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Power Protection and Management Products & Solutions


In todays always on, always available world where businesses cant stop and downtime is measured in dollars, the unfortunate fact is that power quality is worse than ever. Indeed, there is data to suggest that a typical computer is subjected to more than 100 power problems each month. Research by Frost & Sullivan suggests that power interruptions results is financial losses of up to $50 billion each year for U.S. businesses.

Whats worse is that power companies can do little to alleviate these issues because the power is subjected to numerous outside influences as it travels to the customer sites. The good news for the consumer, the enterprise, the service provider, the call center, the SMB, and the SOHO is that there are several firms marketing power protection devices that are designed to solve these very problems.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems are designed to protect equipment from downtime, damage, and data loss due to power problems. However, which power protection/management solution to choose is complicated by the convergence of voice and data. New technologies such as ADSL broadband, VoIP, and PoE are expanding the range of possible applications for power protection.

In this months product round-up, we have featured ten providers of power protection and management products and solutions. What you will read here is merely a snapshot of each firms offerings. To find out more about any of these companies or to inquire about solutions tailored to your specific networks, we encourage you to contact these companies directly.

APC (news - alerts)

APC offers comprehensive AC and DC power solutions designed for both home and corporate environments to improve manageability, availability, and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications, and industrial equipment. Wherever data is created, transmitted, or stored, for protection from laptops to high availability facilities and everything in between APC has a solution. APC has solutions to protect an entire VoIP network, including protection for IP phones, access points, wiring closets to Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDFs), Main Distribution Frames (MDFs) and data centers. APC Smart-UPS RT is a family of high-density, performance UPSs for voice and data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. Capable of supporting 10kVA in a 6U rack/tower convertible form, users can support power hungry blade servers or heavily loaded equipment racks. High power internal chargers allow virtually unlimited additional matching battery packs to comply with aggressive runtime demands of business-critical systems. Customers with harsh power environments looking for extremely tight voltage and frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction typical of double conversion online topology will get them in the Smart-UPS RT APC Smart-UPS protects critical data by supplying reliable, network-grade power in either traditional tower or rack-optimized form factors. High real power output, generous runtime, sine wave output, 16-segment LED visual display, and intelligent battery management make Smart-UPS a leading server class UPS. Included PowerChute management software provides IT administrators the comfort of safe system shutdown and advanced UPS management. Additional manageability is available through the SmartSlot, an internal accessory slot that allows installation of optional accessories to enhance the performance of your UPS.

CyberPower Systems (news - alerts)

CyberPowers recently expanded line of products now includes both lower cost UPS units for the general consumer, as well as higher end units for applications needing automatic voltage regulation or pure sine wave output. This new product line fully complements its retail line of products and is capable of serving the reseller community in the SMB sector. The new Reseller line includes: The Utility line, which is standby offline UPS, the Office line, consisting of line-interactive AVR UPS, and the Professional line, which is pure sine wave line-interactive AVR UPS. These units are produced in tower form factors and rack mounted versions in both 1U and 2U designs currently. The Professional Series UPS are designed to protect office computers, corporate and departmental servers, computer workstations, phone lines, as well as peripherals. Automatic Voltage Regulation ensures that your sensitive electronic equipment receives only clean, consistent, regulated power. The UPS provides long-lasting pure sine wave backup power in the event of a power failure. The PR3000 series UPS is designed to protect corporate and departmental servers, critical broadband network equipment, computer workstations, as well as todays power-hungry multi-media computer systems. Multiple serial ports allow for software control of multiple servers. Occupying only 4U of valuable rack space, the Professional Rack Mount series packs more VA capacity into smaller cabinets.

Eaton/PowerWare (news - alerts)

Eaton is a global provider of comprehensive power quality and backup power management solutions, consistently delivering the high 9s of availability demanded by todays digital economy under the Powerware brand. Powerware solutions include UPSs ranging from 300 VA to more than 4,000 kVA, as well as DC Power Systems to suit any application. Its software and connectivity devices incorporate all the features customers need to proactively manage their systems, from basic monitoring and shutdown to predictive analysis and power management. The new Powerware 9155 UPS delivers a genuine triple-play: the latest technology advances, a stylish and user-friendly design, and a budget-pleasing price. This double-conversion online UPS resolves all nine of the most common utility power quality problems and supplies clean, continuous power to all connected equipment. The innovative design of this UPS delivers the industrys best performance combination: The cumulative result of these advancements is maximum economy, adaptability, and power performance. A scalable architecture makes this an uncommonly versatile UPS. Choose from four models to match todays requirements, and upgrade kVA rating in increments as needed. Or, use the signature Powerware Hot Sync paralleling technology to simply upgrade from a single-module system to a multi-module system for added capacity or redundancy. The UPS comes bundled with LanSafe power management software that protects data and system integrity through remote monitoring and management. Connectivity options enable secure, remote power management and alert/alarm notification via your existing LAN or the Web.

Liebert (news - alerts)

Liebert provides online protection for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices, and critical workstations. Most users of new IP telephony systems expect the same high level of telephone system availability they enjoyed with traditional systems. Uninterruptible power for edge-of-network equipment is critical for achieving this level of service, and the new Liebert IP Telephony Availability System ensures it. The Liebert IP Telephony Availability System brings data center-level power protection to network edge equipment in remote access points. Version 1.0 has met the Cisco AVVID Partner Program test criteria for interoperability with Cisco CallManager Express 3.1 and Cisco Unity Express, release 1.1.2. Local Liebert representatives can tailor the system to other equipment. Combining IP telephony protection capabilities not found together in any other system, the Liebert IP Telephony Availability System includes:

True online protection via a UPStation GXT2U double-conversion UPS, which provides protection far superior to that of traditional line-interactive UPSs.

Power system monitoring, communications and remote control via a Liebert OpenComms Web card.

Continuous power availability via a Liebert 2U POD that allows you to bypass the UPS for maintenance, and also provides power output distribution.

System security via a Liebert Foundation wall-mount or free standing enclosure with a locking door and hinged back, providing both security and ease of maintenance.

Longer uptime via an optional extended battery.

MGE UPS Systems (news - alerts)

MGE UPS SYSTEMS provides power solutions for PCs and enterprise-wide networks, mission-critical telecommunication systems, and industrial/manufacturing processes. Its comprehensive product offering includes Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs), inverters, rectifiers, power management software, active harmonic conditioners, and surge suppressors that provide MGEs customers with end-to-end infrastructure solutions. With its Total Quality Management and PowerServices programs, supported by a network of 900 service specialists in 170 centers worldwide, MGEs customers are promised the highest quality of service throughout the complete life-cycle of their installations. MGEs Pulsar ellipse USBS is the UPS of choice to maximize the availability of PCs and workstations in small and home office environment. The new com port of Pulsar ellipse is designed for both USB and Serial communications. Their distinctive, compact and lightweight design is the result of MGEs heavy investment in R&D to provide users with the best combination of performance and size. This is a line that provides High-Density Power Protection for Servers, Storage Systems and Networking Equipment Pulsar Evolution Rack and Tower UPSs offer network administrators the high-availability power solution they need Applying the same technology MGE uses in its high power data center UPS modules, it has developed the Galaxy 3000 to be an ultra-high availability solution for lower power ranges. The Galaxy 3000s feature-rich offering includes a power factor corrected input, internal batteries, maintenance bypass, and four color graphical user interface all standard making it a truly all-in-one compact solution.

Minuteman UPS (news - alerts)

Enterprise networks encompass more than just servers and workstations bridges, data switches, hubs, routers, and telephone systems all are part of an enterprise system requiring clean, continuous AC power to ensure data integrity, hardware stability, and maximum equipment life. Every Enterprise Series UPS produces a continuous, true sine wave output that these sensitive, mission-critical devices demand. MINUTEMAN Enterprise Series models are available in various sizes and can be easily configured for use as a rack mount, wall mount, tower, or desktop unit. They are designed for harsh conditions and constrained locations and are 2U and 3U and only 16 inches deep MINUTEMAN also has released its ENTERPRISE 1U Series. When incoming utility power falters, MINUTEMANs powerful Double Buck and Double Boost voltage regulators handle the majority of the line conditioning workload while MINUTEMANs Independent Battery Bypass topology ensures that, even if the UPS battery becomes discharged or disconnected, the Enterprise UPS continues to condition the incoming AC power and correct every electrical anomaly, short of a complete power blackout in which case units switch to battery backup in 1.8 milliseconds. Every Enterprise Series Battery Pack includes an internal, independent charger that can recharge the battery system in as little as two to five hours. Each model also includes a serial communications cable and includes the MINUTEMAN SentryII power management and shutdown software. They also feature a plug-in expansion slot for MINUTEMANs Computer Interface Card (CIC), which allows for remote monitoring. Minuteman offers products for nearly any other type of implementation as well: SOHO, home use, SMB, Networking, Telecom, PoS, Education, and more.

OPTI-UPS (news - alerts)

An OPTI-UPS is an advanced UPS consisting of a battery source, a converter, and control equipment. It is designed to prevent spikes, surges, sags, transients and blackout from reaching your equipment. When AC power is present, the UPS filters small fluctuations continuously. When AC power fails, the unit employs its internal maintenance-free battery to supply back-up power without interruption. The OPTI-UPS family Durable Series B family offers ultimate performance and newly improved features and is designed to provide robust battery management system. The DS-B series provides true online power for servers, workstations, networking equipment, telecommunications systems, and other critical equipment. The double conversion online topology protects against all brownouts, blackouts, voltage fluctuations and surges. True sine wave output and zero transfer time ensure perfect protection. The Durable Series B has 4 to 12 outlets, multi-lingual and multi-functional LCD display, built-in serial port that works with FREE OPTI-SAFE Xtreme software to manage all kinds of power information and problems. Moreover, it offers SNMP card and USB port interface for extra options in network management. The PS1500B UPS is a solution for small offices and SMBs that require sine wave signal and high capacity power supply units with longer backup time. High UPS capacity, strong AVR, robust batteries and 8 power outlets split into 3 groups allow backup of Web, file, and mail servers, while leaving enough free outlets for other equipment like routers, modems, switches, which can be powered down or up separately either from a remote location or upon any programmable event.

Riello UPS (news - alerts)

The Riello UPS range includes both line interactive and online systems. An online UPS, such as the Riello Dialog Plus or Dialog Dual, where the inverter constantly powers the load, is recommended for the protection of a PBX. The Dialog Plus is an online UPS specifically designed to solve the power protection problems facing VoIPand PoE technologies.It is available in 700VA to 3000VA power modules and both floor standing and 19 rack mount formats to offer the maximum number of installation options. The UPS have been designed to occupy the smallest possible foot prints. Dialog Plus is available with a standard internal battery, which typically will run for 13 minutes at full load. This can be extended using modular battery packs to over 7 hours. The modular battery packs can be recharged in less than 8 hours and automatic battery testing and management help to prolong their working life. The new Multi Dialogs from Riello Galatrek are multi-mode UPSs specifically designed for call center type organizations deploying Multi-Channel Services and VoIP. They are 35% smaller than traditional transformer based systems making it easier to find them a space within compact computer and plant rooms. The UPS design is modular in approach with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) greater than 250,000 hours. The Riello UPS range also includes two ideal UPS products for domestic and small office environments Plug Dialog and Win Dialog Plus. Both are line interactive UPS and use filters to suppress spikes and transients, and electrical noise that may be present on the incoming mains supply.

Tripp Lite (news - alerts)

Tripp Lite offers power protection equipment for nearly all implementations, including virtually any combination of: mission-critical servers, servers, workstations, small servers, PCs, home entertainment equipment, modems and other peripherals, and telecom applications. In addition to maintaining power during an outage, as an added benefit, Tripp Lite UPS systems also protect against power surges and disruptive line noise. Tripp Lite has a UPS system to protect and support every computer and electronics application standby, line-interactive and on-line models from 300 to 30,000VA. Tripp Lite also offers NEW 3-Phase UPS Systems. Tripp Lite SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS Systems provide mission-critical equipment in computing, networking, telecommunications or industrial environments with the highest level of power protection available. Double-conversion online operation with zero transfer time to battery completely isolates sensitive equipment from every power problem on the AC line. True on-line operation completely isolates connected equipment from all power problems: blackouts, brownouts, surges, line noise, even harmonic distortion. Double-conversion operation continually converts incoming AC power into DC power, and then resynthesizes it back into normal AC power. The SmartPro family of intelligent, line-interactive UPS systems are specially designed to provide mission-critical network, telecom, and server applications with a superior level of power protection and control. Long lasting battery backup supports up to four servers during blackouts. Automatic voltage regulation constantly monitors incoming voltage and trims or boosts the voltage to supply consistent power without draining batteries. Powerful surge suppression safeguards against damage from spikes and line noise. Every model includes award-winning PowerAlert Software to facilitate graceful unattended shutdown and unparalleled network management and control including from wireless devices.

Valere Power (news - alerts)

Valere Power is a supplier of DC power systems to its customer base, which includes both wireless and wireline carriers. Its Mini DC power family are innovative, flexible, full-featured power systems with a current output of up to 400 amps. Power levels range from 500W to 10,000W. Advanced controller and battery back-up management capabilities are also available. At only 1RU and 2RU, Valeres Mini DC Power Systems offer an unprecedented combination of high-power and small size for telecommunications, embedded, datacenter or enterprise applications. Valeres Mini DC Power Systems provide the needed voltage for Blade servers, VoIP/PoE and other enterprise data center equipment with high reliability and 35% less heat emission. Its small footprint and 4X power density means the system can go where no other power system will fit and still leave room for other revenue generating equipment. The deployment site of CPE is always a great unknown, and Valeres Mini DC Power Systems provide the ultimate flexibility for these applications, with current levels that span from 10 to 400 amps. The Mini DC Power Systems multiple outputs 12V, 24V, and 48V provide a unique solution to powering multiple overlay networks, 2-way radio, and paging systems. A powerful system controller and elegant product design make this a simple to install and understand system that is easily scalable start with 10 amps and grow to 400A in a single system. IT If you are interested in purchasing reprints of this article (in either print or PDF format), please visit Reprint Management Services online at or contact a representative via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 800-290-5460.

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