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September 20, 2011

magicJack Launches magicJack Plus, Planning iOS App

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer

When people think about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers, one name that might slip their mind if magicJack. That would be a bit of a mistake, considering that many industry insiders consider magicJack Vocalteq LTD. as the creators of the VOIP sector. 

Having sold over eight million units of their magicJack device, the company feels they are very firm footing and should be a good investment in the stock market. magicJack is so confident in their company’s success that this week they have released a new magicJack Plus.VoIP has been one of the most competitive sectors in the tech industry since its creation thanks in large part to the savings to consumers it can bring. Generally, devices or providers such as Skype and Vonage (News - Alert) offer a much lower cost to make long distance phone calls. These services are also usually quite a bit cheaper on a monthly basis than if you have your landline through your local phone company.

magicJack might have been one of the first VoIP providers on the market but they have not been able to get their name out there the way some of their competitors have and the most recent moves shows how they plan to rectify that. In addition to the magicJack Plus, the company has also filed a request with Apple (News - Alert) to approve the very first magicJack iOS app. What exactly this app will do is not yet known, though it seems likely that it will behave much the same way the Skype (News - Alert) app does on Apple devices. 

The magicJack plus is available on the company’s website today and can be had by new users for $69.95 per unit. One plus for loyal customers of magicJack is that they will be able to upgrade to the magicJack Plus for just half of that price if they buy within the next 60 days. That price includes the device as well as the first year of service. There is one down side when it comes to customers. 

Renewal for service will now cost $29.95 a year, a $10 upgrade over the previous renewal price. This is the first time in magicJack’s history that the renewal price has gone up. The magicJack iOS app should be available sometime this fall.

Michael Tribolet, chief business officer at magicJack VocalTec (News - Alert) participated in IEXPO West 2011 last week  and gave a kick-off keynote address about the “revoice revolution” and how magicJack is keeping up with emerging trends.

“We have come a long way, we continue to have a long way to go, but overtime this revolution of voice is happening – which is what I call revoice, ” Tibolet said during his speech. “As an industry, we have come from copper wires to fiber wires, fiber wires to wireless, from dial up to broadband and from ether to the net. Now is the time to take advantage of all these things and create these types of solutions that everyone can enjoy.”

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Edited by Jennifer Russell
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