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  The Zippy Files

  The VoIP Authority

  Industry News

  Rich Tehrani's Executive Suite:
    • Stratus Technologies’ Ali Kafel

  TMCLabs Review:
    • pbxnsip's CS410

  Product Round-up:
    • In-House IP PBXs

  Editorial Sponsorship Series:
    • Hosted Services - A Logical
      Choice for Business

    • CommuniGate's Pronto!
      Client Opens Up the
      Communication Senses!

    • Pannaway Evolves With
      Their Most Powerful
      Platform Yet












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  Quote Of The Month:
It looks like there’s a battle brewing with IMS, between the IMS architecture and the unified communications platform. Microsoft really put its stake in the unified communications ground, and the carriers are clearly trying to deploy IMS, using that as a way to help enable or grow hosted services and so forth, to the customer who wants to get an application that’s customized and fits for their business.�

  ï¿½ Brian Metherell

  Feature Articles

  Death, Taxes, and VoIP Testing
    By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis

  QoS in Enterprise Networks
    By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis

  • IP PBXs: What to Look for in a
    Best-of-Breed Solution

    By Nimrod Borovsky

  • Content and the Long Tail

    By Richard “Zippy” Grigonis

  The LCD Monitor: A Thin Multimedia
    Collaboration Client and a New
    Paradigm for Collaborative
    Visual Communications

    By Richard “Zippy” Grigonis

  • Network Monitoring Gets Pervasive
    By Richard “Zippy” Grigonis

  Establishing Mobile Security
    By Janne Uusilehto

  • Accuracy and Flexibility: Revenue
    Assurance for the Next Generation

    By Alon Aginsky


  Inside Networking
  • The Laws of Networking

    By Tony Rybczynski

  • Can a Torrent Fit Through a Straw?
    By Hunter Newby

  Enterprise View
  • Sniffers, "Vishers" and Hackers
    Beware: The Overlooked Aspect
    of Securing Unified Messaging

    By Yaniv Livneh

  Regulation Watch 
  • Eighth Circuit Preempts State
    Utility Regulation

    By William B. Wilhelm, Jr.

  Next Wave Redux
  • Broadband - A Long View
    By Brough Turner

  Disaster Preparedness
  • Have You Done Everything Possible
    to Protect Your Organization?

     By Rich Tehrani & Max Schroeder

  Nitty Gritty
  • APPRO: From Slimline to HyperXtreme

    By Richard “Zippy” Grigonis

  Packet Voice Over Wireless
  • Fixed/Mobile Convergence
    Technology and Markets

    By Michael Stanford

  Tech Score
  • Adopting MicroTCA into the
    Wireless Space

    By Jeff Hudgins

                 In Every Issue

       Publisher's Outlook
       Open Source Wakes Up the Market

       By Rich Tehrani, Publisher,
       Internet Telephony Magazine

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