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Students, Faculty, and Staff at SJSU Need Up-to-Date Network


Like many universities, San Jose State University had many challenges that caused them to look for new network services to support the needs of their students, faculty and staff. SJSU had mostly 1960s era residence halls that no longer met the needs of students, especially with regards to communications. Student housing infrastructure provided legacy telephony and Internet access but the Cable TV was provided from a third-party. This resulted in high maintenance costs and lost revenues.

Since most students came to campus with their own cell phones and were not subscribing to the dorm room phone service, the university again was saddled with support and maintenance costs without the supporting revenue.

Project Goals
To address these and other challenges, SJSU established a project with the following goals:

• Provide a more integrated communications solution including
     • VoIP, Internet, Edutainment
     • E-learning, distance learning, outreach education
     • Student access portal

• Convert the existing static relationship between SJSU and its students to a dynamic lifelong relationship

• Turn cost centers into revenue centers

• Become an ASP to the other 23 campuses in the California State University system

Project Description
SJSU is the first California higher education institution to implement IP-based triple play to dorms and offices on campus.

The initial pilot project, called “Campus Village” opened in the Fall of 2005. Campus Village is a seven-story, suite-style residence hall designed for freshmen students with world-class amenities. The goal is to provide a more integrated communications and content management solution for VoIP, E-learning, and distance learning. SJSU is turning a cost center into a revenue center.

Campus Village is designed to house and support more than 4,500 students and staff. The dorm rooms are provided with triple play voice, video, and data via “fiber to the pillow.” The triple play services include VoIP (define - news -alerts) telephony, high speed Internet access, and video on-demand in the dorm room. Campus Village is also equipped with a computer lab and interactive gaming center, along with on-site restaurants, such as Starbucks.

VoIP and IP Services Deployed
SJSU deployed the Netcentrex MyCall Residential Services Suite and Business Services Suite component of the U-Play3 solution. Netcentrex AllPlay3 Partners also played a crucial role. A converged IP triple play network was installed based on Allied Telesyn’s Integrated Multiservice Access Platforms and Intelligent Multiservice Gateways.

To migrate from and extend the capabilities of previously installed legacy PBXs, a PRI Interconnection Gateway from Audio Codes was used to trunk traffic onto the IP network managed by the Netcentrex softswitch. Finally, SJSU selected IP phones from Swissvoice and video head-end and middleware equipment from Minerva Networks. All of these Netcentrex (news -alerts) AllPlay3 partners worked together to provide an integrated turnkey solution for San Jose State University.

What is U-Play3?
The IPlay3™ Consortium has developed a tailored solution for Universities called U-Play3™ that promotes:

• An unparalleled technology and learning experience for students
• Reduced costs through converged networks and support resources
• New sources of revenue for universities
• Strong campus community and affinity programs for faculty, staff, students, their families, and alumni

Why Netcentrex?
• Tried and tested solution with 41% market share and over 1.8M VoIP lines deployed
• We are the experts in integrated communications including VoIP, IP Video, and wireless technologies
• AllPlay3 partners deliver pre-integrated solutions for gateways, phones, video middleware, etc.
• Superior integration and support
• We are the most reliable, scalable, integrated and future-proof solution on the market

SJSU Campus Village Bundles available to residents

Basic Service :
• Included in monthly rent
• DSL-type Internet access
• Basic telephone and television service
• (100 local anytime minutes, 30 IP-TV channels)

Silver Service:
• Additional per month
• Cable type Internet access
• Basic telephone service package
• Basic telephone service package
• Upgraded television package to 50 channels
• One video on-demand per month
• WiFi access
• Online video game membership

Gold Service:
• Additional per month
• Ethernet Internet access (10 MB)
• Basic telephone service package (plus unlimited long distance)
• Expanded TV up to 100 channels
• Two video on-demand per month
• WiFi access
• Online video game availability
• Premium game center membership

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