 32- bit options. For more information, contact Gary Bartnick at 770-936-3700.

Netscape Navigator For Solaris
Sun Microsystems, Inc. has announced it will offer a specially tailored version of Netscape Navigator™ 3.0 Internet client software for Solaris to the Sun™ customer base through its aftermarketing company, SunExpress. The adaption features support for live audio, live video, multiple types of e-mail and user-initiated chat groups. The customized version of Netscape was designed to bring the highest level of functionality to Sun™ customers who use the Internet or corporate Intranet for collaborative computing. For more information, contact Julie Turkevich at 508-442-3156.

Noise-Canceling Headset
Plantronics has announced the introduction a new model of its TriStar™ headset which is designed to cancel the majority of background noise commonly found in large office environments and telephone call centers. The TriStar incorporates an advanced microphone that acts as a filter for background noise and enhances users' speech. The headset is compatible with SoundGuard� Plus™ and Call Clarity technologies. TriStar rests on the ear, rather than in it, with three-point contact for stability and no "ear plug" discomfort. In addition, a ten-foot Quick Disconnect cable option allows users to automatically place a call on hold when they need to roam away from their phones while still wearing their headsets. For more information, contact Greg Ryan at 408-458-4401.

Quality Control Software
Universal Services, Inc. has announced a Quality Management Improvement System (Q-MIS) designed for tracking, reporting and improving call center quality. The Q-MIS software allows call centers to customize quality skills-based measurement of telemarketing agents across a variety of campaigns. Each evaluating template in Q-MIS includes the tracking of recurring behaviors, contact feedback, tracking counseling and training. Q-MIS enables the determination of four general skills categories for agents, providing a common ground to measure quality on all programs, as well as for measuring those doing the evaluation. Within each category are five customizable items. The scoring is done with numeric range, allowing the user to define this on a program-by-program basis. Reports can rank the percentage of quality achieved, and full-color, on- screen graphs and printed reports demonstrate agent quality at-a-glance. For more information, contact Doug Hibbeler at 402-333-6442.

Options In Data Storage
ProAmerica Inc. has announced that it is offering StorageSmart solutions from IBM. The IBM StorageSmart product line provides solutions to address data storage issues faced by companies. The products are designed to provide increased data availability, back- up and recovery capabilities. The line includes: 7133 Serial Storage Architecture SSA Disc Subsystem, the 3995 Optical Library SCSI Model and the Magstar Multi-Purpose Tape System. The 7133 provides higher capacity, improved storage density and enhanced attachability. The 3995 features high-capacity optical storage for the open enterprise environment. Magstar is designed to provide fast, reliable access to data for unattended backup and to restore operations in midrange environments. For more information, contact Kathy Phipps at 972-680-6267.

New Contact Manager Offering
TelLeVell has announced the availability of its TeleSell Seamless Sales Suite™, a fully integrated software solution for sales, customer support, marketing and order-entry automation. The suite includes the Salesperson contact manager and the TeleSell Customer Service, Sales Forecasting, Advertising Manager, Order Entry and Advanced Utilities Modules. The Suite is Windows 3.1, 95 and NT compatible. For more information, contact Lawrence Ballard at 408-956-0511.

New Task Seating Chair
HAG, Inc. has announced HAG Balans, a task seating chair designed to give the body a natural and more functional posture. The forward-slant-ing seat and supportive leg cushion of the HAG Balans chair opens the angle between the thigh and trunk of the body, which automatically leads to a proper spinal column alignment, resulting in maximum upper body flexibility, improved circulation and easier breathing while seated. HAG Balans fits office desk/workstation table heights and has the same application as conventional swivel chairs. For more information, call 800-334-4839.

New Frame Relay Access Device Option
Cable & Wireless, Inc. (CWI) has introduced the SNA Frame Relay Access Device (FRAD), which expands its family of frame relay service offerings. Customers utilizing SNA FRADs from CWI will be provided with an end-to-end managed solution which incorporates all networking devices and a single point of contact for all network components. Along with SNA FRADs, CWI can deliver and manage a variety of CPE, including CSU/DSU and routers. CWI has selected Motorola to provide the Vanguard� FRADs for the new CWI service. For more information, contact Nancy Gastrock at 703-760-3068.

Sales And Marketing Software Upgrade
Mehta Corporation has announced the first major upgrade to its sales and marketing automation software, marketrievePLUS� Version 10 since it was purchased from its developer in October 1996. New calendaring and "To Do" features track and manage individual and team sales and marketing events, including daily appointments, personal schedules and projects. The software includes integration with individual and group calendars and scheduling that lets users enter appointments and action items for multiple colleagues associated with Marketrieve activities. Version 10 also simplifies account, contact and opportunity views into a single "Account Review" window. Expanded queries and folder tabs let users quickly search, alternate between, and act upon different accounts, contacts and opportunities. For more information, contact Stephanie Healey at 508-275-0500.

Assistance In Meeting Postal Requirements
Pitney Bowes Software Systems (PBSS) has announced it will have technology available that adopts the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) FASTforward system in a client/server environment. PBSS is working closely with the USPS to have a certified solution for compliance with the Move Update Requirement. The Pitney Bowes software will support the Move Update by helping mailers improve the overall quality of customer names and addresses to ensure better deliverability. The Move Update requires mailers to meet higher standards for address accuracy. For more information, contact Lynn Stefik at 630-505-5942.

New Call Center Application
EXECUTONE Information Systems has announced a fully integrated 32-bit application designed to provide full scripting integrated with the Infostar/Predictive Dialer, full connectivity to existing enterprise support systems, a new application programmer interface for custom applications. All of the above are offered in conjunction with EXECUTONE's Dynamic Inbound/Outbound application. This technology is designed to enable the call center to complete more successful transactions in a shorter amount of time. For more information, contact Daniele Luciani at 203-882-6848.

Link Between Home And Work Information
Database America (DBA) has announced it has created a database of business owners that incorporates a blend of business and consumer information. The new database, the Business Owners Home/Work Connection, represents a cross-section of business and consumer information, providing work and home addresses and phone numbers. The available selection criteria includes number of employees, industry type, owner's age and income range, as well as presence of children at the home address. For more information, contact Greg Thistle at 800-223-7777.

Enterprise Management Software
Tone Software Corporation has announced the availability of release 6.2.3 of CompuLert�, its enterprise management solution. CompuLert provides facilities to manage multiplatform, distributed systems and hardware, enabling IS to consolidate consoles, control enterprise operations and automate the management of diverse computing environments. It provides console-level access and control of managed systems and hardware. The new version includes the following new enhancements: graphical administrator and operations facilities, CompuLert/ HP OpenView integration facility, CompuVoice™ interactive telephone automation, automated full-screen application interface, and graphical computer performance evaluation system. For more information, please contact Tracey Whitney at 714-991-9460.

CTI Products...

High-Speed Copperwire Products
PairGain Technologies, Inc. has announced additions to its megabit access product lines, which enable telephone companies and other access providers to deliver high-bandwidth services to their customers over ordinary copper telephone lines. First is the Megabit Modem 768, which delivers 768 kbps in both directions (symmetrically) and simultaneously, over a single copper line. It is also available with a front panel alphanumeric LCD display and control buttons, and internally. Second is the EtherPhone, which is intended for use by business and home users with high data-connectivity requirements in telecommuting, remote office and work-at-home environments. It allows high-speed data and voice (lifeline POTS) over a single phone line. EtherPhone RT (Remote Terminal) resides at the subscriber end of the link, allowing carriers to provide Internet access and telecommuting service over ordinary phone lines. It provides 10BaseT Ethernet connection to the subscriber's PC or LAN and a standard voice port for connecting to the subscriber's in-house phone wiring. For more information, contact Kim Gower at 714-730-2330.

Faxing Capabilities For DSP-Resource Boards
Commetrex Corporation has announced that it will offer its software-only fax technology, MultiFax™, for use on Natural MicroSystems' (NMS) Alliance Generation DSP-resource boards. MultiFax is designed to provide multiline fax functionality by adding software to an open-architecture DSP-resource board. It includes a comprehensive developer's API that can be used to create different types of fax systems, e.g., fax mail, fax-broadcast, or fax-on-demand systems to multi-LAN, multigroup LAN fax servers. For more information, contact Martin S. Lippman at 770-449-7775, ext. 370.

Fax Product Supports Higher Line Densities
Telephone Response Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of their VP Express product which supports up to 24 lines of fax. With this higher line capacity and T-1 line interface support, fax broadcasting and fax-on-demand systems can be deployed that will deliver information faster. In a typical configuration with VP Express, a single, PC-based fax-on-demand system can be outfitted with up to 16 lines of voice using peripheral cards. Both fax-on-demand and fax broadcasting systems can be configured with anywhere from one to 24 lines of fax. For more information, contact Chris Bajorek at 916-784-7777, ext. 123.

Internet & Help Desk Products...

Debt Recovery Solution
GWA Information Systems, Inc. has announced the availiability of CollectNet, an Internet-based product which operates on IBM-compatible PCs with Windows 95 and offers a collection strategy with such external services as letter printing, mailing and skiptracing. It is fully automated and designed to minimize resources allocated to the collection process. Clients can access the server for a monthly fee, which employs Digital Equipment Corporation's AltaVista Firewall Product to ensure the security of client data. For more information, contact Cynthia Albert at 800-792-0492, ext. 212.

New WWW Products
Integrated Telephony Products, Inc. (ITP) has announced new Internet extensions to its Enhanced Services Platform (ESP™) product line. The first product shipping is the Web Callback trigger mechanism, which allows anyone with WWW access to activate a callback service with the click of a mouse. Callers can see the rates they will be billed before the call is placed. For more information, contact Pam Zelman at 303- 743-9797.

New Version Of Customer Interaction Software
Commence Corporation has announced the release of Commence 4.0. It is designed to allow larger capacities, higher performance, improved system administration and an ability to handle larger enterprise installations. It provides 32-bit support via Windows 95 and NT platforms, utilizes the Internet/Intranet environments, maximizes access and availability of data and increases system utilization. They have also announced the release of an add-on product called Commence Web that allows users to expand their system access across the Internet and Intranet. For more information, contact Monica Conk at 908-530-4666, ext. 203.

Enterprise Web Technology
NovaLink USA Corporation has announced the release of e.prise, a user-friendly environment for creating and managing sophisticated Web sites for the Internet and Intranet. The heart of this technology is an object-oriented content database that permits site administrators to create content "elements" which are then dynamically assembled into complete pages. NovaLink e.prise was created with the goal of allowing users to transparently utilize their business processes on the Web without the need for technical knowledge. For more information, contact Steve Gross at 508-898-2000, ext. 235.

New Business Service
Database America has announced the release of BizFinder, a free service designed to give Internet users fast, interactive access to business information from their desktop. It is a new feature of Database America's Web site (, that allows users to search for businesses by specific company name, location or business type. BizFinder also offers a special mapping function that provides detailed, street-level maps showing the location of a desired company. Profile reports and contact information are available for download at a minimal price. For more information, contact Catherine Rose at 800-223-7777.

Internet Customer Service Solution
MATRIXX Marketing Inc. has introduced CybeResponse™, a package of outsourced customer service solutions designed to help companies effectively manage electronic communication with their customers on the Internet. The first CybeResponse service available is e-mail management, which allows MATRIXX to manage and respond to all incoming electronic mail generated from client Web sites. For more information, contact Elizabeth Stites at 513-397-6409.

Internet Screening System
NetPartners has announced the release of version 2.1 of WebSENSE, an Internet screening system designed to promote professional use of the Internet by blocking undesirable or inappropriate Web sites. This release makes WebSENSE compatible with Microsoft and Netscape Proxy Servers. It also includes the following new features: caching; viewing and control; interface control; two new screening categories (Hacking and Web Chat); download-on-demand; and reporter. For more information, contact Robbin Hunt at 800-723- 1166, ext. 3046.

Web Interface
Saratoga Systems, a provider of sales automation software and customer management systems, has introduced SPS WebPort, a Web interface capability for SPS, Saratoga's sales automation system. With this application, the corporate sales process is linked with the World Wide Web, allowing the importation of online data. For more information, contact Paula Johns at 619-929-9193.


GeoTel Granted Patent
GeoTel Communications Corporation has announced that it has been granted a patent for the next- generation technology used in its Intelligent CallRouter� suite of products. Some of the features cited by the patent include: real-time, event-driven call-routing architecture; centralized call control and distribution throughout the entire enterprise; global administration, management, and reporting; and multicarrier, multivendor interface support and interoperability.


Technology Solutions Forms New Business Unit
Technology Solutions Company (TSC) has formed a new business unit, called Change & Learning Technolo-gies, to provide organizations with change management services, customized education and training programs and multimedia services. The company has also changed the name of its Applications & Training practice to Enterprise Applications, which is responsible for the implementation of third-party application software packages. TSC has also formed TSC Europe (Deutschland) GmbH. TSC enters the German market with its call center and customer relationship management consulting and systems integration services, providing German companies with an end-to-end solution for building and implementing customer relationship strategies.

Impact Telemarketing Opens Two More Call Centers
Impact Telemarketing, Inc. has announced the opening of two call centers, one in North Dakota, the other in New Jersey. These facilities bring Impact's growth to eight centers. The new centers provide a video voicelink monitoring system and a state-of-the-art telecommunication system, which includes Impact's proprietary Predictive Dialing Enhancements. Both facilities communicate with the corporate headquarters via a wide area network (WAN) which combines 56kps point-to-point service with frame relay technology.

MarCom Opens Its Sixth Call Center
MarCom Technologies, a telemarketing service bureau, has announced the opening of its sixth fully automated/predictive call center. The new center is located in Florida, has 109 workstations, and will employ 220 full- and part-time representatives. MarCom currently maintains 774 workstations in six facilities and plans to open a new center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

DialAmerica Expands Its Knoxville Operations
DialAmerica Marketing Inc. is doubling the size of its Knoxville operations, creating nearly 100 full- and part-time management and sales positions. DialAmerica is also opening a new, 2,700-square-foot call center in New Jersey, which will market credit card enhancement products, including prescription drug programs and travel incentives, for a co-op of credit card issuers, as well as for a mass merchandiser.

APAC Accelerates Expansion Plan
APAC TeleServices, Inc. has opened four new call centers to meet increasing client demand for its services. The new facilities will employ more than 700 people at 576 workstations. With this growth, APAC will be operating a total of 62 call centers in 10 states.

TCS Headquarters Moves
TCS Management Group, Inc. has announced the relocation of its worldwide corporate headquarters to a new 100,000-square-foot building in an office park outside of Nashville, Tennesee. Each floor in the new office building measures 25,000-square-feet, and TCS will initially occupy two of the four floors and one- third of the third floor. TCS will sublease the remaining third floor space for two years and has an option to occupy space on the fourth floor at the end of five years as it becomes available.

Strategic Alliances...

Venturian Software Supports Novell
Venturian Software has announced that CyberCall™ now supports Novell's Netware Telephony Services™ and IntranetWare™. IntranetWare users can now integrate their World Wide Web site with their computer-telephony response system. CyberCall allows customers accessing a company's Web site to be immediately connected with a service representative at the touch of a button. At the time the connection is made, the customer service agent receives an automatic screen pop which mirrors the screen the customer is viewing.

AimQuest Selects NetXchange
NetXchange Communications, a provider of Internet messaging architecture and applications, has announced the integration of its Internet Xchange for Fax Internet/Intranet messaging solutions into AimQuest Corporation's AimFax solution for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). AimQuest is an Internet software provider. NetXchange's fax messaging software will be deployed to a growing number of ISPs and telcos around the world.

Diffusion And NetCentric To Provide Internet Solution
Diffusion, Inc., the developer of an Intranet business-to-business information delivery application, has announced a partnership with NetCentric Corporation, a provider of software for the Internet infrastructure. Together they will provide Internet-based fax distribution of business-critical information to users of IntraExpress™, which is the software system developed by Diffusion. IntraExpress allows companies to deliver information to thousands of recipients via multiple communication media. The senders are able to automate and manage the delivery process and give recipients the power to control how they receive the information.

Davox And InterVoice Team
Davox Corporation and InterVoice, Inc. announced they have signed a product development and license agreement designed to produce an integrated call center solution. The agreement calls for the development of an interface between InterVoice's InterDial call center integrated voice- processing platform and Davox's Unison call center management software. Davox will provide InterVoice with the technical assistance necessary to create the interface. Both companies will market their own products, while InterVoice will provide the interface option.

Contracts & Installations...

ADP Purchases Clarify's ClearSupport System
Clarify Inc. has announced that Automatic Data Processing (ADP) has purchased its ClearSupport system as part of ADP's initiative to ensure client service. When complete, the several thousand user installation will span the United States and Europe and provide support to the more than 350,000 clients of ADP's Employer Services business. The ClearSupport installation will include Clarify's ClearExpress WebSupport application, which allows ADP to provide Web-based client support.

Kentucky Uses IVR
An interactive voice response (IVR) system from Periphonics Corporation has allowed the Kentucky Department for Employment Services to provide automated customer service throughout most of the state. The automated system allows employers, job seekers and unemployment insurance recipients to interact with the department's database to perform routine transactions using their touch-tone telephones. The system also has an automated callback feature which will notify a job seeker with a pre-recorded message when the computer database matches his or her skills with an available position.

Boston College Uses IBM Voice-Mail System
IBM's DirectTalkMail voice messaging software has been incorporated into "Agora" at Boston College. Agora is a network that integrates voice, data and video service in a single package for network infrastructure delivery to the college's students, faculty and staff. It provides universal access to 57-channel cable TV, a permanent phone number, unlimited local dialing, high-speed (10MB) data connection, Internet access and full electronic and voice-mail capabilities. DirectTalkMail includes enterprisewide administration, automated management information systems compliance and multiple PBX integrations.

San Diego Marriott Installs Telcom ACD Master
Telcom Technologies' installed Telcom ACD Master is already proc-essing more than 17,000 incoming calls each month at the San Diego Marriott, the city's largest hotel. The ACD is used exclusively by the hotel for its Reservation Center, which answers calls from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week. During nonoperating hours, the system provides callers with a recorded message giving two options - they can leave a voice mail message and a local reservations agent will call them back, or they can be automatically connected to Marriott's national 800 reservations telephone number.

Periphonics Installation
Students at the State University of California at Berkeley can now register for classes via the Internet. Access to the university's automated registration service, known as Tele-BEARS, is now available through the World Wide Web. Berkeley has installed PeriWeb, a software extension to their existing interactive voice response (IVR) systems, that will support Web browser-based access to the Tele-BEARS applications. Periphonics Corporation has also announced it has teamed with EIS Systems, a provider of integrated call management systems. This partnership will entail a three-phased integration effort that will result in the two companies offering their clients a way to build an integrated call center using EIS' Centenium integrated call management system (outbound) and Periphonic's IVR systems (inbound).

Columbia And AT&T Agreement
Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corpora-tion and AT&T have announced they have completed an agreement under which AT&T will become Columbia's primary provider for long-distance voice and data services. The contract also provides links connecting Columbia's facilities with six regional data centers and the corporate office. These data centers act as hubs for the Columbia Patient Care System, a computerized system of patient information which creates a single and permanent electronic record for each patient. This provides caregivers in a network immediate access to clinical data through a series of computers and hand- held units.

Boston Technology Southwestern Bell Agreement
Boston Technology (BT), a provider of software and services to telecommunications companies, has announced its agreement with Southwestern Bell to provide, over a three-year period, more than $60 million of hardware, software and services. BT will supply its Access NP™ and CO ACCESS™ Network Services Platforms, associated software and service applications.

Mergers & Acquisitions...

Polk Buys American Data Consultants
Polk recently acquired American Data Consultants (ADC), a list brokerage and management firm. ADC offers a national outdoor database with more than 13 million names, including a more than eight-million- name national watercraft-owner database. The relationship with Polk will allow ADC to utilize list modeling techniques developed by Polk. The companies plan to employ a technique that enables a mailer to rent compiled names that precisely mirror those of a proven, responsive mail order buyer list.

TCI Sells Selected Call Center Assets To IDRC
TCI of New York, Inc. has announced an agreement to sell certain selected assets of its Buffalo, New York call center to International Data Response Corporation (IDRC) New York, Inc. IDRC has assumed the call center lease and extended offers of employment to all 94 employees of TCI at that location. IDRC plans to hire additional employees at a controlled rate throughout 1997.

NDC Acquires HCS
National Data Corporation (NDC) and Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield have announced an agreement under which NDC will acquire Health Communication Services, Inc. (HCS), a Trigon subsidiary. HCS, an electronic data interchange firm, will join NDC's health care information processing business. This acquisition will enhance NDC's position in its existing hospital, physician and health care delivery services for hospitals and physicians.

Mega Direct Aligns With PrimeNet
Mega Direct and PrimeNet Marketing Services have announced their intention to form a jointly managed direct marketing operation with enhanced production and sales capabilities. Both companies are subsidiaries of Journal Communications Inc., a diversified media and communications company. Both companies will continue to offer their full range of services to customers in their established markets. PrimeNet is a direct marketing services company serving the travel and leisure, publishing, catalog and retail industries. Mega Direct is a direct mail company specializing in color laser and litho printing, and lettershop services.

Database America� And American Business Information� Merge
Database America Companies, Inc. (DBA), a provider of data processing and analytical services for marketing applications, has announced its intention to merge with American Business Information (ABI), a provider of information on businesses in the United States and Canada. "This merger offers a unique opportunity to enhance our complete marketing information solution combining data and data proc-essing services," stated Paul A. Goldner, chairman and CEO of DBA.

International News...

IMA Introduces A Virtual Call Center
Information Management Associates, Inc. has announced a new strategy for Internet integration through their EDGE TeleBusiness� Software System. This call center software can be accessed via users' Web browsers. Dynamic Web sites will adapt to the unique interaction of each customer just as with "live" call center operators. Personal "callbacks" can be requested, at which point EDGE will send the customer information to an agent for follow up. For more information, contact Sally Goodsell at +44 (171)834 4874.

Ericsson Agreements
Ericsson has announced it has signed an expansion agreement with Panafon, one of the two GSM operators in Greece. The agreement includes supply and installation of a complete GSM system for Panafon's operations in Greece. Panafon is a consortium, consisting of Vodafone Group PLc (45 percent); France Telecom (35 percent); the local telecom manufacturer, Intracom (10 percent); and Databank S.A. of Greece, (10 percent). Ericsson also announced it has signed a contract with Central Japan Digital Phone for expansion and functionality upgrade of its Mobile Telecommunications Network. The contract includes a major software upgrade with advanced functions, as well as expansion of the network with new switching centers and radio base stations to further increase the service performance to the subscribers.

Versatility Automates Avantel Mexican Operation
Versatility Inc. has announced that it has signed a contract with the Mexican telecommunications company Avantel. A joint venture between MCI and Grupo Financiero Banamex-Accival (a financial group in Mexico), Avantel has purchased and implemented the Versatility Series of call center management software to automate its call centers in Mexico City and Monterrey. Avantel's agents are calling residential telephone customers to market their opportunity to change their long-distance carriers. Versatility's software allows the agents to have instant access to customer histories, and it maintains call lists and dials out for the agents, automates requests for literature, processes orders and provides managers with reports on call center and agent productivity.

New Japanese Business For Panamax
Panamax, a manufacturer of power protection equipment, has received a contract to supply Panamx surge protectors to Nippon Telephone & Telegraph Data, Japan's AT&T equivalent. Panamax also closed partnership agreements with Japanese firms Mitsui Bussan Digital Co., Ltd. and Hudcom Corporation.

IBM And Telstra Enter Alliance
IBM Australia and Telstra Multimedia have announced they have signed an agreement to enter an alliance designed to enable secure transactions and information transfer over the Internet. This will enable Australian businesses to conduct commerce securely over the Internet. In Australia, the service will be branded "Telstra World Registry," which will be based on the forthcoming IBM "World Registry" available to clients in the U.S.

Belgacom Enters Chinese Market
Belgacom has announced it has signed an agreement with China Telecom, opening new opportunities for cooperation between them in such areas as marketing and technology as well as in the exchange of information about management and operations. The cooperation also involves specific projects such as rerouting, via an underwater fiber optic cable, of a portion of the international traffic from China to Belgium.

MCK And Gandalf Announce Joint Venture
MCK Telecommunications, Inc. has announced an agreement with Gandalf Technologies Inc. for a joint venture to develop remote functional PBX capability during the next 12 to 15 months. The venture was negotiated to enable the development of a new product combining the function of the MCK Extender into the Gandalf Xpress-Connect 5232i. This product will merge high-function data capabilities with the benefits of Nortel Meridian and Norstar systems at remote sites.

Ericsson Signs AXE Contracts With Brazilian Phone Companies
Ericsson has announced it has signed AXE contracts valued at $385 million with three regional operators within Brazilian Telebras that include extensions and modernization of the fixed telecom networks in Brazil. The agreement with Telesp, the operator in the state of San Paolo, includes cables, power supply equipment and climate control. With CTB Campo, the operator for the industrial outskirts of San Paolo, the contract includes extensions of the fixed networks of several cities. For Telest, the operator for the state of Espirito Santo, Ericsson will extend and modernize the network of the state capitol and three other cities. The orders are part of the governmental telecom improvement program running from 1996 to 2003. The objective is to raise the Brazilian telephone density from today's 10 percent to approximately 24 percent.


Mark R. Briggs has been named president and CEO of SOFTBANK Services Group, a provider of outsourced sales and services for the computer industry.

TeleMagic, Inc., a telemarketing software provider, has appointed Mitchell A. Russo as chief operating officer. Richard B. Morrison has been appointed general manager, European Operations, of Information Management Associates, Inc.

IMA also announced the appointment of Glenda W. O'Neill to the role of vice president of marketing. IMA is a provider of call center software solutions.

Pitney Bowes Software Systems, a provider of transaction document processing solutions, has named Douglas G. White vice president, Business Devel-opment. David C. Van Daele has joined Venturian Software, a provider of Internet call center solutions, as executive vice president and general manager.

Telemarketing service agency Sitel Corporation has announced the following appointments: Bob Drake as vice president of Systems; Bob Camenzind as vice president of Finance; Jim Perkins as vice president of Operations; Sean Swanson as vice president of Customer Conversion; Paul Hubert as general manager; and Scott Englehardt as general manager.

William K. Dumont has been named the vice president of sales for Melita Int-ernational, a provider of integrated inbound/ outbound call center solutions.

Telemarketing service agency, ProMark One Marketing Services has announced the following appointments: Jay Hammans as director of client services; John Whalen as business development manager; Dawn Wahler as marketing manager; Sonia Benson as client services manager; and Anna Kreais as client services manager.

Debra D. Jenkins has joined telemarketing service agency TeleSTAR Marketing, Inc. as manager of telemarketing.

CTI product supplier Aurora Systems, Inc. has named Donald Beauvais as new product manager.

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