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April 2007
Volume 10 / Number 4
Industry News


Global Crossing has introduced Global Crossing Managed IP Telephony Solutions,
an initiative designed to make it easier for enterprises to migrate from traditional telephony to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. The solution enables the enterprises to bundle and customize the company’s VoIP service elements.

Siemens has selected Verizon Business to provide global networking services
through its Verizon Private IP. Verizon Business, a provider of leading-edge network management to businesses worldwide, will also support Siemens’ corporate network, the communication link that connects the company’s numerous global business units carrying the company’s significant applications such as SAP, VoIP, and email applications.

“Serving the enterprise market
is central to our vision of enriching people’s lives by transforming the way the world communicates,” said Pat Russo, the Chief Executive Officer of newly merged Alcatel-Lucent at the outset of that company’s annual Enterprise Forum held February. Perhaps most importantly, Ms. Russo spoke of the company’s commitment to the enterprise market. “I want to be very clear in conveying that there is something about which there is no uncertainty,” she said, “and that is our commitment to — and the importance of — our enterprise business and the enterprise market.”

Mediatrix Telecom, provider of VoIP access devices,
gateways, and branch connectivity, has introduced the new 3500 Series of digital gateways. The 3500 Series can be connected to either a legacy PBX or PSTN line and can integrate standard ISDN devices with SIP networks. The 3500 Series supports the most common NA standards such as NI-2,5ESS and DMS100.

CoVi Technologies has introduced a remote wireless surveillance system.
With CoVi’s technology, customers are able to broadcast live high definition surveillance footage wirelessly to any video and WiFi capable device within range. CoVi’s Crystal HD v.2.2 software lets security personnel and others access a single video stream on a PDA, and up to four simultaneous streams on a WiFi enabled laptop. Its QuadView Windows compatible client allows for viewing of either live or archived footage, or a combination of the two.

Blue Coat Systems, a leader in secure content and application delivery,
will soon be delivering a solution which lets companies deliver streaming live video and video-ondemand content across a Wide Area Network (WAN). The company has a software interface and a partner initiative in place to integrate the video produced with its WAN optimization technologies using solutions from enterprise video vendors. Blue Coat SG appliances can differentiate between business videos, non-business-designated videos and unauthorized or unacceptable videos.

Rivermine, a company that specializes in telecom expense management
(TEM) software and services, unveiled the latest version of its flagship offering. Rivermine 5.0 includes a new set of reporting and analytics tools, as well as other enhancements.

Certainly, not having to hang up a call and dial back from
a landline when reaching the office presents obvious benefits in both productivity and cost savings. But, according to Siemens Communications’ vice president of product planning Luc Roy, the real benefit — and the feature that 4 out of five enterprises truly covet — is single number and single mailbox functionality, which is a key part pf Siemens’ newly announced FMC solution. “While the ’sexiest’ part of the solution is the seamless roaming, the most popular feature is the single number/single voicemail capability,” expressed Roy. “That’s actually the meat behind this solution.”

Aiming to dispel businesses’ concerns over VoIP quality,
IP communications provider Intelliverse announced it has improved the quality and reliability for its hosted VoIP services, Talking Planet Business and callEverywhere. The company has implemented a comprehensive media path optimization (MPO) that is expected to ensure top performance and quality on all calls for Intelliverse’s customers.

CTI Group
a company that specializes in VoIP call recording solutions delivered using a hosted model — announced enhancements to its emPulse solution designed to address the needs of businesses and providers outlined above. The latest enhancements were rolled into a solution developed for Thinking Phones, a company that offers a variety of hosted, next-generation communications applications.

Codima Technologies launched autoVoIP Traffic Blaster,
which adds a new dimension and stress tests the QoS experience for each user when extra VoIP and non- VoIP traffic is loaded on the network. The autoVoIP Traffic Simulator from Codima Toolbox monitors QoS over time for the simulated RTP traffic it sends out. The autoVoIP Traffic Blaster sends out competitive traffic and non competitive traffic using the Traffic Simulator interface to display the impact of this extra traffic on the QoS for the simulated RTP traffic.

Jaguar Communications has selected ECI Telecom’s XDM
multi-service optical platform for its backbone expansion, which gives Jaguar a cost effective solution that allows it to combine Ethernet flexibility and SONET reliability and WDM on a single platform. The solution is designed to enable Jaguar to become more agile in meetings its subscribers’ needs and deliver highly reliable bandwidth intensive services.

For carriers without their own mobile assets, Tekelec,
with its T6000 IMS application server, brings to the table a way for them to leverage their own infrastructure while still allowing customers to benefit from today’s emphasis on mobility. The features Payam Maveddat, vice president, Switching Solutions Group, product line management at Tekelec, is most excited about are the way Tekelec manages privacy expectations with its single number calling, and the use of password protected access for certain incoming calls.

IMC Networks has released a fiber-tothe- premises solution
designated the iMcV-FiberLinX-II. Combining advanced optical demarcation features with media conversion capabilities, the FiberLinX-II enables CATV, MSO, telecommunications, and Metro Ethernet operators to deliver high-speed Internet, transparent LAN and Ethernet private line services to business customers, over fiber optics.

Among the several peering solutions providers making significant headway,
Arbinet has now launched a digital communications exchange solution specifically customized for the U.S. domestic market. With PeeringSolutions, carriers — including CLECs, MSOs, and mobile operators — can effectively exchange traffic with one another regardless of their specific network technology.

To help customers in their quest to quickly and economically migrate their networks to new advances infrastructures,
Network Insight has consolidated its many strengths into a tightly integrated blueprint for the future. The new Next Generation Network Solutions practice is designed to guide service providers through the entire process of transforming their networks while leveraging their existing assets. As CEO Chris Pond explained, service providers “need a comprehensive technology solution that addresses the business obstacles they will encounter such as how to build the network economically and how to migrate their existing customers without interrupting service.”

XO Communications has launched a campaign to offer an appealing
alternative network solution to address clients’ growing demand for higher network bandwidth and competitive prices. This campaign is XO’s strategic move to attract more clients from switching services at the height of company mergers. The campaign offers carriers, content providers, wireless companies, and large enterprises the ability to take advantage of XO’s suite of inter-city and metro network solutions that include IP transit, Ethernet, and wavelength services.

Brix Networks announced that it has expanded the BrixCall VoIP analysis
and correlation application software by adding Network-based Call Signaling for cable operators. The move would provide cable operators with QoS visibility into subscribers’ homes. The software now supports the protocol commonly used in cable environments by correlating passive monitoring entries and active test results to allow for troubleshooting and fault isolation.

Broadband Internet service provider Comcast
said that its Comcast Digital Voice has surpassed the two millioncustomer milestone. The company’s IP-enabled voice service delivers digital quality phone service, voicemail, cost-effective international rates in more than 200 countries and unlimited local and domestic calling to Puerto Rico and Canada.

Ciena Corporation,
which offers solutions to help service providers and enterprises make a smooth transition from legacy to all-IP networks, without service interruption, is now offering FlexSelect for Ethernet, to help companies make a smooth transition to carriergrade Ethernet networks. The company announced the launch of two new series of Ethernet-based platforms — the 3000 Ethernet Access Series and 5000 Packet Services Series. These new platforms will enable service providers and enterprises to make Ethernet a carrier-class, performance-grade convergence vehicle from the access network to the core. The company is hoping to transform Ethernet into “the solution of choice” for service provider network convergence.

SMC Networks has launched the newest in its TigerAccess family
of switches for Metro Edge networking, the SMC7824M/FSW. The new release is priced to bring Fiber to the Home bandwidth and speed at under $200 per port. ISPs and Integrators can use the SMC7824M/FSW to enhance service offerings, revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction with reliable, high-speed, versatile edge connectivity.

Phonetime has kicked off a key network expansion
to handle up to 50,000 simultaneous calls, helping the company process more than 800 million minutes of call traffic per month. Phonetime modified its proprietary software, which effectively handles all call control and routing functions and with TDM and IP gateway expansions into the company network as well.

Cognio has released version 3.1
of its WiFi network monitoring and troubleshooting tool, Spectrum Expert. The new release gives recommendations for specific actions that should be taken by IT managers to maintain network integrity and performance — a feature which Cognio is calling an “industry first.”

LitePoint Corp. has released the IQmax-100 one-box solution
to address the needs of WiMax volume manufacturing. The tester shares a common hardware platform with the IQmax-500. With integrated Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) and Vector Signal Generator (VSG) resources, the one-box testers ensure consistent test results for all critical fixed and mobile WiMAX physical layer parameters, including all bandwidth and data rate options for product development, volume manufacturing and quality assurance (QA), said the company.

Broadband operators consistently dealing with dramatic increases
in the density and mix of users, devices and applications at public WiFi hotspots, will benefit from the Ruckus Wireless announcement that the company has released its Ruckus MediaFlex Hotspot (HS). It is the first industrial-strength “smart WiFi” access point specifically designed for operators facing the aforementioned challenges.

Nortel Networks has unveiled wireless LAN (WLAN)
capabilities and solutions that enable business to use their existing WLAN network to deploy advanced enterprise applications such as location tracking, advanced security solutions, and voice over the WLAN. In addition, Nortel has launched several upgrades to increase wireless LAN network security, and improve overall productivity by allowing businesses to use the network to quickly locate people, company assets and equipment that are dispersed across their campus.

Wireless communications solutions supplier Redpine Signals has launched Lite-MAX,
a semiconductor platform for mobile devices offering wireless connectivity conforming to the IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard. The Lite-MAX low-power mobile platform offers all features of the WiMAX Wave-2 profiles. Lite- MAX supports both single antenna and two antenna MIMO configurations and employs high performance enhancing and power saving techniques to enhance battery life.

Verizon Wireless launched a broadcast TV service
for cell phones in about 20 Midwestern and Western markets, charging $15 to $25 a month for the initial lineup from eight leading networks. While Verizon had already said it planned to introduce the service this month, the launch provided the first detailed look at the long awaited mobile TV service.

Aruba Networks has launched initiatives, partnerships and new capabilities
of the Aruba Mobile Edge Architecture that allows the secure implementation of multiple healthcare applications on a single wireless network. Thanks to Aruba, healthcare IT can create secure, multi-service mobility networks designed to reduce costs and complexity while satisfying federal regulations.

Meru Networks,
developer of wireless infrastructure solutions that enable the All-Wireless Enterprise, announced that long-time partner Ascom, the leading provider of on-site wireless communication solutions, is now a member of Meru’s VoIP Unplugged Program. The companies, which recently completed extensive interoperability testing between the Meru Wireless LAN and the Ascom i75 VoWiFi handset, are pursuing joint marketing and sales opportunities throughout North America and Europe.

Tropos Networks has added sophisticated new business analytics
to its advanced MetroMesh analysis and optimization system with the release of Tropos Insight 2.0. Operators can use the essential new business analytics features of the Tropos Insight 2.0 to more effectively manage their networks, ensure a great user experience, deliver the applications that users want and enable new revenue streams.

Fixed/mobile convergence (FMC) solutions provider FirstHand Technologies
has reportedly signed an agreement with NEC to fully integrate its FirstHand Enterprise Mobility Solution with the NEC UNIVERGE portfolio. Using the combined solution, corporate customers will be able to “push” enterprise PBX functionality to smart phones and dual mode devices over both cellular and WiFi networks.


Channel News:

VoIP telephone systems vendor TalkSwitch
has signed an agreement with D&H Distributing, a national distributor of computer and consumer electronic products. D&H will market TalkSwitch’s phone systems to its network of approximately 12,000 reseller agents across the United States — and to existing U.S.— based TalkSwitch resellers that prefer purchasing through a distributor. D&H will be offering first-level technical support to reseller partners as well.

With an eye to extending its presence across the pond, Sangoma Technologies,
a provider of connectivity hardware and software products for Asteriskbased solutions including VoIP, TDM voice, WANs, and Internet infrastructure, has signed a distribution agreement partnership with VoIPon Solutions as a distributor of Sangoma hardware solutions for the United Kingdom. Sangoma Technologies plans to leverage its strategic relationships with its vast network of contacts and resellers in the open source telephony space to strengthen its market position.

a global provider of Voice and Video over IP fault and performance management technology announced that Trend Communications has licensed its VQmon/SA performance monitoring technology. Trend Multipro Triple Play test set will utilize VQmon.

Sipera Systems has signed an agreement for the Sipera IPCS
products for comprehensive, enterprise VoIP security to become part of INSI’s solution portfolio. INSI is recognized in the IT community as a reliable source to design, secure, install and improve business networks. Partnering with Sipera will enable INSI to provide its customers with comprehensive VoIP security solutions for pervasive, real-time, unified communications.


Developer News:

SkyCross is supplying both the internal and the external WiMAX antennas
for the Samsung SPH-H1100 and SPH-H100 PC cards. Both the cards operate on the WiBro network, which is a WiMAX-compliant standard for last mile broadband connectivity in South Korea. SkyCross recently introduced a WiMAX product line, which includes the first antennas designed and manufactured for this protocol.

Diversified Technology has introduced a low cost, highly functional ATS1936 Switch Blade.
The board reportedly features 10G Ethernet transfer speeds. As a low cost, highly functional AdvancedTCA switch, the ATS1936 complies with PICMG 3.0 R2.0 ECN002 and PICMG 3.1 Option 1 and Option 9. This switch features three AMC sites for OA&M, Firewall, and Encryption applications.

Optima EPS, an b Company, offers S-Series cabinets with flexible design options.
The modular approach allows variation in sizes, depths, and options for customized solutions based upon a proven, standard product base. The Sseries offers a wide range of bezel styles and options for; frame size, mounting rails, base, top panel, bottom panel, side panel, doors, color and accessories. Cabinet heights are from 12U to 44U and widths in 19", 23" and 24". The depth options of the cabinets permit different mounting choices in the front and rear, and a diversity of ways to layout the cable management.

BlueNote Networks, a company that specializes in service oriented architecture (SOA)
based software solutions, announced today the introduction of a new, thin-client application for Web-based voice services: WebCaller. WebCaller is a set of technologies that allows Web designers to quickly and easily add real-time communications capabilities to Web sites — or any browserbased application.

WildPackets introduced the version 2.0 of its WildPackets Developer Network (WPDN).
WPDN is an online community and software distribution site that aids network engineers and product developers broaden the capabilities of WildPackets’ OmniAnalysis Platform, which troubleshoots and monitors networks and applications’ performance. Now available online, WPDN 2.0 features a redesigned user interface, a new blog and a Networking News section. The site also offers downloadable plug-ins for WildPackets products, as well as source code, programming primers, tips, and sample codes.

VoxPilot, Speech Village, and Loquendo, have come together
to combine their areas of expertise to offer service developers and application designers a faster, more cost efficient way to bring interactive voice services to market. The solution, Silver Bullet, is an easy to integrate platform and allows the deployment of quality apps as well as smooth migration from single DTMF to advanced speech applications.


IP Contact Center News:

The Taylor Reach Group (TRG) has announced that it has launched “Teleffective Inc.”
a call and contact center service provider. Based in Canada, Teleffective will provide Business to Business sales support in lead generation, account management, interim Inside sales/telesales and direct sales. Colin Taylor, CEO of TRG said, “Many of our clients asked us to assist them in sourcing a high quality service provider. After some mixed experiences we concluded that we should create our own. Then we ensure the highest level of quality to our clients by proper control of the process.”,
a vendor of on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) products with built-in dialer, has released what company officials describe as “several enhancements to its hosted CRM and Contact Center automation suite,” designed to “make life easier for both managers and users.”

Nortel announced that it has been tapped
by the Geisinger Health System for an IP Contact Center system, which will link 2.5 million people in its network of hospitals and physicians across 20,000 square miles. The system is part of Nortel’s clinical grade Healthcare Solutions, which facilitates access to the group’s practitioners and patients.


SIP News:

To better reflect the range of services it offers
particularly its engineering and integration capabilities — enterprise VoIP solutions provider SIPBox has changed its name to NeoPhonetics. Chad Agate, co-founder and CEO of NeoPhonetics, said the new name better reflects the company’s main objective, which is “to design and build the most advanced phone systems, based on the latest, most cost-effective technology available.”

Verizon Business SIP trunking services have now been rated compliant with key Avaya IP telephony systems.
The move will now allow enable enterprises using Avaya communication systems to have lower priced access to the public phone network without having to rely on hardwired land lines. Verizon’s Business arm is a member of the Avaya DeveloperConnection program, which serves as a platform for companies wanting to join Avaya to develop, market and sell third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology.

In a bid to enrich its SIP telephone range, Aastra Telecom,
a provider of traditional and VoIP communication products and systems has launched Aastra 5i Series. The Aastra 5i Series is comprised of the 53i featured set, the 55i advanced featured set, and the 57i fullfeatured set. Also of note, the 57i CT, which offers the features of the 57i along with an integrated cordless base for VoIP mobility.

Arcosoft has released VONaLink TeamRecord,
which works with any VoIP phone system based on the open SIP standard to centrally record all phone calls for a company workgroup. Earlier TeamRecord was available only for Windows. Thanks to the latest VoIP systems built on open, standard protocols, calls can be recorded by monitoring network packets.


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