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TalkSwitch Adds the TS-600 to its Line of Desktop Telephone Sets

TalkSwitch (news - alerts), a company specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative telephone systems for small and multi-location businesses today announced the release of the TS-600, its premium desktop telephone set for the North American market. The TS-600 is a stylish single-line analog telephone set that incorporates a rich mix of telephony features optimized for integration with TalkSwitch telephone systems. It features an easy-to-read 7.4 square inch LCD display, a superior business quality speakerphone and single-cord connectivity meaning the phone can be powered through the phone cable. The TS-600 is our most sophisticated telephone set, said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, TalkSwitch. Its the ideal set for small business owners looking to add a little extra functionality and style to their desktops. Like all our phones, the TS-600 is a perfect companion to the TalkSwitch system. Its upscale styling and rich feature set make it the ideal addition to our product line.

Netcentrex Extends IVR Features to Video with MyCall Media
By Erik Linask, Associate Editor

Netcentrex (news - alerts), which develops next generation network (NGN) voice and video solutions to enable delivery of converged voice-video-data and fixed-mobile services, introduced MyCall Media, an interactive video solution for 3G mobile and broadband IP users that will enable video telephony, video conferencing, video blogs, remote monitoring, and entertainment applications. Interactive voice response (IVR) has long been used by operators. Interactive video applies the same key features that have made IVR successful short numbers, self-service approach, telephony billing and adds benefits such as user-friendly video menus, real-time person-to-person live video connectivity and content delivery. MyCall is designed to create and run high-margin, interactive video services with lowered time-to-market and simplified customer adoption. The solution includes application development modules and is based on a carrier-grade media platform used by more than 50 operators worldwide. MyCall Media is a complete solution that enables developers and service providers to create these interactive video services. It includes application building blocks and development assistance to ensure quality and fast time to market, said Erik Larsson, VP of Marketing at Netcentrex.

Juniper Intros Secure Services Gateway 500 Series
By Johanne Torres

Juniper Networks Inc. (news - alerts) introduced the Secure Services Gateway (SSG) 500 Series on Monday. SSG is a new line of high-performance firewall/virtual private networking (VPN) platforms with integrated local-area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) interfaces. The new Secure Services Gateway 520 and 550 platforms will enable enterprises to secure branch and medium-sized offices. SSG is based on Junipers ScreenOS operating system. The platform delivers up to one gigabit per second (Gbps) firewall and 500 megabits per second (Mbps) VPN throughput, and it provides optional intrusion prevention, Web-based filtering, antivirus, and antispam capabilities to protect customers from internal LAN and external WAN-based security threats. The SSG provide concurrent firewall/VPN and content security processing for broadband-connected branch offices. The systems security zones also allow customers to divide their wired and wireless networks into secure segments, each with their own security policy, allowing for better support of various user groups that could include employees, contractors and customers. Broadband connected branch offices require high-performance and advanced security processing, said Hitesh Sheth, vice president of security products for Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks is continuing to answer the needs of our customers with the new Secure Services Gateway product line, which provides best-in-class security and connectivity options for branch, regional and medium-sized offices.

Panasonic Has 40 IPv6-Compatible Office Products
By Patrick Barnard

Even though IPv6 is still being developed, Panasonic (news - alerts) already has more than 40 IPv6-compatible products available. The company said it is making its office devices IPv6 capable ahead of time because it wants to stay ahead the game but also because of the types of business customers it serves. One of the reasons why Panasonic got a jump on IPv6 is that it markets business products used in environments requiring the highest level of innovation and security, from MFPs in the White House to notebook computers used by U.S. military personnel in combat, the company said. Among the IPv6-ready products Panasonic demonstrated were its C3 color MFP series and DP-CL22 color laser printer. The concept behind the secure IPv6 networked office is to allow both our communication and imaging office automation products to communicate over the same physical network, Hogan told the audience. The technology strategy is directed to specific product targets like IP-PBX, web meeting systems, secure plain-paper copiers or multifunction devices, using common technology platforms. In all cases, IPv6 is central to the strategy.

8x8 Rolls out New Features and VoIP Phone Adapter
By Johanne Torres

VoIP and videophone service provider 8x8 Inc. (news - alerts) unveiled new calling features for its Packet8 voice and video residential phone service and the Packet8 BPG510, a new terminal adapter with an integrated router. The new features include voicemail to e-mail notification, find me, follow me, simultaneous singing on multiple phone numbers, 7-digit local dialing, network unavailable forwarding and call waiting disable. 8x8 also announced the release of the Packet8 BPG510, a new broadband phone adapter that eliminates the need for a separate router in a subscribers home network. The BPG510 is equipped with two Ethernet ports (LAN and WAN) and one RJ-11 phone port for connecting a standard analog telephone. The built-in router prioritizes voice packets over data and manages available bandwidth. The LAN Ethernet port can be used to connect a PC or other networked device without adding any additional equipment.

Auvi Adapter Transforms Analog Phones Into VoIP Receivers
By Mae Kowalke

Consumers who want to use their existing traditional or cordless telephone to receive calls using their VoIP service now have a new option the WIP20 adapter, made by Auvi Technologies (news - alerts). The WIP20 connects to the consumers VoIP service using the audio jacks on any Windows XP desktop computer. An included setup wizard guides users through the installation process. The WIP20 is 4 inches by 2 inches in size, and comes in two versions: WIP20S for Skype subscribers, and WIP20K for SIPTalk subscribers. It works with both broadband and dial-up Internet connections. The WIP20 enables users to make any telephone VoIP-enabled with as little hardware investment as possible, said Auvi CEO Santosh Patel, in a press release. Auvis adapter comes packed with two 3.5mm-to-3.5mm line-in cords, an AC adapter, software CD, and quick-start guide.

Vodavis New Telenium IP System Delivers Cutting-Edge Mobility

Vodavi Technology, Inc. (news - alerts), a provider of traditional and next generation business telecommunications solutions, announced the availability of the third generation of software for its TeleniumIP communication system for business customers requiring increased mobile communications that network multiple offices, home offices and remote buildings together to create a cohesive communications solution. Enhanced capabilities available on the TeleniumIP include a new family of IP desktop telephones and Soft Phone IP Endpoints that improve mobility and deliver voice and video capability on a laptop PC or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Along with the new generation of IP Endpoints supported with Generation III software, enhanced calling features, integrated Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and enhanced system administration features are included. A wireless IP (Wi-Fi) handset that operates via wireless access points will be commercially available during the first half of 2006. Available to suit the communication needs of businesses ranging in size from 10 to 250 station users, the TeleniumIP is based on distributed architecture that is completely LAN-based with Web-based system administration and maintenance. Relocating phones and handling moves, adds and changes are easy and can be handled by internal support staff.

Intrado and XTEND Tackle Enterprise E911 Market
By Johanne Torres

VoIP E911 provider Intrado Inc. (news - alerts) announced an agreement with XTEND Communications Corp. (news - alerts), a provider of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) systems, to market VoIP E911 services. Under terms of the agreement, XTEND Communications will market Intrado V9-1-1 for Enterprise to large businesses that operate and support their own Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX) based networks. Intrado had just launched the enterprise market version of its popular V9-1-1 service yesterday. With the integration of Intrado V9-1-1 for Enterprise and XTENDs Enterprise Alert system, critical E911 support will be available to remote employees who use a softphone to access their companys private network, remote employees who use company assigned IP phone equipment, or others who are networked to their employers main site. Until recently, we were able to provide only a limited level of 9-1-1 services that are required for complex enterprise IP-PBX environments, said Bill Schwartz, XTENDs president. By teaming up with Intrado, we can deploy a superior 9-1-1 solution to our customers, enabling them to leverage the full value of their IP-based equipment.

Aculab Maintains Prosody Media Processing Product Alignment with the Envox 6.2

Aculab (news - alerts) has announced the integration of its range of Prosody media processing resources with Envox 6.2, the latest version of Envox Worldwides award-winning communications development platform. Envox 6.2 reduces the time, cost, and complexity of developing and deploying voice solutions. Aculabs latest telephony driver enables Envox 6.2 users to immediately integrate Prosody PCI and CompactPCI hardware variants. Prosody S is also available as a media processing resource for use with Envox 6.2. The Aculab telephony driver implements Envoxs telephony driver API and provides access to Prosody resources including Group 3 fax and multi-party conferencing. Prosody can also be used with any Envox-supported text-to-speech (TTS) and automated speech recognition (ASR) engine. Envox 6.2 is an open, standards-based communications development platform with integrated application development and management components that reduce the time, cost and complexity of creating voice solutions. Envox 6 allows customers to continue to leverage their investments in legacy hardware, software and solution development, while providing a smooth migration path to new standards and emerging technology, including speech, VoiceXML, VoIP and Web services.

NEC Unified Delivers Enhanced IP to Small and Mid-sized Businesses

NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. (NEC) (news - alerts), a leader in converged voice and data communications, announced the availability of its Electra Elite IPK II, NECs new converged IP communications platform for the SMB market. The IPK II is a cost-effective solution that is designed to help customers adopt next-generation IP communications, as their business demands it. The IPK II is an attractive solution for small businesses looking for the functionality of a traditional key system, as well as for medium-sized organizations with hybrid IP/PBX operations or remote users. The market, in general, agrees that small to medium businesses are leading the way in IP telephony adoption, said Rob Arnold, enterprise telephony analyst, Current Analysis. With the IPK II, NEC is at the forefront of this movement by offering enterprise functionality at a lower cost for a product line that has already been selling well. The IPK II mirrors NECs strategy to facilitate easy adoption and migration of new technologies without requiring a total system replacement. It can be easily updated through remote software upgrades and integrates with NECs complete product line to support higher port capacities. By networking between NECs Electra Elite IPK, IPK II and its UNIVERGE NEAX product lines, users at remote sites can enjoy all of the benefits of the main telephone system and features.


Lucent Technologies Enhances Vivos 3G CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Network

Lucent Technologies (news - alerts) announced a contract with VIVO, to expand and enhance the operators third-generation 3G CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network. Lucent will provide additional infrastructure equipment and services and also work with its suppliers Riverstone Networks and Juniper Networks to deliver a core IP/MPLS network that will enable VIVO to efficiently manage large increases in network traffic as it expands its network to serve additional customers in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The solution presented by our partners Lucent, Riverstone and Juniper will provide us with the ideal features to keep the networks performance highly reliable, thus ensuring the high availability of the advanced services Vivo Play 3G delivers to our subscribers, said Roberto Lima, VIVOs President. Riverstone Networks is providing the Ethernet infrastructure, supporting the backhaul of data traffic from VIVOs 3G base stations to expand the delivery of IP/Ethernet services over metropolitan access networks Juniper Networks is supplying M-series multiservice routing platforms, which will aggregate traffic from multiple base stations, combining IP/MPLS capabilities with unmatched reliability, performance, and scalability.

West to Purchase Intrado for $465 million By Stefania Viscusi

West Corporation (news - alerts), a provider of communications solutions announced ithas agreed topurchaseIntrado Inc. (news - alerts), provider of integrated data and telecommunications solutions, for $465 million. West Corporation provides communications solutions, such as effective customer communications and relations, as well as tactics for driving greater revenue, to a number of the worlds largest companies. Providing the basis of safety for the nations 911 networks applications, Intrados services are relied upon by public safety and government organizations. George Heinrichs, CEO of Intrado comments, Being part of West Corporation represents the best future for all Intrado stakeholders shareholders, customers, employees, partners, and suppliers the general public which our business ultimately serves every day and the communities within which we operate. We anticipate a smooth integration process once the transaction is finalized. Its strong position in a growing market, its industry-leading technology, and its experienced management team will improve our ability to meet our customers demands. Further, Intrado complements the existing offerings of our Communications Services segment, providing a highly visible revenue stream and additional cross-selling and margin expansion opportunities, said Thomas B. Barker, CEO of West Corporation .

Sawtel To Deploy Merus WLAN System for Worlds Largest Virtual Cell
By Erik Linask

Meru Networks (news - alerts), a leader in wireless VoIP infrastructure, has been chosen by Hartford, CT-based Sawtel Inc. (news - alerts), a Satellite and Wireless Telecommunications company, for an island-wide WiFi deployment in the Bahamas. With the Meru solution, Sawtel will offer converged voice, data, and video service to both business and residential users across the island of Nassau. The voice services will give subscribers access to hosted IP PBX, PBX Enhanced Services, and IP Centrex applications. We have always believed that wireless technology is the ideal vehicle for delivering cost-effective services with QoS to customers who would otherwise not have access, said Sawtel Inc.s Chief Technology Officer, Eric Asare. Merus WLAN System is the only solution that could deliver toll-quality, carrier-grade voice capabilities and the mobility and RF features required for our deployment. Sawtel has made a name for itself by providing fast and reliable access to the world at the lowest possible cost via a blend of leading-edge technologies. For the 1000-node, island-wide deployment, Sawtel will use Merus WLAN System, both outdoors and in, to create the worlds largest virtual cell it will cover 140 square miles.

Internet Taxation Battle Will Be Fought Again Soon
By David Sims

The Internet Tax Moratorium expires in 2007, and state, federal and international regulators and legislators are already targeting the Internet as a lush source of new revenue, says a new report released by the Institute for Policy Innovation. George Pieler, an IPI (news - alerts) research fellow claims that, Absent a sweeping federal intervention to secure the Internets freedom, it will be an increasingly rich target for revenues and regulatory interference from all directions. VoIPs experience is not hopeful for the Internet. One indication of states eagerness to collect Internet taxes, Pieler says, is how quickly they began taxing VoIP: Because VoIP competes with traditional telecom services, the 2004 moratorium did not consistently block its taxation. If states are so quick to take this tax advantage, what is to stop them from taking even more Internet revenue? Before the Internet Tax Moratorium expires in 2007, Congress and the executive branch should seriously review Internet taxation from the local, state, national and international perspective, and determine how best to sustain the largely tax-free Internet, that has done more good for the world than any bureaucracy ever could, concludes Pieler.

XO Upgrades Concentric Hosting Plans
By Johanne Torres

Telecom service provider XO Communications Inc. (news - alerts) announced it has upgraded its Concentric hosting plans to provide increased bandwidth, disk space, and e-mail addresses with its Email Hosting, Starter, and Clustered Hosting plans. In addition to the hosting plan upgrades, Concentric plans also include one domain name registration free of charge for one year with Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans. XO is also offering Private Domain Registration for customers who register their domain name through Concentric. The cost for Private Domain Registration is $8.95 per year. We are committed to continuously improving our service and ensuring that we have a competitive offer for our customers, said Barbara Branaman, vice president and general manager of XOs hosting business unit. Businesses know Concentrics reputation for reliability, security, and excellent customer support. With these new upgrades, we are quite confident that small and medium sized business will know Concentric continues to offer the best value in web hosting backed by service guarantees critical to operating a business online.

PAXIO to Deploy Triple Play Using PacketFronts FTTH Technology
By Patrick Barnard

PAXIO Inc. (news - alerts), a registered CLEC providing Internet and VoIP services, has chosen PacketFronts BECS control and provisioning system for the deployment of advanced IP services in new residential developments in California. PacketFront (news - alerts), which specializes in open access fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology and next generation broadband management, will work with PAXIO in offering FTTH to the rapidly growing technology hub of Californias Bay Area. The new network will offer homeowners unlimited bandwidth and Internet connection speeds of up to one Gigabit per second. This will allow homeowners to download movies from the Internet; conduct multiple downloads at one time; and use VoIP services. According to the news release, PAXIO will offer its IP services starting at $26.50 per month. In order to deliver quality next generation services over fiber, PAXIO replaced its existing access layer with PacketFront ASR routers, managed by BECS, to achieve a Layer 3 design. This gives PAXIO control to the network edge, while allowing the rest of its existing network infrastructure to be retained. The new network will enable PAXIO to manage all end users from a centralized location, thus improving customer service and reducing the need for subscriber services.

Verizon Continues to Roll Out FiOS TV
By Patrick Barnard

Verizon (news - alerts) announced that its all-fiber FiOS TV service is now available in the Long Island, N.Y., communities of Bethpage, Hicksville, Lynbrook, Malverne, Rockville Centre, Valley Stream and West Hempstead. FiOS TV is run over Verizons fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network, which the company currently is building in more than half of the states where it offers landline services. FTTP technology utilizes fiber-optic connections, instead of copper wire, and thus provides true end-to-end digital connectivity. The all-fiber network will enable Verizon to offer advanced voice, data, and video applications for residential and business customers (including VoIP, IPTV, and Video-on-Demand). FiOS is setting the new standard for consumer and small-business broadband services in New York, said Thomas A. Dunne, vice president of Verizon New York/Connecticut. Customers who already subscribe to FiOS services are astounded at what they now can do with their online experience. Video chats and conferencing, purchased digital movie downloads and interactive multi-player games have become a part of their daily lives.

NMS Communications and LogicaCMG Launch
Hosted Ringback Service

NMS Communications (news - alerts) and LogicaCMG (news - alerts) announced the launch of the hosted ringback tone service for Finnish telecom operator Elisa, a partner operator of the Vodafone Group. Elisas Tunnari ringback tone service is based on NMSs MyCaller personalized mobile entertainment platform and LogicaCMGs global delivery, systems integration and support capabilities. The combined solution by LogicaCMG and NMS is hosted using LogicaCMGs own data centers, enabling Elisa to reduce the cost and time-to-market for ringback tone services, while gaining the ability to quickly scale the service to meet growing demand. Ringback tones complement other popular mobile applications such as ringtones and wallpapers, which let users personalize their mobile experience. Ringback tone services allow mobile users to replace the usual ring that callers normally hear with music and other audio clips chosen by the subscriber. Industry analyst firm Ovum estimates the worldwide market for ringback tones will reach $2.7 billion by 2009. Mobile subscribers today are looking for services that are not only entertaining but that let them express their personalities, said Mikko Uosukainen, project manager at Elisa.


Ascom Launches New VoWiFi Communications
By Johanne Torres

Thanks to a new VoWiFi communications system launched by Ascom Wireless Solutions, staff at hospitals and other healthcare establishments will be able to roam around free of wires and cables associated with legacy telephone equipment that usually strap them to their desk stations. The new system is based on the IEEE 802.11(b/g) standard and uses VoIP technology and wireless VoIP handsets. The system also offers an integrated personal alarm function, alert messaging, paging, and voice telephony, with access to a range of other communications services. It integrates with existing voice and data networks in the medical facilities and can interconnect with public networks. VoIP and WiFi have become standardized and mature technologies, enabling us to offer solutions that meet the healthcare sectors requirements for reliability, robustness, security and flexibility, said Ascoms Chief Technology Officer, Stefan Bramberg. - alerts)

Skype, Google, VCs Invest in FON Hotspot Network
By Robert Liu

Skype Technologies, Google, and two high-profile venture capital firms, Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures, have invested 18 million ($21.5 million) in a tiny Spanish company called FON Technology SL of Madrid with the goal of building up a global network of wireless broadband hotspots. FON is trying to make it easy for anyone who has already invested in broadband and a wireless access point to securely share their WiFi, so together we can build a unified global wireless network which is easy to access, safe to share, and reasonably priced, Skypes co-founders Niklas Zennstrm and Janus Friis said in its main News Web log. FONs ability to attract big-name investors is attributed to the notably reputation of its founder and CEO Martin Varsavsky. Before starting up FON three months ago, Varsavsky also founded, Spains second largest Internet company, and Jazztel, the second largest publicly traded telecom company in Spain. (news - alerts) (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Woize Brings its VoIP Service to Handhelds Running Windows Mobile 5.0
By Patrick Barnard

VoIP service provider Woize International Ltd. announced the availability of Woize for Smartphone, or SmartphoneWoize, an added feature to the Woize portfolio which brings the companys proprietary VoIP service to mobile phones. SmartphoneWoize allows users to make free calls to other Woize, PocketWoize, or SmartphoneWoize users, as well as calls billed per second to users outside of the Woize community. SmartphoneWoize works on mobile phones running Windows Mobile 5.0 and can be used whenever the phone is connected to a WiFi network. It has similar functionality to the Woize PC client, providing users with instant messaging, voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, SMS and other services. (news - alerts)

Wi-fi phone market to double in 2006

The worldwide WiFi phone market jumped 76 percent between 2004 and 2005 to 85 million, and is projected to more than double in 2006, as enterprises continue to deploy voice over wireless LANs (VoWLAN), according to a report from market analysis firm Infonetics Research. Healthy VoWLAN growth is projected through 2009, when WiFi phone revenue will hit almost 1.6 billion. Initially an enterprise application, VoWLAN will eventually become popular with consumers, too, and has potential for enormous growth as part of a VoIP service bundled with broadband connections. WiFi phone units grew 112 percent between 2004 and 2005 and are expected to grow 158 per cent in 2006. Roughly two-thirds of WiFi phone revenue came from single-mode WiFi VoIP handsets in 2005, about a third from dual-mode handsets. By 2009, dual-mode handsets will make up three quarters of total revenue. Some 52 percent of dual-mode WiFi/mobile handset revenue came from Asia Pacific in 2005, 25 percent from North America, 21 percent from EMEA and 2 percent from CALA. (news - alerts)

Dual-Mode Cellular/WiFi Device Will Drive Enterprise VoWLAN Growth

Enterprise Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) usage is expected to grow dramatically during the next three years, according to a new study issued by InfoTech as part of the InfoTrack for Enterprise Mobility program. In its Mobile Communications in the U.S. Workplace report, InfoTech predicts annual U.S. enterprise VoWLAN revenues will reach $1.1 billion by 2010, with dual-mode cellular/WiFi devices contributing the bulk of these revenues. Cellular/WiFi devices are driving this growth not the WiFi-only phone, says Jeanine Sterling, VP and program director of InfoTechs IEM program. Not only does the number of companies purchasing dual-mode devices increase dramatically, but adoption of this handheld within these companies is expected to ripple quickly through once a critical mass of models is available. She continues, For vendors and providers, the implications are clear. Expect the single-mode, WiFi-only phone to remain a niche product. The main growth area is the dual-mode device and the infrastructure to support it. In light of the enterprises desire for streamlined, converged communication, dual-mode cellular/WiFi handhelds are perceived by customers as the next logical step. (news - alerts)

Calypso Wireless to Demonstrate the C1250i WiFi-GSM

Calypso Wireless, Inc. announced the Calypso ASNAP C1250i WiFi-GSM Dual Mode VoIP Smart cellular phone, which runs on a Intel PXA series application processor and Microsoft WinCE 5.0 operating system, interconnecting with Skype for its long distance calls. Calypso ASNAP patented technology is the solution to deliver seamless connectivity to mobile phones, Laptops, PDA and mobile devices. We feel that customer loyalty for mobile phone operators will increase with Calypso C1250i WiFi-GSM Dual Mode VoIP Smart cellular phones; mobile users will be able to seamlessly connect between cellular mobile GSM networks and WiFi networks and enjoy new added services, such as broadband connectivity and wireless VoIP services and real time video-calling, and will be able to save money on local or long distance call costs when connecting to any WiFi access point using Skype, says Alfredo Sarrazin, Vice President of Sales of Calypso Wireless Inc. (news - alerts)

Cingular adds WiFi-capable Windows phone

Cingular Wireless is offering a new 8100 series phone that is equipped with Windows Mobile and integrated with WiFi. The new phone, along with the recently introduced 2125 Smartphone, forms the base of Cingulars move into the Windows Mobile 5.0 arena. Cingular now has a Windows Mobile 5.0 device offering that appeals to a broad swath of wireless users, said Cingulars Michael Woodward. These are just the first two of what will be an array of Windows Mobile 5.0-based devices that will be available from Cingular by the end of this year. Cingular said the 8100 series Pocket PCs come either without a camera or with a 1.3 megapixel digital and video camera. The Bluetooth WiFi capability works off Cingulars national EDGE wireless data network. (news - alerts)


ADLINK Intros PXI IEEE 488 Interface Controller Card

ADLINK Technology Inc., a leading provider of test and measurement products, released its first PXI IEEE 488 controller card. The PXI-3488 provides interface between GPIB instruments and PXI-equipped systems that is compliant with IEEE488.1 and IEEE488.2 standards. The PXI-3488 is PXI bus compatible and represents ADLINKs innovations in PXI hardware design. It is suitable for most PXI platform and provides the connectivity between PXI platforms and GPIB instruments. In addition, the PXI-3488s 1KB on-board FIFO and high-speed bus accelerated by the on-board CPLD gives it a 1.5MB/s maximum data transfer rate to satisfy high-volume data transfer requirements. The PXI-3488 has been hardware and software verified with a wide range of products and applications. It supports popular application development environments such as VB, VC++, Delphi, LabVIEW and TestExec and features drop-in system configuration to be compatible with existing test and measurement applications. The PXI-3488 supports Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and its driver library is compatible with industry standard VISA and instrumentation protocols. (news - alerts)

Corrent Announces VoIP Security Gateway for Service Providers

Corrent Corporation, a leading supplier of purpose-built network security appliances, announced the Corrent SR770, a carrier-class security gateway for VoIP service providers that employs VPN tunnels to protect VoIP calls from all known security vulnerabilities. In a major price/performance breakthrough, the SR770 is the first IPsec-based security gateway with the speed and capacity to service the high call-volume needs of consumer VoIP service providers. Since it is based on existing IP network standards, the Corrent SR770 can be deployed as a bump in the wire behind the Internet access point of a VoIP service providers operations center and will operate transparently to other VoIP networking equipment and software. The SR770 benefits from the extensive learning curve and public review process that helped to refine those standards and guarantee their interoperability. With its tremendous speed, a single SR770 can handle up to 80,000 concurrent calls at an aggregate bandwidth of 8Gbps, and can be provisioned for as many as 400,000 subscribers. Since latency is both low (< 120 s) and deterministic, the SR770 is able to add security without affecting voice quality. The SR770 also solves the so-called NAT transversal problem, where the VoIP phone is located behind a residential router or firewall, and will avoid consumer installation headaches. (news - alerts)

Shunra VE 4.0 Predicts Service Level Compliance for Applications and Infrastructure

Shunra Software Ltd., a leading provider of predictive application and network performance assurance solutions, announced version 4.0 of its Shunra Virtual Enterprise (Shunra VE) solution. Shunra VE simulates any production network environment in a pre-production setting. This latest version of Shunra VE is focused on delivering detailed service level compliance analysis that enables users to make informed go/no-go application rollout decisions, easily assess and validate alternative solutions or technologies, and determine which modifications are needed to improve performance and ensure service level compliance before deployment. Shunra VE 4.0 is a powerful network simulation solution that creates an exact model of any production environment, including the network, remote locations, and the number and distribution of local and remote end-users. With Shunra VE 4.0 users can automatically test the functionality, performance, scalability and robustness of applications and network infrastructure under current and future real-world conditions before deployment in production. Shunra VE 4.0 is extremely flexible and easy to install, configure and use. It seamlessly integrates with an existing lab environment, tools and testing methodologies. (news - alerts)

BEA Systems Thinks Telecom Needs More Java By Robert Liu

A year after first charging into the telecom space, middleware vendor BEA Systems has gained control of two key Java specifications outlining the application programming interfaces (API) used in call control protocols. BEA Systems announced that it has taken over as Spec Lead for Java Specification Request (JSR) 289, entitled Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Servlet v1.1, and SIP 32, entitled Java API for Integrated Networks (JAIN) SIP API Specification. JSR 289 is an enhancement to JSR 116, first developed by SIP solutions vendor Dynamicsoft to define a high-level extension API for SIP servers. But after pushing through the final release of JSR 116, Dynamicsoft was acquired by Cisco Systems for its expertise in SIP-based networking, and abandoned development of its own applications infrastructure platform, opening the door for someone to step in as Spec Lead. In addition to the Java community, BEA Systems also has joined the board of the Parlay Group and is helping to define a telecom networking Web services interface called Parley X. The Parlay Group is a telecom consortium focused on developing industry standard APIs to facilitate call control and messaging capabilities. (news - alerts)

Netrake Announces Revolutionary Fixed-Mobile Security Solution By Erik Linask

Netrake announced the 3GX, its next-generation security platform and the first complete solution addressing dynamic security of voice, video, data, and mobile applications. The 3GX supports next-generation, converged fixed-mobile architectures being defined by 3GPP IMS, 3GPP2, ETSI TISPAN, PacketCable, and UMA to support workers, whether on the road, in the office, or at home. Building on the successes of nCite Session Border Controller (SBC) and nCite Security Gateway (SG) platforms, the 3GX integrates the two and incorporates new functionality and interfaces required to operate in both fixed and mobile networks. Netrake has developed unique networking hardware and software technology that solves the security and service problems with voice, video, and data distribution over FMC networks. IMS architecture will require that service providers support a range of protocols. By integrating Netrakes SBC and SG technology into the new 3GX platform, service providers will be able to realize economies of scale. This, then, is converted into an advantage for carriers as they locate the security device at the very edge of the network to provide a single point of access to the core network. The 3GX addresses security issues with a carrier-grade, network edge solution, which is available in a range of configurations. It resides at the edge of the providers IP network, bridging the divide between network convergence and service convergence, representing a sizable step forward in security and real-time user management. The 3GX allows service providers to manage a single secure connection to the subscriber that is capable of concurrently supporting all IP services such as VoIP, IPTV, and data services. (news - alerts)

BrixVision Will Allow Providers to Monitor IPTV Quality By Erik Linask

Brix Networks, provider of some of the worlds most popular converged service assurance solutions, has unveiled BrixVision, its IPTV service assurance portfolio. BrixVision gives service providers complete visibility into the quality of video content, the underlying delivery infrastructure, and the overall customer experience. BrixVision builds on the companys expertise in VoIP and IP video service assurance, and has been developed specifically for IPTV deployments. It delivers the unequaled service visibility that providers have been requesting, yet has, until now, been unmet by legacy test and measurement tool suppliers. BrixVision will enable service providers to perform root-cause analyses to identify IP transmission versus video quality impairments, monitor end-to-end video quality, and proactively monitor and manage their subscribers overall and aggregate experiences. In conjunction, Brix Networks has also introduced the IPTV Infrastructure Verification Package, the initial offering within the BrixVision portfolio that allows providers to perform continuous, proactive testing of their multicast infrastructure quality. By simulating user behavior and monitoring subsequent channel change response times, the Infrastructure Verification Package provides valuable insight into quality of experience (QoE). (news - alerts)

NACT Announces XL-MAX, Supports Excel CSP 2090 By Michelle Pasquerello

Telecom applications provider NACT announced the availability of XL-MAX, a suite of telephony applications designed with up-and-coming service providers in mind supporting the Excel CSP 2090 platform. The CSP 2090s multi-functional platform design allows customers to build distinguished solutions to meet the needs of service providers. From unified messaging and automatic speech recognition to Web-initiated voice services and voice portal solutions, the CSP 2090 is an ideal solution for carrier-class communications services. By merging XL-MAX software with Excels hardware, global service providers will have the ability to deploy market proven revenue applications using TDM and IP delivery networks. NACT and Excel share a mutual focus on providing the most effective platforms for customers to deliver next-generation services quickly, easily and profitably, said J.C. Murphy, President, Excel Switching Corporation and Brooktrout Technology. The powerful combination of NACTs application expertise and Excels performance leading platforms enables service providers to confidently deliver cost-effective high-value VoIP applications. (news - alerts)

nterphase: Get the Most From Your Slot! By Laura Stotler

Interphase has announced its SlotOptimizer 364G AdvancedMC Quad Gigabit Ethernet Card for delivery of advanced services in telecommunications networks. The new adapter is designed for next-generation and wireless network applications requiring multiple high-speed, high-bandwidth Ethernet ports directly connected to the processor blade. If offers optimum performance and CPU utilization for demanding applications. The Interphase 366G is designed for use in AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA platforms. It features four independent 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports, Gigabit Gigabit Ethernet controllers, up to x4 PCI Express 1.0a links, auto-negotiation and compatibility with PCI Express-compliant host systems. The adapter also offers an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), enabling the card to be monitored and controlled by remote shelf management controllers. The product also features hot-swap capabilities thanks to the AdvancedMC form factor. Software support includes Carrier Grade Linux and Sun Solaris delivers. Applications enabled by the SlotOptimizer 364G include serving GPRS service nodes, softswitches, MSC servers and OAM&P platforms. (news - alerts)

Linksys Launches Affordable Family of Switches for Small Business Networks By Erik Linask

Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc. has announced a new line of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet switches for small businesses. The seven new switches, part of Linksys WebView switch family, help meet the needs of businesses looking for a cost effective way to provide high speed networking to their users or to easily migrate their networks from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit. All ports include automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover detection, meaning that administrators dont have to worry about the cable type, and polarity detection, which will automatically correct wiring errors. Each port independently and automatically negotiates for best speed in either half- or full-duplex mode. Head-of-line blocking prevention keeps high-speed clients from bogging down in lower-speed traffic. Fast store-and-forward switching prevents damaged packets from being passed on into the network. These new rack mountable switches include Linksys WebView, which lets administrators control their networks remotely through a secure Web browser connection using HTTPS for simple configuration and monitoring. There is also a console port for those users who prefer to oversee their networks directly from a PC. All the WebView switches are available now via the Linksys distribution and partner network, except for the SRW2024P and SRW248P which are scheduled to ship this summer. MSRP on the switches range from $530 to $740 (300 to 415). Prices for the 2024 and 248 models will be determined once they become available. (news - alerts)

SA Forum, PICMG, Mountain View Alliance Move Telecom Industry Closer to Open Standard Ecosystem

The Service Availability Forum (SA Forum) and PICMG have released the HPI-to-AdvancedTCA Mapping Specification. The mapping specification details how the SA Forums Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) maps to PICMGs AdvancedTCA specification. This enables developers to use a standard method for implementing both specifications, thereby saving companies time, money and resources. The HPI specification represents a mature data model and programmatic interface to describe generic hardware platforms, said Dick Somes, PICMGs technical officer. AdvancedTCA is generally perceived to be the underlying hardware platform for many HPI implementations. Thus a mapping between these two specifications is a natural outcome from these standards efforts. The HPI-to-AdvancedTCA Mapping Specification exposes AdvancedTCA Shelf Management functionality and data in a standard, vendor-independent manner via the SA Forums HPI. By using open standards such as these, companies no longer have to develop proprietary solutions or devote resources to custom mapping between specs. This allows them to focus on their unique value-add, reduce their time-to-market and reduce lifecycle costs. (news - alerts)

Worlds First AMD OpteronTM Based PICMG 2.16 Single Board Computer

Performance Technologies, a leading developer of systems, platforms, components and software, introduced the CPC5564 Single Board Computer. The CPC5564, the worlds first CompactPCI 2.16 compute blade based on 64-bit, single- and dual-core AMD Opteron processors, is part of Performance Technologies next-generation compute products built for high-end telecommunications, defense and homeland security, and commercial applications. The AMD Opteron processor provides a highly scalable x86 architecture that delivers next-generation performance as well as a flexible upgrade path from 32- to 64-bit computing. Its true multi-core architecture offers immediate, cost-effective technology to address todays processor design challengesreducing heat and power consumption, by-products that occur at continually advancing single core processor clock speeds. Designed to run Linux, Solaris and Windows operating systems, the CPC5564 is the ideal computer for high-end packet processing or multi-threaded software applications found in wireless, softswitch, defense and other compute-intensive applications. (news - alerts)

Skype and Intel Collaborate to Create New and Improved Internet Communication

Skype, the global Internet communications company, and Intel Corporation are collaborating to further integrate Internet communication into the fabric of everyday personal computer usage. The companies are working together to optimize Skype for Intel dual-core processor-based PCs and are planning to further enhance voice and video over the Internet so that it delivers the richest possible communications experience for personal and professional users. The first result of the companies joint technical efforts is the availability of free, ten-way voice conference calling for up to ten people in Skype 2.0 an industry first for peer-to-peer Internet calling. The new feature is available exclusively for home and business users with Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology-based laptop PCs, and desktop PCs based on Intel Pentium D processors, Pentium Extreme Edition processors, and the recently introduced Intel ViivTM technology. The two companies plan ongoing, additional feature extensions and optimization of Skype for Intels dual-core processors to take further advantage of the high throughput and simultaneous computing capabilities of Intels dual-core processor architecture. Later this year, Skype will release video calling optimized for Intel dual-core technology, boosting performance and bringing free, high-quality video calling to millions of users with Intel processors. Beyond laptops and desktops, Intel and Skype share a common vision to enable Skype to function seamlessly across a wide variety of Intel-based computing platforms and network environments, including handheld computers as well as WiFi and WiMAX wireless networks. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

ECI Telecom Launches Next-Generation SAN Extension Solution for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

ECI Telecom announced its next-generation SAN extension solution for transport networks to meet the growing market demand for mission-critical services. ECIs new BroadGate SAN XT enables disaster recovery and business continuity with high throughput of up to 2.5 Gbps for high-end storage applications over long distances up to 1,600 km. Carriers now have an end-to-end solution for connecting SAN clients and introducing new storage transport services to enterprise customers over their existing networks. With ECIs SAN XT, traffic wont be interrupted in the event of hardware or line problems, such as a fiber cut or power failure. Mission-critical data is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The BroadGate SAN XT meets the growing demand for disaster recovery and business continuity services by integrating with ECIs XDM multi-service provisioning platform (MSPP) family. Carriers now have an end-to-end solution for connecting SAN clients and introducing new storage transport services to enterprise customers over their existing networks. Being fully interoperable with carriers SDH/SONET infrastructure, it is cost-efficient, and easy to install and use. (news - alerts)

New IBM Blade Computers Speed Business Data up to Ten Times Faster

IBM introduced powerful new blade computing systems that enable data to travel up to 10 times faster than previously possible across corporate networks. The revolutionary new high-performance systems, called IBM BladeCenter H, increase the bandwidth of tiny blade computers, providing businesses up to 10 times the capacity to move data across their networks. The processing breakthrough, made possible by IBM Research, increases the internal capability of the new system by delivering more than 40 Gigabits (Gb) of I/O bandwidth to every blade server. The BladeCenter H systems introduced today provide a new way to deliver blade technology, by collapsing servers, storage devices, networking infrastructure and security appliances into a single location in the datacenter. They can be used by businesses to run high-performance analytics software and data warehousing applications in industries including finance, retail, healthcare, life sciences and telecommunications. The new BladeCenter H systems provide crucial investment protection for IBM customers. They are compatible with existing BladeCenter systems and IBMs current blades and switches can be deployed in the new BladeCenter H system. IBMs BladeCenter is the worlds most popular blade computing system, with more than forty percent share of the market and revenue growth of 2,600 percent in less than three years.* Since its introduction in 2002, IBM has installed more than 350,000 blades for customers, more than any other computer maker. (news - alerts)


NICE and Avaya to Deliver IP Contact Centers
By Johanne Torres

NICE Systems announced that it joined forces with Avaya to deliver IP-based contact centers to businesses. The newly extended alliance between both companies will include developing a joint offering of a suite of applications and working on strategic marketing initiatives. The joint system offers monitoring, branch recording, centralized storage, liability, and interaction analytics. It is an integral part of NICEs unified product architecture, and integrates the Communication Manager API of Avaya Applications Enablement Services (AES), a suite of Web services that provides integration with Avayas converged communications applications. As part of the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite, Avayas IP contact center solutions help businesses link together a distributed environment, including agents, branch office employees and knowledge experts in any location to serve customers faster. Avaya offers contact centers IP-distributed architectures to flatten, consolidate and extend operations by supporting new remote, branch, satellite or global agents. The Avaya-NICE partnership has been a winning combination that has been successfully driving customer loyalty, revenues, and profitability for our mutual customers, said Zvi Baum, NICE president of Enterprise Interactions Solutions. We are very excited about extending our long standing relationship with Avaya with this new agreement. By combining our capabilities, especially for complex high-end, mission-critical VoIP environments, we are spearheading the IP-based contact center of the future. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Merceds Suite 2.7 Hits The Market
By David Sims

Merced Systems Inc., a vendor of contact center and operational performance management applications, announced the release of Merced Performance Suite 2.7. The Merced Performance Suite is designed to increase the efficiency of contact centers by consolidating data from disparate sources, delivering advanced analytics, providing personalized dashboards, and integrating workflow and process improvement tools, according to the company. The suites data management capabilities claim to reduce application administration and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership on the market, according to Michael Schmier, Merceds vice president of products. With the release of version 2.7, the Merced Performance Suite extends its workflow and data management capabilities by introducing additional pre-configured workflows for best practice processes for agent development and performance improvement plan tracking, and extended data management capabilities to allow customers to more easily and rapidly extend their applications. (news - alerts)

Five9 Releases Virtual Call Center Inbound Solution
By Mae Kowalke

Five9, provider of customer interaction management solutions, announced the launch of its new Virtual Call Center Inbound product. Virtual Call Center Inbound enables inside sales and customer service departments to efficiently manage high volumes of inbound calls. The product automates call routing using a variety of functions including phone trees, skills groups, and prioritizing based on customer type. Using Virtual Call Center Inbound, supervisors also can record calls for quality control, and provide agents with scripts and worksheets. Technologies like Five9s can help companies create customer-centric inbound call centers that increase sales productivity and bottom-line profits, while offering excellent service which ultimately improves customer satisfaction and leads to repeat business and referrals, said Sheryl Kingstone, program manager at Yankee Group, in a press release. (news - alerts)

Extensive Headset Usage Poses Greater Risk for Early Hearing Loss
By Susan J. Campbell

Recent news for call and contact centers covers technological advances that can improve performance and lower attrition for the agent base. But an area that is starting to receive more attention is hearing loss due to headset use. In all fairness, call and contact center management ensures that the equipment provided to their agents is ergonomically safe and does not pose potential damage to hearing. The greater risk is unfortunately often caused outside of the call or contact center. According to the National Safety Council, agents can receive acoustic shock injury from noise that travels over telephone communication equipment due to electronic feedback, fax modems or even malicious callers who use devices such as whistles. At this point, there is little research supporting the implication that certain styles of headphones or headsets are more dangerous than others; however sound-minimizing headsets for music players are becoming more popular. So, to minimize potential damage, precautionary measures are essential. Call and contact center agents can help prevent hearing loss by following simple guidelines like taking breaks and maintaining volume levels. Most importantly, both types of users must take it upon themselves to ensure that their hearing is being protected. Dont assume it is a priority for anyone else. (news - alerts)

SkyCreek Launches Call Notify IVR Platform 5.2
By Johanne Torres

Customer contact systems provider SkyCreek Corporation recently launched version 5.2 of its Call Notify IVR Platform. This latest version includes an Expression Builder, File Feed Wizard, Enhanced Monitoring and Reporting. The Call Notify IVR Platform is a Web-based, next-generation intelligent IVR platform, that enables enterprises to proactively update, inform, up sell, advise, educate, train, and/or survey their customers, while delivering better customer service. The platform includes a CallDesigner for use in designing any voice and/or IVR applications and campaigns; a CallManager for managing and scheduling voice and/or IVR applications and campaigns; and CallReports for generating reports for any voice and/or IVR applications and campaigns. The Call Notify IVR Platform now includes an Expression Builder that enables IVR developers or SkyCreek developers to build logical expressions to facilitate the real-time customization of the call flow to be delivered via any inbound or outbound voice application. This feature will for example, allow an IVR developer to alter the greeting based on the time of day. (news - alerts)

Interactive Intelligence Automates Outbound Notifications
By Laura Stotler

Interactive Intelligence is now offering a hosted notification service to cut costs associated with outbound customer interactions. The icNotify service automates traditional manual processes and eliminates the need for on-premise customer equipment and network bandwidth. The new service will be targeted at financial service institutions and physician offices initially. icNotify will offer outbound notification services for automated messaging, offering subscribers flexible, multi-channel contact options based on their unique needs. Financial institutions can use the service to send customers notification of loan status, fraud alerts, deposit confirmations and portfolio updates. Physician offices can send notifications like prescription reminders, appointment reminders, agent-less health education campaigns and patient satisfaction surveys. icNotify is switch independent and can work with a number of third-party PBXs and IP-PBXs. The service will be delivered via landline and mobile phones, as well as through email, fax, pagers, PDAs and short message service-enabled devices. The service will use text-to-speech, speech recognition, pre-recorded messages, on-the-fly message recording and self-service options. The self service is designed to minimize inbound call volume in response to outbound notifications. For a typical financial services firm, the average outbound call costs $2.70 a cost largely attributable to labor, said Art Schoeller, senior analyst, Yankee Group. Services such as icNotify can go a long way toward displacing a major portion of that expense through automation. In addition, customers are better served since these services are geared to deliver messages based on the customers preference, such as e-mail, text message, or recorded voice call. (news - alerts)

Wicom CSS 5.0 Software Allows Fully Mobile All-IP Customer Service

Wicom Communications, a leading European provider of all-IP contact center solutions and VoIP enterprise telephony software for fixed and wireless network environments, today announced the latest version of its Wicom Communications Server Suite (CSS) software. Wicom CSS software version 5.0 adds a host of new features to the telephony and contact center solution, which integrates fixed-line and mobile communications into a cost-efficient, centrally managed system. In addition to enhanced user performance and improved business application integration, Wicom CSS now provides enterprises with true virtuality by integrating rich mobile phone functionality with the comprehensive contact center and telephony capabilities of the software. With Wicom CSS 5.0, all incoming calls, e-mails, Web contacts, and SMS messages are handled quickly and efficiently through a single user interface. Employees may log onto any workstation on the company network and immediately access their personalized telephone functions. The Wicom softphone application also integrates with Microsoft Outlook software, further improving the availability of office-based employees. A workstation or IP phone can be paired with a mobile phone, allowing all calls to be answered on either phone. With its industry-standard Web Services application interfaces, the new Wicom CSS 5.0 integrates seamlessly with core telephony and IT systems such as existing PBX, CRM and ERP solutions. (news - alerts)


InPhonex Enhances their Industry-Leading VoIP Reseller Program through VarPhonex

InPhonex, a leading supplier of Internet telephony solutions, announced additions to VarPhonex, their popular reseller program. Developed in response to the need for a lower price point and more flexible reseller solutions, the VarPhonex Program supplies small businesses and entrepreneurs with a complete VoIP-Reseller-in-A-Box solution. New options for resellers now include:
Choice of a Free Linksys PAP2 Adapter or a 25% discount on new orders for the U.S. and Canada Unlimited Plan.
A 25% discount on the reseller price for the InPhonex Brazil Unlimited Plan.
Support of Incoming International Phone Numbers (DID numbers).
We remain highly market-responsive to our resellers needs in the fiercely competitive VoIP market, said Todd Hirshorn, InPhonex Chief Marketing Officer. Resellers need not only a robust network infrastructure, complete private label services but extremely price-competitive offerings to compete with the larger players. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Nortel, Huawei Join Forces
By Cindy Waxer

Hoping to grab a sizable piece of todays global broadband access equipment market, Nortel has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Huawei Technologies, a provider of next generation networks for telecommunications operators. The intent is to establish a joint venture for developing ultra broadband access solutions for markets around the world. The two companies have also entered into a supply agreement that allows Nortel to immediately begin engaging customers with Huaweis current broadband access portfolio. The new company will combine Huaweis broadband access solutions with Nortels voice and broadband networking technologies to create a new product portfolio. These products will give service providers the ability to converge the delivery of voice, video, data and wireless services to business and residential customers onto a common IP platform that supports copper, fiber and fixed wireless networks. The joint venture will be majority-owned by Nortel and headquartered in Ottawa and will be focused on product enhancements for Huaweis current broadband access portfolio and the development of a new ultra broadband product portfolio. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

AccessLine and Global Crossing Extend Contract
By Cindy Waxer

Marking an extension on an already existing five-year relationship, Global Crossing has agreed to provide AccessLine Communications Corporation, a provider of hosted communications and managed voice services, with a suite of high-performance VoIP services including VoIP Outbound, VoIP Toll-Free and VoIP DID. VoIP is critical to our continued business growth, said Doug Johnson, AccessLines chief executive officer. Our partnership with Global Crossing enables us to deliver our turnkey VoIP application suite to customers over Global Crossings high quality VoIP network. Transition to an IP-based network is a key enabler for AccessLine as VoIP transforms the world of voice by enabling users to access a range of new features more efficiently. Currently, Global Crossing runs more than two billion minutes per month of VoIP traffic over its private, global backbone. The companys VoIP services deliver carrier-class quality, backed by end-to-end IP service level agreements for jitter, packet loss, availability and latency. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

SIPquest Joins Symbian Platinum Program
By Laura Stotler

SIPquest announced that it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program. The SIPquest Mobile Assistant works with Symbian OS phones to deliver instant messaging, presence and corporate directory services to IP PBX users. As a member of the Platinum Program, SIPquest will extend personalized control of communications services through fixed mobile convergence (FMC) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solutions. These solutions will operate over WiFi, GSM and CDMA network interfaces to the Symbian OS ecosystem. Symbian develops and licenses the Symbian OS for many popular smartphones. Nearly 48 million Symbian OS phones have shipped worldwide to date. The companys Platinum Program features companies that have a technology or strategic position that is key to the success of mobile computing technology surrounding Symbian OS. Platinum Partners may benefit from a range of commercial and technical services, including joint marketing opportunities, technical support along with privileged access to Symbian OS source code and a dedicated Partner Support team. With the rapid growth of the smartphone market, multimedia services have become a fundamental part of todays advanced open-standards based mobile phones, said Jerry Panagrossi, vice president of US operations, Symbian. The addition of SIPquest to the Symbian Platinum Program underscores our joint commitment to bring mobile VoIP technology and compelling fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solutions to the ever expanding and increasingly sophisticated Symbian OS ecosystem. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

Telrex Call Recording Software Helps Covad Expand Its Market Share
By Mae Kowalke

Telrex, developer of IP PBX call recording and monitoring software, announced that it is partnering with voice and data service provider Covad Communications, adding call recording functionality to Covads PBX service Teaming up Telrexs CallRex software with Covads vPBX voice service, the two companies are creating what Telrex claims is the first IP-based call recording software solution offered by a hosted PBX provider. Using CallRex a software-only IP-based call recording solution Covad will be able to attract customers who require their PBX service to include call recording. CallRex expands our market to all of the small and medium-sized business that wont subscribe to a hosted IP PBX solution without having a call recording solution, said Scott Scherer, director of product development at Covad Communications. (news - alerts) (news - alerts)

3Com Acquires Majority Ownership of Huawei Joint Venture
By Cindy Waxer

Only a day after Nortel announced entering into a memorandum of understanding with Huawei Technologies to establish a joint venture, 3Com Corporation has announced that it has purchased from Huawei an additional two percent interest in Huawei-3Com Ltd. Huawei-3Com is a China-based joint venture formed by 3Com and Huawei in November 2003. The sale was completed on January 27, 2006 following final approval from the government of the Peoples Republic of China, resulting in 3Com owning 51 percent of the joint venture and Huawei owning the remaining 49 percent. On October 28, 2005, 3Com reached an agreement with Huawei to gain majority control of the joint venture, subject to Chinese government approval and usual closing conditions. 3Com agreed to pay Huawei $28 million in consideration for two percent of the outstanding shares of Huawei-3Com owned by Huawei. When the joint venture was formed in 2003, we had three key objectives: to establish a substantial presence in China, the worlds fastest growing market; to create a resource capable of building enterprise-class, cutting-edge switching and routing products faster than we could deliver on our own; and to capitalize on a rapidly growing pool of engineering talent, said Scott Murray, president and CEO of 3Com. (news - alerts)

Voda One Takes Delta Roadmap FastTrack Training Series Across U.S.

Westcon Group, Inc. announced that its Voda One division has launched the third season of its Delta Roadmap FastTrack training series in selected cities across the United States. The in-person, classroom style training features in-depth product overviews for Avaya best- in-class solutions for enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs), as well as an overview of complementary vendor offerings from Westcon Groups affinity portfolio. Also featured in the course will be several of Westcon Groups core affinity vendors which enhance Avaya solutions: Meru Networks, SpectraLink, Extreme Networks, NICE Systems and Metropolis Technologies. Avaya Financial Services will also be on hand for any resellers interested in learning more about credit, leasing or financing options. Rob Linder, vice president of sales for Voda One, commented: Our Delta Roadmap Reseller Training helps our Avaya Business Partners become more familiar with the latest Avaya releases while providing them with increased insight on specific business applications. At the end of the day, Avaya BusinessPartners walk away with a clear understanding of how Avaya solutions, when combined with other solutions from our affinity portfolio, can impact their sales and increase the competitiveness of their own customers. (news - alerts)


Nortel Enables New Rural Market SIP Access Systems
By Johanne Torres

Carriers looking into offering triple play services now have the option of tapping telecom technology provider Nortel to enable new SIP fiber to the home (FTTH) and converged IP access systems that will help them deliver broadband data, video and a set of voice features to residential and business customers in rural areas. Nortels new systems are enabled by the companys DMS-10 softswitch interoperating with products from Allied Telesyn and Pannaway Technologies. The bundle gives rural carriers access to a new portfolio of services such as VoIP with E911 lifeline calling, enhanced IP video, and video on demand. As we evolve to VoIP, it is absolutely critical that we have the ability to provide advanced calling and safety features such as E911 lifeline support as well as new applications we can run on an application server. Interoperability between Nortels DMS-10 and Pannaways SCN will allow us to offer premier video and data services along with support for emerging applications such as HDTV and video on demand, Joseph Gottwald, CO engineer and ISP manager, Empire Telephone, which will implement the system. (news - alerts)

SIP Trunking Simplifies Conversion to VoIP, Saves Money
By Mae Kowalke

A recent survey by Computer Technology Industry Association found that 60 percent of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) plan to increase their use of converged voice and data communication solutions during the next 18 months. Survey respondents were technology decision makers at companies with 20-500 employees. One reason for the growth in converged communications is the advent of SIP-trunking a way for SMBs to cut down considerably on the startup and management costs of switching to VoIP phone service. SIP-trunking eliminates the need for gateways by using software to manage a companys VoIP service, and by utilizing the carriers already-existing network of gateways. When both caller and receiver are set up with internet telephony systems, SIP-trunking is especially efficient, because it allows a call to travel the entire way as a digital signal. For many SMBs, using a software-based, SIP-trunking platform means the payback for switching to VoIP can occur in as little as 3-12 months, Landry said. (news - alerts)

Stinghorn Offers NAT Traversal for VoIP and SIP Traffic

With Stinghorns VPN solution any company can utilize inexpensive Internet telephony to support their own business operations. Oy Stinghorn Ltd is a Finnish-based software solution vendor specializing in secure interconnections over IP networks. Using VPN connections provided by Stinghorn Secure Business Suite solution, companies can route SIP-based communication securely into their own internal network and back to the remote terminal. With Stinghorns solution, VoIP connections can also be created through Network Address Translation (NAT). Stinghorns solution is not bound to any particular protocol nor to any particular Internet telephony vendor. On the contrary, it can be utilized to enable the use of practically any vendors VoIP/SIP solution from anywhere in the world. With Stinghorns solution, it is also possible to create a secure Internet phone call between two users residing in the same or separate remote networks. Stinghorns security and interconnection solutions are available from Stinghorn and selected partners worldwide both as complete shipments and as turnkey services with monthly fee. (news - alerts)

MAILVISION Announces its APPLYNX SIP Application Server for IMS Enabled Networks

The APPLYNX is already deployed with several NextGen service providers enabling service delivery of a number of applications such as prepaid, voice mail, conferencing, Recording and a variety of IVR based services. The APPLYNX platform has proven interoperability with all SIP network elements; Softswitch, Media Server, Media Gateways, and IMS network elements. MailVisions APPLYNX is at the core of a rich service delivery eco-system designed for the IMS architecture providing Fixed Mobile Convergence solutions. It can easily support any SIP based application, says Benjamin Bar-Ness, VP of Business Development for MailVision. The MailVision APPLYNX SIP Application Platform is that enables service providers to build scalable, reliable packet-voice services. MailVisions unique IP-based architecture directly integrates into an IMS network infrastructure and delivering cost-effective, revenue-producing enhanced communications services. (news - alerts)

Avaya IP Telephony Takes Flight with U.S. Fighter Jet

Avaya Inc. announced that IP Telephony has taken to the skies, linking an F-15E fighter jet in flight with a remote government command center in California and a three-star general at the Pentagon via a multi-party, IP conference call. The call lasted for more than 20 minutes, and the audio quality was excellent, said Ryan Greene, a Boeing engineer who worked on the test with Avaya and participated in the call. Being able to call a tactical aircraft from anywhere in the world and vice versa is a critical combat capability unprecedented with legacy communications, said Lt. Col. Stephen Waller, USAF, DARPA program manager for the Tactical Targeting Network Technology program. Both tests used Avayas industry-leading Communication Manager IP telephony software hosted on an Avaya Media Server. Avaya SIP Enablement Services were used to ensure connectivity with standards-based endpoints for telephony, instant messaging, conferencing and collaboration. The multiparty conference call involved both an Avaya IP phone and an Avaya SIP IP telephone at China Lake and a traditional desk set at the Pentagon. A third-party SIP softphone running on a Windows-based auxiliary computer was used in the F-15E cockpit, connecting the pilot to the conference via a secure wireless link. (news - alerts)

Abbeynet Introduces Abbeyphone Deskbar VoIP Application

Abbeynet, a European leader in the development of cutting-edge VoIP technologies, presents Abbeyphone Deskbar, the easiest way to call from the Internet, intended for all Abbeyphone users. Abbeyphone Deskbar is a VoIP application that installs onto the Windows taskbar and provides immediate access to Abbeyphone communication services. With Abbeyphone Deskbar, you can call fixed-line and mobile phones throughout the world, make and receive calls to and from other Deskbars and other IP terminals, both hardware and software, over the Internet free of charge using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Abbeyphone Deskbar also includes a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, which brings all of these functions directly to your e-mail client, so that you can interact quickly and efficiently with your list of contacts. (news - alerts)

Covergence Integrates McAfee to Deliver First SIP-Based Anti-Virus Solution

Covergence, a leading provider of unified security and management solutions for applications and services based on SIP, announced that it has integrated technologies from McAfee, Inc. to ship the first complete anti-virus solution for SIP-based applications and services. McAfees award-winning anti-virus solution is now tightly integrated into the Covergence Eclipse family of SIP application management products enabling enterprises to benefit from multi-modal, real-time collaboration while protecting them from the dangers of SIP-borne malware. The proliferation of applications and services based on SIP and its extensions for instant messaging and presence (SIMPLE) represents a new challenge for enterprises concerned with protecting themselves against dangerous malware. One of SIPs greatest strengths is that it supports multi-modal collaboration applications that can support several different forms of real-time communication simultaneously. While this offers tremendous business benefit, it also creates serious security vulnerabilities. The explosion of SIP-based applications and services has created a whole new set of security concerns for enterprises, said Bob ONeil, president and CEO, Covergence. With McAfee Anti-Virus for Eclipse, organizations can finally have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their SIP-based solutions are protected. (news - alerts)

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