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An Essential Tool

In an industry loaded with acronyms and confusion, it can sometimes be difficult to sort through the terminology to make sense of things.  To remedy this, TMC and Althos publishing recruited 15 telecom experts, each with specific knowledge of IP telephony technologies and business practices.  This team, together with input from over 1,025 other dedicated contributors gathered, added, and edited what are now the latest VoIP, telecom and data network terms and acronyms in use today.

Inside this IP Telephony Dictionary You'll Find:

  • Over 11,000 of the latest IP Telephony terms, definitions and acronyms

  • More than 4,520 of the latest VoIP terms and acronyms

  • 450+ diagrams and pictures to help explain complex terms

  • Includes directories of trade shows, magazines and associations to help you find additional information

  • A quick reference guide to world country codes

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