Michael Grebennikov Info

co-founder and managing partner of Digiteum
Michael Grebennikov is a co-founder and managing partner of Digiteum (a digital technology agency), and public speaker at German Outsourcing Association. He has diverse experience in delivering IT solutions to healthcare, digital publishing, marketing and retail service providers. For over 20 years, Michael has run companies and worked as a consultant assisting healthcare, retail and other businesses in the development and full-scale implementation of digital strategy. In his present role, he manages Digiteum, defines corporate strategy, supervises marketing and sales activities, and guides solutions development. Michael greatly contributed to the development of Digiteum’s proprietary approach aimed at in-depth analysis of clients’ needs, and delivery of client-driven digital products and services. Under his management, Digiteum has cooperated and delivered digital solutions for such companies as Adorama Camera, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi, Oxford University Press and Lymphoma Research Foundation. Michael achieves success through strategic planning, creative collaboration, events, and conferences.