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Allworx Unleashes Key System Killer
By Greg Galitzine

Allworx (news - alerts) has announced the newest member of its product line, the Allworx 6X. Targeted at the small to mid-size business community, the 6X is a multi-faceted business communications tool designed to support up to 25 users. The company seems very keen on positioning the product as a true key system killer. Various studies have shown that the smaller end of the SMB market has been underserved for years. Allworx is trying to amend that oversight by targeting this new product squarely at this market. And it appears theyre seeing some early success. Mark Rogers is a Sales Engineer for Tri-Tech International. Rogers had an old key system and needed to upgrade his phone system. Today, Tri-Tech is using a pair of Allworx 6Xs at two different sites and has them networked together. When asked to explain why Tri-Tech chose the Allworx solution, Rogers told INTERNET TELEPHONY, Were a small multi-location sales organization and we were in desperate need of an updated phone system. The Allworx 6X was the best solution in terms of size, features, cost, and expandability. The new offering from Allworx is actually three distinct tools rolled into one. The 6X comprises a full-featured phone system, a network server, and the Allworx message center. The system was designed to be easy to use and administer, so busy entrepreneurs can focus on running their businesses not managing their phone system. Furthermore, the resellers who are tasked with installing the 6X can take advantage of a wizard-based installation process that enables them to install the system and get their customers up and running in a matter of hours, not days. Another element of the launch that Allworx pointed out to me is the pricing. Allworx claims to offer the lowest installed cost of any fully-featured VoIP system and PC network, and at a $400$435 per user installation cost including all hardware and installation they may just be on to something. The pre-market literature I saw showcases a litany of cost-related savings for the customer:

No additional hidden charges for connection to VoIP, site-to-site and remote user connections, unified messaging, or any other VoIP features.
One time unlimited user license fee no matter regardless of how many users are added at a later date.
No third-party hosting fees for Web site.
No per user license fees for software.
No limitations on voicemail access when you use the external hard drive.
No additional charges for firewall, e-mail server, file server, and PC network server.
Use most of your existing phones so you can save money by not buying everything new.
Easy connection to Internet Service Providers (ITSPs) so you can immediately save on long-distance calls anywhere.

Regarding the features of the phone system, the 6X offers all the usual PBX and key system features in addition to support for analog and IP phones at the same time. The Allworx solution offers the following key features: VoIP Save money on long distance calling.
Site-to-site calling Eliminate inter-office call charges and keep up to 100 remote/branch sites connected.
Voicemail Virtually unlimited message storage; up to 16 people can access messages simultaneously.
DID Direct inward dialing allows each extension to have a direct number.
Call routing Customized call routing allows users to route their calls to follow them or forward to another extension.
Presence Management Seven unique states makes sure coworkers and callers alike know your status and availability.
Unified Messaging All messages (voicemail, e-mail, meeting requests) can be viewed form a single unified inbox. Additional text to speech functionality lets users review and respond to voice messages via e-mail.

Other features include the remote user functionality, customizable dialing plans, auto attendant, call tracking, conference calling for up to three, three-way conferences using analog phones (IP phones can each support up to eight seats in a conference bridge), call queues, and more. The network server combines a full suite of networking needs into the product, including LAN network server, WAN/Internet access, Firewall, E-mail server, Full VPN support, Spam blocker, Fax support, as well as several other business networking functions. The Allworx Message Center was designed to be a group calendaring application featuring contact management and information sharing applications. The 6X is TAPI-compliant, which instantly makes the Allworx solution compliant with any number of contact management solutions. Users can receive e-mail and voicemail and check them through a single unified interface. The system is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Rogers explained how the Allworx product has helped Tri-Tech achieve their business objectives. [the decision] has allowed us to seamlessly link our customers and suppliers with our various sales offices at a very affordable price, he said. Were very satisfied with our decision to deploy Allworx. Allworx is following up its release of the Allworx 6X by pre-announcing the June availability of the Allworx Call Assistant software add-on for the 6x. The Allworx Call Assistant is a live answering position that works in conjunction with any Allworx phones. The software price for this option is currently set at $320 for the 6X and is based on a one-time fee per system for unlimited number of users (no per seat license charges).

Quintum, Intel Empower ISVs, OEMs with Gateway Bundle
By Michelle Pasquerello

VoIP gateway provider Quintum Technologies (news - alerts) has empowered service providers with a cost-efficient way to bridge legacy telephony systems with next-generation networks that can support a myriad of new applications with the recent introduction of its Gateway bundle, tied to Intel NetStructure Host Media Processing (HMP) software. The bundle, introduced earlier this month, is comprised of Quintums Tenor AS and BX lines of gateways and switches as well as Intels NetStructure platform. Targeted towards independent software vendors (ISVs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the bundled offering is available through value-added resellers such as Paracon. The bottom line with HMP technology is flexibility, Quintum officials said. By utilizing HMP technology, developers put forward services that are not only cost-effective, but scalable for developing applications. The combination of Intel HMP software with Quintums switches and gateways helps complete the line of network access solutions. Utilizing the HMP platform and connecting into both future and legacy networks really provides the opportunity for a lot of applications to be developed, Chuck Rutledge, vice president of marketing for Quintum Technologies told TMCnet in an interview. What HMP brings to the table is that ability to have these pre-packaged modules of telephony functions that can be assembled very quickly in a relatively inexpensive way. It provides an environment that people can be creative with. HMP software from Intel performs media processing tasks on a general-purpose computing architecture without the use of specialized hardware. When installed on a system, the software acts like an Intel Dialogic board with DM3 architecture to the customer application. The real benefit is that the HMP platform provides a flexible platform for developing applications. Together, the pair can provide a very flexible platform because the Quintum Tenor is designed as a multipath switch as opposed to a gateway. The HMP can leverage the strength of the Tenor to really enhance the overall applications that can be created on that platform, said Rutledge. According to the companys release, ISVs and OEMs will profit by using Quintums switches and gateways with HMP software by rapid product development. Between the different scales of servers and the different sizes of Quintum devices, developers can address a wide range of applications: IP-PBX, Contact/Call Center Applications, Messaging, IVR Services, Conferencing, and SMS Services. Quintum has such a broad range of increments. We go from 2 to 48 in relatively nice increments and 48 is certainly the top of what you can find in terms of capacity on an analog VoIP device. One great aspect about HMP is I just have to scale up my server for more capacity, noted Rutledge. In terms of convergence, the real value is in applications. With a broad range of applications offerings, providers gain competitive edge over the market and enhance the productivity of their workforce. The function that we provide at the edge of the network is the complete aspect of addressing the concerns that any kind of converged application is going to face at the edge of the network. Its going to need to be able to provide productivity to all of the legacy equipment inside, out to the PSTN, concluded Rutledge.

Whalebacks VoBB Managed Service for SMBs

Whaleback Systems (news - alerts) announced its managed business phone service expressly designed for the needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Whaleback offers the CrystalBlue Voice Service that provides SMBs with access to rich VoIP functionality that businesses can leverage via a simple broadband cable or DSL connection. Whalebacks all-inclusive, flat-priced service package makes the most advanced business telephony technology immediately affordable for small and midsized businesses without the operational hassles of maintaining equipment. Whaleback has leveraged cutting-edge technologies and the latest industry standards to engineer a simple, yet powerful and feature-rich business phone system that transports voice signals over a broadband connection. The Whaleback SMB 1500 is the cornerstone of the service. It transports voice signals over broadband connections via native SIP trunks to drive down recurring bandwidth charges. Unlike IP Centrex and alternative PBX solutions, the SMB 1500 is premises-based and software-driven to simplify system management, enhance call quality and optimize network performance. It is deployed at an SMBs location and connected to an SMBs Ethernet network. The SMB 1500 offers linear, pay-as-you-grow scalability so SMBs can support up to 1,500 phone stations.

GL Communications begins Deployment for the USPS

GL Communications Inc. (news - alerts), a leading provider of test and measurement solutions for TDM, VoIP, and Wireless networks, announced the start of a nationwide deployment of a Digital (T1) Line Monitoring, Test, and Diagnostic System for the United States Postal Service (USPS). GLs solution for USPS features an instant overall view of the health of the entire network with the ability to successively drill down to individual T1 lines. Maintenance engineerscan securely access the network view from literally anywhere that Internet access is available. They can also monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot any T1 line remotely with simple to use scripts. The system can also monitor USPSs Ethernet traffic at all USPS hub locations. Other features of the T1 Line Monitoring, Test, and Diagnostic System include fail-safe operation during power disruptions or element failure, a central database for historical performance data, USB controlled passive / intrusive T1 switches, T1 probes for monitoring and intrusivetesting, TCP/IP communication to a central collection station, and a secured database and Web server accessible via the Web. Any authorized PC with an Internet browser can access the Web server to obtain status of USPSs network or perform diagnostics on T1 lines all remotely.

U of Miami Chooses Interactive Intelligences Communit
By Mae Kowalke

University of Miami announced that it chose Interactive Intelligences (news - alerts) Communit PBX software package to manage its campus communications system because of the softwares ability to manage a hybrid VoIP and TDM PBX system. Using Communit, the school has been able to increase the productivity of its staff, and reduce costs associated with running a campus-wide communications system. With Communit, the school manages about 10,000 voice mail boxes used by administrative, hospital and clinical staff, and faculty, among others. Those boxes now include unified messages functions, including the ability to view and listen to messages using a Web browser.

Teledata Networks Introduces All-IP Version of BroadAccess
By Patrick Barnard

Teledata Networks (news - alerts) introduced an all-IP version of its BroadAccess Multiservice Access Gateway for delivery of triple play services over Ethernet architecture. The new gateway enables service providers to make a smooth transition to next generation services while maintaining their existing infrastructure. The new release of BroadAccess was crafted to help todays service providers cope with the dilemma of rebuilding or leveraging their legacy networks to accommodate the new technologies, said Eli Lotan, CTO, VP R&D, Teledata Networks. With BroadAccess, they can easily and cost-effectively migrate to IP and generate new revenue channels. Teledata Networks is an established global provider of innovative Access Network solutions that enable smooth migration to Next Generation Networks (NGN) and delivery of triple play services. The company tailors unique solutions for telecom operators and services providers in accordance with their needs, to enhance their competitive edge.

ADTRAN Enters IP PBX Market

ADTRAN, Inc. (news - alerts), a supplier of IP-based networking solutions announced that the company is expanding its Voice over IP portfolio by entering the customer premises-based IP PBX market with the launch of the NetVanta 7100. ADTRANs initial IP PBX offering will consist of the NetVanta 7100, a unique VoIP office-in-a-box solution that integrates voice, data, high-speed Internet, and security functionality in a single, compact platform. This solution will be complemented by a full line of phones, including desktop, attendant consoles, and conference models as well as an IP SoftPhone for laptop/computer telecommuters and other accessories. Future plans include expanding this product offering to address larger enterprise customers, globalization of the product line, and the introduction of additional advanced features.

Ingate Intros Firewall 1900 and SIParator 90
By Johanne Torres

Ingate Systems (news - alerts) introduced the Ingate Firewall 1900 and Ingate SIParator 90. The products are a are designed for large corporations wanting complete support for IP communications based on SIP, including VoIP, IM, and video applications. They solve the Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal issues inherent in SIP communications, and allow for both far and near-end NAT traversal to extend the SIP capabilities within the corporate network to remote workers. Both products feature Ingates SIP proxy technology, which delivers control over SIP signaling, traffic and network security, creating a converged network for both data and VoIP. With Ingate products, enterprises can use VoIP and other live communications on the LAN and globally over the Internet or private IP networks. Both the Ingate Firewall 1900 and SIParator 90 have eight interfaces. Two of these are mini Gbic that can be used for fiber optic interfaces giving greater flexibility and offer 2600 Mbit/s throughput. The new products are capable of handling 1200 concurrent VoIP calls (e.g. RTP sessions).

Sphere Announces Release 5 Sphericall for IP PBX
By Michelle Pasquerello

IP PBX software provider Sphere Communications (news - alerts) announced the general availability of its Release 5 Sphericall, the latest installment of its next-gen software for IP PBXs. Offered as an open, enterprise softswitch application, the Sphericall IP PBX is a fully distributed software solution that scales up to 30,000 ports across multiple locations. The new Sphericall release features communications Web Services for business application software integration, SIP trunking and expanded SIP device support, software-based call recording and Assured Services. Now, applications developers, ISVs and OEMs can very easily embed communications functions into critical business processes without the need for extensive telecommunications expertise, says Todd Landry, Sr. Vice President, Sphere Communications.Rather than brute force, application-to-application integration through cumbersome telephony APIs, Sphericall Web Services offer a dramatically easier and more flexible integration process that aligns with enterprise software development standards and Service Oriented Architecture initiatives. Release 5 SphericallT is currently available at $199 per access license.

Newport Networks and MetaSwitch Deliver Interoperable, Future-proof IMS Solutions

Newport Networks (news - alerts) 1460 Session Border Controller has been certified as interoperable with MetaSwitchs (news - alerts) next-generation Class 4/5 softswitch and applications solutions following jointly conducted interoperability testing. Both vendors platforms support the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture for future-proof wireline and wireless network solutions. MetaSwitchs Class 4/5 Softswitch delivers unparalleled calling features and routing capabilities in a true carrier-class platform. Ranging from a rapidly-deployable single-chassis switch up to a fully distributed 500,000-subscriber network, MetaSwitch scales to fit service provider networks of every size. Newport Networks 1460 Session Border Controller provides industry-leading capacity and scalability, comprehensive security, regulatory compliance and extensive Quality of Service (QoS). The companies share a focus on enabling profitable migration to infrastructures based on the evolving IMS standards. Within the IMS network architecture, MetaSwitchs solutions implement Serving Call Session Control Function (S-CSCF), SIP Application Server (SIP-AS), Multimedia Resource Function (MRF), Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF), Media Gateway (MGW), and Signaling Gateway (SGW). At the subscriber edge of the core network, the Newport Networks 1460 Session Border Controller provides the IMS Proxy Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF), TISPAN Service Policy Decision Function (SPDF) and the TISPAN Interconnect Border Control Function (IBCF).

NEC Unified Solutions Expands Services Offerings

NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. (NEC) (news - alerts) announced the availability of two new managed services offerings: NEC Secure Remote Management Services and NEC Secure Threat Management Services. Designed for the small-to-medium business (SMB) and enterprise markets, these solutions improve network management and reliability while mitigating security risks and bolstering customers network security posture. Together, NECs latest offerings ensure application and hardware availability by taking proactive measures to monitor and assess potential network issues and threats and enable NEC to assist customers throughout all phases of the IP migration process. The new services provide end-to-end assistance through the assessment, provisioning and integration, monitoring and proactive management and issue resolution for network and security events that occur in any organizations business-critical voice and data networks. NECs Remote Management Service enhances network performance and availability by monitoring each component of an organizations infrastructure including devices, servers and applications. The offering eliminates the need for businesses to increase capital expenditures all while reducing operational costs and offloading maintenance and upgrades. NECs Threat Management Services effectively extends the security capabilities of customers IT staffs through continuous monitoring of routers, security devices and Internet data traffic.


Sonus Unveils Strategy For FMC

Sonus Networks, Inc. (news - alerts) unveiled its standards-based solution for enabling subscriber roaming between wireline and wireless environments (Fixed/Mobile Convergence or FMC). The Sonus FMC solution allows network operators globally to deliver a seamless, consistent and portable experience for end users. Taking advantage of the penetration of WLANs, Sonus FMC solution allows network operators to provide secure and personalized mobile broadband services, including voice, video, data and other multimedia services over a converged network that leverages the advantages of both mobile networks and WLAN hotspots. The Sonus FMC solution is based on the emerging standard protocols as defined by the 3GPP and includes a combination of its IMS-ready architecture and elements from its partner program, the Open Services Partner Alliance (OSPA). The Sonus FMC solution will support the delivery of advanced voice and data applications, which will allow operators to offer services to enterprises across wireline or wireless, narrowband, wideband or broadband, business or personal network connections. The Sonus FMC solution will be interoperable with second-generation (2G) and third-generation (3G) mobile networks and enable a smooth migration to IMS compliance and an all-IP architecture.

MetaSolv Launches Mediation 5 to Support 3G, IMS, and Triple Play

MetaSolv Software, Inc.(news - alerts), a global leader in comprehensive operational support system solutions for next-generation communications service providers, announced the release of Mediation 5, MetaSolvs carrier-class mediation application designed for multi-service 3G wireless, IP, VoIP and traditional voice networks. Mediation 5 provides the ability to support service providers revenue assurance processes-enabling the detection, correction and assurance that all billable activities are accurately captured, rated and billed. Mediation 5 also provides significant capability to support IMS deployments a critical component in enabling next-generation IP services and fixed/mobile convergence. MetaSolvs mediation solution is embedded as part of a major network equipment manufacturers IMS solution offering and is currently in trial with a Tier 1 mobile service provider. MetaSolv mediation enables multi-service revenue generation over both fixed and mobile networks supporting a variety of services including voice, VoIP, data and IPTV. This solution provides productized support for leading hardware and application vendors including Cisco, Ericsson, Nortel and Microsoft and is deployed at over 30 communications services providers worldwide including tier one operators such as mobilkom, O2 and T-Mobile.

BroadSoft Mobile PBX Application Powers Mobile Offerings

BroadSoft, Inc. (news - alerts), the leading provider of VoIP application software, announced that new deployments of the BroadWorks Mobile PBX application give major mobile operators around the world the ability to deliver an enterprise communications solution. BroadSofts Mobile PBX application is unlocking the enterprise market for its mobile operator customers and trial deployments. Mobile operators using the Mobile PBX application increase value to end users, thereby increasing minutes used on the mobile network and ARPU across the enterprise. Major service providers in Europe, North America, and Asia are using the Mobile PBX application to offer new productivity and mobility communications services to enterprises. Mobile operators are deploying BroadSoft to enter the largely untapped mobile enterprise market through BroadSofts strong channel relationships for IMS solutions.

Thomson Launches Mobile IP Centrex Application for its Cirpack Softswitch

Thomson (news - alerts) announced the launch of Fixed/Mobile Convergence capabilities for its Cirpack (news - alerts) VoIP softswitch and IP Centrex platforms. Telecom service providers can now promote innovative telephony including the best of fixed and mobile services, to create new opportunities for increased revenues from enterprise sales. Mobile operators using Thomsons Cirpack IP Centrex platform can start marketing global telephony solutions, offering all the features of hosted PBX solutions, without forcing users to change their mobile handsets. The result is a single service with one phone number and one voicemail box shared by the customers cellular and broadband IP phones. Subscribers can now enjoy a rich set of features across both devices, including simultaneous ring, call filtering, extension dialling, multi-party conferencing, hunt groups, and more. Thomsons Cirpack platform is a highly modular and scalable public telephony switch, incorporating all the software and hardware components required to connect to and interwork with the legacy telephony systems telecom service providers are operating. It has native support for protocols used in GSM infrastructures, enabling seamless integration with existing HLR, MSC and Intelligent Network platforms to ease the introduction of innovative services that also leverage Cirpacks VoIP and IP Centrex capabilities.

XO Communications Expands Business VoIP Services Bundle

XO Communications, Inc. (news - alerts) announced enhancements to XOptions Flex, its VoIP services bundle, that enable small and medium-sized businesses with larger offices to take advantage of the cost-savings and flexibility of VoIP. XOptions Flex is a VoIP services bundle for businesses that combines unlimited local and long distance calling, dedicated Internet access, and Web hosting for a flat monthly price. XOptions Flex leverages the latest in VoIP technology to provide customers with advanced capabilities such as unlimited voice calling, dynamic bandwidth allocation, voice virtual private networking (VPN), and a simple Administrative Web Portal. The new enhancements expand the market for XOptions Flex by extending its availability to include businesses with up to 160 employees at each location a market that spans more than four million businesses nationwide with an annual telecommunications spend of $50 billion. Mid-sized companies can now utilize XOptions Flex with their existing private branch exchange (PBX) or digital key systems that are connected to an Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN) Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or digital trunk, allowing customers to take full advantage of XOptions Flexs IP-enabled capabilities and features without having to replace their existing phone systems.

Triton Technologies Brings Broadband VoIP to its Customers
By Patrick Barnard

Michigan-based Triton Technologies (news - alerts) has launched TritonVoice, its VoIP service for its broadband customers. The phone service of the future is here, today, said Dennis Gramza, Tritons VP of sales and marketing. The lower cost, plus the multitude of features should be attractive to everybody. This new technology allows anyone with a broadband Internet connection to save a lot of money by dropping their traditional land line phone service. I like the fact there are no irritating taxes and fees on our phone service. Far too many times people have switched phone companies for what appeared to be a lower price, only to discover all those hidden charges when the first bill comes in. The price you see with us is the price you get. Triton Voice requires a cable, DSL, or T-1 Internet connection. Users can also keep their current phone number and phone equipment.

Panasonic Users Can Walk, Talk, and Watch TV
By Erik Linask

Panasonic (news - alerts) has begun delivery of its FOMA P901iTV mobile handsets to NTT DoCoMo, Inc (news - alerts). The P901iTV is the first mobile handset to receive terrestrial digital broadcasting signals in addition to conventional analog signals. The handsets main display is a 2.5-inch widescreen LCD. It can provide approximately three hours of continuous digital TV viewing before requiring recharging it can provide about one hour of analog viewing. The P901iTV allows users to enjoy services that blend mobile communications and broadcastings. For instance, when watching a TV program, users can go to Web sites related to the TV program simply by clicking the URL on the display. The P901iTV focused on user-friendly features that customers value the most. By turning the highly flexible antenna towards the right angle, users can enjoy watching TV programs. It can also let you watch TV both vertical and horizontal angles. Depending on the handset angles, the P901iTV display screen automatically rearrange its direction. The unit also comes with a built-in 2.02 megapixel digital still camera, and is ompatible with a variety of interchangeable faceplates. Fashion-conscious users can download display images and graphics coordinated to match the faceplates.

IBC Launches VoIP
By Cindy Waxer

IVI Communications subsidiary Internet Business Consulting has entered todays increasingly crowded VoIP market with the launch of its own VoIP service. Residences and businesses with a high-speed Internet connection can now place unlimited local and domestic long distance phone calls in a variety of domestic and international locations for one flat rate. According to Charlie Roodenburg, IVI Communications CFO, ISPs wishing to resell IBCs (news - alerts) VOIP product and service offerings can do so immediately. There is no capital expense required. We offer free customer equipment with setup. This program has significant promise as a revenue generator and profit center for the overall company.


Y-Tel and 5G Agree to Terms for WiFi Deployment
By Erik Linask

Y-Tel International, Inc. (news - alerts) announced it has finalized its deal with 5G Wireless Communications, Inc. (news - alerts) for the deployment of Y-Tels Wireless Broadband Internet network. This is important because Y-Tel is a telecommunications, VoIP, and WiFi services provider with a stated goal of becoming one of the leading providers of WiFi Internet Services and VoIP calling solutions within the next few years Y-Tel has tested a mesh network previously and concluded that a better option is an NLOS (non-line of sight) technology utilizing the 2.4 GHz wireless range. Which is why Y-Tel selected 5G Wireless Communications, Inc. its newly developed G Force technology. Specifically, G Force utilizes NLOS technology, including the use of base stations along with proprietary high gain antenna technology using an industry standard WiFi platform. The advantages of G Force include:

Decreased networking complexity;
Reduction in cabling and electrical drops;
Minimal channel management problems and interference.

Y-Tel, which is currently generating revenues from customers in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and APAC because these regions are underserved yet growing telecom markets is planning to launch its first Wi-Fi Internet Service network in the next few months.

Magnet Entertainment to Deliver IPTV in Europe Using Ruckus Smart WiFi
By Patrick Barnard

Magnet Entertainment, (news - alerts) a provider of broadband services in Ireland, has reportedly selected Ruckus Wireless (news - alerts) smart WiFi technology to deliver IPTV in Europe. The Ruckus Wireless system allows customers to enjoy IPTV and other next generation services without installing additional cabling in their homes. Ruckus claims the plug and play system takes only minutes to install. Users simply connect a Ruckus adapter to their Amino set top box using an Ethernet cable. The Ruckus adapter automatically registers with the Ruckus access point and the system then self-tunes based on the given wireless environment. Ruckus claims its smart WiFi system is the only carrier-class platform built to provide simultaneous support for IPTV, digital voice, and data over 802.11g technology. The system identifies and prioritizes different types of traffic and then finds and uses the best WiFi signal path for transmission. If any interference is detected, the system can automatically steer the WiFi beam around the interference to ensure the highest reliability of each transmission.

T-Mobile Germany Offers Seamless Mobile BB with Nortel Wireless Solutions

Nortel (news - alerts) has been selected to expand T-Mobiles wireless core network with new capabilities designed to bridge the operators commercial UMTS wireless network with WiFi networks to provide seamless communications for subscribers. This is expected to be the first commercial deployment that supports seamless broadband mobility across 3G, EDGE, GPRS and WiFi networks in Europe. T-Mobile (news - alerts) will offer the new service to customers using laptops and dual mode PDAs, such as the T-Mobile MDA Pro, beginning Summer 2006. With this deployment, enterprise customers can enjoy Always Best Connected access to new data and multimedia/SIP-based services beyond voice, including video calling, video conferencing, short messaging service, instant messaging, e-mail, Web access all from one device and one phone number with no interruption to their communication session. It will also enable T-Mobile to better manage customer billing information across networks so that end users can receive one, consolidated bill. The new capability is made possible through the integration of existing Nortels Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) with Azaire Networks IP Converged Network Platform (IP-CNP). Azaires IP-CNP provides an integrated hybrid network by extending the services from the existing 3G and GSM core network investments over new access technologies like WiFi and WiMax.

Bring Your VoIP Phone Number with You
By Patrick Barnard

A partnership between D2 Technologies (news - alerts)and Accton Technology (news - alerts) has resulted in the first portable WiFi router with VoIP capabilities. By integrating D2 Technologies vPort VoIP software into Acctons VG2211i Wireless Personal Gateway, the two companies claim to have created the first gateway which lets you travel and take your VoIP phone number with you wherever you go. Acctons portable gateway is the first of its kind to be based on softDSP VoIP technology. The vPort software runs on a MIPS4Kc-based WiFi router SoC (System on a Chip), which is the functional heart of the gateway. By integrating a VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) into the gateway, users can take along their VoIP phones and plug in whenever, and wherever, they want. Traditional VoIP gateways incorporate a DSP chip or core for voice processing functions, however, D2s vPort softDSP implementations enable the voice functions to run on a MIPS or ARM RISC processor, removing the need to add a DSP chip or core when VoIP functionality must be added to a device.

AT&T Expands McDonalds WiFi Service in Austin
By Johanne Torres

AT&T Inc.s (news - alerts) WiFi service is now available for subscribers, including non-AT&T customers who register for a WiFi membership package, at more than 40 McDonalds restaurant locations in Austin. The AT&T WiFi coverage area includes thousands of McDonalds restaurants nationwide, now totaling more than 40 in Austin and more than 360 across Texas. Additional AT&T deployment efforts have enabled WiFi service at Barnes & Noble bookstores, coffee shops, Avis rental car locations, The UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc., airports, hotels, convention centers, state parks and entertainment arenas.

Thalys launches WiFi onboard high-speed trains

After an eight-month trial by 21Net and Colubris Networks, WiFi Internet access will become available on Thalys (news - alerts) high-speed trains. 21Net, a satellite Internet access operator, and equipment supplier Colubris Networks are providing the network and equipment for the service. European rail operator Thalys connects France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The solution, which is claimed to enable Internet access at ADSL speeds, was installed onboard a pilot Thalys train from April to December. In the trial, the 21Net satellite antenna connected to the Colubris wireless LAN, enabling passengers to send and receive emails as well as access corporate networks securely using encrypted WiFi access points. The system also allowed passengers to watch films and services such as the news.


Kontron Rolls Out Highly Anticipated AdvancedTCA Carrier Board

Kontron (news - alerts) introduced the availability of the AT8400, an AdvancedTCA carrier board that supports up to four full-height, hot-swappable AdvancedMC modules. The AdvancedMC-bays can be populated with a wide variety of field-replaceable modules, such as Processor-AMCs, Storage-AMCs and telecom specific I/O-AMCs. With this flexibility, the AT8400 significantly simplifies and expands the design options available to telecom and network equipment manufacturers planning to design systems using open modular communications platforms. In order to support a wide range of hot-swappable AdvancedMC module configurations, the AT8400 board features an entire PCI-Express and a Gigabit Ethernet switching infrastructure, an SAS controller to support storage AdvancedMCs, as well as a redundant base interface, a dual redundant fabric interface, and a telco clock for each slot. Fully hot-swappable, the AT8400 is suitable for dual-star and full-mesh configurations in 14- and 16-slot systems, and can be managed via SNMP, TELNET, CLI, either In-band or out-of-band via 10/100Base-T Ethernet or RS232. With full IPMI 1.5 support, the AT8400 also features a dedicated microcontroller as an additional Firmware Update Manager (FWUM) for field upgrades, rollbacks and watchdog functions.

AdvantechATXMotherboard AIMB-760 BringsSuperior ComputingCapability

Advantech (news - alerts) unveiled a new Intel Pentium 4 processor-based industrial ATX motherboard, AIMB-760. Built-on Intel LGA775 architecture, the AIMB-760 features optimal computing speed up to 3.8 GHz and supports high capacity dual channel DDRII 400/533 memory. It also comes with advanced I/O capabilities such as dual PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet, four Serial-ATA devices, and eight USB ports. With flexibility for card expansions and long term support, the AIMB-760 is best fit for customers who are using off-the-shelf products but require industrial features for data intensive business applications. To satisfy expansion capacity requirements for industrial applications, the AIMB-760 comes with five 32-bit, 33-MHz PCI slots and one PCI Express slot for legacy or advanced add-on cards. The AIMB-760 provides an exciting intensive industrial network solution that implements PCI Express host interfaces for dual Gigabit LANs. Each PCI Express x1 bus offers up to bandwidth of 500 MB/sec which eliminates bottleneck of network data flow and incorporates Gigabit Ethernet to operate at 1000 Mbps. In addition, the AIMB-760 has multiple high performance onboard I/O capabilities, such as eight USB 2.0 ports and four Serial ATA ports with the high-speed data transfers at 150MB/s.

Spirent Communications Launches Data Throughput Tester for HSDPA User Equipment

Spirent Communications (news - alerts) announced the latest member of its WCDMA testing solution family of products. Spirents User Equipment (UE) Performance Tester is designed to accelerate the successful deployment of next generation, high-speed wireless technology. Spirent is a worldwide provider of integrated performance analysis and service assurance systems for next-generation network technologies. Spirents UE Performance Tester offers a complete platform to evaluate all aspects of data throughput for HSDPA and R99, from the physical layer to the application layer. The platform can emulate complex wideband radio channel characteristics so that data throughput can be credibly assessed under realistic RF conditions and carriers can gain a realistic view of how they will perform on the live network. It offers network operators and device manufacturers a new and effective way to evaluate wireless devices in terms of data throughput efficiency and the user experience, which heavily affects both customer satisfaction and the efficient use of network resources. The UE Performance Tester platform configuration consists of Spirents AirAccess WCDMA-HS Network Emulator, the SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator, Test Drive software and the Data Throughput Test Pack.

Topex Launches Carrier Class Softswitch By Patrick Barnard

Topex (news - alerts) has announced availability of its new carrier class softswitch, which enables service providers to offer enhanced IP based telephony services. Designed for small and medium size service providers and carriers, Topexs next generation platform allows for an easy and scalable transition from legacy-based infrastructures to optimized IP based networks. The Topex softswitch supports multiple applications such as packet toll, packet tandem access, voice off load, mobile switching trunking and IP-based enhanced services trunking as well as a variety of supplementary services. It provides telecom quality platforms that can strategically fit into existing core infrastructures. Supporting multi service, multi access, multi media and mobility applications, the Topex softswitch architecture offers support for all TDM signaling protocols; simultaneous any-to-any SIP, H323, SS7, ISDN calls; build-in, trans-coding, RTP proxy; wide range of packet voice technologies; compatibility for a wide range of feature servers; and easy deployment and operation with comprehensive tools, statistics and management interfaces. The solution is scalable starting from hundreds, increasing up to hundreds of thousands of users.

Extreme Networks Introduces Carrier Ethernet Switch

Extreme Networks, Inc. (news - alerts) a leader in open converged networks, announced its new carrier switch, the BlackDiamond 12K. Extreme Networks Multidimensional Ethernet helps carriers expand their customer base, support guaranteed data connections and deliver valuable IPTV and VoIP services. Multidimensional Ethernet also allows service providers to optimize their network infrastructure with improvements in Quality of Service and subscriber scaling. To help achieve a carrier Ethernet network with service control, scalable subscriber management and prioritized bandwidth, Extreme Networks Multidimensional Ethernet and BlackDiamond 12K switch provides carriers with:

Guaranteed services with three-tier hierarchical QoS Enhanced QoS capabilities can support up to tens of thousands of subscribers per line card with eight QoS service levels for each subscriber.
An Ethernet Cross Connect for simple access to various content networks Service providers can connect subscribers to a growing number of content networks using a Layer 2 approach that is both simple and cost-effective to deploy.
Network scaling using Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Extreme Networks implements standards-based MAC in MAC technology, a breakthrough capability utilizing standards-based Ethernet to vastly increase the number of Ethernet VPNs per network.

TIs VoIP System-on-Chip, Software Puts Customers on Fast Track to Residential Apps

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (news - alerts) announced its latest VoIP system on a chip, the TNETV1061, providing advancedVoIP and data routing features for the rapidly growing VoIP market. The DSP-based solution is ideal for residential applications where voice quality, scalability, low cost and reliability are essential for service provider deployments. Manufacturers will benefit from an optimized solution that significantly reduces the bill of materials, while providing a significant improvement in performance and a full suite of advanced VoIP call features. TIs newest residential VoIP solution integrates the companys market-leading Telogy Software for high-quality VoIP with the strength of TI DSPs for real-time signal processing. The complete software and silicon solution is anchored by the TNETV1061s dual processor architecture, ideal for simultaneous real-time voice processing and data traffic under heavy load conditions. Whether designing an analog terminal adapter, VoIP gateway/router, VoIP-enabled 802.11b/g access point/router or broadband cordless phone, the TNETV1061 solution provides the processing power and offers the software features demanded by both service providers and consumers.


Cox Chooses Ciscos IP Contact Center Solution
By Anuradha Shukla

Becoming Ciscos 3000th IP Contact Center customer, Cox Communications (news - alerts) will be standardizing its contact center operations using Ciscos IPCC solution. The Enterprise Edition of Ciscos IPCC solution delivers intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration, and multi-channel contact management over an IP infrastructure. Ciscos standards-based IP software will enable Cox to transform business processes by centrally managing its distributed contact centers, resulting in reduced operational costs. Cox plans to use IPCC, along with Ciscos Customer Voice Portal and Outbound products, in 19 contact centers. The company will use these products, which provide a unified view of service and support processes, to manage call routing from one location.

Crutchfield Selects the Virtual Observer to Assure Call Center Quality
By Susan J. Campbell

Electronic cataloger Crutchfield Inc. (news - alerts) has selected Coordinated Systems, Inc.s (CSI) Virtual Observer as the quality assurance product that will help develop consistency in phone staff interactions, increase phone sales, eliminate the need for manual recording, and train new agents. In addition to being the least expensive, the Virtual Observer offered all of the critical features like call recording, evaluation, extensive reporting, ease of use, and compatibility with their phone systems. Virtual Observer helps team members see, hear, and feel their calls and allows them to pinpoint things they can improve upon. Reviewing a recorded virtual observer event is like reliving the call, which is a great coaching tool.

FrontRange Solutions Unveils GoldMine IP Voice Suite

GoldMine IP Voice Suite, a new customer communications product from FrontRange Solutions (news - alerts), combines two powerful business technologies: IP Telephony and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.The offering delivers an enterprise-class VoIP telephony application that includes full integration to GoldMine Corporate Edition CRM to help companies elevate the quality of interactions with their customers, which in turn boosts sales, increases customer loyalty and raises the productivity of service teams. The new product includes an advanced, software-based IP telephony system (FrontRange IP Office) with Unified Messaging, Auto Attendant, inbound and outbound productivity applications, as well as easy to use management tools.For example, as calls ring into service employees, GoldMine IP Voice Suite triggers screen pops of customer records from the GoldMine database.For outbound calling campaigns, users can click to dial from customer records, as well as other productivity-enhancing features such as preview dialing, calling scripts and campaign status reporting. A lot of vendors are talking about convergence technology.FrontRange is delivering it, said Ken Landoline, a Principal Analyst at Saddletree Research.The greatest benefit of combining CRM and advanced phone system functionality is that implementations of VoIP telephony technologies, integrated with CRM, is making a traditionally complex and expensive process now easy and affordable, which greatly accelerates the return on investment.

Aspect Software Partners with CTSoft for Contact Center Solution Expansion
By Michelle Pasquerello

Contact center solutions provider CTSoft recently signed an agreement with Aspect Software (news - alerts) to distribute Aspect products in Middle East and Africa. The United Arab Emirates-based CTSoft will issue many of Aspects contact center solutions, including Aspect EnsemblePro and AspectSpectrum ACD, in an effort to assist companies achieve customer service and marketing objectives. CTSoft will also make available Aspect Unison Predictive Dialer and Aspect Conversations Predictive Dialer from the Aspect Signature product line, as well as AspectRightForce Workforce Management from the Aspect Performance Optimization product line. CTSoft maintains a customer base in core verticals like banking and telecom and in sunrise verticals, including utilities, retail and transportation.

Verizon Business Adds VoIP to Contact Center Service Suite
By Johanne Torres

In a move to enable businesses to communicate with their customers via both legacy and IP-based communications, Verizon Business announced it has added VoIP capabilities to its Verizon (news - alerts) Web Center service. Verizon Web Center and Verizon VoIP now share the same network infrastructure and customer premise equipment, so Verizon Business can activate a range of IP telephony services, including IP Web Center, Hosted IP Centrex, IP Integrated Access, IP Flexible T-1 and IP Trunking, at a customers location. Customer service agents can personalize their voicemail greetings to enhance caller interactions with IP Web Center. Agents also have access to more info about a callers history and can supervise call transfers to speed caller support. Customers can now use IP technology to give its agents mobility and local presence with Web Centers inbound and outbound call handling capability.


Avaya and Samsung Form Strategic Alliance

Avaya Inc. (news - alerts), a global provider of business communications applications, systems and services, and Samsung Electronics, a global producer of telecommunication systems and handsets, announced a strategic alliance to collaborate on the joint development and marketing of Internet protocol (IP) communications solutions to businesses globally. This collaboration will drive the delivery of enhanced IP convergence products and mobility solutions that integrate both companies technologies, and offer enterprises greater choice in IP-based network services. The resulting solutions will help businesses drive greater productivity from an increasingly mobile workforce, enhance customer service, and improve business results through enterprise communications. Under the agreement, Samsung and Avaya will co-develop and market products for IP-based solutions that serve the voice, video, and data convergence market. At the initial stage, Samsung will market and resell Avayas contact center and IP telephony solutions in Korea. The alliance will also drive the co-development of technologies that will enhance Avayas IP-based mobility and convergence solutions. These solutions will be either co-branded or individually branded, and sold through Avayas global sales channels.

Cisco Systems Completes Scientific-Atlanta Acquisition
By Anuradha Shukla

Cisco Systems, Inc. (news - alerts), a worldwide provider of networking for the Internet, formally announced that it completed its acquisition of Lawrenceville, Georgia-based Scientific-Atlanta, producer of set-top boxes, end-to-end video distribution networks, and video systems integration. Ciscos acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta will enable the networking giant to offer a world class, end-to-end data, voice, video, and mobility solution for carrier networks and the digital home. With the addition of Scientific-Atlanta technologies, the Cisco IP Next Generation Network architecture offers providers an open platform for service differentiation, allowing them to move beyond digital video/IPTV to develop and deliver a variety of integrated media services in the connected home.

Nortel announces new SMB program
By Anuradha Shukla

Nortel (news - alerts), provider ofcommunications capabilities with business operations in more than 150 countries has launched the addition of a small and medium size business program to its new Accelerate>> partner initiative. The new SMB program has been created for new and existing partners who sell to companies with a work force up to 250 people.The program is designed to accelerate the profitability of these partners and to increase the adoption of Nortel technology in the SMB sector throughout EMEA. Accelerate>> is Nortels enhanced and simplified partner program representing the next step in the Companys EMEA Channel Strategy. It builds on Nortels existing partner program framework, allowing its enterprise and SMB partners to continue to build on their investment in Nortel solutions accreditation and infrastructure and to work together in growing top-line revenues, expanding technology portfolio opportunities and offering margin-rich returns on business.

3Com and NUVO Partner to Provide Managed IP Telephony Service
By Susan J. Campbell

3Com Corporation (news - alerts), a provider of secure, converged voice and data networking solutions and NUVO Network Management Inc., a remote IT infrastructure management and protection company, have announced and agreement, whereby NUVO will deliver managed services, such as performance monitoring, reporting, change management, inventory management and problem-targeting services, to help ensure the availability and performance of the converged networks of 3Com voice over IP (VoIP) customers. 3Com is set to offer NUVOs (news - alerts) managed services as part of its expanding suite of service solutions for its VCX and NBX convergence platforms as part of the agreement. 3Com will work with NUVO as the delivery partner to provide the service. The new offering will provide 3Coms customers with world-class managed services for 24x7 uptime and availability of their converged voice/data networks. NUVOs Web-based IT portal is included in the solution to provide system-wide visibility and decision-support analytics, with real-time reporting, system management and IT performance analysis.

Covad Signs Distribution Deal with Intelisys
By Cindy Waxer

Covad Communications Group (news - alerts), a provider of integrated voice and data communications, has joined forces with Intelisys, a distributor of business telecommunications services. The deal allows Intelisys distribution network of more than 450 independent sales partners to sell Covads VoIP and broadband products to small businesses. Intelisys (news - alerts) also has deployed Covads vPBX hosted VoIP solution throughout its organization. Covad vPBX voice service delivers feature-rich, integrated local, long distance, and high-speed Internet access communications all over one fully managed network connection. By signing a deal with Intelisys, Covad gains access to a nationwide network that includes telecom consultants and value added resellers. The union also allows Covad to better serve its customers by providing contact between Intelisys sales partners and Covad channel representatives specialized in delivering integrated communication solutions.

Intrado Partners with Location Determination Vendors
By Johanne Torres

E911 technology provider Intrado Inc. (news - alerts) announced it has partnered with technology vendors Rosum Corporation, S5 Wireless Inc., and Skyhook Wireless Inc. Intrado will work with these companies to demo a range of location determination systems and their ability to integrate into Intrado V9-1-1 Services. As VoIP moves towards fixed/mobile convergence, location determination will become a fundamental component within the IP-enabled communications market, said Stephen Meer, Intrado chief technology officer and co-founder. Intrado continues to anticipate the needs of the VoIP E9-1-1 market and to make sure that we have the necessary solutions in place. The framework we are developing supports the continued progression of a more mobile-oriented VoIP solution that can be deployed with any device, in any location at any time. Intrado V9-1-1 Services allows VoIP service providers to support their mobile subscribers. Intrado can enable subscribers to self provision their location info and instead create an environment where communication devices can automatically determine their location for 9-1-1 call routing purposes.


Metreos Offers SIP Support
By Cindy Waxer

Metreos Corporation, (news - alerts) a Texas-based VoIP provider announced the release of a major upgrade to its flagship Metreos 2400 VoIP application environment. The new version adds support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to the environment and enables the development of a VoIP application ecosystem for the SIP standards-based VoIP infrastructure market. Whats more, SIP is entirely abstracted for the developer and interoperates seamlessly with all applications built to run on the Metreos platform. We are excited about the promise of SIP to enable applications to seamlessly run across heterogeneous IP telephony environments. This new release of our platform delivers the industrys only complete VoIP application environment with full SIP support, said Joel Fontenot, CEO of Metreos. The SIP standard has won plenty of enthusiasts throughout the IP telephony market because it offers a single signaling and event notification protocol that converges voice, video, and messaging communications. At the same time, it offers an open standards-based approach that allows applications and services to run on multiple platforms from different vendors across disparate networks.

SIPquest Announces Enhanced Version Mobile Console 2.0

SIPquest (news - alerts) announced the latest version of its mobile VoIP application for PDAs and Smartphone: Mobile Console 2.0. Mobile Console, a software application residing in mobile handsets, delivers personal command and control of communications services over WiFi or WiFi and GSM or WiFi and CDMA network interfaces. Its single GUI and support for unified numbering consolidates both WiFi and cellular identities to provide a seamless end-user experience. The Network Aware feature detects and recommends network connectivity to allow users to place and receive a call over the best available network WiFi or cellular optimizing for lowest cost, highest call quality or user preference. Enterprise workers can use the new features in Mobile Console 2.0 to check the availability of co-workers, sort through the corporate directory, enable three-way or four-way conference calls, sort through call logs of their desktop phone and have the IP PBX deliver calls to a temporary number. According to David Hattey, president and CEO of SIPquest, Mobile Console 2.0 is a major step toward the fulfillment of our vision of giving corporate user complete personal command and control of their communications capabilities regardless of whether they are in the enterprise or a public setting.

Nokia and Telenor R&D Tinker with Converged Services
By Johanne Torres

Nokia (news - alerts) and Telenor R&D announced on Thursday that they are trialing services for fixed and mobile environments using Fixed/Mobile Convergence technologies. The results of the research and development collaboration include the ability to deliver IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) services over Nokias D500 DSLAM multiservice broadband platform; VoIP calls between mobile and fixed SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) clients; and establishing test capabilities for gaming and video sharing on a converged platform. Nokia and Telenor (news - alerts) began this project last year by seeking to assess how different IP services can be delivered over multiple access technologies like WLAN/DSL, GSM and WCDMA to a multiradio device such as the Nokia E60. The Fixed-Mobile Convergence architecture is based on SIP technology and the Nokia IMS system. With converged IP services, users will be able to get their hands on a device that will integrate voice, video, text, content sharing and presence in a single communications session, regardless of the access network. This seems to be a great benefit for users because they will be able to place VoIP calls over both a fixed network and WLAN (Wireless LAN) using IMS. The joint project will continue until end of 2006.

Sipera Launches Comprehensive VoIP Security System

Sipera Systems, (news - alerts) a provider of pure security for VoIP, mobile, and multimedia communications, debuted its Sipera IPCS 310 system for comprehensive IP Communications Security. The Sipera IPCS products intelligently and transparently monitor VoIP traffic, detect anomalies in traffic and call patterns, and identify threats, to protect end-user devices and network infrastructures against attacks, misuse and service abuse. Sipera IPCS products can be deployed in any existing VoIP infrastructure with no need for on-site interoperability testing, due to Siperas close development and integration work with leading VoIP infrastructure manufacturers. The Sipera IPCS 310 product is not a point-of-failure in the network and is not subject to attack, as it is deployed without an IP address as a bump in the wire with no network configuration changes preserving network integrity and user uptime, for fast ROI.

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