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November 11, 2020

Using a Contact Centre to Boost Efficiency & Improve Customer Experience


No matter whether you have a small business or a brand, if you want to expand your audience base, increase conversion, and sales, using a contact centre is mandatory. These days, every industry is using dedicated support teams to build a strong relationship with their customers. According to a study, the majority of your customers expect you to understand their concerns and address those as soon as possible. So, keeping customer satisfaction in mind, you must opt for using a contact centre for your business. If you're from Australia, the best thing is, look no further as OracleCMS Australia is offering amazing services at an affordable cost!

However, if you think it is only about improving customer experience, then let us tell you, there are a lot more benefits of using a contact center. Yes, starting from cutting down your different costs to giving your small business a power boost, you can expect a handful of things literally from a contact center. We have listed 5 genuine reasons here that show why your business needs one. So, stay glued and know it all before you invest. 

What is a Contact Centre?

Many people get confused between 'Call Centre' and 'Contact Center.' Hence, it's required to clear the confusion beforehand to avoid getting into a dilemma while using one for your business. So, basically, a call centre manages all sorts of incoming and outgoing calls for a business. On the contrary, a contact centre manages all communications channels, including emails, voice calls, chatbots, social media, instant messaging, and other media, if any company uses them. 

You can set up a contact centre on the physical servers of your workplace or get it hosted in the cloud. The cloud-based contact centres have become popular these days as they eliminate any requirement of having expensive hardware. Moreover, the business is comparatively less vulnerable to a technical glitch while using a cloud-based one. You can also easily optimize your services as your business grows along with keeping your data completely secured. Isn't it great?

Why You Must Use a Contact Centre for Your Business?

Here we're going to talk about 5 key benefits of using a contact centre for your business. Scroll down and have a look. 

Cuts down Expenses

It's impossible for small businesses to spend huge money after hiring a number of people just to answer calls or revert to mails. Even for an established brand, these costs are unnecessary. And one missed call from your customer means lost business and harming your brand reputation. The worst part is, hiring more staff involves the cost of annual salaries, advertising, recruiting, and training. 

So, using a contact centre software is a much economical option. You only pay while using, and you don't need to go through all those hassles as well.

Helps in Increasing Sales

Have you ever called a customer support team to talk about any product? If yes, you probably know how frustrating it is to pass through all those long IVR menus to finally get an option of leaving a voicemail. Have you ever left a voicemail? No probably. Not only you, but 80% of the callers also don't. So, if you think from your business end, you'll lose the majority of leads in this case. 

Contact centers don't work like that. They place calls in a queue, keep updating the customers about their progress, and finally offer them a feasible solution. So, hiring a contact centre means retaining your already existing customers, which will eventually lead to increased sales.

Improve Brand Reputation

When a potential customer gets an instant professional reply to his/her query, it lifts up your brand's reputation. Yes, people start trusting your product because they know they will get help in case of any issues. Now in-house staff can't get engaged always to pick calls or reply to messages or emails. 

So, in this case, if you want to leave good impressions on your customers, you must use a contact centre. Doing so will not only improve your brand’s credibility but also potentially add up to its reputation. That will finally result in expanding your business

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

As you know, contact centres operate 24X7. This becomes a huge benefit for your business and for your customers as well. Most of the people can't contact during the working hours. Plus, if you're operating globally, different timezones build a barrier. In such cases, if your support services are operational round the clock, your brand bags a brownie point. So, by all means, you get to bypass your competitors and get more sales.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take your business to the next level. Use a contact centre today and set off for creating brand awareness and strengthening your customer engagement. Good luck!

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