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November 2006
Volume 1 / Number 6
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Publisher's Outlook
By Rich Tehrani
For years I have been writing about communications, constantly searching the world for exciting news to share with my readers. Often this job of mine allows me to connect with people who I know are destined to do great things. For example, in the spring of 2003 I ran into Andre Nakaso, one of the cofounders of Orative, and was very impressed with their technology that allows cellphones to have very rich presence and availability.
Editor's Note
By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis

As he wrote last month, Greg Galitzine, our long-time Executive Editor, is moving onward and upward to devote more time and energy to our fabulous web resource, tmcnet.com.


Feature Articles
• SIP in Mobile Carrier Networks
By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis
The most distinguishing feature of modern 3G mobile wireless services over the 2G and 2.5G services of the past has been the emergence of multimedia. The original Short Messaging Service (SMS) could send mere 160-byte text messages from one mobile phone to another.
SIP Anywhere: A Look at Enterprise Mobility, a la SIP
By Hal Clark
The combination of increased availability of a wide range of mobile devices incorporating SIP User Agents and a focus on SIP evolution to meet inter-networking requirements yields significant opportunities for developers of mobile enterprise applications.
SIP & Mobility: Bringing Radio into the 21th Century
By Doug Hall
The adoption of SIP in the mainstream telephony world has numerous and proven benefits: open standards, a rich feature set, and readily available equipment from multiple vendors.
SIP Breaks the Cost and Complexity Barriers
By Sanjeev Sawai
Computer telephony integration (CTI) has been a bedrock technology in advanced customer service environments for more than 25 years.
SIP Testing Gets Serious
By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis
SIP testing, like VoIP testing itself, was considered something exotic. Now that SIP has pretty much supplanted H.323 as the call control signaling protocol of choice, equipment vendors are scrambling to find labs and test equipment that can do full-blown tests of IP communications devices and applications running in a SIP-enabled network environment.
Industry News

• Esnatech Adds SIP Integration to Telephony Office-LinX Platform
• Octasic Enhances Media Gateway Modules with Stacks from RADVISION
• Reef Point Unveils Universal FMC Gateway
• IVR Technologies, Inc. Releases Talking SIP 3.1
• Siemens and Cingular Sponsor Multimillion Dollar Networking Lab
• Woize Challenges Skype and Announces Mac Software Plans

• Eutectics IPP200 and IPP200T USB Phones Certified for Alcatel OmniPCX

• Covergence Delivers Secure SIP Trunking to Avaya Customers
• Polycom and Digium Offer SIP-Based Telephony Solution for
  Small/Medium Business Market
• Auvi Adds Dual Mode Cordless Phone to VoIP Family
  Speaking SIP
• Peer-to-Peer SIP: More and Less Than You Think
   By J.D. Rosenberg
• 60 Second with Professor Carol Davids
   By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis

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