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Building the Right Communications System


Advanced Building Products (ABP) is a professional wholesale provider of exterior building products. It has been serving the State of Louisiana for decades from its three locations in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette and remains true to its long-time dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and service.

The Challenge
In 2003 ABP began planning for a move to a new location in Harahan, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans. Faced with the decision of whether to move an old, antiquated phone system to the new site or upgrade to a modern one, the company easily reached its conclusion — a new communications system was in order. So, the search was on for a phone system that could be administered in-house without having to frequently call in outside help for minor changes. At the same time, ABP wanted to plan for a way to substantially cut long distance charges, especially for calls made between their own locations.

The Solution
Late in 2003, Advanced Building selected and installed FacetPhone in its New Orleans location. In fact, it already was a user of FacetCorp’s FacetWin — an all in one Windows to UNIX/Linux connectivity product — and FacetTerm products — a session manager product. Based its satisfaction with the other products, ABP had confidence in FacetCorp’s product quality and customer service. Other factors taken into consideration were the ease of administration, call detail recording, multi-location integration, integration with computer applications, and the ability to “see” all the employees’ activity and status through the graphical user interface and presence management.

Then, in the summer of 2005, ABP deployed FacetPhone at its Lafayette and Baton Rouge locations and subsequently connected those to the New Orleans office over the Internet with FacetPhone’s VoIP solution. With FP’s four-digit dialing, users can now just dial an extension to reach someone in a different location. Not only is the inter-office communication simpler and easier, but the company is saving considerable dollars in long distance charges from internal communications as well as from outside calls with FacetPhone’s least cost routing.

“We have recently installed FacetPhone at our other two locations and, by using FacetPhone for our inter-office calls, we expect a savings of about $1000 per month in long distance charges,” noted James Johannesen, ABP’s General Manager. “In addition to these hard savings, it is now much easier for our employees to contact co-workers at other locations by simply dialing their extension.” IT

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