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Round Up



Selecting the right IP PBX is an important business decision. There are many companies that market even more PBXs; the truth is that some are true IP PBXs and some are hybrid solutions, and some may incorporate most of the features and benefits currently available via IP communications, while others may not. Some solutions may require more additional hardware than others, and some are more scalable. What matters is that any individual or company looking to make the switch to IP communications should be aware that there are countless viable options available and should do the appropriate research to ensure the end choice provides the maximum benefit for the situation. What follows is a listing of many IP PBX providers, with a brief summary of the offerings. We encourage you to use this as a starting point for your exploration of IP communications opportunities. Next months round-up will feature an alternative to these on-premise PBXs the hosted IP PBX.

The 3Com (news - alerts) NBX IP Telephony module delivers the intelligence, power, and flexibility for managing the most demanding communications needs of organizations in one or many locations. The NBX V3000 is affordable with sophisticated features for SMBs with four to 200 stations. It is a complete telephony solution with a design that can scale to 1,000 users. The system includes four analog central office ports, one analog terminal port for a device such as a fax machine, four ports for Auto Attendant/Voice Mail (expandable to 72), 400 hours of message storage, Automatic Call Distribution, graphical Call Detail Recording, and Desktop Call Assistant. The NBX V5000 provides advanced communications for up to 10 sites or 400 users. With all of the software features and scalability of the V3000 solution, the V5000 system adds the reassurance of redundant power supplies, hard drives, and uplink ports. The NBX 100 delivers VoIP communications for stand-alone small businesses with minimal growth requirements, existing NBX 100 systems at other sites, or who require BRI support. It ships with four ports (expandable to 12) and 30 minutes of Auto Attendant/Voice Mail (expandable to 80 hours), Automatic Call Distribution, graphical Call Detail Recording, and Desktop Call Assistant.

ADTRANs (news - alerts) NetVanta 7100 is a converged IP PBX switch/router that combines all of the networking functionality needed for voice, data, and Internet communications in a single, easy-to-use platform. The NetVanta 7100 sets a new price point for IP PBX systems that support up to 50 users at costs of up to 40% less than traditional multi-product VoIP solutions. ADTRAN designed the NetVanta 7100 for SMBs that want the features larger systems offer, but that dont have the IT staff or budget to support a large, complex system. The SIP-based PBX includes voicemail, auto attendant, a 24-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, full-featured IP Router, IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN), stateful inspection firewall, and Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize voice traffic. It also includes an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows users to easily make changes and add new phones. ADTRANs optional n-Command network productivity software enables authorized partners to quickly and easily perform remote system backups and firmware updates for end users.

The Alcatel (news - alerts) OmniPCX Enterprise is an integrated, interactive communications solution for medium-sized businesses and large corporations. It combines the best of the old (legacy TDM phone connectivity) with the new (a native IP platform and support for Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP) to provide an effective and complete communications solution for cost-conscious companies on the cutting edge. Alcatels solution is designed to improve productivity and enhance customer care, while reducing capital expenses and operations costs. It provides a high-availability platform (under UNIX and Linux), which delivers powerful communication tools, including a customer care center, business applications and tools that simplify daily administrative tasks. The Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise also features an embedded mobility solution, Web-enabled soft phone, feature-rich networking over all types of media, and resiliency mechanisms. The Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise is built around six value propositions:

Architectural flexibility
Intelligent networking
Highest reliability
Simplified management
Agile workplace
Superior customer interaction

Designed for companies up to 100 users, the Allworx (news - alerts) 10x system is a state-of-the art communications system that integrates three essential business operations into one simple system. It is a feature-rich phone system, a robust data network system, and a message center that substantially improves productivity. The Allworx 10x provides enterprise-class features, such as custom call routing, presence management, call center control, remote user access and site-to-site connectivity. It is a phone system that integrates VoIP with a fully featured PBX and Key system, providing amazing flexibility and power to the small business. The system also supports remote users and you can connect multiple Allworx systems to create one phone system across multiple sites. The Allworx 10x is flexible, scalable, and offers LAN and WAN access. It easily integrates into your existing network, or it can function as your complete network server. You can even create a VPN that provides secure Internet access for remote employees or directly connects two office locations. The Allworx 6x delivers the same level of enterprise-class service and functionality for companies with up to 30 users.

Out of the box, AltiGen (news - alerts) provides a high level of capability for the money. Every AltiServ system is prepackaged with software and licensing for the operator, extensions, and AltiViews call control software. The system includes all standard PBX functionality, a comprehensive voice mail system, call detail reporting and an advanced auto attendant. The system can support all Voice over IP, analog, or a combination of both. The system is easily scaled in both size and capability. This inherent flexibility will allow your company to easily adapt the phone system to the way you would like to do business. Based on your current needs and future plans, there are a selection of AltiServ base systems to fit every business. AltiServ phone systems are All in One products that can be easily administered on site or remotely.

Anta Systems
Anta Systems (news - alerts) has developed a turnkey VoIP solution that reduces the cost and complexity of VoIP deployment, enabling service providers and SMEs to reap the benefits of VoIP without unnecessarily large capital investments. Antas Simplicity VoIP System is an end-to-end SIP-based VoIP solution. The Simplicity SE-160 is a plug and play IP PBX designed for small businesses that has all of the traditional PBX features as well as a suite of enhanced applications such as auto-attendant, visual voicemail, 9-way conferencing and remote access capability. It is designed to be deployed in multi-site SMEs or as a Managed IP PBX solution by service providers. The Simplicity ME-1000 brings to SMEs integrated functionalities of a media gateway, Softswitch, media server, application server, SBC. It is designed to enable VoIP service providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch basic residential and business VoIP services, as well as enhanced services such as IP Centrex, Visual Voicemail and VoIP Conferencing. The ME-2000 for SMEs integrates the functionalities of a media gateway, Softswitch, media server, application server, and SBC. It is designed to enable VoIP service providers to quickly and cost-effectively launch basic residential and business VoIP services as well as enhanced services such as IP Centrex, Visual Voicemail and VoIP Conferencing.

Asterisk (news - alerts) is a complete PBX in software that runs on Linux, BSD, and MacOSX, providing all of the features you would expect from a PBX and more. Asterisk does VoIP in many protocols and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware Asterisk needs no additional hardware for VoIP. For interconnection with digital and analog telephony equipment, Asterisk supports a number of hardware devices, most notably all of the hardware manufactured by Asterisks sponsors, Digium. Asterisk supports a wide range of TDM protocols for the handling and transmission of voice over traditional telephony interfaces. Asterisk supports US and European standard signaling types used in standard business phone systems, allowing it to bridge between next generation voice/data integrated networks and existing infrastructure. Asterisk provides a central switching core, with four APIs for modular loading of telephony applications, hardware interfaces, file format handling, and codecs. It allows for transparent switching between all supported interfaces, allowing it to tie together a diverse mixture of telephony systems into a single switching network.

Avaya (news - alerts) IP Office is an all-in-one solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing SMBs. Due to its modular design, the solution can scale from 2 to 360 extensions to meet the needs of home offices, stand-alone businesses, and networked branch and head offices. IP Office supports a wide range of telephones, but the 5400 series Digital phones and the 5600 series IP phones have been specifically designed to work with IP Office and provide SMBs with a choice of solutions to meet business efficiency and customer service requirements. IP Office is a highly integrated voice and data communication solution that aims to deliver within a single product solution the complete communication requirements of the SME customer including many of the benefits enjoyed by the larger enterprises. Avaya IP Office can easily scale up to 360 endpoints with more than 200 analog and digital trunks (up to 96 trunks; 192 analog trunks), giving small and medium size businesses room to grow. Multiple Avaya IP Office systems can be linked together using a standard data network, providing limited rich transparency and advanced applications, such as centralized voice mail and call center. Avaya IP Office allows users access from desktop computers, laptop PCs, with individual firewall security and access control.

Aztech Systems
With Aztech (news - alerts) IP PBX system IPX1050, calling an overseas office within the same organization is virtually free as it uses SIP to establish connections among users. A web browser-based tool will configure and assign telephone extension number to employees within an organization. Aztech IPX1050 is PoE enabled and does not require any power adaptor, as the Ethernet cable will provide the necessary power The IPX1050 will induce significant cost savings by allowing customers to manage a single system for voice and data and the sharing of a single broadband connection. It scalable to 50 extensions and 8 PSTN lines, so customers can start with a system based on their current needs and then, as they grow, scale accordingly. It supports 50 voice mailboxes and 100 hours of recorded messages. The system is also softphone and WiFi compatible, leaving room for todays convergent technology and comes with a convenient, easy to use Web-based installation tool. It also includes PoE support.

BlueNote(news - alerts)
SessionSuite IP Telephony, modular standards-based IP communications software, delivers voice/video as distributed communication services that can be easily incorporated into enterprises business process applications. SessionSuite IP Telephony offers real-time voice/video services as standalone IP applications that can be accessed over any network by any application or user. It leverages enterprises existing data center infrastructure, integrating voice with the same back-office directory, authentication, authorization and accounting services employed for data applications. Optimizing the Internet, it economically extends the reach of services outside of enterprises traditional four walls. By combining industry standard SIP with Web Services, enterprises can easily integrate voice/video services into their business processes and applications within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Enterprises benefit from SessionSuite IP Telephonys ability to provide a forward-looking solution where voice/video can be tightly integrated into business processes, while leveraging existing infrastructure investment to offer high-value, applications-based communication services to users, customers, partners and employees.

Brekeke(news - alerts)
OnDO PBX is a software-based telephony system. It is SIP-compliant and Web-based for easy installation and management. The PBX includes all the features of traditional PBX systems, such as call transfer, call conference, call forwarding, voicemail, and much more. Our OnDO PBX, SmallOffice and Standard Editions, which have multi-platform support, provide fully functional telephone systems often referred to as PBX systems. They are easily managed through a web-based administrative tool, and scalable. Both editions feature voicemail, call forwarding, call conference, call monitoring, call recording, and much more. You can install and use a fully functional IP-PBX, with OnDO PBX, quickly and easily. OnDO PBX Version 1.5, Standard Edition, now supports Automatic Route Selection (ARS) failover. With ARS failover, OnDO PBX seeks an alternate route if the specified route is unavailable, and makes outgoing calls on the best route depending on the situation.

Cisco (news - alerts) Unified CallManager is a scalable, distributable, and highly available enterprise IP telephony call processing solution. It extends enterprise telephony features and capabilities to packet telephony network devices, such as IP phones, media processing devices, VoIP gateways, and multimedia applications. Additional services, such as unified messaging, multimedia conferencing, collaborative contact centers, and interactive multimedia response systems are made possible through Cisco Unified CallManager open telephony APIs. Cisco Unified CallManager is installed on the Cisco Media Convergence Server 7800 Series of server platforms and selected third-party servers. Cisco Unified CallManager Version 5.0 enhances application delivery through the support of line-side SIP and SIP trunk-side enhancements. These enhancements facilitate increased interoperability with third-party applications and devices, and provide the foundation for supporting innovative new presence-based applications. In addition, Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 simplifies deployment and management by supporting a Linux-based appliance model implementation. This version also features networking and administration enhancements, including support for Cisco RSVP Agent which enables more efficient use of networks.

Rather than supporting multiple PBX systems and remote connections, Citels (news - alerts) EXTender products allow enterprises to connect remote call centers, home workers, and branch offices to a central digital PBX over an IP network, significantly reducing telecom operating costs and simultaneously improving business operations by providing single voice mail and call center applications, central reception, and four-digit dialing throughout the enterprise. As enterprise customers become ready to complete the migration to SIP, the EXTender IP6000 can be software upgraded to accommodate an on-premise or service provider hosted IP PBX, leveraging the existing handset and wiring infrastructure at each location. This phased migration path allows enterprises to immediately realize the advantages of a central PBX platform, then complete the full migration to SIP telephony in the future. The EXTender IP6000 expands the EXTender product line with a new lower price point and an assured upgrade path to SIP-based hosted or premise IP telephony in the future. The EXTender IP6000 is available in a 12-Port configuration, which can be scaled to accommodate the number of stations at each remote site. The EXTender IP6000 is compatible with many leading PBX platforms, including Avaya/Lucent Definity and Magix, Nortel Meridian and Norstar, Alcatel, Ericsson, Iwatsu, Toshiba, and Panasonic

Colt Telecom
Colt Telecoms (news - alerts) IP PBX service can either be hosted in Colts data centers or at the customer premises. It includes several hundred traditional PBX telephony features, in addition to new IP-enabled functionality such as softphone support and number portability. Additional services in development include video telephony, hosted voice recording and fixed/mobile convergence services. The advantage to customers is they can realize the benefits of an IP PBX, while not having to deal with system management. Colts pricing model is a flat-rate one, which includes an installation fee and a monthly charge for service. Colts service brings together the reliability, security, and features needed for business. The enhanced COLT IP Voice is now available as a stand-alone service or as part of the COLT Total service, which extends the power of IP telephony to a wider group of businesses, from small businesses with as few as 20 users to large organizations with as many as 1000 users. This launch marks the second phase of Colts Total converged voice and data service for SMBs. Additional rollouts will include video telephony, voice recording, and mobile services.

Dialexias (news - alerts) line of enterprise solutions is a suite of products that address small business communications needs. For companies that have an established Local Area Network (LAN) and want to converge data and voice over that network, Dial-Office is the ideal IP-based PBX solution. Dial-Office is an Internet alternative to the traditional circuit-switched enterprise phone system. It lets service providers deliver all of the features that companies are accustomed to in full-featured PBX or Centrex systems without the associated high costs. It handles internal calls, connects users to the worldwide phone network and sets up and manages their users and resources while offering a seamless integration of voice, data and video using a simple configuration and management tool. Dial-Office is also suitable for multi-office connection, connecting branches which are geographically distant from each other. Built on Multi-domains Architecture, Dial-Office offers the flexibility of distributed location connections; unlike legacy PBXs, it offers employees a wide availability IP-Phone use in any location served by the companys Wide Area Network

Ericssons (news - alerts) multi convergence communication system is the MD110 Convergence Communication System, a system that well and truly integrates fixed and mobile telephony, IP phones, PC softphones, cordless phones, mobile/cellular phones, digital phones and IP Gateways. MD110 Convergence Communication System supports cost-effective, seamless communication across corporate voice networks, intranet, LANs, WANs, and public networks. Through convergence, enterprises will have the power to be productive by capitalizing on real-time, mission-critical business and communication applications. Now full IP Networking between MD110 and BusinessPhone enable convergence on existing IP connections, making for highly flexible work methods and better cost efficiency. Dynamic Network Administration, D.N.A., gives IT managers the choice of managing the network from a single point or from multiple points. You can manage a network of any size simply by adding D.N.A. servers and linking these together over a WAN. And you can distribute management responsibility to designated individuals anywhere within the network, each with different levels of access.

FacetPhone (news - alerts) is an IP PBX telephone system that transforms the business phone system into software running on industry standard servers operating industry standard VoIP gateways. The system will never become obsolete, since individual components can be replaced or added as needed with the latest components. FacetPhone comes with all the features you expect in a phone system, such as voice mail, auto-attendant, conferencing, callerID support, call detail recording, and call center features like automatic call distribution, call monitoring, call recording and call barge-in. In addition, with its graphical computer user interface, FacetPhone provides visual voice mail management, enterprise instant messaging, computer telephony integration with UNIX or Linux or Windows applications, presence and availability management, roaming extensions, and branch office and telecommuter support for toll bypass and true remote employee integration. The FacetPhone architecture is based on a Linux or UNIX server, external media gateways, and standard analog telephones which make the phone system inherently flexible, reliable and cost effective.

Fonalitys (news - alerts) PBXtra product line provides small businesses with enterprise-class phone systems for 40 to 80% less than the cost of traditional PBX systems. PBXtra is a complete PBX application for small business customers who want a phone system with enterprise-class capabilities. PBXtras enterprise-class features include telecommuting, branch office support, voicemail-to-email, click-to-call, VoIP, softphones, support for IP and analog phones, and advanced call center functionality. Fonality has streamlined and simplified the complex tasks of PBX setup, administration and management to make PBXtra the worlds first enterprise-class phone system that can be installed and administered remotely using a Web browser, without specialized training. The PBXtra software runs on standard PC hardware, Digium hardware cards, and uses layers of Open Source Linux and Asterisk software to provide the least expensive option for small businesses deploying IP PBX phone systems.

Whether you need to connect several phones in an office, hundreds of phones in a building or on a campus, remote and telecommuting associates, or even geographically dispersed offices, Inter-Tel (news - alerts) unifies your communications into a single enterprise that interoperates harmoniously. The Axxess Converged Communications Platform offers a flexible, feature-rich solution that is migration-friendly and Internet ready. The converged platform combines IP, wireless, digital, and analog into a single platform enabling you to deploy traditional or IP telephony or a combination of both when and where its right for your organization. Axxess is based on open architecture interfaces and standard protocols, which offer the flexibility to tailor the platform to suit your dynamic needs. Support for VoIP protocols, such as SIP, provides a communications pathway connecting diverse tools together so that they can speak to each other. SIP enables simple, flexible connectivity, which allow infrastructures, applications and endpoints to interact in a standard manner. Axxess also supports IEEE standards, such as 802.11b and 802.3af enabling your business to provide tools that facilitate the mobility of employees.

IPBX Systems(news - alerts)
The LanPBX has all the features you would expect from a modern PBX, with a simple to use Web interface for both the users and management. Built on industry standards, it offers flexibility, ease of use, and all the features you expect. A new phone system needs to take advantage of modern communications methods in order to help increase productivity, save money, and communications. The LanPBX offers unrivaled flexibility in the way it can be deployed, which allows for the ideal integration into your office environment, supporting multiple offices and remote workers with ease. The connection to the phone network and the physical configuration can be specified to integrate into your current IT practices. LanPBX conforms to SIP standards, ensuring that new SIP-compliant products can be added to the LanPBX through its Web-based management interface. The VoiceXML scriptable LanMS can be used to introduce new services from traditional phone-based features through to new features based on the IP architecture.

Iwatsu(news - alerts)
The Enterprise 2.0 Communications Server utilizes QuadFusion Technology to marry the four dominant communication protocols onto one platform. SIP, VoIP, TDM, and H.323 can be used alone or in tandem, making the Enterprise 2.0 a truly versatile system. It converges voice and data traffic for higher cost savings, fewer hardware requirements, and more flexible bandwidth usage. Its reliable modular design allows small companies to grow up to 1024 ports with add-on features and applications. It can integrates various applications, including transparent networking, unified communications, contact center solutions, in-building wireless and more. Web integration provides convenient browser-based system administration and reduced maintenance costs and flash-based software allows system updates from a remote maintenance console, eliminating the need to modify or replace hardware to support new software revisions. The systems also peer-to-peer communication enabling IP phones to talk to each other directly and rely less on system resources.

Linksys - alerts)
The SPA9000 marries the rich feature set of high-end PBX telephone systems with the convenience and cost advantages of VoIP. It has common voice system features, such as an auto-attendant, shared line appearances, three way call conferencing, intercom, music on hold, call forwarding, and much more. The SPA9000 opens up access to the benefits of VoIP, including low-cost long distance service, telephone number portability, and one network for both voice and data. The SPA9000 is so easy to configure that a fully working system can be set up in minutes. New telephones are automatically detected and registered when they are connected to the SPA9000. The SPA9000 has an integrated Web server that allows features to be configured using a Web browser. The Web server has multiple levels of password protected access to user- and service-level features. While the SPA9000 will work with any SIP compatible IP Phone, it is the ideal host for Linksys IP Phones. Powerful configuration capabilities enable the SPA9000 to support a greater set of advanced features with these IP Phones, such as shared line appearances, hunt groups, call transfer, call parking lot, and group paging. With its two FXS ports, the SPA9000 can support traditional analog devices such as telephones, answering machines, FAX machines, and media adapters.

The Mitel (news - alerts) 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) provides enterprises with a highly scalable, feature-rich communications system designed to support businesses from 10-65,000 users. The 3300 ICP provides enterprise IP PBX capability plus a range of embedded applications including standard unified messaging, auto-attendant, ACD and wireless. Operating across virtually any LAN/WAN infrastructure, the 3300 ICP provides seamless IP networking allowing for full feature transparency within distributed environments by supporting networking standards such as Q.SIG, DPNSS, and MSDN. The 3300 ICP provides organizations with the opportunity to IP-enable their legacy PBXs, protecting existing investments while delivering all the advantages of a converged infrastructure. The 3300 ICP supports the industrys largest range of desktop devices including entry-level IP phones, Web-enabled IP devices, wireless handsets, and full duplex IP audio conference units. Mitels Navigator integrates two of the most used business tools, the PC and the phone, to deliver real benefits to the user. The 3300 ICP also supports a powerful suite of applications including multimedia collaboration, customer relationship management and unified messaging. Industry standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are supported for extensive third-party applications through Mitel Solutions Network (MiSN).

The Centellis 1000 Series is a MicroTCA Open Application-Enabling Platform from Motorola (news - alerts). The Centellis 1000 series platform provides highly integrated and verified hardware and software components, reducing development costs and accelerating time-to-market. This allows telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs), defense primes, and original equipment makers (OEMs) in a broad range of market segments and applications, to focus their development efforts on critical, differentiating features that provide a competitive advantage. The Centellis 1000 series is designed to the draft specification of the MicroTCA open standard, making it physically smaller, with finer-grained scalability than Motorolas initial communications servers that are based on the AdvancedTCA industry standard. This fine-grained scalability enables MicroTCA platforms to support a pay-as-you-grow business model that allows customers to realize solutions with less capital expenditure and expand the computing platform capabilities in small, low-cost increments as demand for the new service increases. This advantage is particularly relevant to some of the new point-of-access applications such as WiMAX and IP PBX. The Centellis 1000 family will be used in a wide range of applications, such as WiMAX access points, VoIP access gateways, and cellular base stations where reducing the capital cost of installing or extending next-generation network elements is very important. Small physical size, low power consumption, and enhanced serviceability also make these new communication servers ideal for a variety of applications in defense/aerospace, federal, medical, and industrial market segments.

NECs (news - alerts) UNIVERGE NEAX family of voice systems has been designed for a lifeline rather than a lifecycle. Relatively simple upgrades have kept its systems current in technology and functionality, while preserving 80% or more of the customers existing investment. The UNIVERGE NEAX 2400 Internet Protocol eXchange (IPX) fuses existing NEC technologies with dynamic advancements in hardware and software to satisfy the most stringent system requirements. All of NECs networking services and Dterm Series E digital telephone features are provided when deployed over an IP network. Peer-to-peer switching is also introduced in the NEAX 2400, directly connecting all stations participating in a call to each other. The SV7000 provides over 780 service features that enhance productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve communications efficiently. Innovative hardware and software design allows it to serve efficiently and grow incrementally over its entire size spectrum, ranging from 50 ports to 16,000 ports. Expanding from its minimum configuration to its maximum capacity with virtually no loss of existing hardware, The SV 7000 can grow in a cost-effective manner along with the users requirements.

Nero(news - alerts)
The SIPPSTAR IP PBX isan innovative, cost-effective, modern, software-based alternative to expensive conventional telecommunications systems that makes it possible for you to use innovative VoIP technology in your business. You have the option of operating the SIPPSTAR IP PBX as an extension of your conventional system. To do this, you simply have to insert an ISDN card into the server on which your SIPPSTAR IP PBX runs, and then connect it via the S0-bus using a conventional ISDN cable. This operating mode provides you with significantly higher user scaling. You can also convert to the new technology gradually, without doing away with your old system. Another option is to operate SIPPSTAR as an independent telephone system. If you wish to make your telephone calls via a regular ISDN connection, you need an ISDN card in the server on which SIPPSTAR is operated. In this way, the SIPPSTAR IP PBX functions as a gateway server and feeds calls via an ISDN card directly into your ISDN multiple device, system or primary multiplexer (E1) connection on the local telephone network.Your company can then also be contacted from the public telephone network at the previous number.

Nortel(news - alerts)
Communication Server 1000 is a server-based, full-featured IP PBX, providing the benefits of a converged network plus advanced applications and over 450 world class telephony features. Fully distributed over IP LAN and WAN infrastructure with built-in reliabilityand survivability, Communication Server 1000 supports business-critical applications, including unified messaging, customer contact center, IVR, wireless VoIP and IP phones. CS 1000 is designed to scale to meet growing enterprise requirements up to 15,000 IP clients per call server, multiple Call Servers networked with transparent IP networking. Built-in reliability based on VXWorks operating system and proven feature set with multiple resiliency mechanisms, including survivable Call Servers, Signaling Server redundancy configurations and survivable WAN gateways. Extensive desktop portfolio includes IP phones, software phones, 802.11 Wireless VoIP phones, as well as digital and analog phones to meet diverse end-user requirements supports business-critical applications, including IP Contact Center, CallPilot unified messaging, and integrated services such as conferencing, one-number-follow-me Personal Call Director, recorded announcement, network-wide attendant and messaging

Pandora Networks
Pandora Networks (news - alerts) provides Worksmart on demand PBX services, uniquely targeted at small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). For the same price as a PBX-only solution, Worksmart provides an enterprise-class IP PBX, integrated with a comprehensive set of IP communications services. Pandoras features include:

Integration Offers PBX integrated with VoIP, a desktop client, call routing, private IM network, public IM access, video services, web co-browsing, group collaboration, web contact center (integrated with, ACD, ACD recording, ACD management and flat rate calling;
On-Demand Offered as a managed service vs. forcing SMBs to buy, integrate and manage expensive hardware/software;
Low Risk There are no changes to the SMBs existing systems, since Pandora can remain on top of the customers legacy system. SMBs can simply unsubscribe to the service and return to their legacy solutions if they are unsatisfied.

The pbxnsip (news - alerts) PBX is the perfect product for the small to medium-size enterprise. It offers all popular features of the PBX and maximizes the interoperability with existing vendors of SIP equipment. It works with most ITSP vendors that offer SIP services. pbxnsip customers enjoy:

The look & feel of a traditional PBX,
Connectivity to an ITSP or to a customer premises PSTN gateway,
The ability to run infrastructure solely on IP,
Vendor independence,
Built-in security using the sips, srtp, and sdes standards,
Built-in SBC for solving NAT problems, Call recording and paging functionality,
Trunking to gateways and service providers,

The PBX offers two ways to connect to external devices. First, you may register SIP user agents (UA), for example hard or soft phones, FAX or other SIP-compliant devices like conferences systems. Second, you may connect to the outside world via trunks. The PBX supports several kinds of trunks. You may connect a regular SIP PSTN gateway to the PBX and terminate your calls to the PSTN through this gateway. The gateway does not need to support advanced features like transfer or dialog stage. See the list of PSTN gateways that we were able to test already.

PBXpress(news - alerts)
If your phone system is based on a legacy PBX using old style telephone lines, PBXpress can offer a range of affordable products that will enhance your corporate telephony infrastructure, while dramatically reducing overall capital and operating costs. PBXpress products are at the forefront of the next generation of VoIP-based PBX replacements that offer tremendous benefits by consolidating your organizations data and telephony capabilities to a single network. PBXpress uses a reliable VoIP connection if it is available or it will fall back to a PSTN connection. In a PBXpress VoIP network each user is immediately recognized by handset or log on. Minimum investment is required to get started, since the PBXpress VoIP technology is embedded in your existing corporate data network. Subsequent telephony system expansion is as simple as plugging extra handsets into your existing LAN connections. PBXpress is software based and so upgrades can be performed remotely via the internet. The wealth of enhanced telephony user features that arrive with PBXpress will increase employee productivity while the superb array of built-in call recording and archiving features will facilitate control of telephony traffic.

Samsungs (news - alerts) OfficeServe 7200 communication system is a completely converged platform supporting both voice and data communication with powerful IP-based wired and wireless flexibility. The Samsung OfficeServe 7200 will support traditional voice communication, VoIP, IP-based data, and wireless solutions through a wireless LAN Businesses can deploy OfficeServ 7200 to build sophisticated telephony applications, secure data-communications infrastructure, and policy-driven networks. OfficeServ 7200 with its comprehensive range of features and functionality, offers an effective, affordable solution for any organization. Whether you are a small office, a main office, or a branch of a larger organization with a need to take advantage of cutting-edge solutions, the OfficeServ 7200 can be at the heart of your communications network. The OfficeServ 7200 includes a firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, policy manager and packet shaper. By deploying both a firewall and an intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS) the OfficeServ7200 is particularly strong on network security. The IDS not only monitors network traffic but reports attempted security breaches to the network manager by way of an alarm. The included technology ensures that voice will always be automatically prioritized. The OfficeServ 7200 also provides all of the telephony features and rich functionality necessary for mobility solutions and home working.

The ShoreTel (news - alerts) system is a completely integrated IP phone system that scales seamlessly from one to 10,000 users including PBX, voice mail, and automated attendant functions. The ShoreTel system is built from the ground up to be easy to use and manage full-featured IP PBX system. Its distributed architecture is ideal for multi-site companies that span multiple locations because their phone system appears and behaves as one, unified system. ShoreTel 6 is the sixth generation of its distributed IP PBX voice solution, incorporating ShoreTels management and integration capabilities and integrated software distribution, media encryption, on-net dialing, and increased support of international operations. With native SIP support, ShoreTel 6 provides increased flexibility supporting connectivity to third party devices such as WiFi phones, conference room phones, and gateways. Office Anywhere extends the power of the ShoreTel system to remote workers without relying on the internet for voice quality. Remote users have all the power and productivity of all their Personal Call Manager delivered over their internet connection yet have the confidence of toll quality voice since the phone call uses the PSTN ShoreTel 6 allows you to mix and match multi-vendor equipment with SIP support per the IETFs RFC 3261.

Siemens(news - alerts)
HiPath is a modular portfolio of multifunctional communication and security solutions. It makes it possible to set up a modern real-time communications landscape and ensures that employees are always accessible and that corporate resources can be accessed from any location. HiPath solutions are based on open interfaces and compliance with common standards, so companies need only invest in those components they truly require. Existing systems can be migrated, new applications installed, and existing telephones adapted to current requirements through software updates. HiPath convergence solutions integrate the wireline and wireless worlds offering comprehensive options combined with an attractive return on investment and low Total Cost of Ownership HiPath applications integrate seamlessly into existing business applications and deliver the necessary presence and status information. HiPath offers secure access to all resources, accelerating communications and decision-making processes. The basis for a reliable and resilient communications environment, HiPath Real Time IP Systems transmits voice, data and video worldwide and over any type of network. This means service is never interrupted and productivity is enhanced. This goes for very small business networks, as well as huge global networks with 100,000 or more users:

HiPath 1100 and HiPath 1220 for small enterprises
HiPath 3000 for small to medium enterprises
HiPath 3000 and HiPath 5000 for medium to large enterprises
HiPath 4000 for medium to very large enterprises
HiPath 8000 for very large global enterprises

SIP Foundry(news - alerts)
The sipXpbx solution is an open source enterprise SIP PBX, complete with voice mail, auto-attendant, and a host of features. It is suited for large and small enterprise use, as it supports fully redundant call control (HA) as well as a SOAP-based Web services interface. sipXpbx offers plug and play Web-based management, including integrated management and configuration of attached phones and gateways. sipXpbx is a modular server based solution that runs on standard Linux. sipXpbx does not require any additional hardware as it interoperates with any SIP compliant gateway, phone or application. sipXpbx is a native SIP communications solution strictly following and implementing all the relevant SIP IETF standards. sipX is an IP PBX, but its much more than that it is an ECS (Enterprise Communications Server). It handles voice and video, but its vision goes far beyond that. Real-time communications should be like email a global interoperable system that allows for the exchange of real-time information of any kind (voice, video, IM, collaboration). A system based on presence throughout. A system based on SIP URI addresses that over time will replace PSTN phone numbers.

With the snom (news - alerts) VoIP Box IP PBX solution theres no more need for expensive hardware components, such as gateways or servers snom is breaking new ground with the VoIP Box. The snom VoIP Box is a 9x8x4cm small complete IP PBX solution thats easy to attach to your LAN. It doesnt contain any moveable parts, like hard disks or ventilators, so its durable and extremely low maintenance. Its also completely silent. The snom VoIP Box can be completely configured through Web interfaces, by the customer or one of our partners. The configured software sits fully onthe VoIP Boxs built-in Compact Flash (CF). Then simplyconnect the snom VoIP Box to the local LAN, using an Ethernet cable, plug in the Compact Flash, and switch on the power. After less than two minutes lyour whole telephone system is up and running with all the performance features of a telecommunications private branch exchange which, in addition, can be extended over Web interfaces.

Sphericall (news - alerts) IP PBX is a business communications application that runs on industry-standard servers across your existing data network without expensive proprietary hardware. It is an open system solution that supports standards-based business telephony devices, gateways, and other communications endpoints, giving you the greatest flexibility and choice to create a customized enterprise communications solution to fit your unique needs. Through its unique distributed software architecture, Sphericall IP PBX scales to 30,000 ports and achieves 99.999% reliability with no single point of failure. Rather than simply clustering servers to achieve redundancy, Sphericall IP PBX is built upon a distributed software architecture that enables you to achieve 99.999% reliability in every location. Sphericall IP PBX offers Sphericall Web Services, providing a rich set of communications services for integration with other enterprise-class business applications. With Sphericall Web Services, the IP PBX becomes an enterprise softswitch that is utilized by various business applications to integrate communications into your business processes. The result is an advanced, proven enterprise communications platform that seamlessly integrates with your business. Now you can stop thinking about your phone system and start leveraging integrated communications to create value for your business. Sphericall IP PBX is the worlds most flexible, scalable, reliable and cost effective IP PBX.

Switchvox (news - alerts) is everything that you dont expect from a PBX. Its truly affordable, easy to set up, simple to configure, and a breeze to maintain. It has features that let your business run more effectively and with fewer hassles. And it does all of this for a fraction of the cost of the PBX dinosaurs of the past. Switchvox is VoIP enabled, can use basic telephone equipment, and almost any sized business will find its a perfect fit. The Switchvox PBX interoperates seamlessly with traditional standards-based telephony systems and VoIP systems, so you can call anyone in the world regardless of their phone, PBX, or phone company. Setting up your Switchvox couldnt be any easier when you use VoIP because no additional hardware is needed. You can set up your PBX to use VoIP in a matter of minutes. Your Switchvox PBX supports SIP, the technology choice for real-time communication session control throughout the Internet, corporate networks, and within next generation wireless networks.

Tadirans (news - alerts) Coral IP-enabled servers allow you to add functionality and capacity as your business needs change and grow, helping to minimize your total infrastructure cost over time. Designed to provide unparalleled scalability, Corals voice and IP-enabled features are completely compatible from the smallest system to the largest. Whatever the size of your business, there is a Coral system to deliver the bottom-line benefits you expect from advanced networking: lower networking costs, improved customer service, and increased employee productivity.

Coral6000 High traffic duplicate processors for large businesses needing 6,000 ports and critical component redundancy;
Coral 5000 Duplicate processors for medium to large businesses needing 5,000 ports and critical component redundancy;
Coral 400 Full-featured communications in a mid-sized platform supporting up to 384 ports;
Coral 200 Powerful, state-of-the-art communications for the small business needing up to 200 ports;
Coral FlexSets Digital telephones to complement your Coral system;
Coral QNet Build a converged network with the QSIG global standard incorporated in your Coral system;
Coral FlexAttendant Make every customers call a smooth, professional experience by delivering information directly to telephone attendant PCs.

TalkSwitch (news - alerts) is a new-breed, all-in-one phone system designed specifically for businesses with 1 to 32 phone users per location. Its big-company features and intelligent capabilities work right out of the box and are a snap to customize. It integrates standard analog telephones, fax machines, cellular and offsite phones with the traditional telephone network and the Internet for VoIP. TalkSwitch delivers a world of connections, easy configurability and unprecedented prices. TalkSwitch comes with features that many other companies charge extra for and can be up and running in an hour. There also is no need for specialized telephones; TalkSwitch is compatible with standard analog telephones, so it works with existing phone sets corded or cordless. TalkSwitch is a SIP-based hybrid phone system that can be connected to both the traditional telephone network and the Internet. With broadband access, and the optional VoIP module, businesses can place branch-to-branch calls over the Internet and access SIP-based service provider networks. Built with an upgradeable, modular architecture, expansion with entails snapping in an expansion board or connecting additional units over the LAN. TalkSwitch does the rest.

Toshiba(news - alerts)
The Strata CIX family includes modular, scalable, and networkable IP systems that provide sophisticated business communication features for businesses of all sizes. These systems deliver on the promise of IP telephony by providing all the features and benefits of our traditional business communications systems on a converged IP platform. Because Strata CIX systems support all types of telephones, they provide the configuration flexibility to build the communications system you need, in addition to the investment protection from re-using devices from other Strata systems. Thats why the Strata CIX is much more than just an IP system. It is a unified communications environment that supports all types of client devices. Toshibas Strata Media Application Server supports voice processing and all value-added applications integrated within one platform that connects to the Strata CIX via Ethernet. Applications include:

Auto Attendant
Voice Mail
Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
Unified Messaging
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
ACD Reporting
Toshiba-approved 3rd party CTI applications
Info Manager Web-based telephone applications
FeatureFlex adaptability tools
eManager browser-based system administration.

Vertical(news - alerts)
InstantOffice delivers the features most in demand in an IP PBX, including voicemail, conferencing, auto-attendant, and integrated fax. Equally important, it accommodates the budget and staffing constraints of smaller organizations, allowing you to dramatically enhance the quality and efficiency of voice communication while keeping a tight lid on costs. InstantOffice allows your organization to consolidate voice and data communications on a unified platform that is easy to use, easy to manage and economical. The system provides VoIP capabilities, integration of voicemail, e-mail, and fax, and integrated networking all delivered using a single, cost-effective T1 line. The InstantOffice PBX provides a comprehensive set of features for handling calls promptly, efficiently and flexibly. Easy-to-use functions such as call transfer, call waiting, off-site call forwarding and paging through speakerphones and overhead systems help ensure that calls reach the intended recipient, even if that individual is away from their desk or out of the office. InstantOffice supports a wide variety of analog and digital endpoint phones, giving you the flexibility to deploy the best and most cost-effective device for the purpose at hand, all using a single infrastructure. With an extensive set of customizable features, the system can be tailored to meet the unique and fast-changing needs of your organization.

Vodavi(news - alerts)
Available for businesses seeking cost-effective mobile applications for remotely dispersed workforces ranging in size from 10 to 250 station users, the TeleniumIP system with Generation III software is based on distributed architecture thats completely LAN-based with Web-based system administration and maintenance. TeleniumIP offers a full suite of user applications that improve communications and deliver mobility required to network multiple offices, home offices and remote buildings together for a cohesive communications solution. Enhanced capabilities include the IP7000 Series of Desktop Telephones and Soft Phone IP Endpoints that improve mobility and deliver voice and video capability on a laptop PC or PDA. Enhanced calling features, integrated ACD and enhanced system administration features are included. A wireless IP (WiFi) handset that operates via wireless access points will be available in 2006.

Vonexus(news - alerts)
Traditional PBX phone equipment was never made for VoIP and open standards like SIP. Enterprise Interaction Center, however, is a pre-integrated IP PBX application suite and phone system designed for VoIP and SIP out of the box. More than that, EIC gives your enterprise everything it needs for new-age business communications. With EIC, customers get an integrated SIP-based media server that offloads the processing of call recording and other media operations, allowing enterprises to leverage SIPs network scalability. They also get a bundled software suite for IP technologies that favor software over hardware, and that incorporates a cost-effective disaster recovery solution. Vonexus developed the EIC IP communications and phone system software exclusively for businesses using Microsofts product families. But EIC is truly designed for any company looking to lower costs and gain long-term investment protection by deploying VoIP and Microsoft-based standards using the SIP-architected EIC IP communications solution. And whether your enterprise is centralized in one location or looking to consolidate distributed branch offices, regional offices and remote and mobile workers on a single IP communications platform, the EIC solution is powerful enough to accommodate your entire organization.

Whaleback Systems
Whaleback Systems (news - alerts) has leveraged cutting-edge technologies and the latest industry standards to engineer a software-driven PBX that transports voice signals over a broadband connection instead of a traditional phone line. Our software-driven solution seamlessly integrates with your IT network to simplify system management, streamline communications, save money, and provide the advanced features your company needs, including desktop messaging, video calling and our exclusive Road Warrior Functionality. Best of all, Whalebacks all-inclusive service package makes the most advanced technology immediately affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. The Whaleback SMB 1500 solution was built from the ground up specifically for broadband. It also is 100% premise-based and software-driven to simplify system management and make advanced features easy to use. Theres no equipment to purchase and upgrades are free so you do not have to worry about obsolescence. Whalebacks exclusive Road Warrior Functionality feature connects customers with employees, regardless of their location, and gives mobile employees full access to the system, which streamlines communications and improves productivity.

The three Zultys (news - alerts) systems MX250, MX1200, and MX30 are fully integrated IP PBX systems based on open standards. Each system can autonomously provide full PBX functionality enhanced with real-time collaboration applications. Customers can cost-effectively deploy an enterprise class VoIP platform for 5 to 10,000 users. The MX30 is a powerful system that enables multimedia communications for small offices. By integrating the functions of many devices into a compact box, the MX30 simplifies the VoIP network. It is a comprehensive solution that is easy to install, use, and maintain. The MX250 makes VoIP affordable for SMBs or branch offices. It scales from 5 to 250 users without additional hardware, combining the functionality of a PBX, voice mail server, voice gateway, and Internet gateway. Built with the same technology and the same productivity tools as the MX1200, it provides smaller sites with premium features at attractive prices. The MX1200 is a truly converged product that makes VoIP viable for the enterprise. This single 2U box brings together the functionality of a PBX, voice mail server, switch router, and Internet gateway. With a host of productivity applications, such as IM, presence, and PC voicemail management, the MX1200 can streamline communications for facilities with 25 to 1200 users.The system is 100% based on open standards, embedding technologies such as SIP, TAPI, VoiceXML, and Linux. IT

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