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June 1998

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New Products...[back to the top]

NRD Marketing Announces FAX FIND
A new faxnumber finding service called FAX FIND is now available from NRD Marketing. This proprietary service can find, identify, store and broadcast fax numbers in any telephone exchange or database in the U.S.

It actually dials every telephone number within an exchange (the first three digits) and each time it "runs into" a fax tone, the system stores the number in a file. FAX FIND can provide the information to businesses in either ASCII or DBF format. For more information, contact Glenn Weissman at 800-221-6293.

CCTI Introduces Data Management Console
CallCenter Technology Inc.
has launched PRISM, a data management console that allows call center personnel to view, query, manipulate and report consolidated realtime data along with historic data from multiple data sources. The console outputs data to desktops rather than traditional wallboards. PRISM also can combine ACD statistics, workforce exceptions, performance scores and so on to create an accurate view of a call center. For more information, contact Ralph Alberti at 9142488170

ProAmerica Presents New Sales Force Automation Modules
ProAmerica has introduced four new SFA modules — Opportunity Management, Customer Satisfaction, List Management and Marketing Management. These products will help companies manage presales events, such as marketing campaigns, individual related activities, responses, and leads and sales. Post sales support and customer relationship management is attained through ProAmerica’s SCM Customer Care software. For more information, contact Bruce Benesh at 972-680-6132 or see

Aurum Unveils Its Redesigned SFA Suite
Aurum Software has released the next generation of AurumFrontOffice, a set of integrated applications designed to improve customer focused operations including sales, configuration and call center interactions. The product was created to work completely within an Internet Explorer browser based environment, using the latest Microsoft development platforms.

AurumFrontOffice is the first enterprise class suite to validate Microsoft Windows Distributed interNetwork Architecture. For more information, contact David McKay at 408-330-2805 or see

Ericsson Introduces New Wireless Office System
Ericsson has announced its premise based DAMPS IS136 wireless office system that offers companies one phone, one number capabilities anywhere inside or outside the office. The system is scheduled for release in November. It is a fully digital mobile communications system that provides a mobile extension of the wired PBX.

For more information, contact Jan Wareby at +46 8 757 0558 or see

SLP InfoWare Expands Customer Profiling System
SLP InfoWare, Inc. has added an automated churn modeling engine to its Churn/Customer Profiling System (CPS). Churn/CPS 2.3 incorporates automated data driven discrimination as an integral part of it data mining environment that enables users to model customer data and predict customer churn. The product is targeted at the telecommunications and financial services industries. For more information, call 312-407-6580 or see

New White Pages Database Has 100 MillionPlus Listings
American Business Information, Inc. has announced a new White Pages Database with more than 100 million residential listings. It contains the name, address and telephone number as well as age, income and home value for each listing. The data has been enhanced with geocodes required for mapping applications. For more information, contact Scott Dahnke at 402 5934511 or see

Periphonics Develops Trunking Feature For IVR System
Periphonics Corporation has implemented a Release Link Trunking feature on its VPS Interactive Voice Response systems. The RLT feature allows VPS systems to release IVR ports to specific Nortel switches immediately after call interactions are complete, thus increasing the productivity of Periphonics’ IVR systems.

Otherwise, each call would occupy two IVR links, occupying a greater number of IVR ports. For more information, contact Karen Ferraro at 516-468-9276 or see

Corporate Express Launches ACES 4
Corporate Express Call Center Services has released the latest version of its customized software designed for large call volume telemarketing environments.

The reengineered architecture of ACES 4 builds on the previous versions by integrating multiple applications into one seamless operation.

Development and modification times have been reduced and scripting and configuration changes can be made by the end user through simple menu driven options. For more information, contact Mike Kadish at 800-238-2255.

Davox Releases Custom Reporting Software
Davox Corporation has announced ComposeIt version 1.0, an optional reporting feature of its Unison and In/Unison call center management systems.

ComposeIt is a menu driven, custom reporting solution that enables managers to easily generate reports for monitoring critical call center activities, identifying trends and making real-time adjustments to improve overall call center performance. For more information, contact Jennifer Cyrs at 978-952-0882 or see

Teknion Presents New Seating Products
Teknion, Inc. is offering a new Amicus line of seating products as well as the C.A.T. (Computer Accessory Trolley) and four new Ability products.

Amicus features ergonomic task seating with a flexible seat, responsive backrest and comfortable armrests.

C.A.T. provides a mobile unit that holds a CPU, monitor and printer as well as storage space. The new Ability products consist of telescoping Mobile Screens, Table Screens, Kiosk personal storage units and the Scout for power and data connections. For more information, contact Sheryl Roth Rogers at 609-596-7608 or see

SoftLinx Upgrades Its Replix dominoFAX dominoFAX
SoftLinx, Inc. has announced version 4.2 of Replix dominoFAX, a native fax messaging solution for Lotus Notes and Domino environments. This upgrade supports high-volume or mission critical fax traffic at the departmental or enterprise level. It also offers a fax address option of the Lotus Notes address book, in addition to providing high-fidelity fax output for native Notes documents. For more information, contact Heather Howland at 978 3920001, ext. 312 or see

Call Center Management Tool Released By Teltronics
Teltronics has introduced QueVision, which is a software package designed for small and midsize call centers. This call center management tool monitors, collects and reports ACD data from a Vision switch.

It allows supervisors to view real-time activity and report data so they can react to immediate needs, analyze trends and maintain efficient and productive operations. For more information, contact Dawn Saunders at 941-753-5000, ext. 7292 or see

Object Telephony Server For Windows NT Is Launched
Buffalo International has announced the first release of the Software Development Kit for the native Windows NT version of Object Telephony Server (OTS NT SDK). The server is a call center application platform containing built-in predictive dialing, ACD, voice processing, agent monitoring and coaching among other telephony functions. The system is a server only and is designed for integration with third-party agent and campaign management systems. For more information, contact David Milkes at 9147478500 or see

ALeSys Showcases Training Approach At CTI EXPO
ALeSys showcased its integrated approach to increasing the effectiveness of call center training at CTI EXPO.

ALeSys has worked with large inbound and outbound centers to evaluate and upgrade training given to new hires as well as provide development opportunities to content experts, trainers and job coaches to improve their skills. For more information, call 800-758-1071 or see

Acxiom Enhances Its Merge Purge Services
Acxiom Corporation has announced major enhancements to its Merge Purge Services, which is part of Acxiom’s Composer List Processing Services product line. The enhancements include a client/server process that will achieve faster turnaround, provide online Internet-based reporting and on-the-fly modeling capabilities for direct marketers. For more information, contact Marice Gardner at 501-336-1264 or see

HTLT Announces Latest Addition To Product Line
HTLT has introduced HillsB for Excel Version 2, the latest addition to its call center optimization product line. Designed for Microsoft Excel ’97, this agent forecaster and call center performance predictor will compute the number of agents required to meet service-level objectives and expected call volume. For more information, contact Jacquie Beard at 3012360780 or see

Proscape Technologies Releases Salesgod Version 3.1
Salesgod Version 3.1 is fully integrated sales effectiveness software designed to improve a salesperson’s performance throughout the selling process. The features of Proscape Technologies’ customizable program include a presentation tool, computer-based training and automatic feedback, and tracking of detail and summary level data. Salesgod employs an independent, three-tiered architecture that separates the interface, functionality and data. For more information, call 215-540-8100 or see

PegaSURE Enhances Insurance Customer Service  
Pegasystems Inc. has released PegaSURE, a vertical solution for the insurance sector that automates critical customer services and sales processes in call centers, claim processing and underwriting. PegaSURE links customer account information, relationships, beneficiaries and agent details.

For more information, contact Gwen Gulick at 617-374-9600, ext 111 or see

AIC Introduces Versatile Fax Communications
FutureFAX is a new technology product recently created by Advanced Image Communications that is designed to streamline fax communications.

FutureFAX can function from any Windows PC as a network fax gateway and as an incoming fax server.

FutureFAX operates at 14,400 bps. For more information, call 510-947-1097 or

Internet & Help Desk Products... [back to the top]

Remedy And Intel To Provide IT Solution [back to the top]

Remedy And Intel To Provide IT Solution
Remedy Corporation and Intel Corporation team up to offer IT organizations no-cost integration capabilities between Remedy Help Desk and Intel LANDesk Management Suite. All new releases of Remedy Help Desk will include Intel’s Desktop Integrator Technology software module, which will give help desk staff the tools to solve PC and server problems remotely and reduce the frequency and cost of sending technicians into the field to solve problems. Remedy has also announced a 15day guaranteed implementation of the Remedy Help Desk through Remedy Rapid Results program.

For more information, contact Melissa Malley of Remedy at 650-919-5401 or see, or contact Barbara Grimes of Intel at 503-264-5563 or see

AliMed Provides Fleece Wrist Rests
AliMed has released its orthopedically designed, fleece covered Soft Wrist Rests. The four models are keyboard wrist rests with or without an extension board and mouse wrist rest with or without a mouse pad. Soft Wrist Rests are designed with two different layers of foam to cradle the wrist and elevate it in a neutral position. For more information, contact AliMed’s customer service department at 800-225-2610.

Astea Proclaims New Version Of WebBased Tools
Astea International, Inc. has introduced the commercial release of ServiceAlliance version 2.0, an integrated automation software solution for service organizations. The new version provides Web support, which allows customers to bypass operators for a variety self-help and account analysis options. The new "drag and drop" Schedule Board allows managers to adjust technician workloads from a single screen. For more information, contact Bob Ingersoll at 215-682-2500 or see

AIM Releases HelpDesk Expert Version 5.0
Applied Innovation Management has announced the latest edition of the end-to-end, Webbased help desk solution for call tracking and problem management.

HelpDesk Expert Version 5.0 incorporates advanced browser technology to provides an intuitive user interface. It also includes a knowledge database so users search for needed information by using common words, rather than complicated SQL commands.

For more information, call 800-942-7754 or see

Verix Presents WebBased Or Mobile Computer Service   
Verix Software has released Verix eSales v2.1, a product configuration and price quote application that can be integrated with Verix’ enterprise selling solutions as well as other enterprise systems to enable build-to-order solutions.

The Java technology-based Verix eSales provides the tools to conduct direct sales on a laptop computer, on an Intranet or Extranet, or over the Web.

For more information, contact Jason Maynard at 213-743-4293 or see

Advantage kbsMarkets Integrated Service Chain kbsMarkets Integrated Service Chain
Advantagekbs, Inc. has announced the availability of Integrated Service Chain, a new framework to support knowledge management and solve problems at the earliest point.

Supported by Advantagekbs’ IQ Support Application Suite, the new framework provides users with a range of tools also to support multiple views of knowledge for different audiences and preserve all problem details for use by higher support levels. For more information, contact Michelle Dubois at 732-287-2236 or see

WebLine Communications Releases "Teleweb" Platform
WebLine 2.0 is the enterprise-class "teleweb" platform that WebLine Communications has created to use within Internet-enabled call centers and sales and service operations.

WebLine’s two-way, voice and visual interactivity lets representatives share information with remote customers over the Web while simultaneously talking them through complex purchase decisions. For more information, contact Marcie Lascher at 781-852-2106 or see

Primera Features New Browser Base
Primera Technologies has released PrimEnterprise, a suite of browser based sales management applications. This product line offers two-way information flow over the Internet as well as contact, lead and opportunity management and an executive oversight system for Windows NT. For more information, contact Richard B. Linet at 508-485-8880 or see

Dialogic Implements RealTime Fax Over IP
Dialogic Corporation has announced a standards-based solution for delivering real-time fax over Internet Protocol. Based on the emerging ITU T.38 standard, this ability enhances the DM3 IPLink line of products and provides a powerful platform for public network and enterprise fax and voice/fax over IP networks. For more information, contact Jane Mazur at 973-993-3000, ext. 6118, or see

Platinum Releases ClienteleNet 3.0
Platinum Software Corporation has announced ClienteleNet 3.0, which is geared to improve field and customer service productivity. The product allows customers and field reps to have self-service access to Clientele’s customer service/support and sales and marketing information via the Internet regardless of their platform or location.

Users also have Internet access to Clientele’s knowledge base. For more information, contact Matthew Scherzinger at 714-450-4542 or see

Inference Announces Customer Care Solution
Inference Corporation has introduced CBR Content Navigator 3.2.  This enhanced version enables call center representatives to access a single knowledge base to increase first-call resolution and raise call quality. End users access the knowledge base via CDROM or the Web to solve their own support queries, thus reducing customer support costs. For more information, contact Susanna Cesar at 415-893-7208 or see

Web Link Captures Internet Requests
LEADtrack Software, which develops sales lead processing analysis and tracking software, has released Web Link. This new product captures customer Internet requests for product literature directly from any company Web site and automatically inserts the names into the LEADtrack Plus sales automation Customer Master File database.

For more information, contact Chris Koltys at 770-594-7860, ext. 1 or see

Firms Go Live On The Web
Interworks Systems, Inc. has introduced PipeLive, a suite of interactive telecommunications tools that allows companies simultaneously to communicate one-on-one, send email, send Web pages, and send software and files to a customer or prospective customer via PC. PipeLive uses a telecom switch that integrates those functions to allow personnel to answer questions, solve problems, reference others and send material directly and immediately. For more information, contact Chet Bedell at 516-424-9757 or see

Raosoft Produces Questionnaires For The Internet
Raosoft, Inc. has announced version2 of Raosoft EZSurvey 98 for the Internet. This 32bit data collection program now lets end users distribute questionnaires over the Internet, Intranets or any standard email sys tem. It can be used with Windows 95/NT as well as Lotus Notes, cc:Mail and Internet mail, so the user no longer needs to go through Microsoft Exchange to distribute questionnaires.

For more information, contact Catherine McDole Rao at 206-525-4025 or see

Telescan Adds To EarthNet Line
The EarthNet product line from Telescan Corporation has evolved to include Navigator Enhancement and Email Server. The Navigator combines highlighted text with embedded commands to free agents from memorizing key sequences or searching for specific procedures and parameters. Email Server provides a gateway to the Internet for EarthNet system users. For more information, contact Shannon Highley at 314-426-7662 or see

CTI Products... [back to the top]

Script Editor Breaks New Ground In CTI
Envox (U.S.) Ltd. has introduced Envox Script Editor, a native 32bit Windows development package for voice, fax and computer telephony. The product combines drag-and-drop application building, flow chart style scripts, built-in compiler, HTMLtofax conversion capabilities and preprogrammed fax, text-to-speech and voice recognition functions. It is part of the Envox CT Studio line of products. For more information, call 888-368-6987 or see

Nortel Announces New Call Center Server
Nortel (Northern Telecom) has presented its Symposium Call Center Server, which is designed to increase call center efficiency and enhance the management of customer relationships.

The product runs on Windows NT and can network existing Meridian call center applications. Symposium’s client/server architecture helps businesses take advantage of features such as controlling and tracking customer transactions from beginning to end, advanced supervisor tools and assigning skills to agents through the use of skill sets. For more information, contact Kris Hoover at 972-685-5393 or see

Mercom Employs Windows NT In Audiolog
Mercom’s latest version of its Audiolog voice logging server has a wide range of applications. The Windows NTbased server offers digital call recording, whether network-based or stand alone. It integrates easily with PABX, ACD and CAD systems as well as call center, help desk, PSAP/E911 center and other software and databases. For more information, contact Bob Jagendorf at 201-507-8800, ext. 101, or see

AVT Releases New Version Of Its CallProcessing System
Applied Voice Technology has launched a new version of CallXpress3, a unified messaging and call-processing server designed for small to mid-sized companies. The new version pro vides year 2000 compliance as well as new applications and features. It supports the NetConnect digital networking module. For more information, call 4258206000 or see

CCS Introduces CallPro Server
Cothern Computer Systems (CCS) has announced CallPro Server for Windows NT. The server joins other CallPro servers, including OS/400 and AIX. The new NT server virtually eliminates the programming and modifications usually required when integrating CTI functions in a client/server environment.

CallPro Server allows softphone features, intelligent answering and screen pops, among other features.

For more information, contact Will Duncan at 601-969-1155 or see

Lucent Launches Intelligent Network Software Solutions
Lucent Technologies has announced Compact Service Node/Intelligent Peripheral solutions (SN/IP). Using a scalable computer-telephony integration platform, the Compact SN/IP allows network service providers to offer customers interactive voice response, customized announcements, voice-activated dialing and Internet access as well as the ability to brand services with customized announcements.

For more information, contact Dan Coulter at 908-580-4111 or see

Mergers & Acquisitions… [back to the top]

TCS, Inc., an international provider of enhanced service technology and customized service outsourcing solutions for global telecommunications carriers, has agreed to acquire UKbased Interglobe Telecommunications, Plc. Valued at more than 10 million pounds sterling, the acquisition is designed to broaden TCS’ service offering and enhance its market position.

IMA has announced it has acquired Marketing Information Systems, Inc., a provider of sales automation software, and TELEMAR Software International, LLC, a provider of an AS/400 software solution for sales, marketing and customer service. The acquisitions are intended to solidify IMA’a market position as a provider of customer interaction software solutions, which enable companies to manage their front office sales, marketing and customer service operations, with the call center as the hub of customer-focused activities within the enterprise.

Expansions... [back to the top]

Crutchfield Corp., a catalog and Internet retailer of audio and video components, will establish two new call centers in Norton, Virginia, creating as many as 30 new jobs over the next six months. One of the centers will handle incoming sales and customer service calls from the company’s catalog and Internet customers, while the other will operate as a sales center.

The new jobs represent an initial total payroll of $750,000 a year, providing as much as $3 million a year in economic stimulus to the area.

West TeleServices Corp. will open a new, 10,900squarefoot call center in Fort Smith, Arkansas, creating approximately 275 jobs. It is expected that 60 percent of the jobs will be full-time positions. The center will have a total annual payroll estimated at more than $4 million, generating an economic impact of more than $14 million.

Sky Alland Marketing, in response to an increase in its Customer Relationship Management business, will open a customer communications center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 11,000squarefoot center will operate 365 days a year and is designed to handle more than 400,000 contacts per month at peak operation. It will feature inbound, outbound telephony and "webphony" capabilities, specially designed customer relationship management software and 90 agent workstations.

Once fully staffed, the center will employ 300 people in a three-shift day.

Wolff/SMG has expanded its SMG Direct group, a full-service call center offering inbound, outbound, Internet and interactive telemarketing and teleservicing, to now include fulfillment and distribution services. The expanded facility, located in Rochester, New York, will employ up to 45 additional agents.

Ebsco Telemarketing Service, a division of Ebsco Industries, has purchased the service agency Telemarketing Network, Inc. (TNI), from Grunner and Jar USA. TNI is a 70seat, fully automated, outbound center located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

The acquisition adds to Ebsco Telemarketing’s sales offices in Canton and Kent, Ohio, and its facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. TNI specializes in newspaper subscription retention, market research and publishing sales, and will employ more than 120 full and part-time people.

GLS TeleServices will open its second outbound telemarketing call center in the Clearwater, Florida area. The 85 seat facility will create approximately 230 new jobs, the majority of which will be full-time. GLS negotiated a seven-year lease, with two renewal options, to occupy more than 7,500 square feet.

Happenings… [back to the top]

Primus Underscores Customer Commitment
A provider of problem resolution and knowledge management software, Primus has announced two new programs: Primus User Group and Primus Advisory Council. Meeting quarterly, Primus User Group is designed for those implementing and using Primus’ SolutionSeries products to provide professionals with a forum for sharing ideas, discussing customer support and other issues. The Council is an annual meeting to discuss specific business issues.

Name Change For NCS And London House
Several months after National Computer Systems added London House to its Assessments and Testing division, the business unit is announcing its name will change to the Workforce Development Group. The name is geared to reflect the company’s ability to meet the needs of a 1990s workforce, while increasing resources, support and a well-rounded product line.

Apropos Completes Venture Investments
Apropos Technology, Inc. has announced the completion of its third round of financing. Ohio Partners joins ARCH Venture Partners, William Blair Capital Partners and Allstate Insurance to raise a total of $16 million for this provider of client/server total call center management solutions. The company has grown tenfold over the past two years, becoming one of the fastest growing CTI companies in this multibillion dollar industry.

New Partnership Program For Systems Integrators
Primus has started a new Systems Integrator Program for the high-growth customer support market. In this program, systems integrators and consultants provide implementation services to Primus customers to support the company’s continued growth. Primus seeks service partners to complement its product development and marketing expertise, such as Business Process Reengineering.

Transcom Celebrates Opening Of New Headquarters
With a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the international relationship management firm Transcom has opened its new corporate headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. The 22,500squarefoot building houses 120 corporate employees. It operates 10 call centers in the U.S. and five European countries.

Teubner Spins Off A Product Division
Teubner & Associates has spun off its Expert Support Program customer support software product division to form a new company called CustomerSoft, Inc. The new company will focus on providing Web capability through the ESP Li@son product and proactive customer account management through ESP. CustomerSoft has a full sales, development and technical support staff as well as an installed base of more than 300 customers.

Teknekron Receives Two Patents
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued two new patents to Teknekron Infoswitch Corporation.

The AutoQuality patent protects Teknekron’s method for automatically scheduling and recording call center agent monitoring sessions. The second covers a technique for automatically generating performance and efficiency information on an organization; as it evolves, Teknekron will incorporate the process in P&Q Review, its productivity and quality performance tool

Sears Provides 750 Stores With Improved Customer Service
Nuance Communications, which supplies over-the-phone conversational speech recognition systems, has announced that Sears, Roebuck and Co. is deploying the retail industry’s first speech recognition-based department call handler to 750 stores throughout the U.S. The automated system will handle about three-quarters of inbound calls for each store’s general number. Sears expects the systems to handle an average of 120,000 calls per day.

FCCI Launches Innovative Ad Campaign
In conjunction with Interim Services, FirstCall Communications, Inc. helped provide a direct-response system for employment advertising.

Through its IVR system, FirstCall customized and programmed a system that processed the calls from a toll free number exactly as the client required.

International News... [back to the top]

Aspect Invests In Canada
Aspect Telecommunications has established Aspect Telecommunications Canada, a new sales and support operation based in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada. This wholly owned subsidiary will distribute the company’s mission-critical call center solutions in the increasingly competitive Canadian market. Aspect’s Canadian distribution partner, Norstan Canada, will also continue to sell Aspect’s products.

France Telecom Offers The Call Center Hotel
With the "Call Center Hotel," France Telecom adds a complete turnkey solution to its call center solutions offering. The new call center facility allows companies to lease facilities staffed by qualified agents, enabling those companies to have an up and running call center immediately.

The Call Center Hotel will initially offer 300 agent positions, with more than 50 percent of the capacity already reserved in advance of the official launch in the second half of 1998.

Quintus Products To Be Distributed By IBM
IBM’s Customer Relationship Solutions Group, South Africa, and Quintus Corporation have reached an agreement about product distribution in South Africa. Under this partnership, IBM will integrate Quintus’ CustomerQ call center software with IBM’s Callpath computer-telephony software. IBM will sell Quintus’ ImpaQ software.

P&O To Invest In New Call Center  
Backed by the Industrial Development Board of Northern Ireland, P&O European Ferries is investing 291,000 pounds over the next three years in building a new call center at Larne Harbour in Northern Ireland. The center will process reservations for the Larne to Cairnryan route as well as booking on other routes of this ferry and freight shipping company.

Cordena Acquires British Call Center   
The Dutchbased Cordena Call Management continues its networking of call centers across Europe with the acquisition of Salestrac, a 120agent call center located in Exeter of southern Great Britain. Cordena focuses on inbound calls in the financial services, travel and transport, telecom, utilities and consumer products industries.

IBM Provides EBusiness In China   
The first international provider of ebusiness services in China, IBM has announced it will extend technology and applications to strategic sites in the country. IBM will also jointly develop with China Telecom other technology-based operational solutions for China’s telecommunications industry.

Telstra And Cisco Launch Joint Solution In Australia    
Telstra and Cisco Systems Inc.offer the first of a planned range of customer networking packages since announcing their alliance last year.

Aimed at corporations with two or more offices, Business Connect provides internetworking solutions, from design and installation to final testing, maintenance, support and network management from a single point of contact.

Nortel Invests $47 Million In Northern Ireland
Nortel (Northern Telecom) is investing $41.5 million in its Monkstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, manufacturing facility to expand its range of existing telecommunications transmission products. It also expects to introduce line card and switching equipment from there. Nortel will also invest $5.5 million in the Northern Ireland Telecommunications Engineering Center, one of three Nortel R&D sites in the U.K.

NEC To Design U.K. Telecom Systems     
Japan’s NEC Corporation has forged ties with the U.K. firm ERA Technology to design and develop a universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) standard, which will provide multimedia communications that are standardized in three continents.

The newly formed company, Telecom Modus, will operate in Leatherhead, South East England, and employ more than 100 people.

ThreeWay European Joint Venture      
The German and French telecommunications companies Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom have joined the British group Energis in a U.S.$160 million joint venture to build telecom networks in eight U.K. cities.

Beginning in London, Birmingham and Manchester, business users will have access to advanced fiber optic technology.

The French and German companies are developing business in the U.K. through the Global One alliance linking them with Sprint Corporation of the U.S.

Strategic Alliances... [back to the top]

APAC To Acquire ITI Marketing Services      
Poised on becoming the largest teleservices provider with more than 14,000 workstations, APAC TeleServices, Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ITI Marketing Services, Inc., based in Omaha, Nebraska. At press time, the acquisition was expected to close by the end of May. In the near term, APAC, and ITI will continue to serve clients through their respective organizations. APAC, of Deerfield, Illinois, is one of the largest suppliers of outsourced customer service and sales; its clients’ industries range from business and consumer products and financial services to technology and energy. ITI is also a strong leader in creating programs to build, maintain and enhance customer sales and service opportunities. With the acquisition of ITI, APAC will grow from operating 66 customer contact centers with more than 15,000 employees in 14 states to operating 90 centers with 25,000 employees in 19 states. In exchange for all outstanding ITI equity, APAC will pay $155.2 million in cash subject to certain adjustments. The two companies’ combined annual revenue for 1997 was $492 million.

BackWeb And Scopus Join Forces       
BackWeb Technologies will join its Infocenter with Scopus Technologies’ customer care systems.

The resulting product will automate the knowledge gathering and delivery process and provide corporate accounts with just-in-time mission critical information. Using BackWeb’s distribution capabilities, Scopus will also update its applications directly to its customers.

Rockwell Announces Alliance With Brightware    
Rockwell Electronic Commerce, which provides mission-critical call center systems, joins forces with Brightware, which markets automated customer interaction software for the Internet. In this venture, Brightware will integrate its software with Rockwell’s recently announced Windows NTbased, Call Center Command Server (3CS) platform.

Molloy Group Partners With Micro House    
Molloy Group, Inc., a developer of Knowledge Management Solutions for Customer Care, will provide Micro House International’s Support On Site products with Molloy Group’s customer support and help desk software.

Molloy’s new product, Knowledge On Site, is an enterprise customer support solution tightly integrating Micro House knowledge content into Molloy’s Knowledge Bridge software — all designed to increase the productivity of customer support operations.

Spectrum Signs Distribution Agreement With AAC
Spectrum Corporation, which produces electronic message boards, marquees and scoreboards, has signed an OEM agreement with AAC Corporatiob to private label AAC’s AgentView call center communications system and the market the system as UltraView with Spectrum’s range of wallboard displays. The addition of AgentView will allow Spectrum to create a high-end product upgrade and thus meet sophisticated call center requirements.

Scopus Signs Agreement With Deloitte & Touche
Scopus Technology, Inc. and Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group have signed a systems integration alliance agreement. Deloitte will offer comprehensive front-office software solutions using Scopus’ enterprise customer care products, including service and support.

Deloitte will also develop certified Scopus Technical Implementation Engineers for Deloitte’s customer care innovation practice.

VCS And InterVoice Deliver SpeechWave
Secure Voice Control Systems (VCS), a leading global supplier of speech recognition and related technologies, has announced that InterVoice, Inc. is the first interactive voice response (IVR) company to deploy SpeechWave Secure. Providing concurrent speaker verification and continuous digit recognition, SpeechWave Secure has been designed by VCS for virtually all applications requiring heightened security. Applications include telephone banking, credit card transactions and medical information retrieval. With SpeechWave Secure, a single, naturally spoken string of digits can be recognized and verified, allowing any application now using continuous digit recognition to add speaker verification without altering call flow.

Alternate Access Partners With Optus
CTI provider Alternate Access has announced a partnership with Optus Software for the reselling of Optus’ FACSys. FACSys, introduced in 1990, enables total automation of routine faxing through a business’s core processing and supports both Windows NT and NetWare LANs.

Alternate Access designs interactive applications for call centers, providing IVR, text-to-speech conversion, speech recognition and fax server capabilities.

Glocalnet Internet Telephony Network Alliance
A new alliance will establish and operate a global data network to exchange IP voice and facsimile traffic and to provide enterprise services across high-quality Internet Protocol (IP) networks has been announced.

Forming the alliance are InterTel, Inc., NTT International Corp., Glocalnet AB and Telba Telecomunicacoes Ltda. The members agreed by Memorandum of Understanding to unite their respective regional IP telephony networks based on the InterTel Vocal’Net IP telephony gateway and call accounting technology.

Advantage kbsJoins Clarify’s Software Partner Program kbsJoins Clarify’s Software Partner Program Advantagekbs, Inc. announced it has joined Clarify, Inc.’s complementary software program. Through this relationship, Advantagekbs will provide Clarify customers with advanced problem resolution tools, integrating its IQSupport Application Suite with Clarify’s front office suite.

Clarify’s integrated front office suite helps companies implement and automate customer focused processes designed to improve all customer interactions across functional departments.

Advantagekbs’ IQSupport Application Suite provides a framework for users, customers, customer service representatives, help desk and call center personnel, and field service technicians.

ALTech’s SpeechWorks Selected
Applied Language Technologies (ALTech), a leading provider of conversational speech recognition technology and products for customer service solutions, has announced that its SpeechWorks speech recognition product has been selected by Automated Financial Systems, Inc.

(AFS). AFS is a provider of automated voice and Internet services to the brokerage industry. The company will use ALTech’s SpeechWorks solution for its service bureau offering of automated speech recognition (ASR) investing applications.

Alliance Agreement Between Deloitte & Touche And Platinum
Platinum Software Corporation announced that it has signed a national alliance agreement with Deloitte & Touche LLP to reduce implementation times and costs for mid-market companies. Under terms of the agreement, Platinum Software will collaborate with Deloitte & Touche’s regional offices to certify their consultants on Platinum Software’s products, implementation tools and methodologies.

Clarify Partners With Architel
Clarify, Inc. and Architel Systems Corporation have announced an alliance to provide the industry’s first integration of front-office customer care with back-office network provisioning. The alliance integrates ClearSupport CommCenter, Clarify’s telecommunications customer and trouble management system with Architel’s Automatic Service Activation Program (ASAP).

Clarify’s ClearSupport CommCenter lets call center representatives create orders, answer questions, route requests and open trouble tickets all within the same application.

Architel’s ASAP delivers flow through service activation through a single intelligent gateway.

CCSI Becomes Licensed VAR
Call Center Solutions, Inc. (CCSI) announces that it has entered into Value Added Reseller agreements with Digisoft Computers, a leading designer of call center management software, and SunDial Technologies, developer of Windows NTbased predictive dialing systems.

As a licensed VAR, CCSI will work with small and mid-sized call centers and marketing businesses to custom design and develop solutions for their inbound and outbound calling needs.

Teltone’s OfficeLink 2000 Chosen
Holland America LineWestours and Teltone Corporation have announced an agreement to provide Teltone’s OfficeLink 2000 as the technology solution to allow remote call center agents to work from home. Holland America Line Westours was among the first companies to use OfficeLink 2000 while it was still under development; it has purchased a 40user system for its growing home worker program.

Remedy Corporation Teams With ServiceWare       
Remedy Corporation, provider of internal help desk software, and ServiceWare, Inc., provider of support knowledge management solutions, have announced a two-part partnership agreement. The first part allows customers to buy ServiceWare’s KnowledgePak Desktop Suite directly from Remedy and its worldwide network of channel partners.

The second section of the agreement outlines plans for the two companies to offer tighter integration between the two products.

IMA Joins FileNET’s ValueNET ISV Program
FileNET, a provider of integrated document management software, and IMA, a provider of enterprise-wide front office customer interaction software (CIS) for call center automation, have announced they will work closely to integrate products to create customer interaction software solutions that meet a broader range of customer requirements. IMA has joined FileNET’s ValueNET Program at the ISV (independent software vendor) level, and through this alliance, IMA and FileNET will help mutual customers deliver more effective, highly personalized service by combining traditionally disparate customer service and integrated document management and workflow technologies.

Scopus And Exchange To Create Acquisition Solution
Scopus Technology, Inc. and Exchange Applications, Inc. will jointly develop and market a customer relationship management solution designed to streamline the process of acquiring, servicing and maintaining customers. It will integrate Scopus’ front-office applications — Finance Central, Telecom Central and SalesTEAM — with Exchange Applications’ ValEX campaign management system.

Major Outsourcing Agreement
The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) and APAC TeleServices have announced a long-term marketing alliance. The agreement allows BCBSA and its Plans to contract with APAC to provide call center customer service, telemarketing support and Internet-based services.

The first two programs to be supported are "Away from Home Care," which helps HMO travelers locate participating providers, and "BlueCard," which links participating providers with Blue Cross and Blue Shield traveling members. A third initiative managed by APAC is the "World Wide Web Provider Locator," which is an Internet-based system to enable consumers to perform online searches for physicians, hospitals and caregivers according to a variety of parameters.

New Primus Partner Program
Primus’ new Systems Integrator Program is designed to foster partnerships between Primus and systems integrators and consultants to provide implementation services to Primus customers. The partners will be providing implementation services, including: business process reengineering, process and systems integrity, education, training and change management.

CTI Deployment Agreement
Price Waterhouse and Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. have announced an alliance that combines Genesys’ CTI suite with Price Waterhouse’s experience in developing and implementing technology enabled customer management solutions. Price Waterhouse consultants will participate in the Genesys Partner Training Program to become certified Genesys engineers.

Joint Product Development Agreement
Clarify Inc., a producer of front-office customer care solutions, and Portal Software, Inc., a supplier of software for Internet services, have announced an agreement to work together to develop a software component that integrates Clarify’s front-office application software with Portal’s Intranet software. The end product will be an integrated customer care and billing solution for service providers.

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Applied Voice Technology, Inc. has appointed Robert F. Gilb to the company’s board of directors. Gilb is president of Robert F. Gilb Strategic & Business Consulting, L.L.C.

Russell A. Young has been appointed chairman and CEO of Chrysalis Group, a Dallas, Texas based provider of outsourced teleservices.

Optima Direct, Inc. has appointed Kevin Potter president of this telemarketing management service.

Company founder Glenn Lebowitz will remain as chairman.

The Signature Group has appointed Ed Vesely to executive vice president of teleservices. Vesely was formerly Signature’s senior vice president of telemarketing.

Martin H. Cohn has been promoted to vice president of marketing at Precision Response Corporation.

Cohn will primarily oversee the creation and implementation of PRC’s national marketing operations and new advertising campaign.

International Data Response Corporation has announced Jill Ward is the president of the newly created Inbound/customer care business unit in the U.S.

Primus has named Patty Cox vice president of professional services.

Cox will manage and operate Primus’ professional services program, including its SolutionSeries software.

DC Systems Software has announced the expansion of the DCS Software business unit. Dana Bailey is the director of DCS Software.

Pete McGarahan, formerly director of help desk marketing at Vantive Corp., has recently been appointed the new executive director of Help Desk Institute. HDI has more than 7,000 members worldwide.

Paul Freeman, former executive direct for US West international, has joined LHS Group as vice president, international projects. LHS provides convergent client/server modular customer care and billing software and services.

Robert J. Bryan joins Harris Select Communications as the new vice president of call center operations.

He will be located in Newport News, Virginia.

Princeton Management Resources, Inc., a teleservices consulting and Tele-monitoring firm, has named TerriAnn Pennypacker to the position of vice president of consulting services.

Telemarketing Concepts has hired Victoria Siliotis as the company’s national recruiting director and Rosemary Cooter as director of operations. Siliotis will develop and implement recruiting programs and Cooter will manage all of the company’s contact centers in New York, North Carolina and Georgia.

Rockwell Electronic Commerce has named Akira Kawashima as managing director, Japan.

Kawashima will develop new business for Rockwell’s call center products and services for the Japanese marketplace.

Kenneth B. McKenna joins Periphonics Corporation as director of CTI product management.

McKenna is responsible for positioning CallSPONSOR in the market place and for developing additional CTI capabilities.

Joseph Grossman has been promoted to vice president of TeleResponse Center Inc., which raises funds and public awareness for nonprofit charitable organizations and provides telefundraising services.

Grossman was previously the company’s general manager.

Jami Marketing Services has announced that Francine Golub has been appointed vice president of the corporation. Golub will continue as Jami’s director of all list management services.

Joseph Duryea joins SOFTBANK Services Group as a vice president of vertical markets.

Clifford Ruden has been appointed to director of vertical markets. The two will focus on expanding SOFTBANK’s marketing efforts into new opportunities beyond the digital marketplace.

J.C. (Jim) Grant, a high-technology, financial executive, has been appointed to the board of directors of Phonettix Intelecom Ltd. The company is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

The Society of Incentive & Travel Executives has announced the appointment of Noreen McCaffery as the organization’s director of marketing.

Infospace, Inc. has appointed Barbara Angius vice president of marketing and Mercedes Ellison vice president of business development.

The company provides Java technology for creating and deploying Intranetbased business applications.

James H. Greenway has been named vice president of marketing at Williams Communications Solutions (formerly WilTel Communications).

Greenway succeeds Frank Lipari, who was promoted to senior vice president for corporate services.

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