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July 2008 | Volume 11/ Number 7
The VoIP Authority

FreedomVOICE Serves Small Business with Advanced Technology

For over thirteen years Encinitas, CA (News - Alert)-based FreedomVOICE Systems has served the small business market with a variety of telecommunications services. I recently had the opportunity to speak with company officials.

“FreedomVOICE Systems is a provider of virtual office systems,” said a company representative. “Instead of using old-fashioned hardware, we put telephone services up on the Internet. We get a lot more flexibility, scalability and convenience for the average user.”

Among the more popular services offered by FreedomVOICE are 800 Numbers. Combined with a sophisticated voicemail system, even a home-based business can appear to the outside world to be a much larger enterprise. Online voice mail and faxing are also customer’s favorites.

“For people who are working out of their homes or are keeping odd hours — which is almost everybody these days —it’s great that you can check your voicemail and view faxes wherever there’s Internet connectivity,” explained a FreedomVOICE official. “You can also use our systems to capture call numbers, so you can follow up on leads or contact someone whose call you missed. In addition, we provide a pay-as-you-go, reservation-less teleconferencing service.”

“We serve business needs by making advance technology user friendly,” said a company representative. “Even the technologically adverse can use WebLINK, our patented Web interface, to manage their virtual office systems. We make it easy for them to add or remove services, so business people pay only for what they use.”

While affordable virtual office systems have been a boon to home-based enterprises, FreedomVOICE has its eye on the small business market, estimated to be 25 million. The firm is “finding that small businesses are replacing their phone systems every two to three years.” Hosted PBX (News - Alert) systems are simpler and cheaper to replace than traditional hardware. Also, they don’t need technicians to add or remove extensions. As many as four million potential customers are looking for a hosted PBX service every year.

To meet this need, FreedomVOICE has recently introduced FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX Service. The simplicity of the system has pleasantly surprised customers and installers of old-fashioned PBXs.

“Telephones — that’s basically it,” FreedomVOICE officials said. “We run everything through the web and the computer and that’s a huge advantage. You don’t need to have a closet full of hardware. With us it’s just the WebLINK Internet control panel and the telephone.”

While FreedomVOICE was able to draw on its extensive experience with virtual office systems to ensure that FreedomIQ had the flexibility that today’s entrepreneurs demand, it also needed to deal with the critical issue of VoIP sound quality.

“We’re providing a business quality VoIP service with a sound that you can absolutely rely on,” the spokesperson said. “We support analog phones with an ATA, but the system works much better with SIP phones. We work with Polycom (News - Alert), and have been very pleased to use their phones for our VoIP services.”

Businesses with satellite offices or employees who work from home have been especially interested in FreedomIQ. It integrates employees at all locations into a unified system, so it appears to be one office to someone calling in.

“Managers of remote offices like our call recording feature,” the company officials added. “They use it to monitor the quality of customer service or technical support or their employees. They can also measure the productivity of off-site workers by generating reports on missed calls, calls answered and the phone numbers of who they have been talking to.”

While FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX Service is the company’s most recent offering, it won’t be its last.

“The needs of businesses are constantly evolving,” declared a spokesman for FreedomVOICE. “We’ll be sure to meet them with the latest technology.”

Going Green

One of the hottest trends in tech these days has to do with “going green.” The move is definitely on when it comes to reducing an employee’s need to commute or travel for business through applications such as conferencing and the ability — and corporate buy-in — to let increasing numbers of employees work from home.

FreedomVOICE Systems sees their customers increasingly taking advantage of their FreedomIQ solution to play their part in the green movement.

According to FreedomVOICE Systems company officials, “Taking advantage of hosted PBX systems, such as our FreedomIQ offering is one way that businesses are able to “go green.” Businesses are increasingly willing to let their employees work from home, so they do not contribute to pollution by driving back and forth to the office, and not having to supply so much air conditioning at work, etc... One of the ways that Freedom IQ is helping businesses go green is by enabling employees to work remotely.”

A recent white paper from FreedomVOICE entitled Growing A Small Business — The Benefits of Hosted PBX & Telecommuting discusses the many benefits of deploying a virtual office solution, including the green benefits such a solution delivers.

To receive a copy of the whitepaper please visit FreedomVOICE sponsored VoIP Phone System community on TMCnet at IT

– Greg Galitzine is Editorial Director for TMC (News - Alert).

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