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Talking International VoIP

By Greg Galitzine


Parlez-vous VoIP? Sprechen-Sie VoIP? Usted habla el VoIP? Parlate il VoIP?

There is no denying that VoIP (define - news -alerts) is truly becoming an international phenomenon. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Karen Schapira, Global Marketing Communications Manager at Go2Call regarding that companys role in the global VoIP marketplace, and she shared with me some insight from Go2Call as well as a list of 10 considerations for service providers looking to provide a VoIP offering worldwide. For more information, feel free to visit the company online at

1. Provide a comprehensive offering: Go2Call (news -alerts) delivers a full suite of hosted services and applications, including gateways, softphone, ATAs, best of breed to service providers, PTTs/Telecom Carriers, Satellite providers, ISPs, Broadband providers, and Licensed VoIP Operators. The platform is designed to empower providers to launch hosted PBX services to enterprises, broadband phone services to residential subscribers, and calling card services to resellers and call shops.

2. Focus on emerging and/or deregulating markets: Go2Call has seen markets in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin American embracing and gradually adopting VoIP solutions. Many countries in these regions are in the process of deregulating.

3. Obtain high quality domestic termination.

4. Embrace comprehensive reporting and monitoring tools: Providers must help manage the customers business. It is extremely important to allow the customer to manage their business, which is why Go2Call offers customers an advanced multi-tiered billing system providing flexibility for pre- and post-paid options while giving service providers multi-level control of billing activities.

5. Advanced Billing Solutions: Monthly billing for DIDs, top cards, calling cards (see #1).

6. Strategically place POPs, ALGs, feature servers: Go2Calls PoP locations provide customers around the world with a network strategically optimized for both call quality and cost. Each location is carefully selected to ensure that they can offer their end users a reliable calling experience. We determine the best carrier for each call by optimizing the relationship between quality and cost.

7. Work to find the right distribution channels and strengthen those relationships.

8. Offer Private-label capabilities: Go2Call provides private and white-label branding options, which essentially enables customers to provide powerful and lucrative VoIP services while building equity in their own brands and reducing their implementation time and cost.

9. Localize your solution: Offer your solution in multiple languages, currencies, features, call routing, etc We have worked with the largest Japanese ISP (Nifty) to provide them with an entire Web site and dialer localized in the native tongue. We offer currency and feature lists in other languages as well. Recently, weve customized various solutions in French, Spanish, Turkish, and Romanian.

10. Keep local staff: Look to hire company staff that live in the regions where you are doing business, for they will best understand the cultural barriers.


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