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Dialpad and T-Mobile Expand Relationship with Enhanced AI Features - 04/01/2024
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Survey by Iterable and Wakefield Research Finds Strong Adoption in AI Marketing Solutions - 02/23/2024
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Frontier Saves Customers 2 Million Calls with New Digital Self-Service Campaign - 02/09/2024
8x8 Inc. Offers Beta Availability of Product to Bridge UCaaS and CCaaS - 02/09/2024
RingCentral Introduces Unified Patient Care Solution for Electronic Health Records - 02/09/2024
MSP iQor Adds NICE CXone to Its Portfolio - 02/09/2024
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Jersey Mike's to Implement SoundHound AI Technology for Optimized Voice Ordering - 01/29/2024
8x8 Debuts AI-Driven Video Meeting Transcription, Summaries and Follow-up - 01/26/2024
IntelePeer Aims to Help Build a Roadmap to Customer Service Automation - 01/26/2024
Invictus BPO Announces Acquisition of Kunnect Hosted Call Center Solution - 01/26/2024
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Vonage Study Highlights Customer Frustrations with Support Experiences - 01/25/2024
Broadvoice AI Opens Door to Smart Automated Transactions for Smaller Call Centers - 01/25/2024
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NICE Announces the Closing of LiveVox Acquisition - 01/01/2024
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MSP NUSO Acquires Italian SaaS Company Mida Solutions - 12/21/2023
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Zenarate Expands AI-Driven Coaching Platform with Call Analyzer - 12/21/2023
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Examining the Enthusiasm Gap for AI Customer Support Between Executives and Customers - 12/13/2023
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Signed Call Adds VoIP-Enabled Contextual Data to Outbound Calls - 12/12/2023
Zoom Announces New Tiered Pricing Plan for Zoom Contact Center Suite - 12/12/2023
Macorva Introduces AI Customer Feedback Reports - 12/11/2023
Deepgram and Black Box Partner to Bring ASR to Customer Experience Solutions - 12/11/2023
AWS Introduces Amazon Q Generative AI-Powered Assistant for Business - 12/08/2023
Amazon Connect Adds New Generative AI Capabilities to Aid Call Center Agents - 12/07/2023
Qtrac and Mint Group Partner for New, Customized Customer Queuing Solutions - 12/06/2023
Study Finds That Just Over Half of Americans Are Positive About the Future of Chatbots - 12/05/2023
Cyara Acquires AI Testing Company QBox - 12/05/2023
Cisco's App Attention Index Finds Companies Aren't Meeting Customers' Digital Expectations - 12/04/2023
Operata Introduces New Suite of Tools to Further Customer Experience Observability - 12/04/2023
Club Med Expands Deployment of NICE CXone Following Positive Results - 11/22/2023
Twilio and Nylas Partner on Improved Call Center Access to Communication Tools - 11/22/2023
AI-Driven Analytics Company BlastPoint Reaps $8M in Seed Funding - 11/22/2023
RingCentral Announces Availability of AI-First Contact Center Offering - 11/21/2023
Sprinklr and Partner for Cloud-Based Customer Support Across Digital Channels - 11/21/2023
Dropbox and NVIDIA Partner on AI-Driven Improvements for the Flow of Knowledge Work - 11/21/2023
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TELUS and Five9 Expand Partnership for CCaaS Platform - 11/13/2023
CallMiner Announces New Generative AI Features to Manage and Enhance Data - 11/13/2023
Marchex Launches Features for AI-Based Call Summaries and Customer Sentiment - 11/13/2023
Broadvoice Partners with ArenaCX for Access to Pre-Vetted Global BPO Providers - 11/10/2023
Labor Shortages Leave Retailers Scrambling for Solutions Before the Holiday Season - 11/10/2023
JPMorgan Chase Announces Virtual Call Center Team in Baltimore - 11/09/2023
8x8 Reports Significantly Positive Results for Users of its Intelligent Customer Assistants - 11/08/2023
Study Uncovers Worker Attitudes Toward the Time-Saving Potential of Generative AI - 11/08/2023
LivePerson Introduces Suite of Conversational Intelligence Solutions - 11/07/2023
Glia Announces Wide Adoption of its Glia Virtual Assistant Technology - 11/07/2023
Yeastar Reveals Changes and Plans to Its Contact Center Solution - 11/03/2023
ITEXPO Keynoter Webex Adds AI Powered Automation Capabilities to Webex Contact Center - 11/03/2023
UK Insurance Broker Hastings Direct Consolidates Call Center Operations on NICE CXone - 11/02/2023
Dialpad Introduces AI-Driven Playbooks for Contact Center Agent Guidance - 11/01/2023
CallRail Adds Features That Automatically Process Sales Lead Intelligence - 10/31/2023
Verint Expands Partnership with Zoom Via the ISV Exchange Program - 10/31/2023
AMC Technology Releases DaVinci Integration for Microsoft Teams - 10/23/2023
New Study Evaluates Business Users' Experiences with SAP Downtime - 10/23/2023
Study Finds Data Quality at the Core of AI Automation Success - 10/20/2023
Verint Launches New Specialized Bot to Protect Customer Data - 10/20/2023
Talkdesk Announces Product Enhancements to GenAI Capabilities in its CX Cloud Platform - 10/19/2023
New Study Reveals Improving Customer Attitude Toward Intelligent Virtual Assistants - 10/19/2023
SugarCRM Announces the Addition of Embedded Generative AI Capabilities - 10/13/2023
8x8 Contact Center Expands to Offer Native Video Functionality - 10/13/2023
Hyro and UST Partner for Conversational AI for Healthcare Patient Contact Automation - 10/13/2023
AI Steps into the Breach to Help Evaluate the Customer Experience in Post-Call Surveys - 10/12/2023
NovelVox Partnership Helps Optimize Zoom Contact Center's Unified Agent Desktop - 10/12/2023
SugarCRM and SYSPRO Partner to Increase Front- and Back-Office Communications - 10/11/2023
AAA Partners with Sinch to Enable Roadside Assistance via Chat in Areas with No Cellular Coverage - 10/09/2023
Dialpad Launches AI-Powered Feature to Automatically Redact Sensitive Customer Information - 10/06/2023
Study Finds Nearly All Companies Plan to Expand Spending on Conversational AI - 10/06/2023
New Study Reveals the Role Large Language Models Play in Phishing Attacks - 10/04/2023
Lucidworks Study Finds Nearly Unanimous Enthusiasm for Generative AI in Retail - 10/03/2023
UserEvidence Turns Survey Feedback into Customer Stories, Raises $9 Million in Funding - 10/03/2023
Study Finds CRM's Importance is Rising, Along with Customer Expectations of Personalization - 10/02/2023
Younger 'Digital Native' Workers Drive Changes to the Digital Employee Experience - 09/29/2023
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AI Won't Replace Human Agents, But Agents Need to Adapt to Working with AI - 09/28/2023
Traditional Call Quality Assurance Programs are Ineffective at Improving CSAT - 09/27/2023
Infosys and NVIDIA Expand Partnership for 'AI First' Offerings - 09/27/2023
IntelePeer Expands Its Call Summary Dashboard to Enhance Contact Center Workflows - 09/19/2023
BPO Company ibex and ITEXPO 2024 Keynoter Genesys Partner for Customer Experience Solution Offering - 09/19/2023
Study Uncovers Insight into How Marketers Are Using Their Data Stacks - 09/18/2023
Study Finds the Cost of Poor Customer Support Continues to Rise - 09/18/2023
Intradiem Introduces Automated Solution That Evaluates Risks of Agent Churn - 09/15/2023
Salesforce Adds Einstein Copilot AI Assistant to Assist with Workflow - 09/15/2023
8x8 Inc. Launches Voice Conversational AI Capabilities in Flagship Contact Center Product - 09/11/2023
CallTrackingMetrics Adds AI-Driven Automated Chat to Product Suite - 09/11/2023
Verint Earns Co-Sell Ready Status in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace - 09/06/2023
Zoho Finds CRM is a Game-Changer for Small Businesses - 09/06/2023
CallCabinet Announces Integration of Its Recording and Analytics Solution with Zoom Contact Center - 09/05/2023
New Study Measures Consumer Attitudes Toward AI in Customer Support - 09/05/2023
Narakeet Launches AI Solution to Convert Video Subtitles into Native Speech - 09/01/2023
Talkdesk Joins EHR Company Epic's Partner Program to Improve the Patient Experience - 09/01/2023
Appen Limited Launches New Solutions to Reduce Bias and Toxicity in Chatbots - 08/31/2023
Cogito Integrates AI Guidance into Fortune 25 Company's CRM Platform - 08/31/2023
Twilio Announces New Capabilities for CustomerAI Engagement Platform - 08/29/2023
Branded Calling Company First Orion has Surpassed One Billion Calls for the Year - 08/28/2023
8x8 Underscores Success of Supervisor Workspace Solution Introduced in March - 08/25/2023
Verint and Five9 Study Uncovers the Importance of Storing Customer Data in a Unified Hub - 08/25/2023
LiveVox Partners with ITEXPO Exhibitor Jenne to Offer CCaaS Capabilities - 08/24/2023
Dialpad Debuts DialpadGPT to Automate Tasks Across the Enterprise Using LLM - 08/23/2023
Newly Rebranded Launches eCommerce Solution for No-Code AI Agents - 08/23/2023
LiveVox Partners with Cloud Services Broker Jenne to Offer CCaaS Capabilities - 08/21/2023
Cubix Asset Management Launches AI-Powered Chatbot and Call Center Services - 08/21/2023
SoundHound AI Introduces Subscription Version of its AI-Driven Smart Answering Service - 08/17/2023
Verint Study Finds Customer Expectations Continue to Rise - 08/16/2023
RingCentral Offers RingSense for Phone Solution to Capture Intelligence from Calls Using AI - 08/15/2023
Ezra AI Brings AI-based Customer Experiences to the Restaurant Industry - 08/15/2023
Ring Central Introduces RingCX Native Contact Center Solution - 08/14/2023
Salesforce Launches Starter All-in-One CRM App for Small Businesses - 08/14/2023
Study Finds E-Commerce Cart Abandonment is Often About Perceptions of Digital Security - 08/10/2023
Cogito and Medallia Partner for Customer Data-Driven Experience Management - 08/09/2023
AudioCodes Announces Microsoft Teams Certification for Voca CIC Product - 08/09/2023
Language I/O Raises $8 Million in Funding for Real-Time Translation Technology - 08/08/2023
Televerde Begins New Call Center Program at Indiana Women's Prison - 08/08/2023
ASAPP Launches Tool for AI-Based Automated Agent Evaluation - 08/07/2023
NICE Adds Generative AI-Powered Benchmarking to Enlighten Actions - 08/01/2023
Most Call Center Agents Don't Believe AI Will Steal Their Job - 07/31/2023
Twilio and AWS Deepen Partnership Around Predictive AI Technology - 07/31/2023
Engagedly Examines the State of AI in Human Resource Management - 07/28/2023
AffinityX Launches Chat to Conversion Tool for Local Businesses to Deliver Tailored Experiences - 07/28/2023
LivePerson Announces the Debut of LivePerson Marketplace Hub to Power Conversations - 07/28/2023
NICE Announces 1K Every Day Initiative for Enlighten AI Solution - 07/27/2023
Forrester Study Concludes Poor Integration Is the Biggest Barrier to Effective Use of Data - 07/24/2023
Underscoring the Importance of Implementing and Measuring Efficiency in the Workplace - 07/24/2023
Emplifi Expands 2023 Feature Set for Customer Engagement Platform - 07/20/2023
ComputerTalk and Tethr Partner to Mine Customer Interactions for Conversational Intelligence - 07/20/2023
IrisCX Introduces Real-Time Customer Feedback Solution for Video Interactions - 07/19/2023
MSP Fusion Connect Introduces CCaaS Solution Aimed at the Midmarket - 07/19/2023
G12 Communications and Luware Partner for Microsoft Teams-Enabled Contact Center Offering - 07/12/2023
Genesys Announces FedRAMP Authorization for Its Cloud CX Platform - 07/12/2023
Genesys Announces its Experience Index as a Next-Gen Customer Experience Metric - 07/11/2023
Sinch Launches Smart Conversations Technology to Aid Human Agents with AI - 07/11/2023
Qtrac and Raydiant Partner to Deliver Customized Customer Experiences - 07/10/2023