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  Quote Of The Month:
  ï¿½I like to play with acronyms. IMS means
   a lot of things to many different people:
  To service providers from a business
  perspective, IMS stands for �Incoming
  Money Soon�. From a vendor
  perspective, it means, �Install More Sh*#�.
  If you�re on the operations side, trying
  to make it work, it means, �Inflict
  More Suffering�. And in the background
  across all of this, it means that the
  ï¿½IETF [Socialistic] Mindset Sucks�. As
  you can tell, I�m not politically
  correct, I�m very irreverent.�

  ï¿½ Seamus Hourihan

   Feature Article

  • The Year in Review...The Year Ahead
     By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis


  Mind Share 2.0:
  IP Communications Enterprise Market

  By Marc Robins

  Inside Networking:
  Unified Communications Meets SOA
  By Tony Rybczynski

  Regulation Watch: 
  VoIP E911: A Year in Review
  By William, B. Wilhelm, Esq. &
  Jeffrey R. Strenkowski, Esq.

  Enteprise View:
  Spam for Internet Telephony: Hype
  or Reality?

  By Dan York

  Integrator's Corner
  VoIP All Mixed Up

  By Joel A. Pogar

  Disaster Preparedness
  A Summary

  By Rich Tehrani
  and Max Schroeder

  For The Record
  Turning Metrics Into Gold

  By Kelly Anderson

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       Publisher's Outlook
       Cisco Systems Rockets Ahead
       Conclusion of the Zultys Saga

       By Rich Tehrani, Publisher,
       Internet Telephony Magazine

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