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September 27, 2021

10 Ways to Use Screen Capture Technology

Why Is Video Screen Capture Technology Important?

Screen capture technology may serve as a universal tool that covers different applications. It is possible to incorporate it in multiple spheres to facilitate your workflow. Screen capture is easy to use, accessible and user-focused. It works by recording the screen activity as if you point the camera at your computer monitor. No matter what is happening on the screen, a dedicated program will capture it to the tiniest detail. You can use such programs for recording gameplays, tutorials, video calls, and even more. This article outlines the most widely used ways to use screen capture technology. Once you read the article to the very end, you can figure out whether this technology works for your projects and which software to use to boost your productivity.

10 Ways to Use Screen Capture Software

Screen recording software is used across different spheres and applications. Starting from education purposes and ending with call recording and quality monitoring systems, your work will definitely benefit from a powerful desktop monitoring tool that captures screen activity. If you haven’t incorporated screen capture technology into your workflow yet, read on to learn 10 ways you can effectively do it.

1. Tutorial

If you are going to create a tutorial, screen recording software will be an integral tool for completing your project. Those who use Apple (News - Alert) computers can opt for a powerful Mac screen recorder. Movavi Screen Recorder may be an excellent option to accomplish all your creative goals. To make your tutorial more user-oriented, you can complement it with your voice. Make sure you use a high-quality microphone to avoid the flat sound. It is also possible to demonstrate keystrokes and add mouse effects.


In case you are a tutor, you can make the most out of specifically designed video software like Ice Cream Screen Recorder to document your lectures. Since this software can record voice, you can simply switch between PowerPoint slides and explain the material to your students. Keep in mind that the program will record any pop-ups and third-party activities on your screen, so you should carefully plan your lecture beforehand. It is possible to share your video with students or upload it on popular digital platforms. Thus, your students will always have needed educational materials at hand, which can significantly boost their academic success.

3. Webinar

Screen capture technology allows you to record webinars and upload them on YouTube (News - Alert) or other popular websites. Make sure you turn on the microphone to make your live session flow smoothly and efficiently. During the webinar, you can record either your screen activity or webcam. With the right program, you can add text during the streaming or edit your video later. Some screen recorders allow capturing internal system sounds, which can make your webinar even more informative.

4. Gameplay

If you want to showcase your gaming talent or participate in gaming competitions, you will definitely need to use reliable screen recording software. For example, Free Online Screen Recorder from Apowersoft allows you to select either the entire screen or a particular part of your screen activity. Therefore, you can highlight the most important moments of your gameplay to demonstrate some key points. In case you want to produce an instructional gaming video, you can interact with your audience using a video camera.

5. Feedback

Screen capturing software will also come in handy if you want to give feedback, no matter whether it is a student's work or a marketing project. You can open a project on the screen, activate the recording, and check out the work. It is possible to leave the commentaries and remarks and send your feedback to your student or team members. Once they hear and watch your requirements and corrections, there are high chances that the next project will be even more successful.

6. Calls

Numerous call centers have also begun to use screen capturing technology to improve their services. Although it is essential what the agents say during the call, it is also important what they are doing during the conversation. Thus, it is possible to track how the agents understand the request, the sources of information they use, and the results they deliver to the clients.

Report an Error Message

If you work on a computer, the system may occasionally show you error messages. You can use a program to record it and show it to the specialist. Thus, you can quickly solve all system issues and continue your work.

8. P2P Sharing

This technology will be useful for those professionals who want to share their experiences and hone their skills. Whether you are engaged in photography or web design, you can promote your services using screen recording software. Just record your activity, complement your video with remarks and text and boost your brand identity. The majority of screen recording programs come with streamlined sharing options, so you can upload your project to the most popular digital platforms in a few clicks. 

9. Capture a Screen Portion for Future Use

If you need to save some information or content for future reference, you can select a particular area on your screen and enable recording. It is possible to transform a recording into an informative communication piece by adding captions or drawings. If you don’t want to install any program, you can make the most out of an online screen recorder. It is suitable for basic tasks such as screen recording, adding voice, and a webcam picture.

10. Visual Database


Once you are equipped with easy-to-use screencasting software, you can create an easily accessible visual database. Navigate your computer to review older references, webinars, and feedback. Apart from saving time, your visual database will allow you to quickly refresh knowledge and share useful information with your students or colleagues.

Final Word

With the advent of digital technologies, screen capture software has become in great demand among different categories of users. The modern market offers a bevy of programs that allow you to record what is happening on the screen. Your choice should depend on your purposes and the type of project. Also, consider whether you are ready to pay for additional features a particular program may include.

Author: Sam Briton – Software Writer

Sam Briton is an experienced software writer who reviews different kinds of software by outlining its perks, pros, and cons. Aside from writing regular columns for different digital resources and blog posts, he does podcasting and tests different PC/smartphone games. Sam Briton worked with leading tech brands and was featured as an expert on radio and TV. If you want to be aware of the latest software news, keep reading Sam Briton’s posts.

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