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August 09, 2022

Ways to Check Car Insurance Status Online

Car insurance is mandatory in most countries and most states in the US. When looking for car insurance, you should do your best to ensure that you get the best deal and afterward be aware of its status. You will have to check the status of your car insurance to see your premium rates, the policy’s coverage, and the renewal date, among other things. Thanks to the internet, there are several ways you can check your car insurance status online, including:

Visit Your Insurance Provider’s Website

You should review an insurance underwriter’s website before buying auto insurance from them to ensure you can use it to check your insurance status. It is one of the most straightforward ways to check your insurance status. The website will have all the information about the insurance provider and other helpful information, for example, blog posts on how you can extend the longevity of your vehicle, among others.

You will have to create an account on the website to use it, and once you are a member, you can use your policy details to check your insurance status. It will be even better if they have an application because you can check your insurance status from your mobile device regardless of location.

Check The Insurance Information Bureau

If your insurance provider does not have a website or app, the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) is the second best place to check your insurance status online. Every company that offers insurance has to register with the IIB. They will have all the necessary information to apprise you of your insurance status. The process will be longer and more taxing than using your insurance provider’s website, but you will still get the information. Moreover, the underwriter may modify details on their website, but they cannot change the date on the IIB website. You will need several key details to check your insurance status via the IIB, including

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Car insurance policy number
  • Vehicle chassis and engine number for new unregistered cars
  • Name, DOB, and email address or mobile phone number
  • Date and location of the car accident.

You should know that it may take up to two months for insurance information updates by an insurance provider to show on the IIB portal, so it can sometimes be inefficient to use it, particularly for urgent matters. Moreover, you will only find information about cars that were insured after April 1, 2010.

State Transport Department

Another excellent place to source information about your insurance status is the state transport department. The department is responsible for regulating all state transport matters, including vehicle insurance. You can use the website for many things, including checking minimum liability requirements and insurance status. The site you use will depend on your state, so be sure you are using the right website. Using this method to check your car insurance status online may take some time and determination, but you will get what you are looking for about your insurance status.

Third-Party Websites

If other options fail, you should try using third-party websites to check the status of your insurance policy. Several websites cater to those who do not want to use state entity websites to check for information as they are often slow. You can also use the sites for other things, for example, knowing the difference between liability vs. full coverage insurance. These sites include Policybazaar and VAHAN e-services which are pretty easy to use. All you need is your vehicle details, and you are good to go.

There are several ways to check your car insurance status online, which certainly beats physically doing it. You can check your insurance status online using the insurance provider’s website, Insurance Information Bureau (IIB), state transport department, and third-party websites.

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