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Industry News
December 2000


Industry News

NetSpeak's Interconnect Gatekeeper Expands Globally
Release 3.0 of NetSpeak's iTEL platform enables the expansion and scaling of networks securely in order to capture a larger percentage of revenue worldwide for VoIP carriers, allowing carriers to connect into multiple domains and enabling secure connections with termination partners around the globe, as well as to partition their own networks.

Motorola Announces Vanguard 7300
Sitting at the edge of the corporate core, the Vanguard 7300 series offers flexible networking solutions that enable voice/data convergence and the ability to merge traffic onto a single network. Meeting Motorola's "Five Nines" initiative, the device offers the functionality of a router, switch, and voice gateway, and supports a variety of applications, due to the 7300's flexibility and scalability.

Performance Technologies Introduces IPNexus
The CPC388 octal T1/E1/J1 and CPC395 dual T3/DS3 adapters join the recently announced CPC4400 Embedded Ethernet Switch in Performance Technologies' IPNexus family of network access products. Supporting cPSB, PTI's embedded packet-switching backplane, which overlays an embedded Ethernet switching network on the CompactPCI frame, the IPNexus can satisfy your network needs.

IP Telephony For SIP-Based Services From 3Com
Simple IP Phones and a Client Service Platform allow service providers to offer enhanced features and services to end-user customers over IP-networks, helping customers to gain simple and reliable access to the information and services they need. Benefits include convergence of IP and telephone services, innovative user interfaces, mobility, dynamic phone personalization, and radically simple provisioning and management for business phone users.

RADVision Announces Development Of MEGAGO/H.248 Enabling Software
"MEGAGO/H.248 is a key underpinning technology that has evolved to address the needs of large-scale, global, IP-centric carrier networks," said Ami Amir, RADVision's CEO. "As a driving force behind the evolution of IP communications protocols, RadVision is in a unique position to assure our customers continued innovations to keep them at the forefront of the latest enabling technology developments."

Terayon's BandLeader Strikes Up Telephony Products
Terayon Communications Systems Inc. launched BandLeader, a new end-to-end VoIP platform for cable operators to transport carrier-class voice services over large-scale hybrid fiber coax networks. It provides a future-proof, complete end-to-end solution through a switched VoIP architecture that supports PacketCable, an evolving standard in the cable industry. Providing a gateway and the eMTA broadband telephony interface, BandLeader will have you singing over IP.

InnoMedia Reveals VoIP
The plug-and-play InfoAccel USB enables users to Place IP telephone calls and surf the Internet simultaneously. "Our InfoAccel USB device enables users to fully realize the flexibility and cost-efficiency of high-quality IP telephony technology, without the garbled sounds, echoes, or gaps that are typical of software-based VoIP applications," says Kai Wa Ng, CEO and founder of InnoMedia.

Aculab New VoIP PCI Card Provides The H.323 Gateway
Conversation-quality speech is now offered to computer telephony developers and integrators though Aculab's VoIP PCI card. Offering 60 channels with low latency, all in a single PCI slot, with the option of 60 E1/T1 channels via a daughter module, the PCI card uses an extension of Aculab's generic API, allowing developers to leverage VoIP through their existing applications.

Polycom, Inc.'s Desktop Video Appliances
Integrating a multimedia processor and a camera, Polycom's ViaVideo makes high-quality video communications from a PC affordable and easy to use. With a high-speed broadband network, DSL, or LAN, simply plug in the device and load the basic software to enable 30 frame-per-second video. "Having high-quality video on the desktop adds a whole new level to communications, since it gives you a way to catch the nuances of people's thoughts that you simply can't get in a conference call, on voice mail, or in e-mail," says Bob O'Donnell, research director, device technology for IDC.

Third-Party Call Center Applications Over Shoreline
Shoreline Communications has completed interoperability testing with several call center vendors, enabling customers to easily extend the boundaries of their call centers and distribute functionality over the Shoreline platform to agents located virtually anywhere on the customer's IP network. Allowing call-center matchmaking to ensure high-quality customer care, the Shoreline system will support up to 5,000 users across virtually any number of locations, all managed as a single integrated voice network.

BSQUARE Puts VoIP in Your Pocket
The Pocket PC in your hand (as well as other Windows CE-based devices) may now function as a digital two-way radio via an Internet connection. BInTouch brings the advantages of Internet calling to today's rapidly growing mobile society, creating new opportunities for wireless, Internet-based, real-time voice communicators by simply using a Pocket PC and a corporate LAN or Internet connection.

Natural MicroSystems' Yahoo! Coup d'Etat
With the help of Natural MicroSystems' voice processing platform, The Alliance Generation, Yahoo! will enable customers to hear the content of their e-mail messages via speech commands by using any standard telephone. NMS products are part of an open, scalable, extensible architecture which networking and communication equipment suppliers are leveraging to introduce voice-enabled offerings to market fast and at a low cost.

Continuous Computing Corp. Unveils upSuite Platform Software
upSuite, the new set of powerful software tools from Continuous Computing Corporation, includes five software modules, upBeat, upStart, upNetFS, upDisk, and upAgent, each built to provide framework for application development and fail-safe reliability once systems are deployed. Providing such VoIP platform software for telecom equipment manufacturers, Continuous Computing Corporation fulfills your VoIP needs.

Ericsson Enterprise Wireless LAN Provides Get Up And Go
Ericsson Enterprise
announces its line of Wireless LAN products to simplify and streamline communications for small and medium businesses, eliminating the need for wired connections and making innovative application uses possible by adding unprecedented flexibility to wired networks. Authentication and data encryption for enterprises and service providers allows users to access information and network resources as they attend meetings, collaborate with other users, or move to other locations. Using electromagnetic waves, the WLAN transmits and receives data over the air.

Rave Computer Introduces Three New Systems
The Rackmount 5U-AXmp, 2U-AXi-C, and 1U-AXe, three new systems offered by Rave Computer this fall, are designed for today's highly compute-intensive server challenges. Offering a variety of robust features, and fitting in a standard rack environment ready for distribution, these systems can be custom-configured to meet ISP needs.

Dialogic CT Media 2.0 Provides The Power And Flexibility Needed For Next-Gen Telecommunications
Version 2.0 of CT Media allows developers to create applications for both circuit and packet switched networks, or any combination of the two. CT Media enables applications from different suppliers to interoperate on a common converged communication server. New technologies can be added to the server without the need to change existing applications.

General Micro Systems Ships GigaHertz Dual Processor Boards
Based on Intel's new one-gigahertz processor, the Compact PCI Atlas-C and VMEbus Atlas-V provide built-in support for symmetric, and real-time asymmetric, multiprocessing, enabling the board's two processors to work together, in parallel, on the same program, transparent to the programmer and the application.

Teknor Offers cPCI-MXS64
cPCI-MXS64, an advanced CompactPCI system processor designed with a spectrum of high-availability features targeted at manufacturers of CTI servers, VoIP equipment, and broadband data or intelligent network switches, meets the demands of mission-critical datacom and telecom applications with hot-swap capability, dual Ethernet, LVDS SCSI-2, IPMI controller, lower power dissipation, and passive cooling.

net.com Hooks Brooktrout's TrxStream
The TrxStream Series TR2001 IP Telephony platform was selected for net.com's SHOUTIP Next-Gen open-programmable IP Telephony switching platform. The SHOUTIP platform provides an open architecture and distributed processing that enable service providers to build network infrastructures that are scalable and cost-effective, while supporting rapid deployment of enhanced services.

ComStruct EVRC Voice Coder Enables Faster CDMA Network Upgrades
Blue Wave Systems
has extended its support for Next-Gen wireless networks by integrating EVRC (enhanced variable rate codec), the latest voice coder for CDMA networks, into its FACT software framework, part of the ComStruct product line. EVRC compresses voice for transfer across the wireless network and its flexibility allows scaling of bandwidth according to the system load at any given time.

Silicon Spice Offers Something Nice: CALISTO
Silicon Spice
, which has recently been acquired by Broadcom Corporation, introduces CALISTO, a single-chip communications processor for carrier-class voice gateways, soft switches, and remote access concetrators/remote access servers. Providing over 3.3 GMACs of signal processing horsepower and 1.4 Mbytes of memory, which translates to 240 packet telephony channels on a single chip, Silicon Spice adds the flavor needed on your servers, gateways, and switches.

PointSpan Solution For Migration And Integration Of IP And Circuit-Switched Telephony
introduces PointSpan, its new enterprise voice communication solution that integrates and provides a cost-effective migration path for advanced circuit-switched communications and IP telephony. PointSpan allows an organization to bridge the gap between the current circuit-switched world and the evolving IP world without separate, side-by-side systems.

NEC's New IP Platform: NEAX 2400 IPX
Offering a business-defined migration path while retaining "communications without compromise," NEC's NEAX 2400 IPX is designed for enterprise businesses that are seeking to deploy IP telephony without compromising the functionality offered by existing PBX technology, providing the "next practical step for existing NEC customers who wish to migrate their systems to IP telephony," says Dale Grave, VP and general manager of NEC America, Inc., Corporate Networks Group.

Diversified Technology Introduces FTC610
The FTC610 is DTI's latest industrial CompactPCI platform, providing fault-tolerant support for a complete system comprising power, drives, cooling, and a card cage. Providing seven 6U expansion slots, H.110 CT support, auto sensing AC or �48V DC power input, one full height 5.25" bay and one floppy, internal support for up to two hard drives, support for four SCA SCSI drives, and a powerful cooling system, DTI's FTC60 supports your telecommunications needs.

General Bandwidth Embeds Softswitch Proxy Technology Into G6 Voice Gateway
Providing Class 5 derived VoB, softswitched VoB, unified Class 5 derived and softwitched VoB, and end-to-end packet VoB, the G6 is a highly adaptable device, which delivers a wide range of deployment options to service providers. Supporting both ATM and IP, the G6 provides for deployment across any network, regardless of type, topology, or application.

Nu Horizons Enters VoIP Market With voxbox IP Development Tool
The voxbox, Nu Horizon's system that enables network and telecom equipment providers to rapidly design and deploy VoIP solutions, is powered by Sun Microsystems' Compact PCI motherboard. The voxbox contains all the components necessary for immediate development of VoIP applications. The box also employs a Performance Technologies T1/E1/J1 WAN board and a Blue Wave Systems ComStruct DSP board.

VoiceAge Provides ACELP Technologies
Firetalk, Communities.com, and Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc. are all benefiting from VoiceAge Corporation's applications and products for the digital processing of voice and audio. VoiceAge provides interoperability, a bridge over Internet technology, and big picture potential through the use of the widely accepted ACELP technology, which is in widespread usage in Real Player and Microsoft Media Player.

PacketPort.com's Gateway, Integrated Access, And Soft Central Office Devices Now Available
, a provider of bundled services over broadband, provides IP telephony solutions and services for a wide range of telephony applications for the Internet, telecom, and other data networking industries based on the flexible packet gateway architecture. The products work in conjunction with existing DSLAMs to deliver bundled voice and data solutions.

Broadwing Adds VoIP To eClass Suite Of Services
With Broadwing's new VoIP offering, businesses can reduce their long-distance telephone costs between offices, and simplify network management, by using their existing wide-area data network for voice traffic. The introduction of this offering marks another milestone for Broadwing as it continues to deploy an end-to-end, all-optical network.

Tekelec Adds Protocol Support To velocity
Velocity, a next-gen diagnostic solution, has been enhanced to include protocol support for broadband services in the cable industry. Velocity is specifically designed to test and verify next-gen network technologies such as SS7, SS7 over ATM, general packet radio (GPRS), universal mobile telecommunications systems (UMTS), and IP.

Nortel Enables The Web To Talk
Nortel Networks
will use Ask Jeeves to enhance its own interactive customer relationship management in order to power "Ask Nortel Networks Global Customer Care On-Line," a tool to help customers visiting www.nortelnetworks.com find answers to questions regarding support for Nortel Networks Internet and communications solutions.

Go2Call Teams With iWon
announced it has formed a strategic alliance with leading destination portal iWon to provide free PC-to-phone calling to iWon members. The agreement enables users to place free calls to and within the U.S., Canada, and selected European countries. Using Go2Call's Web-based services, partners such as iWon have the ability to broaden their consumer offering, while increasing member loyalty and dwell time.

ipVerse Delivers Extensive Softswitch-Based Solutions For Service Providers
By providing end-to-end control of calls between Cisco's media gateways, ipVerse enables service providers to capitalize on both an advanced packet-based network and their existing circuit-based infrastructure. As a result, service providers are given the flexibility to offer both traditional voice services and integrated voice/data services that are not possible with their legacy voice networks.

Nuera Communications Demonstrates SIP/H.323 Interoperability
Carriers with H.323 networks will soon be able to migrate to the latest SIP-based networks and SIP-based clients with the ORCA Nuera Signaling Gateway from Nuera Communications, Inc. The open architecture of the ORCA NSG has been designed to support third-party applications, which will allow carriers to offer future SIP-based enhanced services, including Interactive Voice Response, clearinghouse services, pre-paid calling cards, unified messaging, conference calls, and automatic call delivery.

RiverDelta Announces RiverGuide
The RiverGuide Service Creation System, which automates the creation of IP services across the shared cable access network, enables network operators, or their revenue sharing partners such as ISPs or ASPs, to quickly define services and enable user self-provisioning and service management without increased management costs.

Hey Anita! Provides The Hostess With the Mostest
Ever have a waitress that not only knew how you liked your eggs, but was also a font of knowledge? Hey Anita! offers voice solutions for all companies wishing to add an order of voice-enabled technology to their business and be served in a cost-effective, effecient manner. Hey Anita! offers an end-to-end solution that includes advanced voice recognition technology, a rich user interface, and a platform that requires developers to write applications only once for use on any hardware platform, in a programming language of their choice.

HotVoice Communications Suite Launched
Offering IP telephony, Web-talk, instant messaging, and unified messaging in a single complete package, HotVoice Communications Suite allows businesses to communicate regardless of the communication device, connection mechanism, or geographical location. By dissolving the boundaries between different platforms, devices, languages, economic classes, and geo-political borders, HotVoice allows ISPs and Web sites the opportunity to empower businesses and individuals with an integrated communication service.

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