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August 27, 2020

Writing the Insurance Blog: Topic Exploration

Trying to help an insurance agency expand its online presence? You'll get some of the best organic mileage if you focus on building out your client's blog content in a way that translates well into social media and organic search. So let's start with the blog.

Leverage the Company Roster into a "Meet the Team" Series

Depending on the size of the agency, this could give you quite a bit of optimizable content. And, given that insurance agents are predisposed towards building relationships with people, the social media follow-up aspect is ready-made. Family members, from proud parents to third cousins, will be likely to share a blog post that features a great smiling photo and biography of their relative. Even some of the agent's customers may do the same. All of those shares, likes, and comments can be helpful in generating eyeballs. Don't forget that employee profile blog posts can also be enormously beneficial for SEO purposes, too. And finally, it may be time to bump up your call-to-action game, while you're at it.

Explain the Complicated World of Medicare Supplements

One thing you'll learn if you spend a lot of time working with insurance clients is that there is regular Medicare, and then there are several supplemental plans that people can buy. These plans are named things like "Plan A" and "Plan G." Medicare supplements, also known as Medigap, are separate from the government-funded Medicare package. The actual coverage Medicare provides can be incomplete; private companies sell these supplements to improve Medicare coverage. In all, there are many moving parts, and so many options can make it confusing--even overwhelming--for the consumer. But where there is confusion, there is the opportunity to explain. This topic will give you enough content for an ongoing series with graphics and even video if your budget allows. 

Ask the Staff to Help You Compile a FAQ List

From the agents in the field to the receptionist back in the office, everyone who works for an insurance agency could give you at least a handful of questions they answer over and over. All you really have to do is ask. And here's an extra bit of advice: Email is the wrong way to ask. Email gives people too much time to think; it also makes your question feel like a chore. The best way to glean FAQs from a client's employees is to pop into the office and have face-to-face conversations. Barring that, pick up the phone. Start your conversation by explaining what you're doing and how you hope it will help their company. (If you do this in combination with gathering info for your "Meet the Team" series, so much the better.) Then, as though you were Columbo walking out the door: "Oh, wait, just one more thing." Trust me--you'll get better information if you talk to people.

Mine the Analytics Logs

If you're helping a company build their online presence, they should give you access to their analytics login. So log in and start snooping for the search queries that are already bringing customers to the website. Check to see if the website adequately answers these queries; if it doesn't, you've just discovered a great blog topic. On the off-chance that your client didn't have analytics set up or you can't get access, try a third-party topic suggestion tool.

Combat the "Set It and Forget It" Mindset

With insurance, many people research what they need, purchase coverage, and move on with their lives. Every so often, they may think about reviewing their coverage, but it's one of the things most people never get around to doing. If your client feels it's in their best interest for customers to regularly review and adjust their coverage, write a series highlighting the advantages of this to the customer. 

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