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China vs. USA


Rich Tehrani

In the battle for technological supremacy, it seems that China has lost a major battle in its efforts to end its reliance on imported DSPs and other chips. The New York Times reported that Chen Jin, a dean of Shanghais prestigious Jiaotong University and the leader of a government-funded high-tech research project, was dismissed from his university posts this week and stripped of other government titles and perks. The government also said that Professor Chen had been permanently banned from taking part in any government-funded science projects.

In a statement, Jiaotong University one of the nations elite schools said, Chen Jin has breached the trust of being a scientist and educator. His behavior is despicable.

Certainly, this should be great news for companies like Texas Instruments and others that rely on DSPs to provide valuable revenue. In addition, Intel can breathe a sigh of relief, as this news will likely set the entire countrys independent tech discoveries back a bit.

This news shows how some in China see the need to import technology from beyond Chinas borders as something so horrid that it becomes better to fabricate research than import. It shows you how seriously many in China take their role as an up and coming technology powerhouse.

Perhaps this discovery of fabricated research will actually slow China down a bit and force them to become a better tech citizen. Hopefully, this embarrassment will make others in the country to think twice before they try something similar.

In addition, this news also shows how difficult it is to duplicate research that has been done in the U.S. and other countries. It would seem that even infinite resources do not let you become the equal of more established countries overnight. In the end, it takes time, hard work, and honesty to produce worthy products in the technology space.

For now, China has received the equivalent of a technical foul. Hopefully, they will come out and play in a more sportsmanlike manner for the rest of this game. IT

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