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May 2007 SIP Magazine
Volume 2 / Number 3
SIP Magazine May 2007 Issue
Publisher's Outlook
By Rich Tehrani
Editor's Note
By Richard Grigonis

As Rich Tehrani and TMC announced last month, SIP is becoming Unified Communications magazine. The premiere issue will appear in July. The new magazine will contain a section exclusively dedicated to SIP, and the same SIP columnists will be found there.


Feature Articles
• TMC Labs Review
   By Tom Keating

Powerful VoIP phone systems can be had at a much lower cost than five years ago. That is partially due to inexpensive open source solutions, such as Asterisk, which runs on Linux. Although Asterisk is a very popular IP PBX solution, because it runs on the Linux operating system, it may intimidate smaller businesses with limited or no Linux expertise.

• SIP and Open Source
   By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis
In recent years, open source telephony software has made as great an impact on the telecom scene as has Internet telephony itself. SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) are tantalized by the prospect of setting up a $900 to $2,500 IP PBX.

• Exploring Qos in SIP-Based Networks
   By Richard “Zippy” Grigonis
Since the dawn of VoIP, the chief concern of users has been Quality of Service (QoS), or the quality of a voice or video transmission. But what is this “quality”?

• ENUM and a Shared Regristry Infrastructure: Now Comes the Hard Part
   By Steve Granek
ENUM was developed as a set of IETF specifications to enable the Internet community to translate telephone numbers (PSTN addresses) into Internet addresses. When you hear people talking about “public ENUM,” this is what they mean.

Industry News

Damaka Peer-to-Peer SIP Software Platform Launches Dialln and DialWorld Features

Ploycom Expands VoIP Desktop Line

Amity Systems Intros Multimedia Conferencing and Broadcast Communication Platform

Adtran Simplifies Hosting of VoIP Apps for SMBs

Veterinary Supply Company Using BoardWare's SIPassure for Secure Remote Connectivity

ESI Announces Communications Server Family

'Fringsters' Can Now Use Any SIP Provider to Make Mobile VoIP Calls

Sipera Viper Lab Identifies SIP Vulnerabilities That Threaten VoIP

SPEC to Develop Standard Methods of Comparing SIP Server Performance

Mitel Delivers Direct SIP Connection to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  Unified Messaging

Acme Packet Certified with Veraz to Deploy VoIP, IMS

BandTel Brings SIP Trunking to Avaya DevConnect Program

OKI Develops CenterStage NX3200, the Industry's First Session Border
  Controller for NGN

Solegy's Managed PBX Solution Delivers Business VoIP Without the Hassle

InGate SIP Solutions Part of Level 3 VoIP Technology Alliance

4PSA VolpNow 1.4 Simplifies Hosted PBX Business

Arcosoft Intros VoIP Call Status Display Software

Aspect Enhances Contact Center Experience with SIP Trunking from BandTel

CounterPath adds PGP's Zfone Media Encryption to its VoIP Softphone Solutions



  Speaking SIP
• The Many Faces of Ice
  By J.D. Rosenberg
  Presence Enabled
• Think (Really, Really, Really) Big
  By Joe Hildebrand
• 60 Seconds with Pedro Quintas, Founder & CEO of COLLAB
  By Richard "Zippy" Grigonis




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