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May 2006
Volume 1 / Number 3
SIP Magazine Greg Galitizine
Greg Galitizine

SIP is truly a global phenomenon. Carriers from across the world are taking advantage of SIP as they upgrade their networks to better serve their customers.


Russian VoIP carrier Tario Communications (news - alert) recently announced that they have implemented the CommuniGate Pro Internet Communications platform from CommuniGate Systems. (news - alert)

Tario’s move was necessitated by the need to upgrade its internal network to meet the growing demands of serving its 300,000-strong customer base, while hosting over 60 million minutes of phone calls and messages. The carrier chose the CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster with SIP Farm, which in addition to providing five-nines reliability, redundancy, and scalability, enables Tario to allocate subscribers and telephony class of service based on traffic and regional geographic placement. The new system also provides the infrastructure for SIP trunking in addition to standards-based e-mail messaging.

Back to the good ol’ USA, and right to the heartland… Time Warner Telecom recently announced the successful installation of its SIP IP connections for VoIP services to Boise State University. Boise State University’s campus-wide deployment of VoIP technology over its existing Time Warner Telecom metro Ethernet service encompasses over 14,000 telephone numbers and 4,000 handsets making it one of the largest university VoIP deployments nationwide. Time Warner Telecom’s 20 MB SIP trunk service replaces existing T1s to boost bandwidth by nearly 20 percent, as well as allowing Boise State’s IT managers to connect directly to a VoIP PBX, thus enabling the retirement of six previously required gateways necessary to convert digital voice signals to IP protocol.

And Sawtel has decided to deploy Pactolus Communications’ (news - alert) SIPware Broadband Telephony (VoBB) over their commercial satellite and wireless telecommunications network serving customers on the island of Nassau, Bahamas. If nothing else, Sawtel (news - alert) is providing a showcase example of how to extend IP services across new networks and multi-network delivery paths. SIPware Broadband Telephony delivers the advanced Voice-over-IP services for converged voice, data and video service for Sawtel’s business and residential consumers.

SIPware services were selected for its capabilities, including prepaid billing, which enables Sawtel to serve all subscribers, be they successful businesses to individual consumers with, shall we say, “credit challenges.” The service is initially being provided to users all across Nassau, and will be successively offered to user populations around the world needing to overcome service accessibility, reliability, and economy barriers.

So it seems that no matter where you go in this world SIP has been there, and the natives have embraced it.

Greg Galitizine

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