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Hosted IP PBX


When a business needs a new phone system or to upgrade its current one, it has several options. Hosted IP PBX is becoming increasingly popular because it provides the latest in features, support, and flexibility, while cutting costs and freeing IT staff to focus on other tasks. It is an alternative to premise-based PBX or legacy key systems, delivering business-grade calling features and integrating multiple services over a single network connection. Not only does a hosted service minimize costly hardware expenses, but it also takes most of the labor out of maintaining and upgrading a phone system. Most of them also allow businesses to keep their existing phone systems, completely eliminating up-front capital investment, while providing all the features businesses need to improve communications and enhance productivity. The following is a selection of hosted IP PBX providers, including product sets to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes � from SOHOs to SMBs to large enterprises. There also is a selection of hosted platform providers, which offer solutions to allow network operators to offer hosted solutions to their users. This listing is intended as a starting point for your search for a hosted provider; please contact the vendors themselves for more information.

Packet8�s Virtual Office VoIP Hosted PBX phone service provides small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) with a cost-effective, feature-rich alternative to traditional business phone systems. Virtual Office can replace the need for private branch exchanges (PBXs) for companies located in the same building or in regional offices spread across the globe. In addition to enterprise-class PBX functionality, Virtual Office service plans offer unlimited local and long distance calling and unlimited extension dialing, regardless of location, for a flat monthly rate. Each Virtual Office extension includes a powerful suite of features, often reserved for high-end, premises-based PBX systems, that can be easily administered through the Web, by phone, from voicemail prompts, or by calling 8x8. These features include: auto-attendant, ring groups, business-class voicemail, direct dial number, conference bridge, toll-free extension to extension calling worldwide, and much more. Packet8 can handle the entire system configuration as well as provide user and password access to the Packet8 Web-based online portal, enabling complete self-service system and extension controls for the user 24/7.

Accessline Communications
SmartVoice Plus is a virtual VoIP phone system for small to mid-size companies. It combines the phone lines and the phone system into one easy to use service and includes the business-class features your business needs, such as voicemail with group messaging, call forwarding, hunt groups, and call hold, transfer, and conference. As needed, add additional features, such as automated attendant, conference calling, or virtual fax numbers. AccessLine installs and maintains two small pieces of equipment (a broadband network connection device and a VoIP gateway) in your office. The gateway connects to your analog phones and the network connection device links to a broadband voice circuit (also included in the SmartVoice Plus service). This broadband connection is exclusively for your phone calls, delivering high quality calls. SmartVoice Plus provides administrators and end users Web-based tools for managing all aspects of the service so making any type of change is quick and easy. Each station has its own phone number and its own Web-based tool to help customize and manage the enhanced features of that number.

AT&T VoIP on AT&T�s VPN supports your converged communications on a highly reliable, scalable, and secure global, IP-MPLS network. By integrating your communications with AT&T�s industry leading IP VPN services you can gain improved cost efficiencies, simplified network management, and create a highly flexible platform to help you seamlessly add new IP services. As your business needs change, you need the flexibility and expertise of AT&T to help you design, deploy, and manage your solution. AT&T IP Telephony Service provides your business with a complete telephony solution that gives your employees consistent service no matter where they are. Offering a wide array of solutions, including centralized network-based IP Telephony platforms, AT&T can help you evolve to the next generation of converged, IP-based communications through in-depth infrastructure assessments as well as the design, deployment and ongoing management of your communications environment. AT&T offers a flexible menu of services that lets you select the capabilities that meet your business needs AT&T also supports small business needs with its CallVantage Service, which combines the power of a standard corded or cordless phone with your broadband service. You�ll use your phone the way you do today, with an added set of features designed to increase productivity and efficiency.
BandwidthVoIP Hosted IP PBX gives businesses of all sizes the most productive calling features that were traditionally available to only the largest enterprises. All of this with no cumbersome in-house systems or software to buy, manage, and maintain. BandwidthVoIP is a carrier-grade platform delivered over a Tier 1 IP backbone, and engineered to provide the highest levels of clarity, reliability and redundancy. It provides one network, one bill, and one point of contact for all local, long distance, and data services. BandwidthVoIP runs on all Tier 1 IP networks, giving you the flexibility to choose your Internet service provider and protecting your business from being locked into a geographically limited or proprietary network.�s VoIP SLA covers the performance and service metrics you care about: availability, mean time to respond, mean time to repair, guaranteed installation interval.

Optimum Voice for businesses offers unlimited local, regional, and long distance calling within the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, plus premium calling features, for one low, fixed per-line monthly rate designed to save your business money while providing added features to its communications. The powerful combination of Optimum Online high-speed Internet service and Optimum Voice flat-rate phone service is a complete communications solution that will give your business important competitive advantages. You�ll have the online speed you need for maximum productivity, along with ability to monitor your phone usage and get costs under control. With Optimum Online for business, you get clear, digital calls, free from static, interruptions and background noise. Every call you make and receive is carried on our state-of-the-art, fiber optic Optimum network, which is directly connected to your business. No more hassles associated with an outmoded copper network. Optimum Voice provides a business wiring solution that enables customers to use Optimum Voice as standard telephone lines and allows you to keep your existing phone numbers to simply the transition.

CallTower�s hosted voice and data communications solution provider combines advanced applications and solutions into a convenient, scalable solution for growing businesses. CallTower delivers hosted PBX-based communications solutions built with high-end features and applications on a Cisco-based infrastructure. CallTower�s advanced communications suite combines voice, data, and market-specific applications that deliver the tools for your company and employees to sell, service, and communicate more effectively. With CallTower, you adapt delivery format and device to ensure that you receive, manage and reply to important communications. Users can manage any message from a desk phone, mobile phone, PDA and/or any internet-enabled device. CallTower transforms a company�s voice and data communications into a strategic tool that gives them a competitive advantage in today�s market. CallTower provides growing companies with enterprise-class reliability, a single point of support, productivity-enhancing features, all necessary communications hardware and 24/7 service for a fixed monthly fee.

Comverse (formerly Netcentrex)
Netcentrex Business Solutions enable the delivery of hosted IP communication services to businesses of all sizes over broadband networks. Applications include: Secured IP Trunking to connect PBXs & IP PBXs to an IP network, VoIP VPN for multi-site enterprises, IP Centrex with advanced Class 5 features, integrated voice and video mail, Contact Center and IVR applications. All Netcentrex solutions are built around a set of state-of-the-art, carrier-grade platforms that comply with the latest IMS and TISPAN next-generation networks standard architectures, all managed through our SMP single point of provisioning and management platform. IPCentrex Plus provides hosted telephony services with an advanced telephony feature set, integrated applications (network announcements, voice mail, IVR, conferencing), integrated session border controller (SBC) and Web-based self-care portals. IPCentrex Plus is a feature-rich solution that enables operators and service providers to deliver a full range of professional communication services. Advanced Class 5 features deliver high performance telephony functions that are unavailable with traditional telephony, making IP Centrex Plus a suitable PBX replacement for different market segments: small and medium enterprises (SMEs), branch offices and larger enterprise locations.

Contactual a reliable, scalable and easy-to-use on-demand contact center solution that is 100% provisioned over the Internet, so customers can be up and running in just a few hours � and agents can be anywhere. All they need is a phone and a browser; there is no specialized hardware, no telecom requirements, no up-front capital expenditures. Contactual is a full-featured contact center with enterprise-class call center features and none of the integration headaches of premises-based equipment. Contactual is designed to meet and exceed the SLA performance of your call center operations with cutting-edge contact center technologies that will instantly improve customer service quality and responsiveness. Over the past five years, Contactual has developed one feature-rich ondemand product, anticipating state-of-the-art technologies, like VoIP. Contactual doesn�t try to deliver all of the obscure features of a premises-based solution � instead, it identifies key features that any call center needs, delivering them to meet its own high standards for reliability, scalability and ease of use.

Covad (News - Alert)
Covad VoIP offers powerful business-class telephone and data communications services powered by one of the nation�s largest broadband networks. Covad delivers feature-rich, integrated local, long distance, and high-speed Internet access communications, plus many advanced features � all over one managed network connection. It�s a flexible, affordable alternative to expensive and bulky PBX or KTS equipment. Covad converged solutions are designed to reduce complexity and save money at the same time. Covad voice services require no changes to your existing phone numbers or service features. All of your existing business and toll-free phone numbers remain the same, and enjoy business-class voice quality. With Covad, small, medium-sized, and large businesses can enjoy the benefits of integrating their voice and data communications, while leveraging on-site equipment and phones. In fact, by combining high-speed Internet and telephone services with Covad, businesses can often save on monthly costs and significantly reduce their TCO. While most of the features of the Covad�s voice service can be managed from a phone, the Covad Dashboard gives users and administrators the ability to set up and manage their communications the way they want them. This simple yet powerful tool gives you total control through a standard Web browser or wireless (WAP) device.

Cox Communications
For businesses whose needs are changing and whose budgets require minimal upfront investment, Cox Centrex service is ideal. Cox Centrex is a feature-rich, expandable telephone service that provides a strong communications tool for such groups as customer service departments, call center operations, and technical support or help desks. Each station has direct-line access and includes a full suite of feature options. And since Cox houses all the switching center equipment, your business is assured of optimum call quality from start to finish without the capital equipment investment. Cox offers packages for nearly all office telephony needs, including specific requirements of receptionists, executive assistants, or small call centers, call center employees, as well as � la carte features that can be added on to any Cox Centrex package Whether you choose Centrex as your phone system of choice or simply use it to augment your existing system, your business won�t have to invest in expensive switching equipment, since Cox houses all the Centrex equipment for you. Multiple options allow you to connect office phones in a seamless network, or manage the telephone needs of multiple locations easily and efficiently.
IP Telephony is here with Duet, an affordable VoIP bundle in New York and the Washington, D.C. metro area, including Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Lock in a low monthly introductory rate with our fast, secure and reliable broadband phone service, and unlimited local and regional calling, and unlimited domestic outbound long-distance calling. Duet offers high-speed broadband connection with up to 16 phone lines and allows businesses to keep existing phone systems and numbers utilizing the latest in next-generation VoIP technology and offering guaranteed SLAs. also combines its own broadband facilities and nationwide network infrastructure to provide high-speed Internet access and value-added services directly to SMBs businesses throughout the United States. is a certified CLEC throughout the continental United States � including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

VOX3 PBX is a hosted VoIP application that offers basic and enhanced calling features to SMEs, offering �Big Business� features without the inflated cost of an in-house system. VOX3 PBX creates an office with no boundaries. Imagine users forwarding voicemails or transferring calls anywhere in the organization and extending the organization anywhere. Then add unified messaging to the communications platform, a single voice message, e-mail or fax to reach all users across multiple locations, including international sites. VOX3 PBX combines these features along with state of the art IP PBX capabilities, including an auto attendant, call center queuing, and open standards for operating with SIP hardware equipment. DSLi specializes in a complete IP telephony solution, eliminating the hassle of integrating voice and data from different vendors, so you can concentrate on your business. The product combines high speed T1 internet access with the enhanced features of an IP PBX, the reliability of centrex, the productivity of unified messaging, using open standards of session initiated protocol (SIP). Direct and redirect all calls from your own personalized Web portal.

Global Phone Corporation
GlobalTone is a business-grade hosted VoIP solution that provides organizations with a low-cost, high-reliability alternative to costly PBXs, key systems, or Centrex lines. GlobalTone uses the power of IP telephony running over your existing Internet connection to pull together all your employees into a single, centralized �virtual PBX� with a robust, low-cost enterprise-class voice solution. GlobalTone is available through a variety of convenient service and calling plans for organizations of various sizes � small businesses, corporations, non-profits, or government agencies. An entire organization benefits from GlobalTone Business VoIP. IT personnel gain from the point and click administration, CFOs and CEOs enjoy significant cost savings, and end users have more control over their incoming and outgoing call management. More importantly, remote users can be connected, including branch offices, telecommuters, and mobile employees � all making for a more productive and efficient work environment.

GotVMail Communications offers a virtual telecommunications service for small businesses, home-based businesses, and mobile professionals, with enterprise functionality and sound starting at just $9.95 a month � without having to purchase or maintain expensive telecommunications equipment. GotVMail�s hosted phone service is customizable for 1 or 20 employees, works with any phone � including your office phone, cell phone, home office phone, even VoIP phones and PDAs � from anywhere, yet requires no additional equipment or software. Customers always sound professional with a nationwide toll-free or global local telephone number and a customized main greeting. Businesses also have complete control over incoming phone calls with multiple employee or department mailboxes, a dial-by-name directory, and the ability to forward or transfer calls to any phone, anywhere. Carrier-grade reliability is provided via a global communications network that is 99.5% reliable and secure with numerous state-of-the-art carrier grade data center points-of-presence, ensuring connectivity and business continuity. GotVMail supports an unlimited number of incoming calls so callers never hear a busy signal and offer a minimum of industry standard full N+2 redundancy.

ICG Communications
VoicePipe from ICG puts your phone system, local and long distance phone service, and high-speed internet access on one broadband connection, carrying calls and data on ICG�s guaranteed converged voice and data network. With VoicePipe, you�re free to choose the specific bandwidth you need � from T1 on up � and have freedom to assign different calling features to different phones; VoicePipe�s intuitive Web-based call management frees your employees from being at their desk to make calls, check voicemail, or review call logs. Users are free to control their own communication preferences through an easy-to-use, Web-based interface. VoicePipe can be operated just like a normal phone, or users can take advantage of the Web-based features. VoicePipe brings the point-and-click simplicity of the Internet to telephony, allowing users to control their phones from any standard Web browser anywhere. The intuitive interface offers a variety of options and provides a simple way for to get help and information, without tying up IT staff. You can also get your VoicePipe voicemail delivered to just about any email application. VoicePipe has nothing in common with the choppy Internet phones of the past. This is a business-class communications solution that�s based on our nationally managed all-IP network.

M5 Networks
M5 provides a hosted VOIP phone system, allowing business owners, CTOs, and CFOs to turn to M5 to avoid buying or maintaining a phone system and the phone lines connected to it. As a single provider, M5 replaces the usual five telecom vendors and becomes accountable for reliability, highly responsive service, feature deployment, and predictable costs. Every M5 client receives a robust suite of features comparable to those of any high-end system on the market, and every M5 package is tailored to individual company needs. We complete a thorough review of your feature requirements prior to contract, to make sure users will be satisfied. Our project managers and trainers work with your staff to make sure that your company maximizes the benefits of the system. M5�s network is designed for maximum redundancy and diversity � a vast improvement over the typical arrangement of installing a phone system in your office closet. We monitor all network components to achieve greater than 99.99% uptime. The M5 Outsourced IP Phone System utilizes IP technology to eliminate a company�s need to purchase, install, and maintain a premise-based phone system.

MediaRing Enterprise is a business communication solution that offers companies with an affordable alternative to reduce cost on exorbitant international communication charges through its revolutionary IP technology and its global network interconnecting over 240 countries worldwide. The solution allows companies to easily integrate their existing telephone infrastructure with MediaRing�s global-managed VoIP network without massive investment. This converges the telecommunication network of all offices and branches under one voice network significantly reducing the total international telecommunication charges. All calls are routed through MediaRing VoizNet global network via a MediaRing Enterprise gateway installed at each overseas office location; companies do not have to incur any capital outlay, paying only for operational expenditure of just a flat monthly subscription charge. With enhanced software and network technology, groups of data packets can be marked and delivered according to the priority based on Class of Service, which means customers are assured of QoS and security for end-to-end service delivery. MediaRing�s patent-pending technology delivers superior voice quality over unpredictable Web environment.

Mendax�s Hosted PBX service is a perfect solution for companies of all sizes; it offers the same features as legacy PBXs do, and many more advanced capabilities. With a hosted PBX service, all office locations and all employees are connected to the same centralized location, rendering maintenance and management of the system as simple as it can be. Mendax�s Hosted PBX solution is flexible and scalable � you can start with as little as two or three extensions and grow your internal network as your business grows. Hosted PBX service ensures you can avoid huge up front investments in systems and technology and allows you to manage all accounts from a centralized monitoring tool and know the voice communications cost for each employee. You can manage and change settings and features for each user on line, in real time. Mendax offers a variety of features, incuding: three-digit dialing; advanced PBX features, like auto attendant (IVR); multiple offices on the same system; ability to keep existing phones; same dialing experience from any location with a broadband internet connection; Find Me/Follow Me; automatic voice mail to e-mail forwarding; softphone to enable anytime, anywhere communication; and much more.

PingTone Service represents a whole new way for companies to use VoIP technology to help employees get more done each and every work day. From unified messaging to auto attendants, point & click dialing to 4-digit dialing, all branch offices and remotely located employees are networked together into one company-wide voice system Service �Profiles� are the building blocks of the PingTone Service. They are specifically designed to meet each businesses varying needs by matching those needs to select features, functions, and usage patterns. Whether your company uses voice in a similar way across all employees or has as many different needs as there are users, PingTone can help you choose a combination of VoIP Service Profiles that will fit the business case. The PingTone carrier class IP network is comprised of technologies from Cisco, Sun Microsystems (News - Alert), Tekelec (News - Alert) and other leading manufacturers. These service components reside within PingTone Technology Access Points (TAPs) and it is from these TAPs that PingTone business VoIP service is delivered. Customers activate service by connecting to the TAP network via single or multiple high speed data connections. Connections can be private, public, and vary in type depending on customer needs, locations and other business factors.

RingCentral Online is a comprehensive, yet affordable integrated telephony and fax communication service available for small businesses and mobile workers. No new hardware or software is required and the service works seamlessly with existing phones. You choose a virtual toll free or local number; then through an intuitive interface, you'll configure and manage your own Virtual PBX, including your extensions, a dial-by-name directory, call forwarding, call screening and voicemail. All plans also include Internet fax, free fax editing software, Microsoft (News - Alert) Office integration, a real-time call management tool and more. RingCentral helps you project a professional image, increase productivity, and stay closer to your customers. Do you have a cell phone? Home phone? Work phone? Does each phone have voicemail? In addition, do you also have a fax machine? It would seem, then, that you have a lot of work to do just to keep up with all of your messages, faxes, and phone calls. RingCentral fulfils the idea of unified messaging by consolidate all of your communications needs into a single phone number to allow complete control of all your calls, as well as your voice and fax messages. Your clients, family, and friends only have to know one number to reach you.

Speakeasy Business VoIP is a Hosted PBX solution, combining broadband connectivity, local and long distance phone service, PBX functionality, and conferencing to deliver a complete communications package that saves time and money while helping businesses compete like never before. Built for dynamic businesses, Speakeasy Business VoIP offers an integrated voice and data solution that lowers operating costs, increases business efficiency, and guarantees world-class reliability while delivering crystal clear call quality. With Speakeasy, there is no PBX to buy, lease, or maintain � you have one vendor for all your telecommunications services. Remote employees stay connected with free calling and 4-digit dialing between office locations, and conference calls can be scheduled on demand. Find Me/Follow Me ensures important calls will not be missed; voice mails can be managed as email; and the service integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Speakeasy�s Hosted PBX solution delivers portability, scalability, and continuity, enabling VoIP calls from anywhere with the Remote Office feature or a laptop softphone.

Time Warner Telecom
TW Telecom ONE SOLUTION is a VoIP suite of services brings the power of next-generation, converged communication technologies to your business, offered in a way that allows organizations to utilize this new technology on their terms. Rather than requiring a costly, enterprise-wide adoption of a new technology, ONE SOLUTION can be implemented in stages, allowing users to better adopt next-generation communications. TW Telecom ONE SOLUTION CONNECT is a logical voice trunk connection that delivers voice traffic across Time Warner Telecom�s VoIP Network. You�ll realize an immediate benefit from managing one affordable access network versus multiple inefficient voice and data networks. Time Warner Telecom ensures carrier-class quality communications through end-to-end prioritization of voice traffic. Your calls won�t be subject to sound quality problems, such as latency and packet loss. Your calls are more clear because the network reserves its high-priority voice queues and MPLS paths exclusively for voice-only traffic. ONE SOLUTION CONNECT lowers your cost of doing business by connecting your PBX to our world-class VoIP network via a converged IP connection. This multi-service connection supports voice and data applications while eliminating access expenses, reducing the management associated with disparate network connections and improving bandwidth utilization.

Verizon (News - Alert) Business offers a portfolio of products using VoIP technology to help customers manage their networks more efficiently, reduce costs, and leverage new, leading-edge business applications, all backed by competitive SLAs. Verizon�s products can help optimize resources by consolidating voice and data onto one network. Verizon Business VoIP products are scalable and interchangeable, allowing you to migrate to a total VoIP environment at your own pace. The IP network carrying Verizon Business VoIP products is a global intelligent network, which includes equipment, capacity, power redundancy, technology upgrades, and security. Verizon Hosted IP Centrex is designed for companies that want all the features of a PBX or Key system without the associated capital, lease, or maintenance costs. All the PBX functionality resides on the Verizon network making it ideal if you are moving to or establishing a new location, or simply looking to replace an outdated PBX, Key, or TDM Centrex system. It includes design, installation, and ongoing maintenance and eliminates the need for infrastructure investments or monthly maintenance costs, while delivering a top-quality, highly reliable, telephony system that is easy to manage and use. It provides telecom managers with a desktop interface (Web browser) to manage everyday functions, such as moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs) as well as network appliances.

Vonage (News - Alert) is an all-inclusive phone service, offering businesses local and long distance calling anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for one low price � calls to select European countries are also free with Vonage�s Unlimited plans. Vonage makes this possible because it uses your existing high-speed Internet connection instead of standard phone lines. Businesses will save money and get great features like Caller ID with Name, Call Waiting and Voicemail Plus included at no additional cost. With Vonage, you connect your telephone to your high-speed Internet connection using the Vonage phone adapter, pick up the phone, and use it just like you do today. You can be up and running within minutes of receiving your Vonage phone adapter. Vonage�s phone adapter is small and fully portable, and can be used anywhere there�s a broadband Internet connection. Vonage converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high-speed Internet connection just like email. It comes out the other end just like a regular phone call. Your callers will never know that it�s any different, since it sounds just like a regular phone call. Vonage�s Small Business Unlimited Plan gives your company everything you need to maximize your savings and productivity for $49.99 a month, which includes a dedicated fax line at no additional cost. You can also keep your businesses existing phone number(s) and Vonage has area codes available across the US and in other countries. Vonage also provides real-time billing information via an online Web portal and offers quick access to local emergency services with its 911 Dialing feature.

VirtualPBX offers a complete hosted PBX service. Whether you need an inexpensive small business PBX or a corporate phone system that can handle thousands of employees, Virtual PBX has a solution that fits. We deliver PBX call routing and other functions as a hosted service, rather than a complex piece of hardware that you have to buy, install, and maintain. Our affordable solutions can integrate all your employees under one or more main business numbers, regardless of where they take calls � at headquarters, branch offices, home offices, or on the road. VirtualPBX offers three versions of its Virtual PBX Service, accommodating a wide range of needs, from a SOHO to corporate systems � it also offers disaster recovery/business continuation phone service for companies that already have a PBX. Companies small and large can have all of the advanced call handling capabilities of the largest enterprises in the world. VirtualPBX keep its customers up to date with the best features, like TrueACD queuing and skills-based call routing. Importantly, offering PBX functionality as a service means businesses don�t have to install, maintain, or upgrade any hardware or software, which saves money, increases productivity, and improves business image. The Corporate Service also expands effortlessly to any number of extensions, and extra lines are always available to answer your calls, so your number never rings busy


BroadWorks provides revenue-generating voice features for fixed-line and wireless service providers, offering a wide array of applications from a single platform with carrier-grade interoperability, back office capabilities, redundancy, and scalability. BroadWorks delivers features with unmatched flexibility as applications operate independently of the underlying architecture and transport network, directing calls and applying enhanced call treatments within and outside of a provider�s packet telephony network. The BroadWorks application is deployable in both pre-IMS and IMS architectures. As a result, BroadWorks enables operators to launch enhanced wireless services and accelerate revenue generation, regardless of their existing system architecture. BroadWorks treats end devices equally � providing the same set of services to both fixed and mobile devices. Providers can offer �One Number� service where service preferences and call treatments are applied across multiple devices, such as a user�s mobile handset and fixed-line (work and/or home) phones. BroadWorks� Mobile PBX application offers enhanced calling features to enterprise users with 2G and 2.5G mobile devices. Mobile PBX brings the powerful features of BroadWorks Hosted PBX to enterprises with an all-mobile or partially mobile workforce. These features are available with no changes to the mobile operator�s mobile switch, devices, or radio network.

Sylantro enables network operators to offer hosted and mobile PBX applications � a highly attractive alternative to legacy and costly premises-based solutions that quickly become obsolete as new solutions become available. The Base Business package offers a cost-effective set of capabilities ideally priced for basic requirements. The Business Feature Pack offers the most fully featured solution for business available today, enabling a network operator to deliver a rich set of business telephony services, including the advanced PBX features demanded by enterprises. Web portal interfaces also enable users and administrators to configure and manage cutting-edge communication services. Network operators can develop service bundles that offer a flexible range of basic to premium services, and are easy to package and deploy. These services allow carriers to easily and aggressively address the PBX replacement markets. At the heart of the Sylantro�s solution is an intuitive series of browser-based, fully customizable user interfaces via Web portals. These Web portals streamline the management of communications services at every access level: the end-user, administrator, value-added reseller, and network operator level. Sylantro also offers a selection of products designed to enable mobility, collaboration, and conferencing for the customer.

Tekelec�s hosted VoIP and IP telephony solutions boost customer satisfaction and help service providers to penetrate lucrative new markets by offering bundled voice, data and Internet services at an attractive price with a range of easily customized solutions that allow service providers to reliably and cost-effectively deliver VoIP and multimedia services to their customers. Tekelec brings the power of next-generation telephony to customers who will no longer have to invest in PBX/KSU equipment or its maintenance. The Tekelec 6000 VoIP Application Server�s IP Centrex feature set works with analog phones and includes even more features when deployed with IP telephones, and the enhanced applications suite integrates easily. The Tekelec 6000 can be used to provide a VoIP VPN for a shared feature set across multiple business locations and home-based employees. The partitioning and administration capabilities of the Tekelec 6000 enable the solution to be quickly rolled out with customized service environments to each enterprise customer. IT

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