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60 Seconds With...Brian Mahony

Greg Galitzine speaks with Netcentrexs Vice President of Marketing


Brian Mahony is Vice President of Marketing at Netcentrex. Ive known Brian for several years, and Ive followed the companys rise to prominence in the Triple Play space. In fact, as I write this, its quite an exciting time for Netcentrex. They recently announced they were reprising their successful Triple Play Symposium, which the company introduced last year to much acclaim. Im honored to have been invited to anchor a panel of Triple Play experts during this years Symposium and I look forward to helping Netcentrex with their goal of educating the worlds service providers about Triple Play and what they can hope to reap by deploying these compelling new services as well as providing a forum where these service providers could engage each other in a free flow of ideas.

Interestingly enough, several hours before I sent this article to my production team, the news came down that Comverse Technology had agreed to acquire Netcentrex. I asked Brian what Netcentrex was hoping to achieve by hosting another Triple Play Symposium as well as what was driving the triple play market forward.

GG: Please describe the Triple Play Symposium and what you hope to achieve by presenting this event.

BM: The Triple Play Symposium was designed to bring together service providers for an exchange of ideas about best practices for deploying triple and quad play services. Triple and Quad play really are the future of the network for all types of service providers. When we first looked around the industry, there did not seem to be an executive level forum to learn about and contribute to the dialogue regarding triple play. As this industry evolves, it is even more important to learn from what has worked well in the past and also the latest plans for profitably deploying triple play. The Triple Play Symposium will provide that forum for learning and knowledge exchange.

GG: What opportunities does Triple Play offer for service providers today?

BM: Most service providers now understand that Triple Play (and for some, Quad Play as well) is the key to their survival. For sure, the ROI for triple play includes reduced CAPEX and OPEX, and increased revenues through new service creation. But most important is the ability to not just reduce customer churn, but to build true customer intimacy by providing a subscriber experience that reflects the realities of consumers in todays gadget-driven world.

GG: What is driving the adoption of Triple Play?

BM: Competition is really driving the adoption of Triple Play. Cable companies encroaching on Telcos with voice services... Telcos firing back with TelcoTV and Video on Demand... ISPs launching Voice over Broadband... Wireless companies adding MobileTV offerings and quad play services that integrate the home environment... There really are no boundaries anymore. Because of this, all types of service providers need to think beyond a single service offering, or even a specific access technology (cable, FTTH, DSL, wireless), and think more about the service bundle and how it will add value to the subscribers way of doing things.

GG: What about wireless? Do you see the addition of wireless technology creating a Quadruple Play?

BM: Absolutely. Wireless enables what some call the Quad Play (but in fact, the three primary services are still just voice, video, and data). It is important to think about quad play as more than just another access technology, however, with limitation on bandwidth, device memory, storage, and battery power. True quad play needs to take what wireless does best mobility applications and combine that with triple play services in a way that adds unique value instead of only extending the range of the existing applications. A good example of this is a video monitoring service where you can check the status of your home remotely via a 3G-enabled mobile phone.

GG: Whats new at Netcentrex?

BM: Netcentrex has just come off our best year yet and continues to grow in profitability. We have signed extensive partnerships in the triple play and FMC areas, such as the recent announcement with BEA for IMS-enabled applications. I suppose the biggest news, which will dwarf all of this by the time this goes to print is that Netcentrex agreed, on April 10, to be acquired by Comverse, a leader in billing, content, and mobility applications with reach at most of the leading service providers in the world. It is the perfect match for us and will allow the combined company to be a powerhouse in triple/quad play solutions for the FMC and IMS markets. IT

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