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Primus Brings Peace to the Dinner Table with the Help of

By: Greg Galitzine (News - Alert)

When it was introduced in November 2006, the Pactolus-led community was considered to be the first such developer community offering application developers an environment that included all the elements they needed to quickly and easily create innovative, media-rich applications for next generation VoIP and IMS networks.

The initiative was created on the core underlying Pactolus RapidFLEX Service Delivery Platform (SDP) technology, and includes a SIP-based service creation environment, application server, and software media server in addition to a series of working applications and supporting application frameworks provided in open source form to help developers quickly gain proficiency and create deployable applications for their markets.

INTERNET TELEPHONY spoke with Pactolus’ Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Ken Osowski (News - Alert) last year and he explained that the community is one of the most comprehensive resources available to developers. reflects several of the components needed at the application layer. It includes the service creation environment the application server and the media server. There is no real definition in the industry of what a service delivery platform is, although several analysts have tried. Suffice it to say we probably have the most complete set of components that represent that.

“In a lot of cases you have service delivery platforms without service creation. You might have application servers without media servers. In some cases you’ll find hardware media servers with application servers mixed in.

“So there are all kinds of combinations. We are doing it on a pure software basis, all of which is downloadable from SIP

It’s encouraging to see some well known large carriers leveraging the resources to create innovative applications. Recently, Primus Telecommunications (News - Alert) Canada announced the launch of Telemarketing Guard, a service designed to give customers a new level of control over intrusive telemarketers.

Matt Stein, Vice President New Technology (News - Alert) and Services for Primus Telecommunications Canada, told INTERNET TELEPHONY that their customers wanted some respite from the incessant flood of telemarketing calls.

“We offer a local phone service and one of the things that we’ve been striving to do for a long time is to build a block for telemarketers so that when telemarketers call in, they are interrupted and can’t reach our customers,” he said.

Developed exclusively with Pactolus’ open source/open access service creation environment, Telemarketing Guard lets Primus customers proactively identify and block annoying telemarketing calls before they become interruptions.

TMC’s Executive Editor Richard Grigonis (News - Alert) explained how the service works:

“First, Telemarketing Guard technology automatically identifies suspected frequent, mass telemarketing calls. Some of these suspected telemarketers will choose to hang up or their automatic dialers will hang up without your phone ringing. Others may choose to provide their name or purpose for their call. If they do, your phone will ring and when you answer your phone, Telemarketing Guard will tell you that it has intercepted a call and will play the caller’s recorded name.

“At that point you have various options:

  • Answer the call, after which you may use *44 to block the caller from any future calls;
  • Send the caller directly to voicemail;
  • Reject the call by using a keypad entry or by hanging up the phone;
  • Send the current call, and all future calls intercepted by Telemarketing Guard, to voice mail.”

Primus’ Stein said that a familiarity with Pactolus was among the reasons they chose to develop the Telemarketing Guard using the toolkit.

“We at first looked for this application, we spoke to a number of people, and we explored building this with some of the open source tools such as Asterisk (News - Alert), and so on, but we just couldn’t find anything that delivered the scalability and reliability and rapid application development environment that we found with Pactolus.

“We had already used their services for years,” Stein continued. “We have a product of theirs in our prepaid card business, so we were already comfortable with them as a company, and what they can do. But this was a place where we planned to patent the service, which we subsequently have. Therefore, we wanted somebody we could work with, but we wanted to build it ourselves.”

One of the most evident benefits of leveraging the resources of the community is the rapid application development and quick time to market that Primus was able to realize.

“One of our developers was so impressed with it that he actually stayed here late that night working on it and had a basic proof of concept running the next day. And within a couple of days we had a fully workable proof of concept,” Stein said.

Primus is considering reselling the Telemarketing Guard service to other service providers. IT

Greg Galitzine is Group Editorial Director at TMC (News - Alert).

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