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August 23, 2022

How To Select The Ideal Anti-Theft Device For Your Car

Car theft causes vehicle owners billions of dollars every year which is why it is becoming increasingly important to safeguard your car from thieves.

Anti-theft devices serve as an extra layer of security and help keep your car secure using different technologies. Today there are numerous security devices to choose from like locks, car alarms and GPS Trackers.

A combination of the right anti-theft devices can create an effective security system for your car.

Steering Wheel Lock

Although a steering wheel lock doesn’t prevent the thief from getting into your car, it will make it difficult for him to steal it.

Although this alone isn’t sufficient to protect your car from thieves, it acts as an additional layer of security.

This device is usually in the form of a visible rod that prevents the steering wheel from rotating beyond a certain angle. It is also super easy to install and you won’t need the help of a professional.

Pedal Lock

Pedal locks work by locking your brake pedal into a pressed position.

These locks are designed for vehicles with a manual transmission as well as automatic transmission.

Like steering wheel locks, pedal locks stop the thief from driving off with your car if he has managed to break inside your vehicle.


A vehicle immobilizer is a device that protects your car from theft with the help of a transponder with a code in the ignition key.

In simple terms, an immobilizer doesn’t allow the car engine to be turned on unless the correct or authorized key is used.

The security code in the transponder chip within the key is processed by the immobilizer and if a correct match is established, the engine will be activated.

This is stronger than other anti-theft devices since it involves disabling the vehicle’s main components like fuel motor, starter system and ignition.

Immobilizers are also approved anti-theft devices by most car insurance companies and can fetch you a discount on insurance premiums.

In twelve states including Florida, insurance companies are required to give you a discount on your comprehensive coverage if your car is equipped with anti-theft devices.

If you are on the hunt for cheap car insurance in Florida, installing anti-theft devices can potentially help lower your insurance rate.

VIN Etching

VIN Etching involves etching a vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on its windows which reduces the value of the car and prevents thieves from stealing your car.

This is a cheap and easy security measure you can take and it is also something you can do yourself.

Today VIN etching kits are available in the market for vehicle owners. You can also make use of a VIN etching service.

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers help track your vehicle’s movement by transmitting data from a satellite to a receiver which can be your phone.

You can set a preset geofence which is a virtual geographic boundary for your vehicle. If your vehicle crosses this boundary, the GPS tracker will send you a notification.

The location of your vehicle can be easily traced in case it gets stolen and the police can quickly retrieve your car.

GPS trackers can be well hidden from view so if someone tries to steal your vehicle, there is a possibility that he might not know that he is being tracked.

Kill Switch

A kill switch is a hidden device that stops your car from starting by cutting the flow of electricity to the ignition switch, car battery, or any other vital component of your car.

When the switch is on, your car won’t start and when it is off, the normal connection is re-established.

There are different ways you can install a kill switch in your car. Some of the common ways include connecting it to your car’s fuel pump relay or connecting it to the negative battery terminal wire.


A combination of anti-theft devices for your car is important, especially if you live in a high-crime region. Always invest in good quality devices even if it means paying a little extra money.

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