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WiFi Enabled Phones


VoIP technology is rapidly being adopted by enterprises, but employees not to mention consumers are on the go more and more, moving between desks, between conference rooms, and between buildings, not to mention cities. Which is responsible for much of the success cellular carriers have providers have enjoyed.

But most enterprises and SMBs are now looking to cut costs, and one way they hope to do that is by incorporating mobile devices into their IP-based communications systems WiFi phones, that is. WiFi handsets liberate users from the constraints of traditional wireline handsets, allowing them to make and receive calls anywhere there is a WiFi hot spot at home, at the office, around town, in an airport lounge, at local coffee boutiques, and in most hotels. It allows users to make or receive phone calls as long as they are within range of IEEE 802.11b/g wireless access points.

With that in mind, this months product round-up features a selection of WiFi enabled phones. Some have the look and feel of a traditional cordless home phone, others resemble a cellular flip-phone. And still others fall into neither class, but are part of a new breed of ultra-small PCs, allowing for ultimate mobility.

Acme Packet (news - alerts)

Acme Packet Net-Net SD is a high-performance, high-capacity, signaling and media control engine that steers signaled media flows over the best route and performs required security, service assurance, and law enforcement functions at network borders. It supports service provider SIP, MGCP and H.323 networks; complements IP edge and border routers and offers security, SLA assurance, L2 & L3 QoS marking, revenue and profit assurance, law enforcement, high performance, high capacity. Net-Net SD is also available in a configuration that satisfies security and SLA assurance requirements at enterprise network borders. Acme Packet Net-Net 9000, the next-generation session border control (SBC) platform, supports next-gen, converged fixed-mobile architectures being defined by 3GPP IMS, ETSI TISPAN, the Multi-Service Forum, PacketCable and the DSL Forum. It supports both subscriber access and network interconnect border requirements in wireline, cable and wireless networks. As a next-generation platform the Net-Net 9000 offers the industrys highest levels of performance, capacity and availability in a single SBC platform. Acme Packet Net-Net PAC is the industrys most scalable, full-featured session border control solution that optimally delivers premium interactive communications across wireline, wireless and cable IP network borders. Designed for large-scale, Tier 1 service provider deployments. Net-Net PAC sets new levels for SIP performance, availability and capacity that are three times to sixteen times better than the nearest competing session border controllers.

Axcess Communications G1000 (news - alerts)

The Axcess Communications G-1000, a SIP-enabled WiFi phone, is nothing if not convenient. It looks and feels much like any standard cellular flip-phone: It is small, lightweight, and fun to use. The G-1000 comes with many of the same features customers are used to in their handheld devices, from a large variety of ring tones, to a call log, to the optional voice recorder. This 802.11b-compliant phone also offers access to email, power saving features which can increase battery time and an earphone jack for added privacy. The unit weighs a mere 115 grams (~ pound).

Calypso Wireless C1250i (news - alerts)

Calypsossleek new C1250i video phone is great for work or play it is a WiFi/GSM-GPRS mobile phone capable of video conferencing over WiFi. It will no longer take several minutes to simply send or receive a single still picture or download a graphic intensive Web site. The C1250i connects you to the Internet at blazing broadband speeds of 11 MB per second up to 200 times faster than connection speeds available from most U.S. wireless carriers. Or 200 times faster than most DSL or cable-modem speeds available. C1250is 30 frames per second video capabilities make phone-to-phone video conferencing a breeze. No more boring still images, just honest to goodness movie-quality video! And, with its built in digital camera, C1250i can also capture all of those special moments and share them instantly with friends and family as they happen. Calypso has achieved this by building the worlds first mobile phone that works on both traditional cellular/digital frequencies and the exciting new WiFi frequency meaning only Calypso phone users can connect to the Internet at these super fast speeds. But what makes this phone unique is Calypsos patented ASNAP technology it provides a unique system for carriers to identify and authenticate mobile users. ASNAP will create revenue sharing opportunities for companies who offer services like two-way, real-time video conferencing. Mobile Carriers will also save money and network bandwidth by switching users seamlessly to WiFi networks when near a shared hotspot.

Cingluar 8100 Series (news - alerts)

The Cingular 8100 series phones will keep you connected while on the go. They feature a full QWERTY slider keyboard, the latest Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, integrated WiFi, Bluetooth support, quad-band international coverage, and EDGE, the largest high-speed national wireless data network in the U.S. Cingulars nationwide EDGE network is available in 13,000 cities and towns and along nearly 40,000 miles of major highways. The Cingular 8100 series Pocket PCs come in two versions, the camera-less 8100 and the 8125 with integrated 1.3MP digital and video camera. With the 8100 series Pocket PCs, mobile professionals can easily integrate with leading corporate and personal email applications integrated on the phone. The Cingular 8100 series also will appeal to customers in the healthcare, field service and manufacturing sectors, particularly because of the devices WiFi capabilities that allow access to on-campus, 802.11-based wireless local area networks. Powered by Microsofts newest mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 5.0, the 8100 series will be upgradeable to support the Microsoft Messaging and Security Feature Pack featuring direct push e-mail technology. Users will also benefit from Windows Mobiles persistent memory storage as it retains information even when the devices battery is depleted. The phones also provide a rich multimedia experience to enjoy music and video, featuring an integrated multimedia suite with WMP 10 Mobile and stereo headset jack, The devices support multiple audio formats, as well as MPEG-4 video streaming. A mini-SD expansion card slot allows the user to add memory for storing music, games, photos and video.

Clipcomm CWP-100 (news - alerts)

Clipcomms wireless IP phone, CWP-100, is a low-priced WiFi portable terminal with handy and sleek design. Leveraging field-proven VoIP and wireless technology, CWP-100 is compatible with IEEE 802.11b standard and interoperable with major SIP/H.323 call servers, IP-PBXs and various terminals. The CWP-100 is very easy to use and efficiently managed thanks to its integrated provisioning system that has been applied and proven by Clipcomms field-deployed VoIP CPEs. As a VoIP terminal, CWP-100 offers many essential features, such as easy-to-use auto-provisioning, dynamic jitter buffer and firewall/NAT traversal. The CWP-100 can handle both SIP v2 (RFC 3261) and H.323 v4 protocol suites. When a customer requires other VoIP standards or application specific modifications, the CWP-100 can be easily customized by field-upgrading its firmware. Longer talk and standby time are essential for any battery-powered voice terminals. Through a power management scheme optimized to its platform as well as the standard IEEE 802.11b power saving mechanism and highly optimized DSP software, Clipcomms CWP-100 has industry leading performance for power consumption. CWP-100s integrated dynamic jitter buffering mechanism as well as the enhanced QoS functions such as DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point), IP ToS (Type of Service) and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging provides users with continuous and well-managed voice quality in rapidly varying wireless office network.

Linksys WIP 300 (news - alerts)

The newly announced Linksys WIP300 WiFi phone enables high-quality VoIP service through a Wireless-G network and high-speed Internet connection using SIP v2 to connect. This phone comes with all the features and functionality users will expect. It will connect at home, your office, or at a public hotspot, allowing you to make low-cost phone calls through your Internet Telephony Service Provider. This phone comes with all the standard security measures 128-bit WEP, WPA and WPA2 have all been integrated into the WIP300. Youll be able to access your POP3/SMTP email, as well as send and receive text messages via SMS. Other features include 16MB flash memory, a 1.8-inch color screen, and USB recharging. Some nifty audio enhancement features, like echo cancellation, have been thrown in for good measure. The WIP300 WiFi phone operates in the 2.4GHz band, supports IEEE802.11 b/g, and the latest VoIP SIP protocol. The WIP300 also has a slightly fancier brother, the WIP330.

Motorola A910 (news - alerts)

Streamlined and distinctive, the Motorola A910 delivers a full suite of intuitive productivity tools to seamlessly manage your busy life whether at work or vacationing in Belize. This advanced mobile device can serve as your main means of communication providing everything you need and want in a single handset. With sophisticated voice features and WiFi connectivity via UMA technology, all you need to do is speak your command and the handset takes care of the rest. The A910 does it all not only can you listen to MP3 songs, create a personalized soundtrack to simultaneously play along with a selection of your favorite photos that you took with the 1.3 Megapixel camera with Lumi-LED Flash, you can also manage email and stay mobile. Utilizing a balanced Linux-Java operating system and WiFi connectivity, the Motorola A910 surpasses its predecessors with user-friendly features everything from text messaging to email management. Experience efficient text messaging with prediction features, intelligent addressing, and seamless language switching, or organize on-the-go with MOTOSYNCTM for managing emails, calendars, and contacts. To fit your fast-paced life, the superior J2ME performance will allow you to do it all with precision and speed.

NEC DTERM PSIII (news - alerts)

Employees need not be out of touch just because they have stepped away from their desks. With NECs Dterm PSIII, todays on-the-move work force can stay in constant touch with customers and colleagues. They can walk freely around their workplace while on a call with no dead zones. NECs Wired for Wireless solution provides continuous coverage throughout a multi-storied building or across a multi-building campus. NECs solution provides employees with a fully featured wireless extension to their desktop telephone. Access to advanced telecommunication features, such as voice mail, call forwarding and conferencing, provides the freedom and convenience of a mobile phone, with the advantages and features of a desktop handset. The DTERM PSIII handset has been uniquely designed to support the professional's schedule and the special needs of people on the run. With up to 4 hours of continuous talk time and 300 hours of standby time, the Dterm PSIII practically eliminates work interruption to change batteries. This unit offers portability, clear digital signal quality, and has the same features of a desktop phone. Weighing less than 4 oz., and with 6 hours of continuous talk time and 300 hours on standby, the Dterm PSIII phone has been uniquely designed for people on the run. The Dterm PSIII provides the freedom and convenience of a mobile phone with the advantages and features of a desktop handset The unit provides continuous coverage, allowing users to walk freely around their workplace while on a call. It also offers audio quality indistinguishable from a desktop phone.

Net2Phone XJ200 (news - alerts)

The 802.11 b/g-compliant XJ200 WiFi handset means that users no longer need to access a wired network to benefit from VoIP calling. Callers can save in any number of WiFi network settings. Larger businesses are increasingly using WiFi networks to extend their wired networks to off-site/telecommuting employees in home and satellite offices. With this solution, corporations can reduce the communication costs associated with establishing remote offices. And small businesses rely on the flexibility of WiFi networks to meet their ever-changing infrastructure requirements. Users can utilize their home WiFi networks, or callers can take advantage of the rapidly growing number of free public hotspots to make and receive low-cost calls when they are away from their home or office. With the XJ200, calls can be made through WiFi gateways and access points that comply with either the 802.11b or 802.11g standard. Both standards apply to WiFi LANs operating in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The XJ200 enables both inbound and outbound calling and allows users to choose telephone numbers from the U.S., U.K., Canada and the Netherlands. The XJ200 also features hotspot scanning capabilities, revealing SSID, signal strength, and WEP. The phone will automatically connect to available WiFi networks based on designated profiles and signal strength.

Nokia 9500 Unlocked GSM Communicator (news - alerts)

The Nokia 9500 Communicator offers you a full set of business-critical applications, fast network connectivity and large memory storage so you can keep in stride with your work on the go. With fast data connectivity with Wireless LAN, browse the Internet in full color on a wide, easy-to-view screen. Work with office documents (not just email with attachments and memos), but presentations and databases too. The Nokia 9500 Communicator offers high-capacity built-in memory 80 MB, plus a MultiMediaCard (MMC) slot for even more storage space. Keep your Personal Information Management data in synch and up-to-date. With Nokia PC Suite and OMA Data Synchronization, you can easily exchange data between your Nokia 9500 Communicator and a compatible PC. Print photos and documents from your Nokia 9500 Communicator straight to a compatible printer, without wires or computers in between. With Bluetooth wireless technology, you can connect your Nokia 9500 Communicator directly to compatible printers like the HP Deskjet 450 series printers. This Nokia 9500 has tri-band operation: EGSM 900, GSM 1800/1900 and EGSM 850, GSM 1800/1900 networks in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, and South America where these networks are supported.

Samsung WIP-500M (news - alerts)

Samsungs entry into the WiFi market is a natural extension of its success in the cellular market. The WIP-500M, Samsungs first venture into the space, has a sharp, innovative design and is lightweight delivering superior voice quality. It features a menu-driven graphical display, which provides easy access to system features. The handset also comes with a desktop charger, headset, and holster for added convenience. The WIP-500 (as well as Samsungs WIP 600M) offers users the same functionality they would get from any other office or wireless phone from time-based features to call processing functionality to voice mail. The only difference is that you can walk and talk at the same time. The phone operates via WLAN technology and is fully compatible with Samsungs IP-enabled office phone system. In fact, the Samsung system can support as many as 240 wireless handsets, which means that, as your wireless needs expand, so, too, can your system. Samsungs system features the capacity to give priority to voice IP packets, thus ensuring high quality communication.

SpectraLink NetLink Wireless Telephone (news - alerts)

NetLink Wireless Telephones operate on a converged voice and data network to reduce costs and simplify management while significantly improving employee mobility, responsiveness, and productivity. NetLink Wireless Telephones provide the richest functionality while integrating with the broadest range of enterprise applications and networks. By operating on industry standard 802.11b networks from a wide variety of vendors, NetLink Wireless Telephones are truly converged devices that blend the cost effectiveness of the data network with the proven reliability and funcationality of traditional telephony systems. SpectraLinks NetLink Wireless Telephones integrate with market-leading PBX and IP-PBX platforms from around the globe thus leveraging the functionality and investment already made in the facilitys PBX. The newest family of SpectraLink handsets, the NetLink e340, h340, and i640 Wireless Telephones, is designed for a broad range of enterprise applications, from general office to industrial environments. These compact handsets offer a rich set of features including a high-resolution graphic display, menu-driven functions, and messaging capability, all within a light, ergonomic design. Push-to-talk functionality is available in the industrial-grade NetLink i640 Wireless Telephone for broadcast communication between employees, eliminating the need for two-way radios or walkie talkies. Carrying options and accessories are available to suit users in a wide variety of applications.

UTStarcom F1000 (news - alerts)

The F1000 handset provides all the features and functionality of a VoIP terminal adapter together with a standard cordless telephone, but has the advantage of letting the user talk from any available WiFi access point instead of just the base that they have at home. The F1000 features a sleek form factor similar to todays cellular phones, has increased talk and standby times, and is priced significantly lower compared to other models on the market today. Unique power management features, combined with an energy efficient design, give the F1000 handset a standby time of up to 80 hours while typical WiFi phones have a standby time of about 8 hours. At three to four hours, talk time is 6 to 8 times longer than the 30-minute talk time of other WiFi phones. And when the battery runs low, the F1000 recharges in only 2 to 3 hours. The F1000 WiFi portable handset supports a wide variety of SIP-based VoIP features and functions. Service providers can offer high-value call features, such as three-way calling, call waiting, and call transfer, and more, based on the capabilities of their call servers. The F1000 also enables voice processes, including comfort noise generation, voice activity detection, and echo cancellation, as well as IP protocol features such as Real-Time Transfer Protocol (RTP), Session Description Protocol, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and Point-to-Point over Ethernet (PPoE) authentication.

Viper Networks vPhone (news - alerts)

Make inexpensive VoIP phone calls at any location with 802.11B WiFi access over Vipers Global network. The Viper Networks WiFi vPhone is a next generation intelligent IP Communications device, which combines SIP-based VoIP communications together with WiFi. The WiFi vPhone Phone is great for branch offices as well as SoHo and Hot Spot application. Make inexpensive VoIP phone calls at any location with 802.11B WiFi access over Vipers Global network. Use your vPhone to call any phone in the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephones, all with amazing call sound and clarity. Manage, store and call all your contacts quickly an easily with the included vPhone Dialer software. Easily view your past call activity and purchase additional minutes from your convenient Viper Networks online account. The vPhone connects and installs in minutes with the included vPhone Software and USB cable. On the go, owners can use the WiFi vPhones scan feature as a wireless Hot Spot finder. With Viper Networks, customers pay only for the minutes used. There are no monthly fees, no contracts, and no hidden charges. And no PC is required to make or receive calls.

Zyxel P-2000W v.2 (news - alerts)

The Prestige 2000W is compliant with the IEEE 802.11b standard and interoperates with any existing 802.11b or 802.11g wireless AP and gateway. Its brand new application is developed to support open standard SIP, which interoperates with major SIP-based call servers, IP-PBXs, and various VoIP client devices. It is not only an ideal alternative for ITSPs (IP Telephony Service Providers) to deploy their VoIP services; it can also be the wireless handset, which is applied in corporate IP-PBX-centric VoIP environment. Easy-to-use and convenient, the Prestige 2000W delivers high quality voice functionality in a cost-effective way. The call control protocol of the Prestige 2000W is based on SIP v2 open standard, which is interoperable with major SIP-based call servers, IP-PBXs, and other standard SIP-based client devices. With an improved power-saving design, the Prestige 2000W can be used for a relatively long period of standby and talk time. With an extended life for each recharge cycle, the Prestige 2000W is available where and when you need it. By configuring a remote IP address in the built-in phone book, the Prestige 2000W provides a direct IP-to-IP call feature when there is no intermediate SIP proxy server available in the network. The Prestige 2000W can also establish an 802.11 ad-hoc network (computer-to-computer network without Access Point), which allows users to use the handsets as wireless intercoms. IT

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