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IP Phone Roundup


With all the choices and options for VoIP users, there is one thing all Internet telephony users must have: an endpoint. As with any other piece of hardware, there is a surfeit of IP phone options some are desktop units, others are wireless options, and still others are conference phones, not to mention USB phones and softphones. Different user groups, indeed, different individual users, have varying needs and, therefore, require different endpoints.

In this months product round-up, we have selected a sample of the many firms currently offering desktop IP phones (though many also offer alternative options as well). What we have not done is list all the individual features of each phone that would have taken a years worth of pages. It would also have been overly repetitive, since many of the features from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model are the same standard offerings things like muting, speed-dialing, intercom, conferencing, call appearances, line appearances, group status, user-programmable buttons, and speakerphone.

Instead, we have made a basic assumption that the vast majority of these firms offer a phone or phone line, if you will, that, at the very least, offers most of the basic features and functionality. Within these pages, we have opted to relate what each manufacturer believes sets their IP phones apart.

Naturally, because we are physically constrained within the pages of the magazine, we are aware that there are manufacturers and providers that did not make it onto these pages. Once this listing makes in to, we will add a listing of those firms.


3Coms broad range of IP phones extend productivity-enhancing benefits to users wherever and whenever they require IP telephony connectivity, and give organizations implementation options that can align with their business needs and budget. Advanced features and high-fidelity in 3Com IP phones help enterprises function more productively and meet customer needs more competitively. 3Com NBX and VCXTM IP Telephony modules support a portfolio of 3Com business phones and attendant stations, all designed to lower costs, increase user productivity, and strengthen customer interactions. 3Com has a phone to cost-effectively fit virtually every business application from the 3Com 3100 Entry Phone, that is particularly practical for common areas, to the 3Com 3103 Manager Phone with its large LCD display and Gigabit-speed network connectivity, to the 3Com 3106 and 3107 Cordless Phones that so effectively support worker mobility. For connection flexibility, 3Com IP phones support two Ethernet ports. One can be used to connect the IP phone to the network and the other to enable an innovative pass-through capability that lets a PC connect to the network through the IP phone. This functionality can reduce total port count requirements and, if the user has a laptop, form part of a companys power recovery strategy when integrated with an industry standard Power over Ethernet LAN switch. 3Com offers five desktop IP phones, an attendant console, and two wireless models.

Aastra Technologies

The Model 480i is an advanced, fully featured, IP screen Telephone that provides a flexible IP solution designed with interoperability and ease of use in mindEnhanced Call Management Large storage for personal directory, callers log, and redial list The 480i features a large display with and eight-line backlit screen with six context sensitive softkeys to provide more information and flexibility in call handling. It also offers enhanced call management features, tight integration, multiple line/call appearance lights to support up to 9 simultaneous calls a user can juggle multiple calls easily with a single press of a button. Shared calls allow you to place a call on hold at one set and pick it up easily at another set. The incorporated speakerphone provides excellent voice clarity and delivery. With the 480i, your investment is protected Firmware upgrades can be downloaded and installed in the field as standards develop and protocols evolve. There is also less wiring involved, as built-in dual 10/100 switched Ethernet ports let you share a connection with your computer. Inline power support eliminates power adapters. Aastra offers three additional desktop models, as well as a cordless handset and a conference bridge.


ADTech has developed an IP phone with a built-in smart card reader to exploit the full power of VoIP installations,allowing users to be more efficient and productive. ADTech SI 160 is a powerful platform designed to provide a large panel of added value services in addition to IP telephony. Storing user specific settings on a smart card (phone extension, preferred tones, access policy, etc.) makes a user totally mobile, with the phone being reprogrammed at every card insertion, and the calls being automatically rerouted.


As part of the Alcatel professional line, these state-of-the-art IP phones are full-featured with integrated IP connectivity and telephony, bringing you the converged power of data and voice over IP. Besides their optimized design, these terminals offer high-resolution, adjustable color or gray screens, wide band audio, superior quality ring tones, the freedom and connectivity of Bluetooth wireless technology, plus the capability to support any web-based business application. Alcatel IP touch provides the very best in sound quality thanks to a large range of new advancements, and an XML interface enables you to customize your communications infrastructure to the unique demands of your business. The new terminals offer the full range of telephony services found in Alcatels acclaimed OmniPCX servers unsurpassed in terms of functionality, features, reliability, and quality of service Alcatel also offers its entire series of Reflexes IP telephones.


Allworx VoIP phones save you money by sending calls over the Internet, save you time with easy-to-use design, and travel effortlessly between work, home, and clients. The 9102 is ideal for those who want the power and cost efficiencies of VoIP but dont have a high call volume. It has a sleek, compact design, supports two lines, and includes two programmable function keys. The 9112 is perfect for executives, office managers, administrative assistants, remote users, and employees who make and received a high volume of calls. It is designed for people who make and receive high volumes of calls. It provides 12 programmable feature keys, which can accommodate any combination of PBX call appearance, Key system line appearance, speed dialing, and direct station dialing. Both models feature elegant design and adapt to any business environment from engineering consulting firms to retail locations. Both also incorporate all the commonly used features needed for day-to-day business, which are accessible directly from the phone, such as voicemail messages, transfer, conference calling, intercom, mute, hold, do not disturb, call waiting, and full-duplex speakerphone.


The IP 710 is a fully featured IP telephone designed to empower the user. Bringing stylish form and functionality to the desktop, the IP 710 makes sophisticated features simple and intuitive. Users have single-button access to voicemail, activity/presence selection, voicemail greeting selections, call recording, call conferencing, call transferring, and even placing calls to employees in other countries. With the 4 line, backlit liquid crystal display the IP 710 is capable of displaying time, Caller ID name and number, real-time call center workgroup statistics, do-not-disturb, and call forwarding status. Users can personalize the IP 710 with 15 backlit user-defined keys. These programmable keys can be set up for any combination of configurable features like, but not limited to, speed-dialing, extension busy/ringing appearances, call appearances, line appearances, and workgroup activity status. AltiGen also provides you with 14 combined traditional and melodic ring tones which can also be assigned to line and extension appearances on the programmable keys. AltiTouch 510 telephones make executive-level features and capabilities affordable enough for every user. The large, easy-to-use display shows caller ID numbers and names, date and time, do-not-disturb status, call forward status and has pre-programmed soft key function keys that provide effortless access to the rich AltiServ system functionality. The AltiTouch 510 is equipped with a high quality speaker, a large (7.4 square inch) backlit LCD display with adjustable viewing angle, and an LED voice mail waiting indicator. One-touch buttons provide access to features and call control including: volumes, mute, voice mail, voice mail greeting management, do not disturb, intercom, headset answering, conference, hold, transfer, redial, call release, speed dial, call directory, extension management, line pickup, account codes and much more.


Both standards-based Avaya IP phone series the 4600 Series and the 5600 series bring the rich features and functions of Avaya Communication Manager directly to the desktop, while also supporting desktop applications above and beyond telephony. Several models are available, ranging from entry-level IP telephones to those built specifically for demanding contact center environments, to sophisticated color-display screenphones. The phones all are easily configured to support both the H.323 protocol and SIP. The 4600 and 5600 series both feature models with a built-in high quality, full duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation and a tuned speaker cavity to provide a best in audio quality. Both also provide the same advanced calling features and functions as traditional Avaya telephones. These stylish phones incorporate a number of convenient features, such as a message waiting indicator, easily readable displays, hearing aid compatibility, NetMeeting compatibility, multiple programmable feature keys and display navigation keys. Avayas IP phones deliver an extensive set of software features, high audio quality, and attractive streamlined design. Advanced Web-enabled graphical displays on several versions support browser-based desktop applications such as online order entry and inventory lookup in addition to more traditional voice applications. Avayas VoIP solutions include more than a dozen desktop units, as well as wireless and softphone options.


Cisco IP phones provide solid, inviting, simple-to-use, functional, and fully featured next-generation communications devices. Cisco IP phones give customers an exciting new user interface that offers display-based access to features, productivity-enhancing applications, value-added services, and the industrys first Gigabit Ethernet IP Phone. From the company lobby to the desk of the busiest of managers, from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite, at home, on the road or from a branch location, there is a Cisco IP Phone designed to meet every need. Cisco provides a complete range of next-generation communications devices that take full advantage of the power of your data network, while providing the convenience and ease of use youve come to expect from your business phones. Cisco IP phones enhance productivity and address the needs and capabilities your organization. High-quality, hands-free speakerphone capability and built-in headset connectivity are included. The large pixel-based display supplies important communications information and ease of feature usage, as well as access to many exciting productivity enhancing applications via XML capabilities. XML-based services can be customized to provide users with access to a diverse array of information such as stock quotes, employee extension numbers, or any Web-based content. Ciscos 7900 series consistes of more than a dozen desktops, wireless, conference, and softphone products.

Grandstream Networks

Grandstream GXP-2000 is a next-generation enterprise IP telephone based on open industry standards. Built on innovative technologies, GXP-2000 features market-leading superb audio quality, rich functionality, and excellent manageability at affordable prices. GXP-2000 features dual 10/100M switched Ethernet ports, headset jack, adjustable large 130x64 graphic LCD (with support for multiple languages), 7 programmable speed dial keys, 11 line indicators (4 dedicated and 7 shared with speed dial keys), with further expandability to support several dozen additional programmable keys via an add-on keypad box, and much more.


Innovaphones IP 200 is a user-friendly telephone designed for the use in offices. It is the ideal system telephone component for the innovaphone PBX. The ergonomically designed device offers intuitive operation for a great number of added features. This soon gains it favorite status with all those who use the telephone widely Innovaphones IP 200 is perfectly suited for home offices. It can be connected directly to a DSL modem. Its implemented PPoE protocol enables it to sign on to the Internet provider. As soon as it is logged on, the IP 200 creates a VPN connection with the companys network, and signs on at the companys telephone system via the established tunnel. Six function keys allow the user to further optimize his work procedures. Each key supports up to four different definitions, which will be shown in the corresponding display line. A selection of 23 available key functions guarantees truly customized configuration possibilities. The functions range from activating call diversion or bell signal muting to voice announcements or a partner key with busy lamp field for secretarial functions. Innovaphone IP telephones include the IP10, IP100, IP200, IP202 models, as well as a softphone.


Whether you need a sensible office phone, a menu-driven display phone, or a multimedia touch-screen phone, Inter-Tels suite of endpoints delivers the flexibility your business needs for on-site employees and remote users to perform their business functions with continuity. To suit customers dynamic needs, most Inter-Tel IP endpoints are available in two modes: Inter-Tel Protocol and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) mode. Inter-Tel Protocol provides an IP endpoint with access to the features and functionality of a traditional Inter-Tel endpoint. Implementing SIP mode allows your enterprise to access the Shared Extension feature, which allows multiple endpoints to use the same extension number on an Inter-Tel advanced communications system. Incoming calls to a shared extension are sent to SIP endpoints simultaneously; offering you dynamic mobility when youre away from your main desk. Additionally, SIP mode enables IP endpoints to interoperate with third-party SIP solutions. Regardless of your business needs, Intrer-Tel extends award-winning application performance to its wide range of flexible, intelligent, mobile, and easy-to-use communications endpoints, all of which are designed to suit your unique requirements. INTER-Tel also offers three wireless IP devices, as well as a softphone.


The Linksys One PHM1200 IP telephone looks and works like a key system phone, but it will also connect to the Internet and will be very easy and cost-effective to deploy. Linksys One technology is automatic and self-configuring plug in a Linksys One phone to the Linksys One Services Router switch port and youll be ready to make and receive calls using business quality VoIP. Youll also get advanced features and ease of use. A planned applications programming interface will eventually allow applications to be hosted on the phones either local to the business site or delivered as a component of a hosted service. But theres no need to wait todays Linksys One IP phones have all useful features of most popular key sets and can save you money, starting now. The Linksys One PHM1200 IP telephone delivers both traditional telephony services to the small business user such as call forwarding, transfer, busy lamp field and shared line appearances on a next-generation IP phone platform. This platform contains a high-resolution (320 X 240 X 16 bit) color, backlit display; 24 programmable buttons with integrated LEDs, 4 softkeys, 3 fixed function keys and a 5-position navigation key. A full duplex speakerphone, handset and headset port offer superlative audio quality, volume control and muting control. An integrated voice mail application provides cost-effective,high-quality voice messaging service with both local and remote access to voice mail.


Designed with ergonomics and modern office aesthetics in mind, Mitels desktop devices give users easy, intuitive access to the feature-rich telephony and advanced desktop applications enabled by Mitel Integrated Communications Platforms. Mitel continues to offer a wide range of IP phones from affordable entry level to sophisticated IP phones and devices including Wireless Handsets, Conference Units and PC-based Attendant Consoles. The true promise of VoIP is at the users desktop, where combining voice, data, and video enables advanced new IP-based multimedia applications. The 5200 IP Desktop portfolio gives users unprecedented levels of personal control over their business communications. The phones and devices feature a context-sensitive softkey/display combination technology that was pioneered by Mitel almost a decade ago. This combination reduces user uncertainty while supporting efficient call processing, application access and preferences programming by displaying only those prompts appropriate to the function in progress. Users can easily program their personal phone preferences via their Web browser. In fact, one 5200 IP Desktop device the Mitel 5230 IP Phone even combines the power of IP Telephony and PDA technology to provide users with unparalleled levels of access, flexibility, and control.


Nortel IP Phones are capable of supporting the comprehensive telephony features and applications available with Meridian 1, Business Communications Manager, Communication Server 1000, Multimedia Communication Server 5100, as well as Nortel service provider platforms. Whether you choose a full-featured desktop Internet telephone or prefer the comfort and convenience offered by our software-based Internet telephone, Nortel Networks has the right solution for you. The Internet telephones operate seamlessly across our entire range of IP-enabled platforms, offering a complete, full featured VoIP solution unmatched by any other vendor. The Nortel Networks Internet telephones provide support for a wide range of todays high-value eBusiness applications, including CallPilot Unified Messaging and Symposium Call Center services. This rich, future-proof feature set will evolve to support advanced services such as voice-activated dialing and corporate and personal directory services. Nortels IP Phone 2007 incorporates a 5.7 (12.7cmx 17.8cm) color touch-screen, bringing multimedia presentation support to the desktop IP Phone. Virtual Network Computing technology optimizes content pushed from external application servers in advanced text or graphical format. A USB port supports standard USB mouse and keyboards for simple point-n-click access and navigation. Nortels line of IP phones includes five desktop units, a conference phone, wireless phones, and a conference phone.

Polycom soundpoint IP family

The Polycom VoIP product portfolio includes the SoundPoint IP family of desktop phones, an attendant console based on the SoundPoint IP 601 and Expansion Module, and the SoundStation IP 4000 conference phone. With the greatest breadth and depth of integrated video, voice, and Web solutions, only Polycom delivers the ultimate communications experience. Polycom VoIP phones leverage the legendary Acoustic Clarity Technology validated by 13 years of market leadership in voice conferencing to deliver exceptional sound quality and full-duplex interactive conversations that are as natural as being there. Polycoms cutting-edge software enables enhanced call handling, security, and advanced applications on Polycom VoIP phones. Multiple call and flexible line appearances, HTTPS secure provisioning, presence, instant messaging, three-way local conferencing, and custom ring tones are just a few of the many software features developed to augment the customer experience. Polycom VoIP phones are your future-proof choice for business IP communications. Their standards-based phones can be upgraded to new software and firmware in the field. Polycom VoIP phones will meet your evolving needs, whether you switch to a new call server solution or merely prefer to keep your organization on the cutting edge of developments in standards-based protocols.


ShoreTel offers a wide range of telephones to provide the right solution for any. ShoreTel phones provide end users the features and quality they demand and are pre-configured to match the ShoreTel system to eliminate configuration issues during installation ShorePhone IP telephones are designed to please the eye as well as the ear. The concave sweep of the face places the keys on a horizontal plane while keeping the display vertically aligned for easy viewing. A bright, backlit display (IP 560 / 530) is easy to read, and the message waiting light is visible from a full 360 viewing angle. Color-lit line buttons (IP 560) provide immediate, at-a-glance information about incoming calls and messages. Designed to conform to the human body, the IP telephone encourages interaction. Tactile keys are comfortable to the touch and reduce strain on the fingers and wrists. The precision balanced, contoured handset includes a cushioned grip and finger notch that makes it comfortable to hold or rest on the shoulder. ShorePhone IP telephones offer a wideband audio codec that supports seven full octaves of human sound far superior to the three-octave capability of other vendors phones. High fidelity, full duplex speakerphones (IP560 / 530 / 210) deliver audio with astonish ing clarity adding immediacy and depth to hands-free conversation. All ShorePhone IP phones support plug-and-play installation reducing time-to-deploy and easing administrator workload. As you connect new telephones to the network, ShoreWareTM Director automatically discovers the new devices and adds them to the ShoreTel system, where you can manage them as nodes on your enterprise network.


You need the right phone to make full use of IP telephony, and Siemens offers a particularly broad range of products: in addition to the optiPoint 410 and optiPoint 420 families, the convergent optiPoint 600 the new flagship model offers you the highest levels of flexibility. With optiPoint SIP telephones, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used for connection control and for the transmission of speech in IP networks. Many optiPoint IP models have a dedicated mini-switch that ensures data and speech can be exchanged on one line. Adaptation to individual needs is as simple as downloading the appropriate software. Service and software upgrades are administrated remotely. Relocation is also easy with optiPoint IP phones: connect the phone to the LAN, enter the phone number and password, and youre ready to call. OptiPoint 410 takes IP telephony to a whole new performance level. Its the ideal solution for enterprises that want to introduce or consolidate modern communication structures and at the same time reduce costs. The optiPoint 410 telephone range is perfect for connection to real-time IP systems. Choose the optiPoint 420 family to gain the scope needed for more mobility and flexibility within the company. Thanks to the new technology for the automatic transfer of key assignments, your own key arrangement is always available to you after logging on regardless of which optiPoint 420 you are currently phoning from. Convergent networks demand a new breed of telephone. The optiPoint 600 office supports connection to TDM voice networks as well as IP data networks, giving you maximum flexibility. The large display with graphic capability doubles as a touchscreen. All this in the very finest speech quality and with all the performance features your communication infrastructure provides.


With the VoIP telephones snom 360,and snom 320, you are choosing the optimum level of functionality and comfort in terms of quality, security, and equipment. In addition to the common standards, the Linux-based SIP telephones support the most modern technologies. Due to the two VoIP security standards SIPS (RFC2246) and SRTP (RFC3711), from now on potential eavesdroppers of conversations between your snom telephones and other compatible terminals dont stand a chance. You will also have decisive benefits through high interoperability. The combinability with numerous devices of other established manufacturers such as Cisco, Siemens, or Microsoft guarantees you the greatest possible independence. Ideal for general office and knowledge-worker environments, the snom 320 is an affordable, yet powerful SIP business telephone with built-in, full duplex speakerphone and three-party conference bridging. The snom 360 was designed for maximum productivity and efficiency in the everyday business environment. Dedicated keys provide you with direct access to the functions for audio and call control, and context-sensitive menus offer you the additional functionality that you may need at any given moment. The graphical display can be tilted for optimum reading angle.

SOYO Communications

Soyo IP phone is an advanced IP device, allowing its users to experience superb voice communications over IP network. It works as a standalone device (no PC is needed). Providing conveniences and functionalities of traditional phone, it perfectly converges the best of analog and IP phone features. Using audio compression technology (CODEC G.711, G.723, G.729, etc.), it transmits its packets using minimal bandwidth without interfering with other data signals. Furthermore, to provide consistent superior voice quality over varying IP network conditions, it is equipped with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) technologies such as CODEC negotiation, enhanced jittering technology, lost packet reconstruction, echo cancellation, and packet delay recovery. Combining these features, it provides superb and reliable voice communications over congested public IP networks.


Available in several models with a wide range of features and options, Coral FlexSets are true information terminals offering versatility and flexibility. FlexSets scalability is evident in the basic design. As many as 148 user-defined buttons give users virtually unlimited power to define individual preferences. The optional LCD presents caller and calling-party information, and when using a FlexSet with soft-keys, the display changes to show applicable feature options for one-touch activation. The hot-dial keypad and handsfree speaker permit fast on-hook dialing, and the highly visible message waiting indicator announces new messages. Install optional base-mounted modules to take advantage of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and other advanced applications that enable users to communicate and work more efficiently. The advanced Coral FlexSet-IP phone enables remote and home offices to access all the Coral features and functionality at corporate headquarters. A simple RJ-45 connection to any LAN or WAN means no more complex changes when moving premises or moving employees; just unplug the Coral FlexSet-IP and reconnect it in its new location.


With its rich, innovative features and simple configurability, TalkSwitch can transform the way you communicate and improve productivity, reduce communication costs, increase collaboration, and stay connected everywhere TalkSwitch is a complete PBX with auto attendants, voicemail, VoIP capabilities, advanced call management and much more. TalkSwitch also includes the features that other companies charge extra for. Unlike phone company services like voicemail or call forwarding, you dont have to pay every month. Call forward, find-me/follow-me, ring groups, music on hold, mode scheduling and call screening are just a few of the built-in TalkSwitch features. TalkSwitch is a SIP-based hybrid phone system that can be connected to both the traditional telephone network and the Internet. With broadband access, and the optional VoIP module, businesses can place branch-to-branch calls over the Internet and access SIP-based service provider networks. Need to integrate distant teleworkers or small branch offices with your TalkSwitch system? TalkSwitch VoIP gateways extend the reach of your TalkSwitch, delivering the benefits of the 48-CVA to even your smallest locations.

Telrad Connegy

From a high-end executive phone to a simple, cost-effective solution for your part-time work force, Telrad Connegy has an Avanti phone extension to meet your every business need. But some users just need the best IP phone there is. Some users want to interact with a world of applications, view video feeds, access corporate databases or browse a website on their office phones. Some users need Telrad Connegys i.Picasso All Avanti phones work with AdvanceIP systems of any size, assuring your investment is protected as you grow. Moreover, as part of our Evergreen policy, the Avanti family was designed with backward compatibility so that our existing customers can easily upgrade their legacy system to work with Avanti phones. All Avanti models come with advanced capabilities such as anew message indicator, hot-key dialing, voicemail and ACD integration, soft keys and programmable keys, and an option for wall mounting and for connecting a headset. All Avanti phones can be extended to support more programmable keys by attaching a DSS module. Individual models have more features. Telrad Connegys i.Picasso sets the standard for advanced IP telephones. Developed with a true vision of what VoIP technology brings when it is stretched to its limits, i.Picasso offers the advanced capabilities of no other IP telephone. With its large, color rich, liquid crystal display, which also doubles as a touch screen, i.Picasso is truly one of a kind. Whether in the main office or in a remote or home office, i.Picasso functions over any IP network. Connected to AdvanceIP, i.Picasso delivers all the features you expect from a state of the art high-end business telephone, such as Unified Messaging, Advanced Speed Dialing, extension usage indicators, call center connectivity and more. But this is just the tip of the iceberg: with its integrated HTML capabilities, you can easily configure it to interact with any HTML application.


Toshiba IP telephones extend full telephone system functionality to any location in the world via your private intranet or the Internet. Remote users even enjoy the same productivity features as locally connected extensions. Now thats power and versatility a true Toshiba advantage. Are you using the handset or the speakerphone? Thanks to state-of-the-art Toshiba technology, your callers will have a hard time telling. Youll appreciate ergonomic design for exceptional comfort, easy-to-read feature buttons, and programmable buttons that condense operational sequences into single-button ease. Toshiba Digital Display Speakerphones make using your business communication solutions simple. Large easy-read LCD screens display feature-prompting information, helping you manage your telephone easier. One-touch programmable buttons save time and give you faster access to advanced calling functions. Its all designed to enable employees to work smarter, minimize training time, and take productivity to new levels. Select from the 20-button or 10-button 2-line display model, or the 14-button 8-line display model, each available in your choice of two colors.

Zultys Technologies

Zultys offers a line of fully functional phones that provide businesses with choices of feature set and expenditure. Each phone provides a high degree of functionality, all in a well engineered business device. From the simple business phone to the highly integrated remote office phone, all operating on open standards, making them a great complement to any IP PBX deployment. The return on investment in Zultys products can be easily observed through many aspects of an enterprise. Streamline deployment and maintenance of these products provides little need for third party services. Intuitive interfaces means less time learning tools. Highly integrated features increase the productivity levels for both administrators and users. Scalability of systems provides room for growth regardless of a companys size. Finally, Zultys adoption of open standards ensures interoperability of its products with other equipment, which gives a business choice in purchasing devices and services. The ZIP 4x4 integrates a business phone with a line-rate Ethernet switch. In addition to four call appearances and four Ethernet ports, the device is loaded with functionality, including encryption, calculator mode, single button functions, adjustable LCD, full duplex speakerphone, headset jack, Power over Ethernet, message waiting indicator, and QoS support. Using an automated rollout procedure supported by the ZIP 4x4, IT managers are discovering that with the ZIP 4x4 they can minimize their effort in installation and deployment of a VoIP system. Because its 100% based on open standards, the ZIP 4x4 can be used within any SIP-compatible network. Zultys offers seven additional models, plus a softphone, and a wireless phone.

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