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Speakeasy Business VoIP: One Clear, Simple Solution

By Arnaud Gautier


As one of the fastest growing voice and data providers in the nation, Speakeasy is well equipped to understand the communication needs of small and medium businesses. Over the past 10 years, the company has evolved from a premium broadband provider to a small business solution provider offering a full range of voice and data communications services. Speakeasy is now one of the largest independent broadband providers in the nation with Business Voice over IP (VoIP) emerging as its premier service; in fact, the editorial staff and readers of Internet Telephony recently recognized Speakeasy as a Superior VoIP Service Provider.

Speakeasy Business VoIP is popular with small businesses because it cuts costs and delivers competitive advantages unavailable with traditional phone systems. Advanced features, like voicemail delivered as e-mail and MS Outlook integration, give small businesses a revolutionary toolset for boosting productivity and maximizing business continuity. Employees can make VoIP calls from any location with Remote Office, or install softphones on their laptops and make VoIP calls from the road. With Find Me/Follow Me, incoming calls can be routed to search for employees at multiple numbers, so critical calls always get answered. Because Speakeasy Voice over IP is a hosted solution with Web-based administration, management is virtually effortless. Speakeasy also assigns every business customer a Dedicated Business Account Manager, a single point of contact for customer support.

In order to guarantee superior voice quality, Speakeasy bundles Business VoIP with a Speakeasy broadband connection. Because Speakeasy has full control over its voice-optimized nationwide network, the company can use Voice Quality Technology to prioritize voice traffic over data. Other voice providers don't have full control over the broadband networks that transmit their calls and are unable to prevent call quality degradation when data traffic overruns voice traffic. In contrast, Speakeasy's private, multi-redundant nationwide network is custom designed to provide extraordinary reliability, security, and performance. Simply, this means that Speakeasy VoIP call quality remains a top priority, even when a large file is being downloaded or multiple programs are running simultaneously.

Businesses that choose Speakeasy Business VoIP also appreciate receiving predictable bills from one provider for all their voice and data communications. By choosing appropriate calling plans for each user in the company such as a Premium Unlimited plan for unrestricted calling throughout the U.S., Canada, and 21 other countries worldwide businesses can realize enormous savings.

When Capstone Granite launched its business in Washington State, it already had plans to open two additional out-of-state, branch locations. To sell its products effectively, Capstone Granite needed quality voice service at its facilities and on the road, but it didn't want to invest thousands of dollars in a traditional PBX system. Capstone chose Hosted VoIP from Speakeasy for an integrated voice and data solution that will scale easily as they grow.

"Speakeasy Business VoIP offers tremendous flexibility and low capital costs on the introduction. You can buy toward the future rather than being simplistic in your thinking. As we open our other facilities, the cost advantage will be substantial," notes Barry Abraham, President and CEO of Capstone Granite.

Start-up costs for Speakeasy Business VoIP are far below the major investment required by a traditional PBX system. Moves, additions and changes can be handled via a simple online interface, saving time and minimizing maintenance costs. Capstone Granite further improves efficiency by using Auto Attendant to route incoming calls and MS Outlook integration to call clients by simply clicking a mouse. Traveling employees can make VoIP calls with a softphone from their laptops and have incoming calls follow them on the road. As Capstone opens new facilities, free four-digit dialing between branch locations and the ability for its offices to share a 1-800 number will help keep the business running smoothly. Clients respond to optimized communication, and Capstone Granite can focus on building their business.

Arnaud Gautier is director of product development for Speakeasy. For more information about how Speakeasy Broadband and VoIP can help your business run more efficiently while saving money please visit or call 800-556-5829.

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