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2005 Internet Telephony Products Of The Year


In our January issue, we announced the winners of the 2005 Product of the Year award. This month weve expanded upon the simple list with brief write-ups detailing the companies offerings. For more in-depth information, please be sure to visit the vendors Web sites. Keep in mind, this list is intended as a starting point for those interested parties looking to research and purchase a VoIP solution. Remember to do your homework, and always ask for customer references!

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  3Com   3Com V6000 Integrated Branch Communications
  The 3Com V6000 is a cost effective solution for extending the 3Com Convergence Applications Suite to branch offices integrated up to 100 users. It supports advanced SIP-based call control and applications with PSTN and analog gateways into a compact and cost-effective form factor.
  AccessLine Communications   AccessLine's SmartVoice Service for Business
  This VoIP-based hosted and managed telecommunications service is designed for medium to large enterprises, even if they are geographically dispersed. SmartVoice allows the enterprise to create and manage a common and consistent enterprise-wide virtual dial plan, voice/fax messaging services, and other enhanced services such as find-me/follow-me, virtual receptionist, unified messaging, conference calling, disaster recovery and more.
  ACE*COMM   NetPlus for VoIP
  NetPlus is an advanced telemanagement system for enterprise-level voice, data, and IP networks. The solution provisions a VoIP network for accurate fault, configuration, accounting, and performance management. Using a platform-independent architecture, NetPlus reduces telecom costs while enabling smooth, integrated operation.
  ACULAB   Prosody X
  Prosody X is a card designed for media processing in IP-based networks with TDM connectivity as an option. Designed around an IP core, Prosody X is a highly configurable card that combines media processing resources, IP telephony, and TDM digital network access functions. With channel counts for fully configured cards around 600 Prosody X is an attractive option when looking to create large scale telco or enterprise VoIP applications.
  ADC   TrueNet Midspan Power over Ethernet Controller
  The solution allows users to upgrade their network to power devices such as VoIP telephones, WiFi access points, and IP security cameras by injecting IEEE 802.3af compliant power onto any standard Ethernet cable. The solution also features dual compliance to IEEE 802.3af and pre-standard Cisco devices as well as N+I reliability using a redundant 400 Watt power supply.
  Adomo Inc.   Adomo Voice Messaging
  Adomo provides universal, PBX-independent voice messaging that leverages the existing corporate infrastructure for consolidated administration and lowest total cost of ownership. The solution separates the voicemail application from the PBX, working seamlessly across any mix of legacy and VoIP PBX technologies on a quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage appliance platform.
  ADTRAN, Inc.   NetVanta 1224STR PoE
  Ideal for branch office connectivity, the NetVanta 1224R/STR power over Ethernet (PoE) network access solution combines a 24-port managed Layer 2 Ethernet switch with 24 PoE ports (802.3af), full-featured IP access router (with modular WAN interface), stateful inspection firewall, and optional VPN, in a single 1U platform at a price that is less than 50% of comparable multi-platform solutions.
  AltiGen Communications, Inc.   IP710
  AltiGens IP 710 is a fully-featured IP telephone, offering single-button access to an array of features like, voicemail, intercom, speaker, mute, speed-dial, transfer, conference, activity/presence selection, greeting selections, call recording and even placing calls to employees in other countries. The IP 710 offers a 4-line, backlit liquid crystal display.
  Amdocs   Amdocs IP Convergence Solution for IPTV
  This solution leverages the Amdocs 6 portfolio of billing, content revenue management, CRM, self service, ordering, and mediation products. Carriers can seamlessly integrate critical, customer-facing business processes to gain insight into customer behavior. This helps carriers to develop and support better IPTV offerings and bundles that address specific customer needs and preferences.
  Aspect Software   Aspect Uniphi Suite v6.1
  Aspect Uniphi Suite is an operating environment that gives businesses the flexibility and functionality needed for the convergence of contact center applications including ACD, CTI, and IVR on a single, switch agnostic platform that supports both PSTN and IP switches. Uniphi offers a single administration tool and a single point of control for developing and administering business rules across all contact center applications.
  AT&T   AT&T Voice DNA
  AT&T Dynamic Network Applications (DNA) Portfolio is a network-based communications solution that leverages one of the worlds most advanced and powerful IP backbone networks and its standards-based, services over IP architecture to deliver a complete IP communications solution delivering greater business productivity through advanced features such as unified messaging, VIP routing, collaboration, conferencing, click to call and remote worker/mobility support.
  ATCOM technology co. Ltd.   AU-600
  The AU-600 enables users to make and receive Skype calls using a standard telephone; forward Skype calls to your mobile phone; make Skype calls from a mobile phone even when away from your computer; and switch between a Skype call and a regular phone call, all the while enabling users to continue to make and receive regular calls as they normally would.
  Atreus Systems, Inc.   Atreus Multi-Service Provisioning Software
  Atreus Multi-Service Provisioning Software empowers providers to improve the profitability of their consumer and business VoIP offerings, as well as a variety of complementary IP services. Through automated provisioning and customer self-management, Atreus enables providers to quickly deploy feature-rich bundles, while reducing the time, cost and complexity of rolling out new services, modifying features, and managing customer growth.
  AudioCodes   Mediant 1000
  The Mediant 1000 is AudioCodes cost-effective, converged wireline and wireless VoIP media gateway utilizing cutting edge technology. Neatly packaged in a stackable 1U chassis, it is designed to interface between TDM and IP networks in enterprises or small-scale carrier locations. Incorporating AudioCodes innovative Voice over Packet technology, the Mediant 1000 enables rapid time-to-market and reliable cost-effective deployment of next-generation networks.
  Avaya   Avaya IP Office with Microsoft CRM
  This secure converged voice and data system is designed for small and medium businesses. It has a complete IP telephony customer management portfolio the Avaya IP Office Customer Management suite, which features Microsoft CRM and includes all the hardware, software and support that businesses need to transform their sales and service operations. The solution combines IP Office with the Sales and Customer Service modules of Microsoft CRM Professional edition, coupling telephony call routing with CRM technology.
  BayPackets   Agility Multimedia Ringback Tone
  BayPackets Agility Multimedia Ringback Tone is an IMS-compliant streaming media solution enabling wireless carriers and cable MSOs to replace the typical ring or busy sound callers hear when they dial that users number with recorded music, sound, or video clips. The application is as an enhancement to BayPackets Agility Personal Communications Manager, a network-based solution that enables service providers to deliver real-time call routing and call management functions.
  BEA Systems, Inc.   BEA WebLogic SIP Server
  The BEA WebLogic SIP Server is a combined J2EE and SIP application server, delivering an integrated service creation/delivery platform for SIP, HTTP/Web-tier, and EJB-tier applications. The SIP Servlet container is completely integrated with the HTTP and EJB containers of the BEA WebLogic Server. As a result, SIP Servlets have access to all the J2EE APIs, such as JNDI for naming and directory services, JDBC for database access, JMF for media handling (codec, RTP), JavaMail APIs, and many others.
  BlueNote Networks   SessionSuite
  BlueNote NetworksSessionSuite IP Telephony is an open, modular, standards-based IP software platform enabling communication services to be embedded into business applications within and beyond traditional enterprise boundaries. The solution leverages enterprise infrastructures, the PSTN, and the Internet to seamlessly extend voice services beyond desktop phones while reducing costs and preserving current investments.
  Brekeke Software, Inc.   OnDO PBX
  OnDO PBX is a SIP compliant software-based telephony system, including many features of traditional PBX systems, such as; call transfer, call conference, call forwarding, automatic route selection, voicemail, and more. OnDO PBX comes bundled with OnDO SIP Server, a SIP Registrar and Proxy Server, registers and authenticates users, and routes calls between user agents. The product is ideal for small offices or branch offices already on a SIP VoIP network; the SmallOffice Edition supports 40 PBX users and 12 concurrent call sessions.
  Brix Networks   BrixCare Self-Service
  BrixCare Self-Service is a VoIP quality measurement and reporting application that helps service providers reduce subscriber acquisition and support costs. The BrixCare Self-Service application measures VoIP quality from the customer premise, and enables providers to profitably launch, operate, and assure their residential and business broadband voice services while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  Brooktrout Technology   SnowShore IP Media Server - Software only
  Release 1.4 of the SnowShore IP Media Server provides carriers and application partners with unprecedented capacity expansion for large scale audio conferencing sessions, high-performance processing of large bandwidth video streams for multimedia and messaging services, and advanced collaboration feature support for contact center applications. The products flexible architecture provides a cost-effective, scalable media server platform supported by a growing list of applications, speeding deployment of media-rich, high-value enhanced services.
  Centillium Communications   Atlanta Family
  Centilliums newly expanded Atlanta series which includes four unique devices and easy-to-use, intuitive application software is a complete, turnkey System on a chip (SoC) solution designed to allow equipment manufacturers to reduce development time and preserve software investments across multiple platforms. Each Atlanta device features a complete software suite, including an application program interface, drivers, and documentation for faster production time.
  Check Point Software Technologies   Check Point VPN-1 Pro NGX
  Check Point VPN-1 Pro NGX is a tightly integrated combination of firewall, VPN, and intrusion prevention that provides organizations with a platform for integrating VoIP into a comprehensive security policy without needing to sacrifice their deployment goals. With Check Points Stateful Inspection and Application Intelligence technologies, VPN-1 Pro delivers an intelligent perimeter security solution available for VoIP.
  Cicero Networks   CiceroPhone
  CiceroPhone is a converged VoIP and Cellular softphone, optimized to run on mobile devices, including smartphones and PDAs. It enables users to make all of their calls VoIP, Fixed, and Cellular Calls using a single device. CiceroPhone runs on mobiles phones and delivers seamless mobility across IP and Cellular networks. It supports hand-off between Wi-FiI and Cellular networks so that users can seamlessly roam between networks without dropping a call.
  Citrix Systems   Smart Agent for Citrix Application Gateway
  Citrix Application Gateway is an appliance that delivers converged voice and data applications to the screens and speakers of IP telephones. Smart Agent technology provides productivity applications to users personal computers in addition to IP telephones. The first Citrix application to use Smart Agent technology is Click-to-Call which enables telephone users to dial their desk telephone by simply clicking on linked telephone numbers in e-mail or Web applications.
  Coaxsys   TVnet/C
  TVnet/C transforms a buildings coaxial cable into a high-speed IP network that coexists with the cable television signal, delivering a minimum sustained throughput of 100Mbps. Plug-and-play TVnet/C adapters work over a buildings pre-existing coax. TVnet/C is a 100Mbps Cat-5 Ethernet replacement that enables an operator or service provider to network any Ethernet device without needing to run new wires. Users can connect IP set-top boxes, modems, media servers, PCs, video game consoles, etc.
  Cognio   ISMS Mobile
  Cognios Intelligent Spectrum Management System (ISMS) Mobile is a laptop-based RF spectrum analysis solution designed to provide full spectrum analysis capabilities for identifying and locating specific sources of interference that undermine the security and performance of wireless networks.
  CommuniGate Systems   CommuniGate Pro version 5.0
  CommuniGate Pro Internet Communications server, provides VoIP applications and standards based messaging on a massively scalable applications server platform. Industry first SIP Farm clustering technology and the Active Dynamic Cluster allow large scale subscriber deployments in the 100M range, with geographic separation of cluster members for global deployments. Version 5.0, expands the softwares voice applications to include: TeleConference Server, Auto-Attendant/IVR, Call Queuing/Automatic Call Distribution, Voicemail and Self-Service.
  Convedia   Convedia Media Servers
  Convedias family of media servers allow service providers to reduce service delivery costs and increase revenues through new approaches to network based services. Convedias media server product family includes the CMS-6000 Media Server, which is capable of scaling up to 18,000 media processing ports for large next generation network deployments. Convedia also produces the entry-level CMS-1000 Media Server, which provides up to 300 media processing ports for smaller service providers, large enterprise, and network edge deployments.
  Converged Access, Inc.   Converged Access Point (CAP)
  The Converged Access Point (CAP) is an integrated access platform purpose-built to deliver the application performance, WAN efficiency, security and low TCO required by Enterprise Remote Office and SMB/SME users as they converge business-critical voice, data, and video applications. The CAP addresses the challenges that have stalled VoIP deployments by combining a VoIP gateway, precise traffic management, firewall and VPN security, wired and wireless access, and an intuitive policy management solution.
  Convergin   Accolade Platform
  The Convergin Accolade platform is a commercially deployed solution for Fixed Mobile Convergence. Convergin uses SIP to tie the network together (in either the wireline or wireless side) and extend application services in a single blade server at the network core. This allows a VoIP service provider to add wireless services with just a Convergin wireless convergence server (WCS) and either a standard softswitch or application server.
  CopperCom   The CopperCommander Management System
  The CopperCommander system is a comprehensive management system designed to enable carriers to simplify the deployment of sophisticated multi-nodal CSX switch networks, allowing them to operate at a significantly lower cost. The CopperCommander meets the needs of IOCs and CLECs whose networks serve large and often dispersed geographic areas.
  CosmoCom   CosmoCall Universe 4.5
  CosmoCall Universe (CCU) is an all-IP contact center platform with field-proven, carrier class reliability designed to empower organizations to achieve higher levels of customer service while reducing costs, by supporting all of their enterprise-wide contact center needs from one virtual contact center platform, self-hosted or hosted by a network service provider.
  CounterPath Solutions, Inc.   X-Lite for Linux
  CounterPaths softphones for Windows, MAC OS X, Pocket PC and now Linux are software applications, which run on devices such as personal computers (PCs) or personal digital assistants (PDAs) or can be integrated into set-top boxes, embedded devices and applications like instant messaging. X-Lite users can make and receive calls to and from other on-net callers (IP-to-IP) and/or off-net callers (IP-to-PSTN/Cellular) with the same quality of service they would expect from an IP handset.
  Covad Communications   Line-Powered Voice Access
  Line-Powered Voice Access (LPVA) is a VoIP-based replacement for traditional phone service. It offers enhanced alternative service at a competitive price. It does not require a broadband connection or additional consumer premise equipment. Customers use their existing analog phone equipment and in-house jack. As with traditional voice service, the line is powered from the central office (CO), so a power failure will not disrupt service. To the end user, LPVA works just like a regular phone line.
  CTI   InTouch
  InTouch is an open, IP-based and standards-based next-generation messaging and conferencing platform, designed to provide a comprehensive suite of advanced communications and conferencing services in a single platform. InTouch services include IP-Voicemail, enhanced Visual Voicemail, Voice Conferencing, Voice to MMS, Who Called, Video Messaging, Mobile Mail, Unified Communications and more.
  Data Connection Limited (DCL)   DC-SBC
  DC-SBC is available as a complete source code solution for vendors of softswitches, routers, gateways, firewalls, and IP PBXs as well as standalone session border controllers. By incorporating DC-SBC into their existing products, OEMs will be able to offer service providers complete Session Border Controller (SBC) functionality as a software upgrade to platforms already installed in their networks. System vendors benefit by providing platforms with increased service and security capabilities but at greatly reduced development costs and time-to-market.
  DecisionOne Corporation   Desktop to Dialtone
  Desktop to Dialtone is a portfolio of support services that provides an immediate national infrastructure for VoIP OEMs and Service Providers (VSPs) spanning the VoIP lifecycle including network assessment, logistics, field delivery, and service desk. For their end customers, these services translate convergence into a simple, cost effective, full-service solution for reliable carrier class VoIP and data communications, and allay concerns regarding reliability and support.
  deltathree   iConnectHere
  iConnectHere is the consumer group of deltathree, whose products include Broadband Phone, PC to Phone and Virtual Calling Cards, to end users worldwide. iConnectHere recently expanded availability of its direct inbound dialing (DID) numbers to ten European counties including, Austria, Belgium, France Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K. Additionally, more than 2,000 rate centers in 44 U.S. states with a total coverage of more than 185 million people (70 million households) are now available in 90% of the U.S.
  Ditech Communications   PACKET VOICE PROCESSOR
  The Packet voice Processor (PVP) voice processing platform enables carriers to overcome numerous challenges including addressing voice quality, transcoding of a broad array of compressed voice codecs, and interoperability problems of VoIP networks. The PVP is based on a high-capacity packet system incorporating Ditechs high-density media processing subsystems. It can be configured up to 16 gigabit Ethernet ports and scale to 50,000 transcoding and/or voice processing calls per rack. PVP supports current VoIP standards including SIP.
  Dovado   WRG - Wireless Residential Gateway
  Using a PC-card as backhaul (PCMCIA-WWAN), the WRG is able to provide subscribers with a secured form of Internet and WiFi access along with telephony services. The WRG is a very suitable device for the home or office where one can connect computers, phones, and fax machines upon a quick installation. The WRG can be upgraded to communicate with any new wireless broadband standard, thus offering the ability to protect the investment in the future.
  Embedded Communications
  Computing, Motorola   VoIP Open Application-Enabling Platforms from Moto
  Motorolas VoIP Open Application-Enabling Platforms integrate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) software with CompactPCI packet voice resource boards, allowing VoIP equipment manufacturers to voice-enable SIP applications without the need to generate low-level code or directly control hardware.
  Empirix Inc.   Hammer DEX
  Hammer DEX is a VoIP device emulation solution that provides out of the box VoIP device emulations combined with a flexible platform that allows emulation of custom VoIP network devices. It enables equipment manufacturers and service providers to emulate a wide variety of VoIP devices on a single platform in their test labs, thus enabling them to perform testing without incurring the substantial costs of building out a full network infrastructure in their labs with real vendor devices.
  Envox Worldwide   Envox 6 Communications Development Platform
  Envox 6 is an open, standards-based communications development platform with integrated application development and management components designed to reduce the time, cost, and complexity of creating voice solutions. The platform provides a bridge between legacy systems and new innovative voice solutions, allowing customers to leverage prior investments in hardware, software, and solution development, while providing a smooth migration path to emerging standards and enabling technologies.
  Esnatech   Telephony Office-LinX version 6.5
  The solution is a real-time instant communications solution for enterprise customers. Whether its a large campus, distributed offices or a mobile workforce, this all-in-one unified communications platform offers a number of features, including Unified Messaging, Wireless connectivity, CTI call control, one number Find Me functionality, Web access, Instant Messaging, Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech for e-mail.
  Excel Switching Corp.   Integrated Media Gateway (IMG) 1010
  The IMG 1010, generally available since June 2005 offers a compact 1U package providing carriers with a cost-effective entry point into VoIP, with the ability to scale and gracefully upgrade their networks as subscriber base increases. The solution also offers interoperability between SS7, SIP, and H.323 across multiple gateways so carriers can roll out enhanced telecommunication offerings without buying, integrating, or managing third-party softswitches, signaling gateways, application servers, media servers, proxy servers, or registration servers.
  FacetCorp   FacetPhone
  FacetPhone is designed and built from the ground up as an IP-based phone system. FacetPhones multi-location integration, call center features, presence management, visual voice mail, unified messaging, integrated instant messaging, IVR flexibility, graphical customer administration, built-in multi-party conferencing and telecommuter support, provides customers with significantly increased productivity and a rapid return on investment.
  Flarion Technologies   NETGEAR Mobile Broadband Router 814 (MBR814)
  This 802.11g-standard router will deliver a secure and reliable wireless Internet connection without having to plug into a DSL or cable connection. The MBR814 supplies complete network access with firewall protection so consumers can enjoy high-speed Web access, file sharing, video streaming, head-to-head Internet gaming, and MP3 downloads at home. The 54 Mbps wireless router provides state-of-the-art filtering and controls that allow parents and administrators to limit URL access and monitor Internet activities.
  Flextronics Software Systems   SIP Network Server (SIP NS)
  SIP Network Server (SIP NS) is a carrier-grade, feature rich, core infrastructure server, based on an architecture that separates routing from application servers. SIP NS provides carriers the flexibility to quickly deploy innovative revenue generating services, such as prepaid, video, IM, P2P etc., from a amongst the best-in-class application server vendors. It has been guaranteed to interoperate with leading products and vendors in the marketplace. It can support as many as 600,000 subscribers.
  Fonality   PBXtra
  PBXtra is an IP-PBX that delivers enterprise-class capabilities to small businesses. Combining the powerful call handling, telecommuting, branch-office support, VoIP/PSTN capacity, and unified messaging features that companies expect from an enterprise-class PBX system, PBXtra delivers low cost of ownership often saving companies up to 80 percent of what they are used to paying for PBX functionality.
  GigaBeam Corporation   WiFiber(TM) Wireless Fiber
  GigaBeam WiFiber is a true fiber substitute for the entire last mile. Customers need to increase network capacity while they lower access and maintenance costs. GigaBeam links are designed for the highest performance and availability and the lowest total cost of ownership. They are designed to improve network availability and resiliency to failure while reducing the costs of installation, network integration, and maintenance., Inc.   Go2Call Softphone
  Go2Calls SIP Dialer V9 softphone is designed for optimization in a wide variety of Internet environments. The dialer provides accelerated performance and a built-in diagnostic and feedback channel. In addition to these technical improvements, Go2Call has also empowered this latest version of the softphone with easy to employ branding and skinning options. Other features include multilingual capabilities, call hold, call waiting, call forwarding, and short-digit extension; voicemail integration; and more.
  Grandstream Networks, Inc.   GXP-2000
  GXP-2000 is a next generation IP phone for the enterprise market. It has dual routed or switched (user configurable) 10M/100M auto-sensing Ethernet ports, integrated Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af) along with a universal power switching adapter (standard offering), large (130x64 dot matrix) graphic LCD that supports multiple languages, 11 line appearances with seven programmable keys, up to four independent SIP accounts and much, much more.
  I.S. Associates, Inc.   TeleCount Billing
  TeleCount Billing is a modular yet integrated billing and customer care solution, enabling carriers and other service providers to handle billing for both retail and wholesale customers. TeleCount offers a powerful and scalable real-time platform supporting authentication, authorization, accounting, mediation, rating, billing, inventory, and CRM for a variety of pre- and post-paid services including voice, data, and content.
  IBASE Technology, Inc.   PICMG 1.3 Intel Pentium M SHB Express---IB868
  The IB868 PICMG 1.3 CPU card features the mobile Intel GM Express chipset with an integrated 32-bit graphics engine, supporting both CRT and LVDS LCD displays. Accommodating up to 2GB of DDR2 533MHz system memory with improved bandwidth and power savings over DDR memory, the low-power SBC is validated with the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron M processors on 90nm process.
  iBasis   DirectVoIP Broadband
  Through its DirectVoIP Broadband service, iBasis provides a complete solution that enables VoIP providers to offer consumers seamless connections to traditional PSTN phones and mobile phones worldwide. DirectVoIP Broadband includes fast and secure IP interconnection to the iBasis global VoIP network, network-to-network SIP authentication, and support for multiple protocols and the growing array of IP phones and softphone applications.
  Incognito Software Inc.   Broadband Command Center Appliance
  Incognitos Broadband Command Center Appliance is a turn-key device provisioning system for small- to- medium-sized broadband providers who need to automatically configure customer premise equipment (CPE) for high-speed data, VoIP, and video services. Supported CPE includes: DOCSIS modems and PacketCable and SIP multimedia terminal adapters and VoIP phones.
  InfoVista   VistaInsight for IPT Telephony
  VistaInsight for IPT addresses the complexity of IP telephony and assures the delivery of services across the enterprise through a service-centric approach to performance management. The solution focuses on monitoring the quality of the end-user experience as the objective measurements of service quality. Automated discovery and asset relationships across the IT infrastructure facilitate both top-down service management and bottom-up impact analysis.
  Ingate Systems   Ingate Remote SIP Connectivity w SIParator 45/45+
  Ingate Remote SIP Connectivity is a far-end NAT traversal solution that enables remote users to leverage the benefits of SIP communications already integrated into the companys network. Remote SIP Connectivity allows users behind many remote (non SIP-aware) NATs and residential firewalls to communicate via SIP without the need for adding additional hardware or software at the remote site, simply by installing the Ingate SIParator at the enterprise data center.
  InSciTek Microsystems Inc.   Allworx 10x
  The Allworx 10x, the cornerstone device of a networked phone system for small-to-medium sized businesses (under 100 employees per site), integrates into a single server all the various communications platforms VoIP, phone, PC network, messaging software, group collaboration capabilities necessary for businesses to succeed today.
  Intel   Intel NetStructure Host Media Processing Software
  Intel NetStructure Host Media Processing (HMP) Software combines the flexibility of software-based IP media processing with powerful high-density multimedia capabilities that run on a servers host processor. HMP is available in a Linux and Windows version. The version for Linux scales up to 240 concurrent user sessions, with media processing, per system and supports video.
  InterEdge Technologies, LLC   Dial-Up VoIP Intelligent Telephone Adapter ITA-100
  The ITA-100 allows VoIP service providers to expand their market by providing their offering to customers that use Dial-Up connection to access the Internet. The ITA-100 has an integrated modem that can connect up to 56 kbps and can be switched between the PSTN and the VoIP service provider by just pressing a pre-programmed code in the keypad of the users telephone set. The ITA-100 supports traditional voice codec such us G.729.A and G.723.1. It also support SIP, DHCP Server, V.90, etc.
  Interoute Communications Ltd   ARENA
  Arena is a commission-free voice trading exchange that makes voice trading easier and erodes barriers to market entry. It is the latest service on Interoutes Virtual Voice Network (VVN), based on softswitch technology that enables operators to enter the voice market quickly without costly infrastructure investment. The service also provides for full route management and reporting via the desktop.
  Interstar Technologies   Interstar XMediusFAX Service Provider (SP) Edition
  Interstars XMediusFAX SP is a carrier-class, fax server software for service providers and large enterprises. Service providers can increase cash flow by purchasing their own Fax over IP (FoIP) software, instead of re-branding third-party fax services. XMediusFAX SP enables easy packaging, marketing and expansion of fax services per evolving business needs.
  Inter-Tel, Inc.   Inter-Tel 5000 Network Communications Solutions
  The Inter-Tel 5000 Network Communications Solutions is a family of feature-rich, IP-centric communications systems developed specifically for small- and mid-size businesses. Included is the Inter-Tel CS-5200, which is geared for small businesses by supporting up to 25 IP endpoints, while the Inter-Tel CS-5400 can scale up to 110 IP devices. In addition, both systems can support up to 96 digital endpoints via optional digital expansion units.
  Interwise Inc   ECP Connect 6.0
  Interwise ECP Connect 6.0 is a complete, secure Web and voice conferencing capabilities for enterprises. Launched in 2005, ECP Connect revolutionizes how enterprises purchase and use conferencing moving them from expensive, usage-based external services to a rich IP-based application that is available to every desktop, like e-mail.
  Iotum Corporation   Iotum Relevance Engine
  Based on a users context information from existing information management tools like IM, calendar, contacts, and personal user preferences, Iotums Relevance Engine intelligently filters, ranks and prioritizes digital communications. Iotums Relevance Engine automatically knows which calls to take and where to send them: landline, office, VoIP, voice mail, colleague or simply ignore.
  Iwatsu Voice Networks   Enterprise-CS
  Enterprise-CS is a converged voice processing system powered by QuadFusion Technology designed to provide small to medium sized businesses with advanced communication features. Enterprise-CS scales from 10 to 1000 telephones and provides advanced features like 100% transparent IP networking, in-building wireless, voicemail, and ACD integrated into one platform. Additionally, unified communications can be added to provide productivity enhancing features like text-to-speech, automatic speech recognition, fax server and IVR.
  Juniper Networks   E320 Broadband Service Router
  The E320 Broadband Services Router is a high-capacity broadband router scaling from 100 to 320 Gbps, and supporting up to 128,000 subscribers on a single chassis. This combination of capacity and subscriber density greatly reduces the average cost per subscriber. The E320 also provides a complete set of high-availably features, support for carrier-class Ethernet aggregation, and fine-grain QoS treatment for multimedia services all of which enable service providers to deliver advanced services with industry-leading levels of quality, security and availability.
  Kayote Networks, Inc   FronTier - Advanced VoIP Traffic Management System
  FronTier is a hosted VoIP solution that uniquely combines the features of a session border controller (SBC) and a quality-based least cost routing (LCR) engine with advanced, multi-level security features, specifically adapted to the VoIP call flow. The fully customizable Web interface enables Frontier users to take advantage of billing management tools to measure vital data in real-time, analyze network statistics, and generate carrier grade reports.
  Kentrox   Q1300 QoS Appliance
  The Q1300 makes prioritizing traffic for critical applications (VoIP, video, and other business systems) and managing bandwidth practical. A graphical Web interface provides instrumentation to monitor, diagnose, and add policies to ensure proper network performance. The Q1300 combines the features of a QoS appliance and Ethernet switch into one easy-to-use network access device. Graphic reporting also helps ensure that QoS is performing in the network.
  Level 3 Communications   Level(3) E-911 Direct
  Level(3) E-911 Direct is an FCC-compliant Enhanced 911 (E-911) solution for interconnected VoIP providers. It includes a nomadic VoIP solution and a fixed-line solution with network connections to PSAPs that serve 68 percent of all U.S. households. The service enables the routing and terminating of 911 calls with physical location information to the appropriate selective router and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) within the Level 3 footprint.
  Lucent Technologies   Lucent IMS Service Enhancement Layer
  Lucents Service Enhancement Layer (SEL) is a library of six unique Bell Labs-developed software technologies that give Lucents IMS solution distinct advantages over competing IMS implementations. The SEL helps enhance the end-user experience by enabling wireless, wireline, and converged network operators to create and deliver simple, seamless, secure, portable, and personal multimedia services to their subscribers. Components of the SEL work hand in hand with elements of Lucents IMS-based solution.
  LumenVox   Speech Driven Assistant
  LumenVoxs Speech Driven Assistant for Vertical Communications TeleVantage IP-PBX is a complete turnkey program to speech-enable name directories, contact lists, voicemail, IVRs, and emails, providing all callers hands-free phone interactions. The solution integrates directly on the TeleVantage server and imports all user information and continuously synchronizes with TeleVantages database.
  MCI   Next-Generation VoIP Portfolio for Business
  Building upon MCIs advanced Hosted IP Centrex and IP Integrated Access offerings, MCIs Managed IP PBX Services lets companies offload the management of planning, designing, and implementation of their premise-based IP telephony systems. The MCI Advantage IP Trunking Service enables customers to carry local, long distance, and data traffic on a single converged network. This eliminates the need for customers to purchase costly IP to PSTN gateways to terminate and convert VoIP calls within the network.
  Mediatrix Telecom Inc   Dial IPCS
  Based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standards, DiaL IPCS is a cost effective, all-in-one Communications Server allowing the deployment of VoIP communications solutions that preserve your investment in legacy telephones and faxes. Used in combination with Mediatrix gateways, DiaL IPCS is designed to enable enterprises to deploy VoIP solutions that connect distant locations, while maintaining all major PBX features available in their head office.
  Meru Neworks   Radio Switch family
  The Meru Radio Switch family, includes the four-radio RS-4000, the eight-radio RS-8000, the twelve-radio RS-12000 and a patent-pending, built-in omni-directional antenna. The system delivers up to 648 Mbps of WLAN bandwidth utilizing 802.11 standard radios, and is capable of scaling up to 1.2 Gbps of bandwidth across its coverage zone. The Radio Switch accomplishes this performance by layering up to 12 channels in a single coverage area.
  MetaSwitch   UC9000 Unified Communication Systems
  The MetaSwitch UC9000 Unified Communications System is an extensible, standards-based platform targeted at service providers seeking to provide new services that attract new subscribers and increase revenues from existing customers. The initial release of the UC9000 included voicemail and Unified Messaging, with support for Web, PDA, telephone and Outlook clients.
  Minacom Labs, Inc.   PowerProbe 30 Service Level Responder & PocketDQ
  The responder is the worlds smallest comprehensive test solution for VoIP/VoDSL/VoCable acceptance testing and troubleshooting. When connected to any standard two-wire phone jack, a technician can initiate a complete assessment of over 60 service level measurements. Integration into Minacoms DirectQuality R7 Service Level Assurance platform provides standards-based testing, centralized data logging and reporting, third-party OSS integration, and Service Level classification.
  MIND CTI Ltd.   iPhonEX
  The MIND-iPhonEX solution for IP services supports both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. The real-time interaction with the network elements enables MIND-iPhonEX to control the call and cut it off as the customers balance bottoms out. MIND-iPhonEX balance manager enables simultaneous usage of multiple services on a single, centralized balance and provides up-to-the-minute account information for both, subscribers and CSRs.
  Mitel   Mitel Navigator
  Mitel Navigator is a communications device that enhances the meaning of voice, video and data convergence on the desktop. It is designed to fit neatly under a flat screen monitor and can be personally tailored for specific horizontal and vertical market applications. The end result is a phone with an innovative form factor that can deliver powerful functionality and applications via a tightly knit interface to the PC world. Navigator will work in conjunction with Mitel Your Assistant and Microsofts Live Communications Server.
  NEC Unified Solutions   SV7000 Multiple Purpose System (MPS)
  The MPS supports 1,000 licenses divided between 500 IP Station licenses and 500 Analog stations IP trunks and PSTN trunks and is easily scaled to its maximum size. A robust set of applications is bundled with the SV7000 MPS, including desktop productivity tools, unified messaging and an intuitive web-based management system designed to reduces OPEX costs. The Operating System for MPS server is Linux-based, provided on a single CPU blade, which provides traditional telephony feature support as well as NEC Extended SIP and Standard SIP support.
  Nero Inc.   Sipps Connect
  Nero SIPPS Connect is an intuitive Internet phone that offers users all the features they expect along with a high level of customization. Users can choose from different colors to customize the UI; use the three-way calling feature to conference in several parties at one time; select from different ring/knock tones; have calls forwarded to another phone or cell phone; and more.
  Net2Phone Inc   VoiceDirector
  VoiceDirector is a robust enterprise VoIP solution, combining IP-PBX functionality along with local, long distance and international calling plans. VoiceDirector is a complete service solution that allows corporate customers to obtain all voice communications using Net2Phones platform, leveraging Net2Phones technology and termination services. Built on open source software, VoiceDirector utilizes the SIP standard.
  Netcentrex, Inc   MyCall v3
  MyCall v3 is a Class 5 Application Server delivering a complete set of services ranging from voice and video mail to voice and video portal service activation and Web self-care for true innovation and rapid return on investment. The solution comprises a fully integrated turnkey provisioning system, which ensures the endpoint inventory and provisioning functions, as well as comprehensive support for complex access network configurations including NAT traversal and media relay functions.
  Newport Networks   Newport Networks 1460 Session Border Controller
  The 1460 can handle over 100,000 concurrent calls. Newport physically separated its SignallingProxy and MediaProxy allowing MediaProxies to be controlled from third-party Softswitches and SignallingProxies to be deployed standalone as SIP signalling firewalls. This flexibility enables service providers to deploy the solution either as a standard session border controller or as a separated Signalling Proxy and Media Proxy that can evolve to IMS and TISPAN architectures without major upgrades.
  NewStep Networks   Mobile Call Handoff
  With Mobile Call Handoff, dual-mode wireless phones hand off automatically from WiFi access to cellular access and back again as users move between coverage areas. For maximum reliability, a unique Call Retention feature even restores calls automatically if a WiFi connection is lost. With Mobile Call Handoff, enterprises enjoy single-number service, expanded wireless coverage, more reliable mobile communication, and the economic advantages of VoIP.
  Nortel   Business Communications Manager 50
  The Business Communications Manager 50 (BCM 50) is an all-in-one platform for converged voice and data communications for small to mid-sized business sites. Ideal for organizations with three to 20 users, yet scalable to serve 40+ users, the BCM 50 comes pre-loaded with a large portfolio of telephony features, more than 200 in all, enabling enterprises to process calls with exceptional reliability, efficiency and flexibility.
  Occam Networks   BLC 6312
  The BLC (Broadband Loop Carrier) 6312 is an Active GigE Fiber to the Premises product for supporting FTTH and FTTB applications. It is designed to carry traffic at rates up to 1Gbps to each endpoint including multiple VoIP voice lines, high speed internet, large number of HD TV or standard definition IP TV channels. The BLC 6312 enables carriers to deploy more bandwidth than a OC192 at a fraction of the cost.
  Orative   Orative Enterprise Software
  Orative Enterprise Software is a secure, client-sever solution that works across different networks and a variety of mobile handsets. In addition to presence information, the solution also provides the ability to quickly coordinate conversations, collaborate with colleagues, screen unwanted calls and interruptions, and access enterprise phone directories.
  Pactolus Communications Software   RapidFLEX Call Complete
  RapidFLEX CallComplete software insures that subscriber calls continue interrupted in the event of a RapidFLEX Application Server hardware or software failure. This call protection capability works using 1:1 server redundancy and patent pending RapidFLEX software to ensure that SIPware Services such as primary line broadband telephony (VoIP), audio conferencing, calling card, and voice messaging stay running without subscriber intervention and maintain maximum system capacity.
  Pandora Networks   Worksmart
  Pandora Networks Worksmart is an On Demand IP Communications solution designed for small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Worksmart enables SMB IT managers to deliver voice and data services that include virtual IP-PBX and ACD functionality; private and public instant messaging; Web-based presentation and collaboration; audio/video/IM/Web conferencing; Web-based contact center; and many other services from a browser and thin client to any office or employee worldwide.
  Pangean Technologies   insta-REACT!
  insta-REACT! is a SIP based converged solution for instant voice communications. It provides an all-in-one communication solution for the enterprise market. The Solution provides secure, standard-based multimedia communications including presence, voice broadcast, instant messaging, paging, ad hoc conferencing, and more. All these features are delivered on a single software user interface on the users PC using the corporate network.
  Pannaway Technologies, Inc.   Broadband Access Manager (BAM)
  Pannaways Broadband Access Manager (BAM) is a sophisticated broadband element management system (EMS) that enables telcos to reduce the installation complexity and operational expenses associated with rolling out and maintaining voice, video, and data network devices and services.
  PARADIAL   RealTunnel
  RealTunnel is a comprehensive FW/NAT (firewall/network address translation) product and works with virtually any SIP client and any FW/NAT device including strict corporate firewalls without requiring FW/NAT or network reconfiguration. RealTunnel consists of RealTunnel clients, RealTunnel Signaling Servers and RealTunnel Media Servers.
  Patton-Inalp Networks   SmartNode SN4630 - SmartNode 4600 Series
  The SmartNode SN4600 VoIP Gateway/Router Series features three products in one: a business class IP access router; a full feature set including fallback, least cost routing, call distribution, AOC; and VoIP signaling protocols, T.38 fax, and many commonly used voice codecs (G.711, G.723, G.729, G.726). The SN4600 is tailored to address the enterprise and service provider markets by allowing SME customers to connect to an IP/VoIP network.
  pbxnsip Inc   pbxnsip pbx
  The pbxnsip PBX is a feature-rich, SIP-based IP-PBX for Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. Features like call recording and paging demonstrate that traditional PBX functionality is available in SIP today. The PBX includes conference rooms, voicemail, auto attendants, hunt groups and agent groups. IVR interaction can be programmed via an external application server.
  Performance Technologies   NexusWare Linux-based Software Suite
  NexusWare is a family of Linux-based development and software packages enabling users to rapidly develop and deploy value-added capabilities with their solutions. NexusWare Core is the foundation environment for PTs value-add NexusWare software packages. It is a comprehensive, Linux-based development, integration and management environment intended for system engineers using PTs embedded products to build packet-based systems including next-generation wireless and IP telephony systems.
  Pingtel Corporation   SIP IP PBX Appliance
  Pingtels certified SIP IP PBX line of turnkey appliances for small to medium enterprise, includes utilize Intel servers, AudioCodes gateways, and Red Hat Linux 4.0. Pingtels SIPxchange, the SIP PBX for Linux, is at the heart of each certified solution, providing enterprise customers with a complete enterprise communications application, including hardware and software support, for about 50 percent less than competing solutions.
  Polycom, Inc.   Polycom ReadiConvene
  ReadiConvene is an all-in-one IP-based video and/or voice conferencing bridge that includes integrated conference scheduling, deployment and management applications. ReadiConvene provides an easy-to-order, cost-effective, single-platform solution that is optimized for IP, and includes the features of the Polycom MGC platform, including both on-demand and scheduled conferencing.
  PowerDsine   48-port PoE Midspan
  PowerDsines 6548 Power over Ethernet (PoE) 48-port Midspan provides safe power over existing Ethernet cabling to 48 terminals simultaneously, without replacing the existing Ethernet switch. The 6548 PoE Midspan is compliant with the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard, which was ratified in June 2003.
  Pronexus   VBSALT 1.2
  VBSALT is a Rapid Application Development Environment that complements the Microsoft Speech Server (MSS). It allows IT Managers, software programmers and call center developers to rapidly create speech-enabled IVRs, call center solutions, VoIP and high density applications. Developers leverage in-house programming skills, and use familiar debugging tools all integrated in the Visual Studio environment. In addition, VBSALT handles SALT tags and Jscript transparently to the user, reducing the learning curve for developers.
  Psytechnics   PSI
  Psytechnics Speech IP Monitor (PSI) monitors the IP bearer of live customer calls and produces a highly accurate quality score based on the ITU Mean Opinion Score (MOS) scale, representing customers quality perceptions. PSI is integrated into a variety of devices, such as network test equipment, VoIP enabled devices, and network infrastructure, to monitor traffic and provide real-time quality scores.
  Pulse Voice Inc.   pulsescp
  pulsescp brings intelligence to a telephone network. Separating database resources and servicing logic from the telephone switch and into pulsescp allows delivery of new and innovative services to customers by eliminating the need for switch programming. The service creation environment uses a GUI for application development and SQL for business rules implementation. Web-based management permits complete control of service data; media resources offer advanced features such as speech recognition, text-to-speech, voicemail and conferencing.
  RADVISION   Click to Meet for Microsoft Office LCS
  Click to Meet enhances Microsoft Office Communicator providing for easier, quicker communications and faster decisions. It enables remote team collaboration with group communications and multi-device reach. The solution extends the communications capability of Communicator enabling users to escalate sessions to multi-party voice, video, and data conferences simply by clicking Communicators Start Conference button.
  RingCentral   RingCentral
  RingCentral offers comprehensive voice and fax communication services with Virtual PBX capabilities at affordable prices. Every plan includes RingCentrals exclusive tools such as RingCentral InternetFax with FaxEditor, Call Controller call management tool, and RingOut click-to-call dialing. Small businesses and busy professionals get capabilities designed to give them greater control, privacy, and freedom.
  Sansay   Sansay SPX
  The SPX is an Access Side Border Controller capable of transparently solving the NAT/Firewall issues with SIP. The SPX can act as a full Registrar or as a Registrar Proxy for a SIP Feature Servers. It provides an efficient means to offload the Feature Servers from repetitive registrations, and intelligently switches media for endpoints behind firewalls. The highly available SPX system is manageable via XML and HTTPS with system capacities up to 40,000 subscribers in a 2U rack space.
  Seawolf Technologies Inc.   XRainbow Softswitch
  XRainbow is a Web-based communication service platform which offers class 5 switch full functionalities for next generation network service providers. Based on SIP and Linux/Apache, XRainbow enables service providers to capitalize on revenue opportunities in the convergence market of voice and data services by accelerating time-to-market and reducing their development and operational cost.
  SecureLogix   ETM (Enterprise Telephony Management) System
  The solution enables secure, optimized, and efficiently managed enterprise voice networks. It hosts a suite of integrated telecom applications that protect network resources from telephony-based attack and abuse, and simplify voice network management. The System application suite includes a voice firewall and intrusion prevention system. These security solutions are integrated with powerful management capabilities to monitor voice network performance and audit service use and utilization.
  ShoreTel   ShoreTel6
  The ShoreTel 6 features Office Anywhere, which supports mobile users irrespective of their location and the device they are using at the moment. ShoreTels management and integration capabilities get even better with integrated software distribution, media encryption, on-net dialing, and increased support of international operations. ShoreTel has also delivered two new telephone devices, a low-end IP phone and a 24-button programmable button box for operators and assistants.
  Shunra Software   Shunra Virtual Enterprise 3.5
  Shunra Virtual Enterprise is a powerful, flexible hardware and software solution that creates an exact model of any production network environment. With Shunra Virtual Enterprise network managers can test the functionality, performance, scalability, and robustness of their VoIP platform, equipment, and network infrastructure under current and future real-world network conditions before rollout.
  SIPquest   SIPquest Mobile Console
  The SIPquest Mobile Console is a dual mode soft client for mobile phones and PDAs that allows a user to place and receive a call using a single number, over the best available network WiFi or cellular. The Mobile Console offers a uniquely seamless end-user experience with a simple, easy to use unified GUI for both voice and data services. The Mobile Console provides multimedia-rich applications like call control, personalization and presence and it provides service providers a clear evolution path to IMS.
  SJ Labs, Inc.   SJphone
  Zero Touch version of SJphone is intended for Web-based zero-touch transactions and can be downloaded and launched with minimal support required. The Premium Version of SJphone is intended for OEMs and ITSPs who require significant support and integration, prefer customized branding and demand an advanced differentiated feature set. Features include video and video conferencing, business telephony feature set, voice and video recording, MS Outlook integration, IM and Presence, neighborhood discovery, and more.
  snom technology AG   snom 360 VoIP Business Telephone
  The snom 360 is a full-featured, yet surprisingly affordable, multi-purpose VoIP (SIP) executive deskset with 128x64-pixel tilt-able graphic LCD screen, speakerphone and headset jack. Powered from AC or PowerDsign-certified power-over-Ethernet, the snom 360 is easy to install and manage; supporting all advanced NAT/firewall interoperation, self-configuration, and secure remote-management standards.
  softroute corporation   vbuzzer
  Vbuzzer is a suite of instant messaging and internet telephony software that allows telephone conversations to travel across Internet and traditional phone networks seamlessly. A simple download installs a softphone and optional messenger. Users can then communicate with each other anytime, any where for as long as they wish. Vbuzzer offers competitive rates for its optional fee-based calling plans.
  Spanlink Communications   CentralControl
  Spanlink CentralControl is a Web-based management framework that unifies and simplifies the disparate resources of a VoIP-based network. CentralControl provides virtual management for multiple administrators that resolves this issue and offers IT/IS staff a new perspective by hiding management complexity, providing audit trails for diagnosis of problems, generating multi-level reports for greater cost management, and enforcing best practices system wide, while maximizing solution up-time.
  Sphere Communications Inc.   Sphericall IP PBX
  Sphere Communications delivers IP PBX technology for Service Oriented Architectures, representing a significant breakthrough in enterprise IP telephony. Sphericall IP PBX is an enterprise-class business software solution designed as an open, mission-critical communications infrastructure. Sphere has opened up its IP PBX to other enterprise-class business applications via Communications Web Services (CWS) whereby the rich functionality of the IP PBX is abstracted away from its underlying complexity.
   Spirent Communications   Spirent Converged Network Impairment Emulator
  The Spirent Converged Network Impairment Emulator empowers service providers to confidently introduce Triple Play service bundles on real-world IP networks for residential customers. This test solution is designed to bring the network into the test lab where prior to service deployment, service providers can determine and analyze how the system will perform under varying network conditions over time.
  SPIRIT DSP   TeamSpirit
  TeamSpirit is a multi-point voice conferencing engine based on SPIRIT. The industry-first full-duplex hands-free multipoint VoIP conference is available thanks to TeamSpirit. SPIRIT now actively markets TeamSpirit, the only voice engine alternative to GIPS software on the global market.
  Sprint North Supply   Connection Central
  Connection Central is an all-in-one voice and data gateway solution for the home and micro office markets. It is equipped with DSL modem, router, four Fast Ethernet ports, WiFi (802.11b/g) and support for two channels of VoIP. In addition, Connection Central incorporates the features of an advanced PBX, including a maximum of two PSTN CO lines, four wired extension ports and an on-board DECT base station supporting six wireless extension ports. Connection Central provides the user with complete flexibility and mobility.
  Strix Systems   Access/One Network Outdoor Wireless System (OWS)
  Strixs Access/One Network OWS employs a modular, multi-radio, multi-channel, and multi-RF wireless mesh architecture that provides the throughput and low latency needed to support wireless voice, video, and data applications. The multi-radio and multi-hop capability forms an intelligent high-performance mesh, where traffic is routed on optimal paths and the mesh automatically self-tunes and self-heals as conditions change.
  Surf Communication Solutions   SurfRider-812
  The SurfRider-812 is a PTMC DSP farm providing simultaneous Triple Play processing capabilities for developers of voice and video gateways, CTI applications, Remote Access Servers (RAS), and a multitude of other voice, video and data applications. Featuring high port density and Surfs patent-pending Open Framework design, allowing seamless integration of user defined and proprietary algorithms, the SurfRider-812 is the ideal choice for such target applications. It integrates with PCI, CompactPCI (cPCI) and AdvancedTCA (ATCA) carriers.
  Switchvox   Switchvox SOHO
  Switchvox SOHO is a full-featured, easy-to-use IP PBX solution starting at an affordable price of $995. Switchvox is built on open source standards. It works with all SIP compatible hardware and software phones as well as standard analog handsets. Calls can be sent over the Internet to Voice over IP providers worldwide and directly to remote corporate offices, by peering Switchvox systems using the SIP or IAX protocols.
  SyChip   SyVoice VoWLAN 7100
  The SyVoice VoWLAN 7100 CSM is a complete end-to-end Voice over Wireless LAN solution that can be quickly integrated into mobile phones to support the emerging dual-mode cellular and local area networks. The VoWLAN 7100 combines a VoIP processor and an 802.11b/g WLAN modem. The module is designed to easily interface with most baseband and application processors on the market.
  Symmetricom, Inc.   SyncServer 250
  Symmetricoms high-performance GPS network time server, SyncServer S250 synchronizes clocks on servers for large or expanding networks and is optimized for the ever-demanding high-bandwidth Next-Generation-Network (NGN). SyncServer S250 features three independent 10/100Base-T Ethernet standard ports providing high availability and throughput of hundreds of thousands of network clients while maintaining 10 microsecond NTP timestamp accuracy.
  SyncVoice Communications   VXTracker
  VXTracker is developed to tackle the unique management issues hybrid voice networks introduce regarding quality, performance, and compliance. VXTracker gives technicians the ability to analyze existing TDM performance, conduct VoIP pre-network assessments to estimate quality, measure QoS after installation, and provide a rewindable audit trail for troubleshooting.
  SysMaster Corporation   Norfa Lite
  ZNorfa Lite is a scalable and cost effective billing and call management platform, which enables service providers to quickly deploy IP Centrex/Hosted PBX systems. Norfa Lite utilizes Intelligence-at-the-Edge architecture in which central servers perform billing and call management functions whereas end user devices deliver IP Centrex/PBX functionality. Such architecture allows substantial increase in overall system capacity and reduction in per user costs.
  Tadiran Telecom   Coral IPx Office
  With Tadirans new Coral IPx Office, enterprises can be assured that voice and data components are designed to work together. The Coral IPx is designed as a VoIP switch with available gateway interfaces for popular telephony interfaces. Other features include native VoIP design (SIP and MGCP), and support for third-party SIP devices (VoIP).
  Tekelec   Tekelec Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
  Tekelecs fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) solution lets carriers and MVNO operators migrate towards IMS while enabling services today. The Tekelec FMC solution consists of Tekelec 6000 VoIP Application Server for IP services and session control, Tekelec 3000 Media Gateway Controller and Tekelec 8000 Multimedia Gateway for wireless, wireline and broadband networks, and Tekelecs Wireless Convergence Gateway.
  Telchemy Incorporated   VQmon/SA-VM IPTV Performance Monitor
  VQmon/SA-VM is a non-intrusive Video over IP performance monitoring agent that can be integrated into IP test equipment, network infrastructure products, and customer premise equipment. The product analyzes the performance of IPTV and video conference sessions, supporting a wide range of video codecs and transport protocols. VQmon/SA-VM is highly efficient, requiring only 0.1 MIPS per stream, and is able to monitor many concurrent video streams.
  Telco Systems   T-Marc
  T-Marc devices provide a view of service delivery across the enterprise and service provider networks with a variety of infrastructure test functions and performance and provisioning monitoring, including latency, loss, jitter, and trace route measurements. T-Marc offers T1/E1 Pseudowire circuit emulation with extremely low latency and a robust feature-set that includes SLA monitoring and enforcement, traffic shaping, and rate limiting.
  TeleVoce Inc.   TeleVoce-Connected VoIP Technology Platform
  The TeleVoce solution delivers command and control to end users of PC-based VoIP services by leveraging the PCs power with TeleVoces Internet telephony-bridging technology. TeleVoces patented hardware and software provide the ability to connect the PC, now the end users virtual telco central office, with the functionality of Internet-based phone services. This provides freedom of choice of both VoIP service provider and advanced telephony capabilities.
  TelTel   TelTel SVNO Program
  The SVNO solution includes access to TelTels platform infrastructure, SIP termination and origination, proven softphone available for customization, and full integration with the providers existing operation and legacy networks. TelTels SVNO solution helps service and content providers gain a strong competitive edge by leveraging TelTels proven expertise and know-how to deliver a complete end-to-end VoIP solution to their customers.
  Texas Instruments   TMS320DM642 DSP-based digital media processor
  Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320DM642 DSP-based digital media processor running at 720 MHz, is designed to provide the foundation necessary to bring HD video and audio to the videoconferencing market. With performance of up to 5,760 million instructions per second (MIPS) at a clock rate of 720 MHz, the DM642 device offers cost-effective solutions to high-performance DSP programming challenges.
  Toshiba America Information Systems,
  Digital Solutions Division   Toshiba Video Communication System
  Toshibas Video Communication Solution (VCS) for its Strata CIX family of IP business communication systems provides affordable video communications and collaboration (desktop and applications sharing) capabilities. Using voice extensions, video can seamlessly be added to telephone conversations. Default settings (on, off, communication rate and window size for video) can be configured to meet each users needs.
  Touchstone Technologies, Inc.   WinEyeQ
  WinEyeQ brings a unique new picture of the relationship of Voice and Video over IP traffic to other data components of the network in true Triple-Play fashion. WinEyeQ provides support for popular VoIP and data protocols (HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, RTSP, SNMP, 802.1Q VLan), affording a clear, concise, and intuitive portrait of all of the components your network.
  Transera Communications, Inc.   Seratel
  Transeras Seratel is an on-demand global IP call center platform designed to convert emerging Internet and telecommunications technologies into a solution that provides visibility, control, and quality management for organizations who are redefining their approach to customer care. Seratel leverages open industry standards such as SIP, Web Services and XML, rather than proprietary mechanisms, eliminating complex integration and reducing maintenance overhead.
  Trinity Convergence   VeriCall Edge 2.0
  VeriCall Edge 2.0 provides manufacturers with an embedded Voice + Video over IP software solution that offers all of the media processing, packet handling and call control functionality required to build voice and video capable communication and multimedia devices. VeriCall Edge is highly optimized software, allowing developers to build VoIP endpoints without the need for costly and power hungry external ASICs or DSPs.
  TriVium Systems, Inc   FloristCRM
  The first in Triviums SpecialtyCRM family of products, FloristCRM offers a unique integration of CRM and IP telephony allowing businesses to manage daily activities and capture customer interaction data within a single application. As a single point of access for customer information, Florist CRM provides IP telephony features like screen pops, click-to-dial, and call management with 360-degrees business intelligence.
  Ubiquity Software   Ubiquity Voice Plus
  Voice Plus is a pre-built residential voice over broadband solution for service providers who want to deliver IP-based voice and additional multimodal services to their customers. Voice is the main service at this time but the solution will add additional modalities and capabilities above and beyond voice moving forward, including presence, IM, file sharing, video calling, content sharing, and other features. Voice Plus is a beachhead application that will eventually deliver a full set of real-time, multimodal communications and collaboration capabilities using SIP as the underlying protocol.
  VegaStream   Vega 5048
  Designed for enterprises looking to move efficiently and cost-effectively to IP networks, the Vega 5048 gateway connects analog phone systems to an IP network, while providing two additional network-facing analog ports for connection to a telephone line or analog PBX. The Vega 5048 provides 48 ports for connection to standard analog phones, and can act as a customer premises and PSTN gateway in carrier networks; and/or VoIP networking and IP telephony gateways in an enterprise setting.
  Veraz Networks, Inc.   I-Gate 40000 EDGE
  The I-Gate 4000 EDGE media gateway was designed specifically for distributed low-density sites and offers carriers unique capabilities like 10:1 compression ratio and full redundancy. The I-Gate 4000 EDGE is compact, has a total capacity of 496 DSO channels and leverages the same in-house DSP technology as the other I-Gate media gateways.
  Visual Networks, Inc.   Select VoIP
  Select VoIP is a software solution that utilizes actual real-time customer application traffic to assess VoIP readiness and, once VoIP is deployed, monitors site-to-site traffic to discover the root cause of VoIP performance problems. Select VoIP is a module of Visual UpTime Select, which provides in-depth, real-time and historical information that enables enterprises to intelligently manage application and network performance and availability across the entire enterprise.
  Vodavi Communications Systems, Inc.   Vodavi XTS-IP and XTSc-IP
  The XTS-IP/XTSc-IP converged telephony solution is ideal for telecommuter, remote and traveling worker applications; the XTS-IP/XTSc-IP offers the ability to extend IP services via a remote IP services gateway, IP soft phones to laptop PCs, or WiFi handsets, all providing maximum business productivity and cost saving advantages when deploying IP communications.
  VoIP, Inc.   v911
  More than the legally mandated minimum, VoiceOnes v911 services go beyond the requirements of the FCC order to help ensure reliability and quality of 911 calls. VoiceOne utilizes their private MPLS network along with their proprietary softswitch, selective routers, and media gateway controllers to provide the redundancy necessary for quality of service for 911 calls over IP.
  VoIPshield Systems   VoIPaudit
  VoIPaudit is a vulnerability assessment solution built specifically for VoIP, enabling organizations to proactively identify and eliminate possible VoIP-specific attacks before they impact IP telephone services. VoIPaudit enables service providers, enterprises and security consultants to identify vulnerabilities across the entire VoIP network and is designed to be used before, during and following VoIP deployment to ensure the overall security of the IP network.
  Vonexus Inc.   Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC)
  Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) is a standards-based IP PBX designed to give small to medium-sized businesses productivity-enhancing voice applications all converged on the Microsoft platform. EIC includes applications such as SIP-based call processing, unified messaging, workgroup routing, conferencing, etc, pre-integrated with a comprehensive set of Microsoft Business Solutions, such as MS CRM, Great Plains, Navision, Outlook and Exchange.
  Voxeo Corporation   Voxeo VoipCenter SIP Platform
  Voxeos VoipCenter SIP Platform delivers standards-based VoIP application creation, integration, and deployment to any enterprise or service provider. The platform comprises the VoipCenter SIP Application Server, SIP Media Server and SIP Fusion Server. The solution is a turnkey offering, with all the features in the SIP Application and SIP Media Servers, plus an optional built-in PSTN-to-SIP VoIP gateway, in one integrated, rack-mount device.
  Whaleback Systems   Whaleback Systems SMB 1500
  Whaleback Systems SMB 1500 is a business phone solution built from the ground up for broadband. The solution is 100 percent premise-based and software-driven; it doesnt require any equipment purchases; and its all-inclusive, unlimited calling package makes VoIP technology immediately affordable for small and midsized businesses (SMBs).
  WildPackets, Inc.   Omni Distributed Network Analysis Platform
  By adding real-time expert VoIP analytics to OmniPeek, the software console used to view and control Omni remote engines, OmniPeek Voice offers both distributed network and VoIP analyses. The Omni DNX Engine captures, does expert analysis, and analyzes VoIP data and OmniPeek Voice views, troubleshoots, and performs in-depth analysis of VoIP traffic. Omni is a complete 24/7 VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting solution.
  Witness Systems   Witness Systems Impact 360
  Witness Systems Impact 360 brings together a solution for workforce management, quality monitoring/full-time recording, e-learning and performance management. This workforce optimization framework empowers organizations to access customer information including actual recorded interactions more quickly, easily and confidently than ever before.
  XConnect Global Networks Ltd.   XConnect
  XConnect is a provider of Plug and Peer VoIP interconnection services, dedicated to connecting disparate IP communications entities. XConnect address all the main issues of bridging the VoIP islands: ENUM-based directory services, multi-protocol interoperability, and security with both bilateral settlement and, through the XConnect Alliance, multi-lateral zero-cost arrangements. It is a neutral and trusted provider, with a global network of VoIP peering points.
  Xelor Software   XelorRate Service Quality Manager Software
  XelorRate is a Quality of Service solution that creates a new category of software known as Service Quality Management. XelorRate unleashes an enterprise network by using SNMP to automatically discover network elements and topology and then configuring these elements according to industry best practices and the network equipment providers reference manual for QoS. It is a lightweight Linux application for the Red Hat Enterprise operating system.
  Zultys Technologies   WIP 2
  The WIP 2 is a WiFi phone designed to address a real need for mobility in IP communications. Combing all of the power and functionality of a desktop IP phone, the WIP 2 is a wireless phone for employees to stay connected and productive. Competitively priced, the WIP 2 offers four hours of talk time and 12 hours of standby time. Based entirely on open standards, the WIP 2 works with any SIP-enabled system, giving companies the flexibility and feature set they need in their modern telephony systems.


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