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September 20, 2022

Transforming Email Marketing with AI

For years email marketing has gathered a prominent name and grasped the attention of many businesses to be their number one go to strategy in terms of marketing. Certainly with so much impact and existence within the market, email marketing has created the need for a new outlook to continue its presence with the evolving market trends within both the digital world and the COVID remains.

The need to change has come into question with the altering digital world and the post-COVID period, because the way we work, sell products and services, develop productivity, etc has transformed with the current time period and this is also a core way that has affected the email marketing strategy of businesses. As a result, the need to develop a better running and more effective email marketing process has transpired. However, there is a great and solid way to enrich email marketing which is: AI.

What is AI exactly for email marketing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses a few different means, such as machine learning, computer systems, automation, etc which is really critical for email marketing and the reason for this is because AI eliminates the need for human elements and needs. With email marketing a large problem that occurs with it is human errors, such as writing incorrect headings to utilizing incorrect data when analyzing consumer behavior and so much more.

In addition, with AI these human made errors and inefficiencies can be eliminated and transformed into a better functioning email marketing process, because with such AI technologies datasets can be analyzed with the correct format and researched accordingly. For example, with AI algorithms large data sets and complicated figures associated with consumer behavior can be analyzed on the go and successful predictions and outcomes can be executed.

A fundamental way that AI assists and enhances email marketing is also visible with workflows. Workflows constitute a core part of businesses and processes from administrative duties to HR developments, etc and with AI these means can be transformed into a faster, stronger, and easier way. In fact, Ongage presents a strong solution for email marketing with its email automated workflows, such as with transactional communications. What this means is that with Ongage your business can send messages that are triggered by customers’ actions immediately while executing email marketing. Another way email marketing workflows are made successful is seen with updated list fields with AI by guaranteeing that your business’s data is up to date by updating particular list fields upon a given action, which ultimately boosts efficiency and fast workflows.

Advantages of implementing AI

Doubtlessly, AI has shined light towards email marketing and modified it into a new perspective by people who have made use of AI with regards to their email marketing strategies. The reason for why people have started to lean towards utilizing AI with email marketing in the first place is because of the many benefits that AI brings to the surface.

Here are some of the crucial benefits associated to using AI with email marketing:

  • Automation: Automation is a great way to eliminate the manual processes limitations and human errors that they bring along with them. For example, automation enables your business to send the correct email marketing features, such as headings, data, names, and much more to trigger automated processes and renewals without a manual process being put forth.
  • Removes the need of trial and error: Optimization is a key part of email marketing and requires a vast amount of data to be analyzed and set forth. However with AI, optimization is benefited greatly, because data is collected earlier in the process and doesn’t necessitate data to trial and error. In fact, best delivery options are looked into with AI and then implemented with adjustments and recommendations.
  • Efficiency and effectivity: AI brings time management and efficiency quickly and easily, because with AI email marketing can focus on performance and customer behavior by automating how emails are built and generated. For instance, with AI email marketing campaigns can be implemented with real time data and workflows.
  • Boosted engagement: Redundant processes and systems are a large problem of email marketing. But, AI removes these redundant means that email marketing processes face by generating email content that creates profitability and better results, such as data conversions.

The future of email marketing is AI

Although some individuals and businesses are resistant towards applying and integrating AI with email marketing, the reality is that AI is inevitable and holds the future for success and resilience of email marketing areas. For example, uniting AI with email marketing empowers businesses to avoid churn, because AI makes use of analytical trends and research. What this means is that data created by email marketing campaigns and strategies can be linked and implemented into an extensive analysis which can predict the future of potential churn for businesses in hand.

In addition, AI driven techniques and features such as segmentation plays an essential role for the future of email marketing too. The reason for this is that segmentation is a core way to analyze customer behavior, geography, and demographics. As a matter of fact, segmentation presented by AI enacts a better and advanced understanding of customer experiences and expectations which ultimately enhances successful email marketing strategies through gathering information from customers and executing their demands by analyzing their behavior and demographics.


Despite the fact that AI is recently gaining recognition and interaction with email marketing strategies and campaigns. The reality is that AI is the future and is ready to transform the email marketing area with its strong features from automation to segmentation and so much more.

AI is not just a trend of email marketing, but rather the anticipated revolution awaiting for email marketing to grow and transpire. The tools of AI will transform the very essence of email marketing by eliminating human made errors and trial periods into an automated process and workflow. Efficiency, effectiveness, and enhanced engagement will be the key pillars of email marketing and all your business needs are AI.

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