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VoIP Development Tools


VoIP has clearly begun changing the global communications environment and, going forward, it will continue to evolve. That growth, while presenting challenges for the market as a whole, also introduces a wealth of opportunities for companies and individuals designing applications and hardware VoIP networks. As demands increase, developers, service providers, and end users alike require newer and more powerful technology. The companies in this month�s Product Round-Up all have one thing in common � they provide ways in which VoIP products and services can be improved to enhance the services offered by network operators, thereby improving the end user experience. And while these hardware vendors, software developers, and testing solution providers do not comprise an all-inclusive listing, it is a reasonable place to begin your search for a vendor. The round-up includes brief descriptions of a limited number of firms � firms that represent a wide variety of vendor types � followed by a listing of many more vendors and the type of product(s) they offer (hardware, software, and/or testing).

Aculab offers developers a wide range of enabling technology communications hardware and software for integration into high performance business solutions � from contact centers and IVR to media gateways and media servers. Products for use within telco or enterprise solutions include digital network access � SIP, H.323 and SS7 as well as media processing resources; speech processing, fax, conferencing and echo cancellation in both IP and PSTN environments. Support is available to help developers through each stage of their product�s lifecycle. Aculab�s portfolio ensures solution providers have the mix of capabilities required to meet the ever changing needs of the communications market. Aculab�s portfolio includes; Prosody (certified for use with the Asterisk open source IP PBX Business Edition), Prosody S, a software only host media processing product and Prosody X, a highly configurable IP-based card that combines support for rich media processing resources, IP telephony and optional E1/T1 digital network access functions.

AudioCodes enables the new voice infrastructure by providing reliable and cost effective Voice over Packet technology and voice network products to OEMs, network equipment providers, and system integrators. AudioCodes� enabling technology products include VoIP and CTI communication boards, VoIP media gateway processors and modules, and CPE devices. AudioCodes provides its customers and partners with a diverse range of flexible, comprehensive media gateway, server, and processing technologies based on VoIPerfect � AudioCodes� underlying core media gateway architecture. The company provides voice compression technology and is an originator of the ITU G.723.1 standard for the VoIP market. AudioCodes voice network products feature media gateway and media server platforms, which function as core gateways or CPE voice gateways for packet-based applications in the wireline, wireless, broadband access, and enhanced voice services markets. AudioCodes enabling technology products include VoIP, CTI and call logging communication boards, VoIP media gateway processors and modules.

Avaya is a global communication systems, applications, and services provider, which designs, builds, deploys, and manages networks for enterprises. Driving the convergence of voice and data communications with business applications, Avaya helps customers leverage existing and new networks to create value and enhance business performance. The Avaya DeveloperConnection program offers access to a comprehensive set of innovative support and marketing programs that help create a new generation of innovative communication solutions. Benefits of Registered Membership include: access to Avaya APIs and SDKs; use of the Avaya DevConnect logo; discounted purchase prices on Avaya products and platforms used for development; enhanced developer education and support. In addition, Registered Members can apply for Enhanced Membership, which involves a greater commitment between you and Avaya in the areas of support, testing, compliance, promotion and sales.

Cantata Technology
Cantata Technology, established in 2006 through the combination of Brooktrout Technology and Excel Switching Corporation, provides enabling communications hardware and software that empowers the creation and delivery of anytime, anywhere IP-based communications applications. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience, Cantata offers a broad range of products, along with a worldwide network of partners that allows service provider and enterprise customers to develop new products, introduce new services, and cost-effectively transition networks to IP. Cantata�s available services include a comprehensive suite of support plans, professional services, integration, and training. Whether you are a distributor, VAR, OEM, enterprise, or service provider, Cantata services can ease deployments and ongoing servicing of your online systems. Cantata�s developer partners features can assist you with your planning, development, and implementation, ensuring you have the support you need in real time to leverage your technology investment.

Data Connection Ltd. (DCL)
Data Connection Limited (DCL), along with its MetaSwitch division, provides telephony and communications technology to OEMs, service providers, and entereprises, with a focus on software and hardware products that span traditional and next generation networks, including the move towards IMS. With over 20 years of experience, Data Connection is a one-stop shop for high quality network protocol software, giving OEMs the solutions they need to get to market quickly, cost-effectively, and with the features they need for next generation network devices and servers. Data Connection and its MetaSwitch division deliver next-gen switching and telephony services service providers worldwide, with products designed for TDM, VoIP, and IMS networks, including a class 4/5 softswitch, a complete voicemail/unified messaging solution, an audio, video and data conferencing solution, a highly scaleable LDAP directory and a unified communications platform.

Eicon Networks
Eicon Networks provides media processing hardware and software that enable developers and system integrators to deliver applications for voice, speech, conferencing, and IP based solutions. Eicon�s Diva Server products share a powerful common architecture, along with development tools and world-class market leading support. Eicon focuses on key markets, developing products representing high quality and function with simplicity and value. Key markets areas in which Eicon operates are: voice, speech, and conferencing; fax, unified messaging, and document management; IP migration and transaction processing; professional ISDN remote access. Eicon�s wide product range seeks to provide products, tools, and support that enable businesses to communicate with their customers and with one another, providing the hardware and software platforms and network connectivity for a wide range of communications applications.

Inter-Tel offers communications products� applications utilizing networks and server-based communications software; and a wide range of managed services that include voice and data network design and traffic provisioning, custom application development, and financial solutions packages. Moving toward the multimedia, virtual enterprise environment, Inter-Tel�s hardware solutions, presence management applications, and VoIP, IP, and SIP technologies reflect a goal to provide new solutions, resources, and alliances that help empower enterprises to improve business processes. Inter-Tel is focused on developing and delivering business communication applications that are designed to integrate into your communications infrastructure to address your business challenges. Additionally, business communication applications can be deployed across your business cost centers, such as facilities and materials management, sales and marketing, personnel and human resources, and more, to reduce operational expenses and improve your business processes.

LignUp Corp.
LignUp Corporation delivers a converged IP communications platform deployed with hosted telephony, voice mail, unified messaging, auto attendant, and other Web applications. The 100% software, native-SIP platform is powered by LignUp Call Control XML (CCTRL) and LignUp Media Control XML (MCTRL) and enables solution integrators and service providers to quickly and easily create unique, high margin VoIP applications and services. LignUp makes it easy for any organization to quickly realize advantages from synchronized Web, video, voice, and data applications and services on top of a powerful, Web services-based VoIP communication platform. The LignUp Communication Platform enables Web developers to build presence-aware voice and voice-enabled applications for enterprises, next generation service providers, traditional ISVs, on-demand software service providers, and online portals based on call control and media control, robust API languages CCTRL and MCTRL, telephony applications (IP PBX, voicemail/IVR, unified messaging), and additional API layers Web services and VoIPlets.

Linkbit, Inc.
Linkbit is a market-driven designer, manufacturer, and supplier of advanced test instrumentation for the global communications industry. Linkbit products include protocol analyzers, network simulators, and complete test solutions. Its customers are developers of new services and infrastructure, carriers, equipment manufacturers, operators, and service providers. Linkbit�s Simulation Studio is a powerful tool enabling rapid development of functional and load tests for modern communications networks. Linkbit�s software simulates, analyzes and troubleshoots a variety of PSTN, mobile, VoIP, and IMS protocols and network elements. It allows customers to rapidly develop, verify, and deploy multimedia applications across diverse networks and platforms. Linkbit�s intuitive, Microsoft Windows based GUI provides users with full control of test setup and execution.

Mu Security
Mu Security offers a security analysis system to reduce product and application vulnerabilities. The security analysis process and the Mu-4000 Security Analyzer platform is equally applicable both to VoIP development organizations as well as to VoIP end users. The symbiotic relationship between the security analysis lifecycles of any end user and development organization is manifested by the improved information flow during product evaluation, bug report, and patch delivery. Mu Security enables enterprises and service providers to evaluate new products and software updates for known and previously undetected security vulnerabilities. It also introduces security readiness as a metric for end users� product purchase and deployment decisions and allows development teams to efficiently identify security flaws in their products before release. Finally, Mu Security significantly decreases the number of security events in production networks through a proactive methodology that detects security flaws before systems and applications are deployed.

NetModule offers communication solutions for embedded systems, allowing customers to integrate and use state-of-the-art communications and Internet technologies. The company�s focus includes VoIP solutions especially deployed for European Telecommunication standards. NetModule offers a set of VoIP platforms consisting of proven hardware modules as well as a comprehensive suite of Software. Professional Services raging from support projects to complete OEM/ODM developments round out NetModule�s offering. Customers benefit from a reduction of development risks and costs, being fast to the market and having more complete and competitive products.

NMS Communications
NMS Communications is a provider of technologies and solutions for converged and mobile applications and infrastructure. NMS develops products that enable new mobile voice, data, and video applications and improve the performance and quality of wireless networks. NMS� solutions help customers improve capacity and performance in their wireless networks and expand their offerings with compelling multimedia solutions and services for businesses and consumers. NMS also works with application developers, systems integrators, content providers, handset manufacturers and technology suppliers to jointly develop, market, sell, and deliver solutions to customers around the world. These partnerships make it possible for equipment manufacturer and operator customers to deploy solutions and launch new services rapidly and cost-effectively.

Patton Elecetronics
Patton Electronics provides its customers the technology required to gain the benefits of today�s exciting communications applications. Patton offers a comprehensive range of pedigreed VoIP and Convergence products, including hardware platforms (SmartNodes) that deliver a wide range of telephony port densities and interface options operating on a common in-house developed software suite (SmartWare). SmartNodes are software configurable to enable VoIP deployments in ubiquitous or unique networking environments. Patton Electronics produces network access and connectivity products including, Voice over IP (VoIP), G.SHDSL ipDSLAMs, broadband transmission, dial-up (V.90) and dedicated (xDSL) access servers, network termination units (NTUs), base-band and short-range modems, fiber-optic modems, interface converters and surge protectors. Patton is building on its expertise in integrated network access, transmission, IP and Frame Relay technologies and to help guide the development of right-priced products to simplify access to the growing global network.

PIKA Technologies, Inc.
PIKA Technologies designs and manufactures computer plug-in media processing hardware and software building blocks that connect a computer system to both TDM- and IP-based networks to provide advanced voice and fax services. PIKA Technologies servews application developers around the world that require components to design sophisticated phone services for recording systems, voice service applications, fax broadcast, and PC PBX systems including connectivity to Envox, Asterisk, Eurovoice, and Skype platforms.. For nearly two decades, PIKA has focused its efforts on analog and digital telephony hardware design; DSP technology; real-time device drive design; and API software design. At the heart of PIKA�s technology is a portfolio of media processing applications and a proprietary embedded operating system. PIKA�s media processing applications can be delivered either on the board or on the computer host.

Psytechnics, Inc.
Psytechnics is a global provider of voice and video quality assessment software deployed in telecommunications test and infrastructure equipment, OSS environments, and mobile handsets to predict customer experience. The company�s software solutions enable telecommunications providers to monitor and test the quality of their Voice and Video services and express this in subjective human terms on an MOS scale of one to five. This simple measurement scale enables carriers to quickly reduce the mountain of complex management data to one meaningful number and, therefore, radically reduce the operational efforts needed to test, manage, and monitor their services. Psytechnics� software has been calibrated against a database of 300,000 subjective tests for voice and video, and has been adopted as several of the international recognized standards at the ITU. This accuracy ensures that test and measurement and network management companies can be confident when predicting MOS values within the network, providing the ability to reduce the mass of complex network metrics to just a single meaningful number that is a measure of quality based on real subjective tests.

Sangoma Technologies
Sangoma Technologies Corporation develops and manufactures a leading provider of connectivity hardware and software products for Wide Area Network (WAN) and voice infrastructure, including PCI-based T1/E1/T3/E3 solutions for Asterisk/softPBX applications, voice transport, and WAN communication hardware/software. Its voice, data and video gateways support all popular WAN networks, line protocols and all standard PC operating systems and platforms including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, NetWare and DOS. Its products include a series of Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) PCI cards. Sangoma�s communications solutions and routing products include support for software-based PBX and IVR voice systems, WANPIPE internal routing solutions, API communications toolkits for OEM users, POS (Point-of-Sale) interface cards, and WAN EduKitR . They span traditional legacy protocols through to the latest IP based voice and data technologies. Sangoma�s range of PCI based cards with T3/E3, T1/E1 TDM, Analog�voice and data, ADSL and serial interfaces, when used as a TDM voice gateway, wanpipe router, or with Sangoma�s APIs, can turn any server into a complete voice or data gateway.

Surf Communication Solutions
SURF Communication Solutions develops a suite of hardware and software products that drives a wide variety of telephony applications designed to deliver high-capacity Voice and Video over IP other networks, including the development of IMS applications. Surf�s media processing engine is offered in multiple levels of integration, from form factor boards such as AMC, PTMC and PCI, to DSP chips. Surf�s boards are pre-integrated with leading ATCA, MicroTCA, and cPCI carrier boards and blades. From a single Surf DSP chip, telecommunication companies can shorten their product development life-cycle as well as meet market demands for Triple Play services (including audio/voice (VoIP), video, and fax/modem) and deployment over any packet network environment, such as IP, mobile, wireline, and/or wireless.

Telchemy, Incorporated
Telchemy is a provider of VoIP and IPTV performance management technology, supplying active test and passive monitoring products both as embedded software and turnkey applications. Telchemy�s products enable service providers and enterprises to deliver reliable, high quality VoIP and IPTV services. Telchemy�s VQmon technology enables service providers and major enterprise to monitor and manage the performance of Voice over IP, IPTV, Videoconferencing, 3G / 4G mobile and other real time services. The company�s products provide real-time visibility of service quality, accurate estimates of user perceived QoS and QoE (MOS scores and R factors), and detailed analysis of the root cause of quality degradation. Its software technology has been integrated into a wide range of VoIP and IPTV products, ranging from consumer electronics devices to carrier class telecom systems. VQmon is integrated into IP Phones, VoIP Gateways, Residential Gateways, SLA monitoring systems, routers, OSS, Probes and Analyzers � providing perceptual quality scores and problem diagnosis information for every call, reporting metrics using RTCP XR, SIP QoS Reports, and other key protocols from the VoIP performance management framework.

Texas Instruments
With an expansive installed customer base and portfolio of field-hardened solutions, Texas Instruments offers worldwide communications equipment manufacturers and designers the broadest range of robust and complete voice, fax, and video over IP solutions built around TI�s digital signal processing (DSP) technology and Telogy Software for VoIP. TI began developing products for the enterprise market in the 1990s, when the proliferation of the Internet presented an opportunity for a universal transport mechanism. Since then, TI has expanded its suite of VoIP products to include solutions for every segment of the market, including IP phones, residential and enterprise gateways, high-density infrastructure equipment and Voice over Cable and DSL equipment. TI�s DSP solutions help make access to the Internet faster via cable modems and digital subscriber lines (DSL); enable VoIP technology; make the sound on cellular phones clearer; enable video and Internet features 3G wireless devices; speed music downloads via the Internet; and make many other appliances quieter, �smarter,� and more energy-efficient. Thousands of available products from the 500-member TI third party network make it easy for end-equipment manufacturers to quickly customize TI DSPs and bring innovative, next-generation products to market quickly.

Touchstone Technologies, Inc.
Touchstone Technologies provides communications testing solutions, specializing in delivering value in state-of-the-art voice and video test and measurement products, Touchstone offers scalable call generation and monitoring tools designed for complete lifecycle testing of networks and network devices. The WinSIP and Win323 real-time generators feature 100% software based voice and video over IP call emulation. WinSIP is a completely SIP-based real-time generator delivering the essential functions to test your SIP-based VoIP or Video over IP projects. Should you need support for other protocols, Touchstone has solutions that can seamlessly integrate those into your for environment for you as well. Win323 delivers similar functionality for you H.323-based networks. Touchstone�s WinEyeQ monitoring and analysis solution provides an intuitive VoIP-centric view of your network traffic. Many solutions specialize in either monitoring or analysis, WinEyeQ provides both seamlessly and intuitively, meeting all your complete lifecycle verification requirements. WinEyeQ is 100% software based, making it extremely portable and equally at home at any point from laboratory to the last mile.

Trinity Convergence

Trinity Convergence is a provider of embedded software platforms for next-generation VoIP and video over IP products in the infrastructure, enterprise, and consumer electronics markets. The company designs, develops, and licenses comprehensive VoIP software solutions that help equipment manufacturers accelerate their time to market and streamline the product development process and enable reliable, robust, and innovative IP communications services. The company�s VeriCall family of software solutions provides OEMs and ODMs with fully integrated VoIP solutions that speed time to market and lower development costs. The platforms provide a comprehensive and tightly integrated framework that supports carrier-class VoIP functionality in telecommunications equipment, such as network switches and media gateways. That same framework serves as the foundation for enabling VoIP calling and high-resolution video conferencing functionality in consumer devices, such as office phones, wired and cordless home phones, and dual-mode handsets.

Ubiquity Software
Ubiquity Software provides solutions to the communications marketplace that enable service providers to quickly develop and/or deploy innovative revenue-generating services. Ubiquity offers deployment platforms, applications, development tools and integration technology for converged voice, video and data services. Ubiquity�s SIP Application Server is both a carrier-class deployment platform and a programmable, standards-based, application creation environment (ACE) that allows providers to develop and deploy next-generation converged communications services. Use of the Ubiquity SIP Application Server is extended through the open, standards-based SIP Servlet application programming interface (API). By offering a range of pre-built Application Building Blocks (ABBs) and their non-SIP based connectors (ABB-Cs), programmers can employ familiar tools to quickly develop real-time communications applications without detailed knowledge of SIP or underlying telecom network infrastructure. Through the Ubiquity Developer Network (UDN), Ubiquity partners with leading network equipment vendors, system integrators, ISVs, and developers to bring new multimedia communications solutions to a rapidly changing global market.

Verisilicon, Inc.
Verisilicon is a global provider of SoC solutions and services worldwide with focus on embedded DSP for Voice, Multimedia and wireless Segments. VeriSilicon�s SOC design platform includes system level architecture design and verification, hardware driver and application software development, experimental system development and debugging. The team has developed LCD controllers and driver circuits, MCU and Multimedia application platforms, which include various digital, analog, and mixed IP designs. The ZSP platform for embedded DSP applications from Verisilicon includes the licensable ZSP cores and Application software for VoIP, audio, video, and wireless. VoIP solutions also include standard parts for VoWiFi, gateways, and IP Phone solutions. The Z.Voice VoIP software suite provides an integrated solution for VoIP end products.

VOCAL Technologies, Ltd.
VOCAL Technologies develops embedded solutions for voice, data, and fax. VOCAL�s success is predicated on working with its customers to customize and quickly transfer technologies, speeding up the time to market. VOCAL�s expertise ranges from wireless (802.11a/b/g, 802.16, 802.20, GSM, GPRS, EDGE) to telecommunications (analog and digital signaling), from to data communications (voice band modems, xDSL and Internet protocols) to fax technology (group 3 and fax over IP), and voice processing (speech compression, echo cancellation, noise reduction), as well as protocols for voice over network (VoIP, H.323, H.248/MEGACO, MGCP, VoDSL, VoATM and SIP).

VoiceAge Corporation
VoiceAge Corporation development speech and audio compression technologies and solutions designed to meet the market needs of for the convergence of the Internet and wireless, 2.5G, 3G, and WiFi networks. VoiceAge solutions include G.711 (PCM), G.723.1, G.726, G.729, GSM-FR, QCELP13, EVRC, VMR-WB, AMR, AMR-WB (G.722.2) and AMR-WB+ standard codecs. VoiceAge also offers the CodecLib application programming interface development tool to ease the integration of diverse audio codecs on any Intel platform. VoiceAge focus on three areas: Compression Technology R&D (research and development of narrowband and wideband low bit rate speech and audio coding technology for state-of-the-art standardized and proprietary codec solutions to meet specific market requirements); Codec Solutions (adapting existing codecs to custom environments, optimizing codecs for specific processors); and Licensing (creating and managing, with other patent holders, patent pools to facilitate access to licenses that are required for the use of standardized codecs).

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