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December 2004


’Twas the end of ’04, and all through the land
Broadband telephony was making its stand
Vonage and Voiceglo and AT&T
All pleaded their case before the FCC

The bloggers all waited for the news to announce
And then to their keyboards and Blackberries pounce
But thunder rolled in and the wind came to howl
As the Chairman approached, Chairman Michael K. Powell

He gathered his colleagues, to the bench they all rose
Together to face down our industry’s foes
Martin and Copps and Jon Adelstein
And let’s not forget Abernathy, Kathleen

For months they had heard from the land’s best attorneys
And the time came to rule on VoIP’s journey
Would they stifle the industry so close to Christmas?
Would they silence us all? (Could they really have dissed us?)

Of course not! The ruling came down loud and clear
Service providers, you’ve nothing to fear
Go forth and sign customers to your flat rates
You can not be regulated by the States

Now Voiceglo and VoicePulse!
Now Lingo! Now Vonage!
Broadvoice and Covad!
Voicewing! CallVantage!

Our hearts full of gladness, our hearts full of cheer
2004 was clearly VoIP’s Year
And so my dear readers, as I lay down my pen
Here’s to 2005… Let’s do it again!

On behalf of the entire staff of INTERNET TELEPHONY® magazine, I want to wish our readers and our advertisers all the best this holiday season and express my hopes for a prosperous 2005!

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