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Sansay & Stealth Collaboration Frees VoIP from PSTN
By Erik Linask

Traditionally businesses have had to contact their local telephone company for telephone service, limited by availability of local carriers. To make matters worse, beneficial rates have been notoriously difficult to agree. And with quality and security concerns, there is little assurance that connectivity will always be available at an acceptable level of quality. But that is coming to an end. VoIP session control solutions from Sansay, Inc. now include the ability to interface to Stealth Communications VPF ENUM Registry, which, is a way for companies to communicate while circumventing the PSTN, effectively eliminating a large percentage of PSTN toll charges, resulting in potential cost savings in the billions. VPF (Voice Peering Fabric) is a distributed Layer 2 Ethernet Fabric, allowing VoIP enabled organizations to exchange VoIP traffic between one another transparently. By combining ENUM support with session control, calls can be completed on an all-IP infrastructure without sacrificing quality or post-dial delay. The VPF ENUM Registry is a multilateral peering service that allows organizations to send and receive calls among members directly, IP end-to-end, for no termination fee including no cost to register numbers or query the registry. The ENUM registry is based on the IETF (RFC 3761) standard, which maps telephone numbers to Internet (URL) addresses and uses a look-up architecture based on DNS. Located in nine major U.S. cities and London and expanding globally Stealths Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) functions as an exchange point for enterprises, government agencies, and service providers to exchange VoIP traffic and telephony-related services under peer-to-peer conditions. The VPF ENUM Registry the worlds first and largest production ENUM registry, with more than 11 million phone numbers enlisted by major enterprises and carriers worldwide to map telephone numbers to SIP or H.323 addresses. Shrihari Pandit, president & CEO of Stealth Communications, said, ENUM is enabling hundreds of organizations to complete calls completely within the IP domain. Powerful ENUM Routing and Least Cost Routing (LCR) become essential to maximizing profitability and subscriber satisfaction. Sansay is the first session control solution provider to build interoperability with Stealths VPN into its sytem. Sansays vice president of product management Glen Gerhard says, Services such as Stealths ENUM registry increase the percentage of calls that can be completed over all-IP infrastructures, allowing VoIP providers to become increasingly efficient and cost-competitive. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Westell Announces TriLink IMS Gateway
By Laura Stotler

Westell Technologies, Inc. has announced the TriLink IMS gateway, enabling delivery of converged wireline-wireless IMS services and applications. The new gateway is part of an unnamed network operators plans to offer access to personalized IMS-based services and applications at any time, from anywhere The TriLink gateway offers a fixed mobile convergence solution to enable seamless roaming between legacy POTS and wireless networks when using a dual-mode mobile/WiFi phone. It features four ring patterns depending on the number dialed, and offers consistent, uninterrupted quality through support of multiple SSIDs. Advanced power management capabilities and quality of service are offered in accordance with the 802.11e standard. The gateway features two integrated SIP VoIP access ports with POTS fallback for power loss, minimizing the need for additional hardware and battery backup. It also features an 802.11g access point for 54 Mbps wireless networking and a four-port Ethernet switch for wired networking. Remote device management is featured through the TR-069 standard. (news - alerts)

Iperia Introduces Enterprise-Class IperiaVX Application Server

Iperia, Inc. announced the delivery of IperiaVX, a revolutionary enterprise-class voice-enabled application server specifically designed to meet the evolving business requirements of organizations worldwide. IperiaVX enables enterprises to easily integrate new and existing communications applications within a single voice-enabled framework. The platform has standard components that include voice messaging, auto-attendant, conferencing, fax messaging and unified communications via Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or any other message and calendar application. In addition to these standard components, IperiaVX offers a development platform allowing enterprises to tightly integrate their unified communication functionality into their service orientated architecture (SOA) and portal development. Iperias development platform leverages JSR 168 and JSR 180 standards. With IperiaVX, an enterprises entire communications infrastructure is effectively voice/video-enabled with unified communications such as voicemail, e-mail, fax messaging, instant messaging, video and conferencing on a single platform. Information workers are able to make and receive phone calls from the convenience of any personal device. In addition, the platform enables workers to send text messages to voicemail boxes, receive fax transmissions in their e-mail boxes and store voice messages and faxes in Outlook effectively managing all of their communications from a single box for greater productivity and efficiency. (news - alerts)

Vertical and Quintum Connect Customers to IP-PBX and PSTN Devices
By Johanne Torres

IP-based phone systems provider Vertical Communications Inc. announced it certified the Quintum SIP Tenor VoIP MultiPath switches and gateways for use with Vertical TeleVantage, the companys IP-PBX system. The move will allow the TeleVantage and the Quintum switches and gateways to provide customers with dual communications features and functions, combined with the call routing and processing capabilities of TeleVantage. With the Vertical/Quintum combo, customers will also be able to connect to Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) without having to immediately upgrade to an all-IP environment. TeleVantages software-based IP-PBX provides expanded contact center capabilities including true skills-based routing and the ability to record and archive calls. The companys phone system allows customers to run TeleVantage apps from their corporate infrastructure to branch offices without having to invest in additional telephony equipment deployment. TeleVantage, together with the Quintum Tenor, will provide intelligent connectivity for both single site installations and branch offices.For single site installations, customers will receive connectivity for IP endpoints, as well as traditional analog systems and PSTNs, with dynamic call routing. The gateway can also be used for supporting legacy analog devices including faxes, phones and paging systems, as well as for supporting inbound and outbound PSTN calls. Both single site and branch installations receive emergency services support via the PSTN. - alerts) - alerts)

AcceleNet 3.0s Enterprise WAN Grand Slam
By Erik Linask

CIOs and IT managers are discovering that adding WAN bandwidth does not solve all of the performance issues in many mission-critical applications and that many are the result of network latency. In addition, they are challenged by their users growing demand for application acceleration in branch offices, home offices, and while mobile. AcceleNet now has the solution. Intelligent Compression Technologies, Inc. (ICT) has released its AcceleNet 3.0 Enterprise. The latest iteration of the firms acceleration software targets the Enterprise space with new WAN and remote access functionality, which the firm says is set to redefine the WAN. AcceleNet 3.0 provides branch offices, telecommuters, and mobile users with a comprehensive feature set and scaleable solution for network optimization and application acceleration. Where other boxed solutions strike out because they are logistically insufficient, lack scalability or flexibility, and tend to be cost prohibitive, AcceleNet new Grand Slam of features addresses the range of access requirements demanded by todays relentless mobile users. (news - alerts)

Microsoft updates, renames corporate e-mail protection service

MicrosoftCorp. is releasing new versions of its software packages for safeguarding and archiving e-mails and other corporate messages. Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, which was known as FrontBridge Technologies before Microsoft acquired that company, comprises four products that can help companies do things like minimize spam and viruses and archive messages for legal and regulatory requirements. The products are offered as a service over the Internet, rather than as software that companies have to install. Web-based offerings are growing in popularity because they can be cheaper and easier for customers to deploy and less cumbersome for software makers to update. Microsoft, which makes most of its money from desktop-bound software like Windows and Office, is trying to make inroads into that field. Redmond-based Microsoft says the products, which will be sold directly to businesses, are meant to complement other security safeguards that companies have on their premises. (news - alerts)

Avaya Compliant Compass Guides Expand Networks
By Erik Linask

Expand Networks, a leading provider of application acceleration solutions over the WAN, announced that its Expand Compass platform is now Avayacompliant meaning that it is compliant with key Internet protocol (IP) telephony solutions from Avaya. The Expand Compass application acceleration platform integrates multiple technologies and maps them to the corresponding business mandates. A key initiative is Expands voice and data convergence capability, along with its QoS feature, which can detect and prioritize IP telephony traffic to ensure it receives the quality of transport required for superior call performance a feature whose effectiveness can be maximized by matching it with Expands WAN compression capabilities. WAN compression increases the available bandwidth for all applications. Avaya-compliancy ensures Expands customers that their Avaya VoIP traffic will have the dedicated bandwidth needed for high-quality calls. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)


AT&T Inks Voice and Data Contract with Advanced Healthcare
By Johanne Torres

AT&T Inc. announced that Advanced Healthcare, a physician-led, multi-specialty clinic group in southeastern Wisconsin awarded the telecom giant with a new optical and data-networking services contract. The new, five-year contract calls for AT&T to expand Advanced Healthcares bandwidth through a deployment of a fully-redundant Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) ring to six locations throughout the state. With the additional bandwidth, Advanced Healthcare will be able to consolidate large amounts of voice, data, and video traffic from its various locations to a single, fail-safe platform. The new services will also support an X-ray Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), which can store, display and transmit digital medical images across Advanced Healthcares network. Additionally, because of its increased capabilities, Advanced Healthcare will have the capacity to set up a disaster recovery site that mirrors the current data center. AT&T is currently the primary provider of voice and data services to Advanced Healthcare. (news - alerts)

NTELOS Readies for IPTV Service with Skystream
By Erik Linask

Telecom carriers and service providers are constantly looking to improve their service offerings to retain and attract customers. Today, a large part of that is offering converged video and data services. But to do this, they must have a cost-effective migration plan for moving their networks to an IP-based architecture and shortening their time to market. That means they must find a suitable technology partner. NTELOS Inc., a Waynesboro, VA-based communications provider, has found its partner it has selected SkyStream as its video head end partner for a new IPTV service over Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) for its Virginia customer base. Skystream has expertise in video and data content delivery infrastructure and will help NTELOS add new capabilities to its network to reliably deliver additional services and content. NTELOS has built a super video head end center, where it has deployed the SkyStream Mediaplex-20 video head end. NTELOS is distributing the MPEG-2 feed over a 10-Gigabit Metro Ethernet ring to several regional offices and will deploy the SkyStream iPlex edge video head end system for additional aggregation and distribution. NTELOS will be able to offer local channels, advertising and other programming from these regional centers. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Microsoft Clinches IPTV Deal with Deutsche Telekom
By Niladri Sekhar Nath

Deutsche Telekom has decided to use Microsofts software to deliver television and video-on-demand over its improved Internet Protocol network starting this summer. We forecast 1 million customers by the end of 2007. The main feature of the new network will be television and video services, said Deutsche Telekom spokesman Mark Nierwetberg. Deutsche Telekom has plans to upgrade subscribers in 10 large German cities to VDSL (supercharged version of ADSL offering data speeds up to 50 Megabits per second) or very fast digital subscriber lines. The company aims to link a further 40 cities by the end of 2007, bringing the total investment to 3 billion (approx $3.63 billion). Deutsche Telekom hopes to deliver several high definition television programs simultaneously to the home. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Yahoo Delivers Phone In, Phone Out
By Cindy Waxer

In an effort to take on the head-to-head challenges of VoIP to the instant messaging market, Yahoo! Inc. has introduced a new public beta of its instant messaging suite, Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, with enhanced PC-based calling capabilities in the United States. Special features include Phone Out, which allows consumers in the to make low-cost VoIP calls using their PC to call traditional or mobile phones in more than 180 countries. Additionally, U.S. consumers can receive calls on their PC from traditional and mobile phones for $2.99 a month or $29.90 a year with the Phone In feature. Phone In gives people a virtual presence in their city of choice, and wherever they travel, their phone number will follow them. The new PC-based calling features were initially introduced to international users in December 2005, and will continue to be rolled out in additional localized versions. The enhanced Yahoo! Messenger with Voice features will also be introduced into Yahoo!s co-branded Internet access services, including AT&TYahoo! High Speed Internet, in the coming months. (news - alerts)

Level3 Completes Progress Acquisition
By Johanne Torres

Level3 Communications Inc. announced that it completed its acquisition of all of the membership interests of St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Progress Telecom LLC, a regional wholesale network services company. Level3 began acquisition procedures of the telecom back in January. Progress Telecom was jointly owned by Progress Energy Inc. and Odyssey Telecorp Inc. Progress Telecoms network spans 9,000 miles, includes 29 metro networks and connects to international cable landings in South Florida and 31 mobile switching centers in the southeast. The company serves approximately 200 customers. Level3 has been expanding its voice offering through these kinds of acquisitions during 2006. With these acquisitions, Level3 can now deliver a suite of both traditional and IP-based services. The companys expanded portfolio can also enable providers in the Time Division Multiplex (TDM) environment migrate to an IP platform. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

New Global Telecom Launches IPower MSC Service
By Mae Kowalke

Telephony solutions provider New Global Telecom (NGT) announced the launch of its new IPower session border control leasing service. The service gives carriers exclusive access to license and support for a NexTone Multiprococol Session Controller (MSC). The IPower service will be sold under NGTs General Telecom brand, complementing the companys established IPartition hosted softswitch services. IPower provides CDR reporting, enhanced call rating, CDR-based alarming and automated least cost routing capabilities, among other features. Additionally, service providers using IPower rental services will have access to stand-alone MSC (collocated at NGTs facilities), bandwidth to handle higher traffic volumes, maintenance support, and 24/7 monitoring. (news - alerts)

8 Million VoIP Calls Per Day
By Erik Linask

Voice over IP is a growing industry, of that there is no question. The question is how quickly is it growing, and how long will the trend continue. For VoIP, Inc., a provider of VoIP solutions for service providers, resellers, and consumers, the answers are very rapidly and forever, hopefully. Indeed, the company continues to experience consistent, solid growth, securing its position among the leading VoIP providers in the United States. In May 2004, VoIP, Inc.s network minutes were approximately 100,000/month. They jumped to more than 250,000,000/month after the company acquired Volo Communications and the VoiceOne network in June 2005, both of which were developed and founded by Lewis. In November 2005, after VoIP, Inc. acquired WQN, an international pre-paid phone card company, the companys 2005 annual usage surged to 3.6 billion. We are passing our competitors with an average of over 8 million calls inbound/outbound daily. We have worked hard to add customers, and we have signed up an incredible number of high-profile ones, VoIP, Inc.s President Mike Adler said. VoiceOne provides a hearty selection of world-class services to carriers and service providers, including the VoiceOne Network, a seamless nationwide IP network, which includes 22 points of presence in the U.S. and more than 5,000 local access points, allowing it to reach some 90% of the U.S. population. (news - alerts)

Emergent Network Solutions Announces ENTICE 2.4

Emergent Network Solutions, Inc. announced ENTICE 2.4, a significant new release of its VoIP call control platform. Additions and upgrades in Version 2.4 include support for SOAP based Web services, a new traffic monitoring and reporting module, and dynamic least-cost routing. As part of Emergents continued progression towards IMS compliance, ENTICE has been enhanced with advanced mobility features for roaming SIP endpoints and new security features enabled by the addition of p-header support. ENTICE (Emergent Network Telecommunications Infrastructure Control Environment) is the core operating system that drives the Emergent VoIP product line. Suitable for either existing or greenfield environments, ENTICE provides complete control services and a software foundation to layer new services. ENTICE products include the ENTICE Softswitch, ENTICE Session Controller, and various gateways products and service offerings. ENTICE 2.4s improvements provide greater flexibility and value to Emergents entire product line with particular advantages to the E-REV solution, a turnkey VoIP solution for ISPs, wholesale carriers and CLECs. (news - alerts)


Telsima Launches Complete WiMAX Solution
By Erik Linask

Cellular carriers and WiFi solution providers have had a strong run in recent times. But both consumers and business customers want more they want the range of cellular AND the speed of broadband. Which is precisely what WiMAX is out to deliver. Santa Clara, California-headquartered Telsima Corporation has launched StarMAX, its carrier-grade WiMAX solution for WBA. The product family comprises a complete suite of WiMAX solutions, including base stations, subscriber stations, GUI-based management system, and a provisioning and mobility manager. Telsima sees WiMAX as the ideal last mile solution for broadband connectivity and will leverage the benefits of standardization, innovative design, and large market size to market its latest product set to a group of operators that requires standards-based, easily and quickly deployable, broadband service for their enterprise and/or residential customers. (news - alerts)

Metalink Delivers HDTV via WiFi

Metalink, a provider of high performance wireless and wireline broadband communication silicon solutions, announced that it has concluded a series of live demonstrations of its WLANPlus chipset, a technology based on the emerging 802.11n standard, with unique capabilities for wireless multimedia distribution. For the first time, advanced Wi-Fi technology was used to demonstrate the delivery of multiple simultaneous high-definition television (HDTV) streams anywhere in the home, with full quality of service (QoS) guarantees. Metalinks WLANPlus family consists of the companys MtW8170 baseband device and the MtW8150 radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC). WLANPlus has been developed in line with draft specifications for the future 802.11n high-speed Wi-Fi standard, which were unanimously approved by the 802.11n Task Group (TGn) in January 2006. Metalink continues to play a pivotal role in the standards finalization process, and is at the forefront of efforts to optimize 802.11n technology for demanding wireless video entertainment applications in such consumer electronics products as digital video recorders (DVRs), set-top boxes (STBs), high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and media adapters. (news - alerts)

Meru Networks Now Compatible with Blackberry WLAN Device
By Erik Linask

Meru Networks, which provides wireless VoIP infrastructure worldwide, has announced a comprehensive solution for on-premise wireless voice and data applications with support for the BlackBerry WLAN solution from Research in Motion (RIM). Meru has certified interoperability of the Research in Motions BlackBerry 7270 handheld with Merus WLAN System. BlackBerrys WLAN solution includes the BlackBerry 7270 handheld, which connects to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to enable secure wireless access to email, instant messaging (IM), organizer, Internet, and other corporate applications. It also allows wireless VoIP calls through enterprise telephony systems, such as IP-PBXs, via the industry-standard SIP. Enterprise customers can now use the BlackBerry WLAN solution to access a reliable, scalable enterprise WiFi network for high-performance, on-premise wireless voice and data applications. Unlike other WLAN systems, where APs (access points) work independently and, therefore, need to be individually configured to deliver adjacent, non-overlapping coverage, Merus WLAN System uses a coordinated, cellular architecture in which all APs work in tandem. Thus, this solution provides a seamless blanketing with transparent scalability and zero handoff times between APs. It also affords QoS assurance to each WLAN user now including users with the BlackBerry 7270 device. Merus bi-directional QoS technology has is designed to identify SIP-based traffic and to provide it priority over other traffic, to assure dial-tone quality wireless VoIP. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

WifiTastic Converts Wireless Networks Into Public WiFi Hotspots

WifiTastic, LLC. introduced its public BETA program, which enables broadband subscribers to create a revenue-generating hotspot providing high-speed, wireless Internet access to users of WiFi-ready laptops, PCs, Macs and PDAs. By setting up a commercial hotspot, owners can earn money by charging people in the vicinity of their wireless router to connect for a fixed hourly, daily or monthly fee. While the company provides a suggested pricing model, WifiTastic owners can determine their own rates. Users can connect to the router, pay by credit card, and then access the Internet. WifiTastic handles the billing and returns 60% of the proceeds directly to the hotspot owner. Currently, the service is compatible with the Linksys WRT54G router. Users can simply purchase a pre-configured router or update their existing Linksys router by downloading and installing a free firmware update from WifiTastic. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Netrake and Kineto Wireless Now UMA-Interoperable
By Johanne Torres

Netrake and Kineto Wireless announced that they completed all interoperability testing procedures to support currently installed UMA systems. According to the companies, Netrakes nCite Security Gateway and Kinetos IP-based UMA Network Controller (IP-UNC) are currently deployed in commercial trials for UMA-based mobile/WiFi convergence. Netrakes nCite Security Gateway bundles voice and multimedia in encrypted IP tunnels for wireless usage over the public Internet. The system uses IPSec encryption and establishes multiple media and signaling security associations without adding network latency. The companys Secure Edge Architecture offers Denial of Service (DoS) attack prevention, firewalls, intrusion detection services, IMSI filtering, blacklisting, impersonation detection, spoof prevention, dynamic virtual routing, and Network Address Translation (NAT). Kinetos mobile/WiFi convergence system offers the Kineto IP-UNC, a carrier-class network component that integrates with a service providers existing voice and packet switching systems. The technology uses standard interfaces to extend higher-performance mobile services over IP access networks and WLANs. The companys IP-UNC manages and secures subscribers access to mobile, voice, data, and IMS services from WLAN locations and facilitates automatic, roaming and handover between licensed radio access networks and WLANs. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Coming Soon: EV-DO VoIP
By Erik Linask

Nortel and Sierra Wireless have achieved a significant technology milestone needed to power wireless services such as push-to-talk, push-to-video, VoIP, and interactive gaming at much faster speeds than what is currently available. The two companies achieved the industrys first over the air test calls using EV-DO Revision A wireless technology and pre-commercial wireless data devices. The successful tests confirm the commercial viability of EV-DO Revision A for powering next-generation broadband wireless services. Operators will be able to prioritize different users and applications, enabling tiered services and multiple pricing options. Operators also can make additional security enhancements by using authentication mechanisms that can identify users and give specific access rights based on the users profile. EV-DO Revision A technology will offer significant performance improvements to both the uplink and the downlink speeds compared to current EV-DO (Release 0) networks. EV-DO Revision A enables peak data download rates of up to 3.1 Mbps and upload rates up to 1.8 Mbps. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)


Nero Doesnt Want to Upset iPods Apple Cart
By Erik Linask

Digital media technology developer Nero has announced its latest update to Nero 7. The most recent Web update includes new features for Nero Digital, which now includes MPEG-4/ASP and H.264/AVC capabilities as well as plug-and-play video file transfer from PC to a 5th generation iPod. What the integration of iPod-compatible video resolutions of 320 x 240 MPEG-4/AVC and 480 x 480 MPEG-4/ASP means for iPod users is that they can now use applications like Nero Recode and Nero Vision for quick and easy portable content creation. MPEG-4 is rapidly becoming the audio/video standard format for mobile, portable, broadcast and streaming projects as well as for the next generation of high definition video content. Nero Digitals superior MPEG-4 AAC audio and AVC video format is at the forefront of modern codec technology. - alerts)

Is Your Network VoIP-Ready?
By Erik Linask

Successful VoIP deployments depend on fast and effective network assessment, monitoring, and troubleshooting. For those people that have had negative VoIP experiences, and for anyone that is considering a VoIP deployment, Andover, MA-based Viola Networks has a solution. In fact, Viola has unveiled the latest release of its NetAlly comprehensive VoIP management solution. NetAlly Lifecycle Manager is a solution suite that combines several stand-alone products that Viola has marketed individually under the NetAlly brand in the past. The NetAlly name is not new, but the notion of a completely unified lifecycle management system is. Violas NetAlly Lifecycle Manager is a fully integrated solution for pre-deployment readiness assessment to ensure that your network is ready for voice traffic and happy coexistence with data application traffic. During deployment, Viola helps facilitate successful roll-out and, post-deployment, the product supports the network environment with monitoring, troubleshooting, reporting, capacity planning, and network optimization. - alerts)

Empirix Enhances Hammer XMS VoIP Monitoring System

Empirix Inc., which helps organizations adopt complex communications solutions with confidence, announced the latest release of its carrier-class VoIP monitoring solution, Hammer XMS 1.5. Hammer XMS now features a simplified user interface specifically designed for first-level support representatives, enabling rapid problem identification and more efficient escalation; and enhanced customer reporting that carriers can use to give their service provider customers web-based access to reports on their own service metrics. Hammer XMS 1.5 also adds support for H.248, SIP-T, SIGTRAN and ETSI ISUP protocols requirements of the worlds top service providers for VoIP service monitoring. - alerts)

XO Interactive Deploys Pactolus RapidFLEX Media Server
By Mae Kowalke

Pactolus Communications, developer of SIP-based IP voice services, announced that its RapidFLEX Media Server with VoiceXML interface is being deployed by XO Interactive. XO Interactive, a subsidiary of XO Communications, provides hosted interactive voice response (IVR) services. The company will use Pactolus media server to support seamless integration of advanced technologies and rich customer content, ensuring service reliability both on an ongoing basis and during peak periods of demand. Pactolus SIPware Calling Card application also previously was deployed by XO Interactive, on behalf of a major telecommunications service provider that distributes cards in retail outlets throughout North America. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Alcatel Intros 7710 Service Router
By Johanne Torres

French technology provider Alcatel introduced its 7710 Service Router, the companys compact, optimized service routing platform with a throughput of 12 Gb/s. The devices compact form factor, variety of lower-speed interfaces, and purpose-built high availability, would seem like a great option for mobile operators and service providers with smaller points of presence (POPs) and emerging markets. The 7710 SR incorporates all features of the Alcatel 7750 Service Router portfolio, including the high availability and Quality of Service (QoS). The addition of the 7710 SR will enable IP network providers to support voice, video and data services in an always-on, highly resilient manner. (news - alerts)

Ditech Integrates New Voice Quality Management Solution
By Stefania Viscusi

Ditech Communications Corporation, provider of voice processing and border service solutions, announced it will integrate Voice Quality Management (VQM) into its Packet Voice Processor. The addition will provide enhanced border services for providers. VQM has the capability of monitoring calls on an individual, real-time basis as well as performing basic codec transcoding and voice quality enhancement functions at the same time. VQM uses SIP-based signaling and monitors voice quality for packet delays, loss and jitters even speech faults like background noise, hybrid and acoustic echo. With VQM service providers can further improve their call quality and better perfect their networks. (news - alerts)

Nortel Tunes in to IPTV
By Cindy Waxer

Only days after reaching an agreement on insurance payments in two class-action lawsuits, Nortel is leveraging its SIP-based services to develop new IPTVfunctionality that promises to change the way people use their TVs for both entertainment and communications. At its IPTV lab in Ottawa, Nortel is demonstrating the delivery of IPTV services over its IMS infrastructure, the first step for enabling telcos to create personalized IPTV services across wireline and wireless networks that helps to provide long-term differentiation from competitive offerings. Demonstrated services include mobile-to-TV picture sharing, on-screen instant messaging and presence, and click-to-call functionality. Nortel is also enhancing its integrated voice and text communications capabilities built using a new jointly developed Application Programming Interface (API) that enables the integration of real-time IPTV services with Minervas iTVManager software. Nortel is using this jointly developed interface as a first step to bring together Minervas IPTV middleware platform with Nortels IMS solution to make content available to users anywhere, anytime, on any device. (news - alerts)

Verazs New ControlSwitch Eases Migration to IMS
By Mae Kowalke

Service providers migrating from traditional voice networks to IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) networks now have some help from VoIP solutions provider Veraz Networks. The company announced the launch of its updated ControlSwitch product. ControlSwitch allows providers to make the switch to IMS without sacrificing the infrastructure investments theyve already made. It uses Service Control Multi-Protocol (SCMP) capabilities to mix and match legacy services (such as toll-free) with new multimedia services (such as messaging). ControlSwitch is also programmable, so providers can adapt it to meet their unique network needs. (news - alerts)

Aculab Releases Upgraded Prosody S
By Michelle Pasquerello

Aculab released the latest version of its host media processing software, Prosody S. The anticipated upgrade to Aculabs popular HMP software was specifically designed to minimize the problems that are normally associated with IP telephony, offering developers greater flexibility with a new range of functions. The upgrade of Prosody S is able to run up 360 half duplex channels, 180 full duplex channels, and 300 conference parties in any sub-group combination with all the necessary speech processing functions on the same server as the host application. Mike Matthews, Head of Product Marketing for Aculab, explained that conferencing requirements vary greatly, ranging from just a few people to broadcast style conferences, like a CEOs end of year bonus announcement. During larger conferences, it becomes important to identify the speaker which is Prosody S conferencing active speaker detection feature. The flexibility of the conferencing functions for the application developer sets Prosody S apart from other products, said Matthews. (news - alerts)

CLECs Deploy Tekelecs VoIP and Broadband-Enabled Services
By Johanne Torres

Tekelec announced that two competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), Burlington Telecom and Crocker Telecommunications have deployed the Tekelec7000 Class 5 Packet Switch and Tekelec 6000 VoIP Application Server to deliver voice, Internet, and video services. The Tekelec 7000 is a softswitch that integrates with IP and time division multiplexing (TDM) network interfaces, enabling a smoother network migration to VoIP. The Tekelec 6000 VoIP Application Server integrates with Tekelecs switching platforms to enable delivery of voice, data, video and wireless services. The new agreement enabled Burlington Telecom, the new fiber-optic public network operated by the city of Burlington, Vt., to deploy Tekelecs switching platforms to enable the launch of triple-play broadband Internet, cable TV and voice services early this year for the citys residents, businesses, and government agencies. Greenfield, Mass.-based Crocker Telecommunications delivers voice and data services, including broadband Internet, ISDN, co-location and Web-based hosting to business and residential customers in western Massachusetts. (news - alerts)

Voice Quality Testing Goes Mobile
By Erik Linask

GL Communications Inc. announced a drive testing enhancement to its Wireless Voice Quality Testing (VQT) Solutions. Users of this new product can automatically analyze voice quality of their wireless network as they drive. GLs Wireless VQT solution provides all the necessary equipment and functionality for management of voice quality testing on wireless networks. The addition of Wireless VQT Drive Testing provides the functionality in a mobile environment. It includes functionality to support call control for most mobile phone manufactures and models, the capability for sending and recording voice over the mobile phone, the ability to analyze the voice and provide VQT measurement results along with VQT analysis results, and, finally, the ability to associate the GPS location coordinates and GPS time stamping with each VQT measurement result the results of which can be plotted using common GPS mapping software. Up to four mobile phones can be supported simultaneously within a single enclosure, all conveniently controlled from a single laptop running the GL AFT (Automated File Transceiver) software. With an added wireless network connection, all the functions of the solution can the GL Wireless VQT solution, can be remotely controlled and all results transmitted to remote locations including streaming the audio voice files. (news - alerts)

Spirent and Lumenare Tag Team Kicks Out Integrated Test Solution
By Erik Linask

Spirent Communications is teaming with Lumenare Networks to provide a fully integrated test automation solution. This partnership addresses the challenge of testing increasingly complex converged network technologies in the lab and during manufacturing. Spirent is a worldwide provider of integrated performance analysis and service assurance systems for next-generation network technologies. The new solution, which integrates offerings from both firms, can increase testing by five to eight times the rate of manual testing. A major carrier spending $10 million over two years on manual test processes could see CAPEX and OPEX savings in the order of $5 million. The combined solution also allows for repeated testing using fully automated hardware setup and software configuration. Moreover, it increases consistency of results, speeds problem isolation, and helps in ensuring a successful launch. Automation also supports reusability of test procedures through the full life cycle, from development to manufacturing. The combination of lab and test automation to provide a full test lifecycle management solution integrates inventory control, configuration management, scheduling, test planning, execution, and reporting all enabled for local, distributed, or fully automated remote control. The solution can configure lab and test environments from any location in the world over the Web, and the tests themselves can be automated to run in a 24/7 lights out scenario. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)


CallTower IP Call Center Suite Integrates Cisco Solution
By Anuradha Shukla

CallTower has introduced the new CallTower IP Call Center Suite, a hosted end-to-end voice and data solution that includes the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Edition. The integration of Ciscos solution into its product suite will enable CallTower to provide sophisticated call center capabilities for growth enterprise businesses at the flip of a switch. The new solution will allow the mid-sized and growing businesses to seamlessly add call center operations and capabilities to their portfolio. They can now leverage their existing phones and infrastructure across multiple offices, without having to purchase new hardware. The CallTower IP Call Center Suite enables the representatives and sales agents to be based anywhere, segment customers, monitor resource availability and deliver each contact to the most appropriate resource. Further it allows a single agent to support multiple interactions simultaneously regardless of the communications channel the customer has chosen. Companies now have the choice to expand or contract their call center operations based on seasonal requirements. Administrator and user capabilities can also be deployed across a single site or multiple locations, including remote service and support personnel. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Aspect Software Enhances the Patient Experience
By Michelle Pasquerello

Contact center products supplier Aspect Softwareis making life a little easier for patients calling into Evanston Northwestern Healthcare. Located in Chicago, the healthcare facility wanted to put itself ahead of the citys health care competition by offering better patient care and services, both of which were made possible with the implementation of 190 Aspect EnsemblePro seats in its contact center. The patient experience doesnt begin when they step into the hospital or doctors office, it begins the minute they pick up the phone and we believe that technology, like Aspect EnsemblePro, is helping us achieve our strategic business objective making the patient experience as valuable and as pleasant as possible, said Fran Horner, senior director of patient access for Evanston Northwestern Healthcare in a press release. Horner also noted that the facilitys goal is to ensure that patients are receiving the same care on the phone as they would if they were waiting in the hospital. The contact center supports 23 clinical departments and physician locations where it can route calls and will be bringing another 17 online by fall 2006. (news - alerts)

Metaphor Answers SMBs Call
By Erik Linask

Metaphor Solutions has launched a Plug & Play Speech IVR, its complete Web-based solution for customers to easily customize and deploy packaged speech IVR applications. The service allows customers to use a Web site to configure and deploy entire automated phone-based customer service solutions involving real-time transactions. Customers simply select a packaged solution, customize its prompts and business variables, and then connect the solution to data at the customers site through configured Web services. This breakthrough solution reduces the implementation time of speech IVR applications from months to minutes it also cuts development and testing costs from hundreds of thousands of dollars to virtually nothing, since all deployment steps from solution configuration to final testing are cost-free. Once the solution is tested with a phone number provided in the Web site, customers can begin servicing their users through on-demand deployment by Metaphor. After deployment, customers can monitor the application, run service reports, and download report data. The solution certainly resolves the issue of cost, as well as the hardware and software maintenance issue product and service quality will be judged by users as they sign on with the company. (news - alerts)

Global Crossing Tapped by Mexicana for Call Center System
By Johanne Torres

Global Crossing announced that it was tapped by Mexicana de Aviacin, a Mexican airline carrier serving the Mexico-U.S. market, for Global Crossings integrated call center voice services to support its U.S.-based international reservation centers. The new contract calls for Global Crossing to provide the airline with business line services, long distance services, toll-free services, and local digital services across its 20 offices and call center locations in the U.S. As a recognized best-in-class airline, it is crucial that we are able to rely on superior telecommunications services, such as those delivered by Global Crossing, enabling us to focus on serving our global customer base twenty-four hours a day, said Santiago Ontanon, EVP and CIO for information technology of Mexicana de Aviacin. Global Crossings top quality, cost- effective voice solutions are improving the efficiency of our business operations. Global Crossings bundled voice services provide uCommand, a Web-based management tool, which will enable Mexicana to stay in control of its account info, order services and obtain real time customer support. (news - alerts)

TeleTech Boosts on Demand Solution
By Tracey E. Schelmetic

TeleTech Holdings, Inc., a provider of customer management and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, announced that it has added new functionality to three key suites of its TeleTech OnDemand hosted contact center offering, which was designed to improve the customer experience and reduce the demand for live agents. The new features support easy-to-access information that responds quickly and accurately to customers needs, in addition to real-time measurement and coaching to enhance agent performance. Efficient and user-friendly interactive voice response (IVR) and Web services empower customers by automating routine interactions. These features are now part of the TeleTech OnDemand suites for customer experience management, workforce optimization and multichannel interaction routing. By employing TeleTechs hosted contact center solution, clients can realize more than 50 percent in cost savings over building, integrating and maintaining their own environments, according to the company. Furthermore, the TeleTech OnDemand services can scale easily and quickly to accommodate evolving client needs, delivering business agility and flexibility, which is critical in todays contact center marketplace. Enhancements have been incorporated into the customer experience management, workforce optimization and multichannel interaction routing suites. (news - alerts)

VoiceLog Launches First Hosted/ASP Call Recording Solution

VoiceLog LLC has announced the formal launch of its VirtualLogger division. VirtualLogger is a call recording and quality monitoring solutions provider, using the hosted/application services provider model to deliver its services. In addition, VirtualLogger offers other agent optimization technologies, such as speech analytics and real-time dashboards on a similar hosted basis. Call recording and quality monitoring are well established disciplines in US call centers, with more than 70% reporting some kind of recording in place. Almost all of this is done via licensed software systems, which can involve costs per workstation of over $1,000 initially and annual maintenance charges of $200, plus internal costs for system administration and data storage. VirtualLogger brings the value of hosted solutions to the call recording and monitoring space, making it easier for both small businesses and enterprises to record, and speeding up the implementation process. It eliminates upfront capital costs and greatly reduces the cost of system administration and storage, all for one small monthly fee. In addition, VirtualLogger reduces both technological and business risk since clients can inexpensively upgrade to completely new technologies (e.g., traditional telephone to VoIP) and can reduce or eliminate the cost to match changes in business needs. (news - alerts)


mPhase Signs Distribution Agreement with LEA for IPTV Solution
By Erik Linask

mPhase Technologies, which developed with Bell Labs a system to provide video over fixed broadband networks combining IP addressing with carrier-grade management features, has now partnered with Paris-based LEA S.A.S. LEA, which provides components and subsystems to telecommunications equipment and service providers, will distribute the mPhase TV+ System, taking on marketing and sales support for mPhases flagship system to its traditional accounts mPhase TV+ delivers broadband data and high quality video over telephone networks both copper DSL and fiber loops allowing telephone companies to compete vigorously in broadband markets. The mPhase System is comprehensive, supporting industry leading hardware products to ensure end-to-end quality for the consumer and profitability for telephone companies The mPhase TV + system is built around an innovative cluster architecture and offers key advantages to phone companies, including:
Improved maintenance environment, with links to industry-standard operations support systems, including element management of IP traffic
Compatibility with industry standard services creation environments
Transport media independence over copper or fiber facilities
A high degree of reliability to protect against network failover
Unprecedented scalability, capable of growing to hundreds of thousands of users (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Covad behind and CompUSAs VoIP Offer
By Johanne Torres

Covad Communications Group Inc. has been chosen to be a preferred DSL and T-1 provider to for its VoIP system to be sold through an agreement with office supplies retail chain CompUSA Inc. will launch its VoIP system targeting small businesses through CompUSAs retail locations, commercial sales and Web site. The service is a fully-hosted IP telephony system that bundles Bandwidth.coms platform and feature set and will be available over Covad T-1 and SDSL voice-optimized access (VOA). Covads VOA enables small business customers to conduct multiple phone calls and access large data files concurrently over the same connection. The company controls the flow of voice traffic over its network and prioritizes telephone conversations over data traffic. (news - alerts) (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Brightpoint to Distribute Simply Phones with ECCB
By Johanne Torres

Mobile phone distributor Brightpoint Inc. announced that it entered into a distribution agreement with European Consulting and Computer Business S.A. (ECCB), whereby, Brightpoint will distribute ECCB devices including the Simply Phones. Simply Phones allow users to place Internet-based calls, avoiding the need for a headset. Our distribution agreement with ECCB is part of Brightpoints strategy to promote and distribute Internet-enabled products and services across Australia, said Felix Wong, managing director, Brightpoint Australia in a statement. The agreement also builds on Brightpoints commitment in expanding our channel offerings in the fast-growing internet calling market. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

IBM and 3Com to Deliver IP Telephony Suite for SMBs
By Johanne Torres

Technology giants IBM and 3Com Corporation announced their plans to offer an IP telephony suite for small and medium enterprises. Specifically, both companies will introduce the 3Com VCX suite of IP telephony solutions on IBMs all-in-one System i business computing solution. The new agreement between the companies will enable small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to integrate IP telephony capabilities with the System i, which already comes loaded with hardware, database software, storage and security. IBMand 3Com want to deliver an IP telephony suite that can run in a single Linux on POWER partition on the System i. This will allow enterprises to run business and telephony applications simultaneously, managed by the System Is management tools. The new suite is a good option for enterprises with 100 to 2,000 users. 3Com delivers a native, standards-based IP telephony and application system using SIP. The suite offers telephony features and applications, including unified messaging, large scale audio conferencing, video conferencing, presence, contact centers and enterprise mobility. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

VoX Communications Announces New VoIP Wholesale Customers
By Stefania Viscusi

VoX Communications Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of eLEC Communications Corp., and provider of retail and wholesale VoIP solutions, announced fouradditional wholesale agreements with service providers. VoXs offerings will give the four providers: Dedicated Network Solutions LLC, AllegroTel, OIS Data, and UniversalCall a cost effective way to meet existing and new customer demands in the growing VoIP market. VoXs solution offers advanced features and enhanced voice quality for its customers and will also provide private-label solutions for AllegroTel, Dedicated Network Solutions, and UniversalCall. (news - alerts)

BCE Elix to Distribute Mercom Call Center Call Products

Mercom Systems, Inc., a privately held company based in Lyndhurst, New Jersey and BCE Elix, a Bell Canada company focused exclusively on contact center solutions, announced that the two companies have entered into a distribution agreement whereby BCE Elix will add Mercom Audiolog Call Recording Servers and Mercom Interaction Quality (MIQ) Agent Evaluation software to its solutions portfolio. This new partnership will make Mercoms suite of open architecture recording solutions and quality monitoring tools available to BCE Elixs mid-market customers. We are pleased to be working with Mercom, said Daniel Rouleau, General Manager, Pre-Sales and Solutions Portfolio, at BCE Elix. We are particularly pleased that Mercom has developed solutions that integrate with our portfolio, which is carefully selected to bring the very best in the market to our customers. The integration with the solutions that BCE Elix is currently selling is complete, and Mercom is delighted that our products are now part of the BCE Elix portfolio, said David Zibelman, Vice President Business Development for Mercom. The timing for this partnership is ideal since both organizations acknowledge the need to offer reliable TDM and VoIP recording solutions that provide call centers with cost-effective management tools. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Vodavi and Covad Team to Provide VoIP Phones for the Very Small Market
By Erik Linask

Vodavi Technology Inc. and Covad Communications have announced the two companies will provide VoIP endpoints designed for the Very Small Business (VSB) and Small Business (SB). The arrangement calls for Vodavi to provide the new phone models to Covad, a provider of integrated voice and data communications. The new 6800 series handsets will be manufactured by LG-NortelCo. Ltd., Vodavis strategic partner and largest stakeholder. The phones will employ both SIP and MGCP standards, and will operate seamlessly with the Covad vPBX, its PBX designed for companies with fewer than 250 employees. Whats more, despite being targeted for the small business, these phones will provide the same kinds of enhanced features as units designed for enterprise users, like find me/follow me, call logs, and contact lists. Prior to Covads introduction of the 6800 Series phones, small businesses lacked a variety of cost-effective alternatives. Today, VSBs and SBs can implement the productivity advantages of VoIP with minimal up front costs, making total telecom savings even greater. Thephones will fit in with Covads all-in-one VoIP solution for smaller businesses. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)


North State Adopts CommuniGate Pro for Next-Gen IMS & VoIP Apps
By Erik Linask

CommuniGate Systems, a provider of scalable carrier-class Internet Communications solutions, announced that North State Communications has selected and successfully implemented the CommuniGate Pro Internet Communications platform for next generation communication services on a reliable and scalable platform. CommuniGate Systems enables carriers to scale standards-based messaging including SIP and SIP/SIMPLE technology to multi-million subscriber levels with the SIP Farm (patent pending) technology, breaking the barriers to mass adoption of open-standard communications for VoIP and Instant Messaging. Never before has interoperability been possible around SIP due to the sheer scale problems associated with subscribers and buddies lists for potentially 100 million or more users in the network. CommuniGate Pro v5.0 is based on open standards, allowing subscribers a choice of clients IP phones, soft clients, traditional telephony, mobile devices, browsers, IM all via a single account. Traditional telephone numbers are available through PSTN connectivity and ENUM, while CommuniGate Pro 5.0 integrates with IMS media and content through CG/PL and published APIs, and handles signaling and media for multiple gateways for IP-to-IP, PSTN-to-IP, and PSTN-to-PSTN connectivity. With CommuniGate Pro 5.0, users have a single source for email, collaboration, voice/video, and mobile Internet Communications. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Mitel Extends IP Interoperability with SIP Support
By Johanne Torres

IP communications provider Mitel announced that it extended its IP interoperability with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) support in the latest release of the companys 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP). Complementing our broad suite of IP communications solutions, the addition of native SIP support on the 3300 ICP enables customers to take full advantage of their investment in a multi-vendor environment, explained Ron Wellard, Mitels vice president, product development. We view SIP as the enabler of interoperability and this release allows the 3300 ICP to interconnect with soft-switch vendors that represent more than 90 percent of the soft-switch market as well as offering support for SIP endpoints and applications. Mitel enables users to integrate the features of the 3300 ICP through generic SIP endpoints and use of existing hunt groups and HotDesking functionalities. The SIP connectivity to Microsoft Office Communicator for softphone, presence, collaboration functionality and third-party call control inter-working with Microsoft Live Communications Server is enabled using SIP, CSTA and XML. (news - alerts)

Eicon Unveils SIP Interface for Vocalocity VoiceXML Voice Browser
By Laura Stotler

Eicon Networks Corporation and Vocalocity have announced Eicon Telephony Interface SIP Control drivers for the Vocalocity Voice Browser. The new Diva Server SIPcontrol SIP wrapper will act as a software adaptation layer, enabling Diva Server telephony boards to be used with the Vocalocity VoiceXML Voice Browser. The new adaptation layer offers a SIP-based approach for interfacing with Vocalocitys platform. It acts as a SIP User Agent, converting call control information from the Diva Server telephony board into SIP messages. Voice channels are converted into IP packets and streamed via the RTP protocol into the Vocalocity platform or to another SIP endpoint. The Eicon Diva Server telephony boards, combined with Diva Server SIPcontrol, act as an IP/PSTN gateway. They are compliant with the Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) and SIP architecture. The Vocalocity VoiceXML Voice Browser manages telephony, text-to-speech, automatic speech recognition, DTMF and a number of other resources. It includes an Interpreter with speech and telephony integrations to minimize development time and costs. The Eicon Diva Server offers a robust hardware platform for integrating multiple communications applications like VoIP, remote access, fax and unified messaging. Connectivity is offered through analog, ISDN Basic Rate (BRI) and Primary Rate (PRI), and E1/T1 (single, dual, quad) interfaces. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Verizon Enhances Wholesale SIP Gateway Product
By Johanne Torres

In a move to expand its Wholesale Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Gateway VoIP product, VerizonBusiness announced week that it added new capabilities to improve interactive communications for customers. New features include metered outbound local calling and directory assistance or operator services. Verizon Business continues to innovate and advance its VoIP solutions for wholesale customers, said Nancy Gofus, vice president of product marketing for Verizon Business. These latest key features, combined with the proven performance of our IP network, give our wholesale customers the added edge they need to do business in the growing VoIP market. Wholesale customers can advance and customize their own product suites with the directory assistance and operator service features now available with the wholesale SIP Gateway product. Wholesale customers will be provided with local, long-distance and international operator and directory assistance service round-the-clock from geographically dispersed and fully redundant call centers. (news - alerts)

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