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Industry News
November 2001


TollBridge Proves Interoperability With Five Vendors
The TB300 Gateway from TollBridge has tested for interoperability with the ADC Cudea 12000 CMTS and Edge Router, the Arris Telecommunications Cuda 1000 and PacketPort MTA, the Cadant C4 CMTS, the Motorola DCM 2000 CMTS, CG 4500E, and SB3500 MTAs; and the Tellabs CABLESPAN CVM410 embedded MTA. As of September, the TB300 had just begun trials and deployments.
www.tollbridgetech.com / 408.585.2100

Delta Protocol Test Solutions Offers Enhancement For VoIP Call Generator
Delta Protocol Test Solutions has made available a Gatekeeper registration utility for use with its VoIPCall Generator product. Now being delivered to major VoIP equipment manufacturers and service providers, the utility further supports the high demand for expanded testing and evaluation of products for VoIP product manufacturers and next-gen service providers.
www.delta-info.com / 215.657.5270

Connex International Introduces MeetNow Web
Connex International announces the addition of MeetNow Web to its existing line of reservationless services, offering the ability to Web conference and archive the event. The new service gives users a range of options that will let them produce effective and exceptional meetings over the Web. It is designed for any meeting where users need to communicate ideas, product information, training review sessions, weekly sales results, and corporate financials -- and communicate the information to participants quickly across the country and the world. With the ability to incorporate visuals, users can enhance the conference with their slide presentations
www.connexintl.com / 800.426.6639

Streaming21 And EDS Offer Real-Time Video And Audio
Streaming21 has announced that it is teaming up with EDS to offer its clients next-gen streaming technology solutions, enabling users to transmit and play digital video and audio over the Internet and broadband networks without having to wait until a file is downloaded. "We believe the marketplace for broadband e-services is just in its early phases, with tremendous growth potential," says Joe Sindelar, VP of marketing and portfolio management for EDS.
www.streaming21.com / 408.866.8080

Kontron Communications New Family Of CompactPCI PSB Platforms
The Xtreamlink family of CompactPCI packet-switched backplane platform solutions have been launched by Kontron Communications. As a PICMG member, Kontron now offers a whole new spectrum of platforms that exploit both the robustness of CompactPCI and the growing dominance of IP and Ethernet for next-gen network applications in the telecommunications and Internet infrastructure markets.
www.kontron.com / 952.974.7000

Texas Instruments 600 MHz DSPs
The first devices based on the TMX320C64x DSP core, which combines high-performance and low power-consumption, have started customer development. Operating at up to 600 MHz and consuming less than one watt of power, the new devices deliver up to ten times the performance in wireless and broadband applications and up to 15 times the performance in advanced imaging applications, with one third the power dissipation of other single core DSPs.
www.ti.com / 800.336.5236

Yipes Announces Nationwide Availability Of Instantly Scalable Bandwidth
Yipes Communications has announced the availability of Yipes NOW, a feature giving customers the ability to instantly adjust their bandwidth via a secure Web interface. Yipes NOW meets the requirements of customers whose bandwidth needs vary for unscheduled applications such as data recovery, video collaboration, software testing, or data analysis. Customers get the bandwidth they need, when they need it, with no new equipment, no new lines, and no need to call a service representative.
www.yipes.com / 415.901.2000

Network Photonics Unveils CrossWave Switching Technology
The Crosswave switching technology from Network Photonics enables the dynamic switching of DWDM wavelengths by integrating demultiplexing, switching, and multiplexing into a single, purely photonic operation. This results in much lower cost and space requirements by eliminating the need for external DWDM multiplexers and repeated OEO conversions. The key to CrossWave's unique design lies in the tight integration of one dimensional MEMS and a wavelength dispersive element.
www.networkphotonics.com / 303.440.7887

Pactolus Introduces Carrier-Class SIPWare Services
Pactolus Communication Software, Inc., has introduced SIPware Services, an application suite consisting of SIPware Prepaid Calling Card, SIPware Calling Card, and SIPware Conference Calling. For service providers with TDM enhanced services platforms already in place, the SIPware Services suite offers a way for them to cap their legacy platform investments and migrate to next-gen network elements.
www.pactolus.com / 508.616.0901

Sitara Demystifies QoS Management
Sitara Networks has announced two new versions of QoSDirector, a fully integrated central policy management platform. QoSDirector Gold edition provides enterprises with a complete solution to run baseline network reports and deploy QoS policies across their entire network. QoSDirector Platinum edition builds on the functionality in the Gold version by adding open APIs and billing system support to integrate into service provider and large enterprise environments.
www.sitaranetworks.com / 888.748.2720

Denwa Communications Announces SIP-Based Voice Services For Service Providers
Denwa Communications has announced a commercially available IP voice communications service based on SIP technology. Denwa's new service extends SIP-based VoIP capabilities to a wide range of customers, from ISPs to retail users. For ISPs and other wholesale providers, these solutions offer multiple revenue streams, and a value-added service it can offer its customers, including toll-quality, voice communications.
www.denwa.com / 703.691.0330

Octave Unveils Mobility Applications
New mobility applications, MeetAbout, which enable wireless carriers and service providers to offer enterprises and consumers a host of new subscription services for instant group communications, have been made available by Octave Communications. MeetAbout utilizes Octave hardware and software to allow any mobile phone user to instantly start speaking with multiple members of a buddy list via an "always-on, always available" conference room.
www.octavecomm.com / 603.459.5200

Kagoor and dynamicsoft Partner Over SIP Solutions
Kagoor Networks is working with dynamicsoft to deliver SIP-based solutions for VoIP traffic management. The relationship with dynamicsoft furthers Kagoor's overall strategy -- to partner with leading gateway and softswitch companies to ensure the adoption and large-scale deployment of Kagoor's technology by carriers and service providers. Kagoor's VoiceFlow, a VoIP traffic management platform, combined with dynamicsoft's products, delivers a complete solution for SIP.
www.kagoor.com / 650.572.7200
www.dynamicsoft.com / 973.952.5000

Telcontar's New Drill Down Server
Telcontar has announced the new version of its Drill Down server, a software platform for location-based services, offering support for real-time traffic information, multiple address query matching capabilities, and enhanced map image interface, as well as improved matching of street names, intersections, and addresses in different map databases. The product enables a variety of location-based applications including those for cell phones, call centers, workstations, Internet browsers, PDAs, and in-vehicle telematics units.
www.telcontar.com / 408.294.8400

Ameritec Introduces Availability Of Signal-To-Noise Ratio Measurements In VoP3 Test Suite
Ameritec has announced the availability of its newest VoP3 test suite, which contains the ability for Signal-To-Noise Ratio measurements, spurious noise detection, and path confirmation in a packet-switched network for its analog and digital models of AM2 Niagra, AM2S Squirt, and Crescendo Network Load Generators. Signal-to-noise ratio measurements have long been a standard-quality assessment for traditional circuit-switched networks to evaluate the ratio of signal energy to the total energy on the circuit, which directly impacts the subscribers listability and the clarity of the circuit.
www.ameritec.com / 626.915.5441

Technoland Introduces TL-SBC 8000
Technoland, a leading industrial PC solutions provider and systems integrator, has announced the release of an Intel 845 Pentium 4 PICMG SBC, the TL-SBC-8000. It comes with ATI Mobility M6 VGA controller to offer 4X AGP 8MB/16MB embedded DDR RAM for TMDS, LVDS, CRT, and TV-out displays support. Other features on-board are optional dual-ethernet, and ICH2 audio with optional AC97 and external connector.
www.technoland.com / 800.292.4500

VistaNext On-Demand Service Assurance Solution From InfoVista
InfoVista has unveiled VistaNext, a solution that will expand the company's service level management product offering. Including the VistaPortal Standard Edition, the InfoVista Runtime, and Powerview, the new on-demand, real-time performance-reporting manager component. VistaNext, and PowerView specifically address the NOC requirements in a totally new way by offering network performance reports on demand," said Serge Genetet, VP, Solutions and Delivery Organization for InfoVista.
www.infovista.com / 410.997.4470

Laurel Networks Announces Multiservice Over MPLS Solution
Laurel's Multiservice over MPLS solution is being touted as the first to enable service providers to offer switched services as well as IP services on a common edge routing platform. Implemented on the recently announced St200 service edge router, Laurel's solution enables service providers to offer ATM, Frame Relay, and Ethernet private line services, as well as Internet access, transit, peering, and virtual private networks, on a common platform.
www.laurelnetworks.com / 412.809.4200

Avaya's IP Office Brings Big-Business IP Networking To The Little Guys
Avaya has announced a new converged voice and data communications solution, Avaya IP Office, that gives small and mid-sized enterprises the robust networking and communications applications that large companies are using to drive sales results and improve communications, such as unified messaging, contact center services, and IP telephony.
www.avaya.com / 800.784.6104

Siemens SIP Desktop Phones To Leverage Broadsoft Services
Siemens Enterprise Networks LLC, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, and BroadSoft, Inc., announced that BroadSoft has successfully completed interoperability testing between BroadSoft's BroadWorks service delivery system and Siemens optiPoint 100 advance SIP telephone. Service providers using BroadSoft's award-winning service delivery system can now offer Siemens highly reliable and globally distributed IP phones as a part of their complete voice over IP offering. Interoperability between BroadSoft's BroadWorks and Siemens optiPoint 100 advance telephone broadens access choices available to enterprises and furnishes service providers with the means to rapidly deliver new telephony services for expanded market penetration.
www.broadsoft.com / 301.977.9440
www.icn.siemens.com /

Telcordia Softswitch Now Available With SIP Support
The Telcordia Call Agent, a Class 5 softswitch, provides voice services over Internet Protocol (IP) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. The enhanced Telcordia Call Agent will initially support SIP-based applications for emerging PC to PSTN and PSTN to PC applications. The release supports third-party call control applications for PC control of telephone features such as directory features, calling name delivery and call initiation. In addition, third-party call control can be initiated from Internet servers for click-to-dial applications and from wireless PDAs. Future releases of SIP-enabled softswitches will include support for SIP-T to enable softswitch-to-softswitch handoffs and support for SIP-enabled Application Servers.
www.telcordia.com / 973.829.2000

AT&T Broadens Voice Over IP Portfolio For Global Enterprises
AT&T has expanded its voice over IP (VoIP) portfolio for business by announcing VoIP connectivity for AT&T Managed Data Network Services in more than 40 countries. The new service, AT&T Managed Data Network Services (MDNS) with VoIP, compresses voice calls into prioritized IP packets and routes them throughout each company's virtual private network (VPN) on the AT&T Global Network. For MDNS customers, AT&T manages the network, access, and on-premises routers to meet a demanding set of service standards. The VoIP feature is now generally available to MDNS customers. The service currently handles on-net to on-net voice and fax calls -- those made from one enterprise VPN site to another -- with additional features planned for the future.

TeleData To Introduce Linux-Based Voice Messaging Solution
TeleData Technology, Inc., announced that it would ship in August the first commercially available voice messaging solution based entirely on the Linux
operating system. The current state of the industry has generally employed the proprietary and older DOS or OS/2 operating systems, with Windows NT only recently becoming a more common way to power voice processing software. The Linux platform now offered by TeleData Technology will quickly advance many of the applications, particularly mobility applications such as unified messaging and communications services, which have become important to the market.
www.teledatatechnology.com / 913.663.2010

Spirent Announces TCP/IP Performance Testing Over Dial-Up
The Abacus test system from Spirent Communications now accommodates performance testing of TCP/IP traffic over dial-up connections. With a single Abacus system, manufacturers of media gateways, remote access servers, and routers can test the capability of passing modem data over 300 dial-up connections. The addition of the MRG plug-in card enables any channel on Abacus to generate modem calls, establish a PPP session using CHAP or PAP authentication, perform the PING application to any IP address, and download or upload binary files using FTP.
www.spirent.com / 44.0.1293.767676

NMS Communications Chosen By Empirix For Testing
NMS Communications has announced that Empirix, provider of test and monitoring solutions for Web, voice and data applications, has selected NMS' voice platforms for use in its recently introduced Hammer Transport and Hammer Universal Port with Modem test products. The two companies have enjoyed a long-standing relationship; Empirix is heavily using standard NMS technology across the Hammer line of voice and network test equipment, as well as retaining NMS for several successful consulting engagements.
www.nmscommunications.com / 800.533.6120
www.empirix.com / 781.993.8500

Minerva And NovaMedia Bring Video To Iceland
Minerva Networks, a leading provider of carrier-class video networking solutions that enable the delivery of broadcast-quality interactive television and video services over broadband networks today announced that NovaMedia selected Minerva's IP Television solution to deliver rich media services to Reykjavik's population of 200,000 residences. NovaMedia will utilize the country's widespread fiber network to deliver an extensive lineup of broadcast-quality live television channels and true video-on-demand (VOD) over an entirely IP-based infrastructure." IP Television will be enormously successful in Iceland. Today, our citizens have access to so few television channels that it is not surprising we are by far the most active moviegoers in the world," said Halldor Axelsson, chairman at NovaMedia.
www.minervanetworks.com / 408.567.6400

NBX Unified Communications Apps From 3Com
3Com Corporation has unveiled the 3Com NBX Unified Communications application to give business customers universal access to voice, fax, and
e-mail messages from virtually any communication device. The NBX Unified Communications application enables business users to access all of their messages from a variety of common communication devices, such as telephone, cell phone, Web client, or PC, regardless of the message media type. For example, using the built-in speech recognition and text-to-speech, users can listen and reply to e-mails and voice mails, direct fax messaging, and respond to all communications more quickly and efficiently.
www.3com.com / 408.326.5000

ipVerse Extends Support For Cisco's New Gateways
ipVerse, a leading supplier of open softswitch solutions bridging voice and packet-based networks, has successfully completed interoperability with the Cisco Systems "Any Service, Any Port (ASAP)" architecture for its AS5000 series of universal gateways and ipVerse's signaling and call control platform, ControlSwitch, in ipVerse's advanced testing labs. Working in tandem with Cisco's universal port products, ControlSwitch's softswitch applications enable service providers to extend the life of their existing Remote Access Servers to offer VoIP services. Having already completed interoperability with a wide range of Cisco products, including Integrated Access Devices (IADs) and media gateways, ipVerse and Cisco continue to work closely to provide converged voice-data solutions for service providers.
www.ipverse.com / 408.952.5400

Pentair Introduces New NEBS-Ready CompactPCI System
The new ProSeries 9U/Eight Slot CompactPCI system from Pentair, ideal for high availability telecom applications, is fully compatible with IEE 1101.10, 1101.11, and CompactPCI. The system accepts eight 6U x 160mm cards, in addition to an 8HP CPU, from the front and eight 6U x 80 rear transition cards. It also features an eight-slot CompactPCI hot-swap compliant backplane with all slots on 4HP centers.
www.pentair.com / 651.636.7920

Two New IP Enhancements From Broadwing
Broadwing Communications has announced two enhancements to its Dedicated Internet Access Services: Web-based Customer Network Management Tools and Proactive Monitoring/Notification, giving customers performance visibility and insight into their IP traffic usage patterns and network activities. Broadwing's Customer Network Management (CNMS) Tools for Dedicated Internet Access Service provide Web-based Network Performance Reports and Trouble Ticketing Tools. The Performance Reports capture network availability, core packet loss, core roundtrip latency, customer circuit traffic utilization distribution, customer port peak throughput, and customer port accumulated volume on a rolling daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The reports were created to provide a secure view with single sign-on access for current and historical trended traffic and SLA performance activities on the Broadwing IP Backbone Network.
www.broadwing.com / 800.BROADWING

I-Bus/Phoenix Introduces The C08xx Line of CompactPCI Enclosures
The C08xx line of CompactPCI enclosures from I-bus/Phoenix currently consists of the C0814 and C0877, which combine superior thermal design and the latest in PICMG electronics standards to offer the highest density standard product on the market today. The C09xx family of NEBS compliant enclosures also includes three individually hot-swappable blowers and a hot-swappable fan array in a redundant push-pull configuration, optional PICMG 2.9 IPMI compliant system monitoring controller, optional PICMG 2.16 compliant backplane, and AC/DC single/dual input power supplies.
www.ibus-phoenix.com / 858.503.3000

Legerity And Clare Team For VoB Solutions
Legerity, a proven communication IC company, and Clare, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-voltage integrated circuits (ICs) for the communications market, today announced a collaborative agreement to deliver turnkey telecommunications reference design solutions based on Legerity's voice connectivity chipsets and Clare's communication ICs. These solutions will comply with worldwide telephony standards and speed time-to-market for traditional voice applications, as well as emerging voice over broadband (VoB) system designs.
www.legerity.com / 512.228.5400

Code Technologies Chooses Paradigm For Location Based Services
As part of the master agreement between the two companies, PowerLOC will sell to CTI its proprietary vehicle location devices (VLDs) and will also make available to CTI use of its L-BIZ Tracker Server until such time that CTI acquires its own server. PowerLOC's technology will be used by CTI to provide their customers with enhanced vehicle security and road assistance services through CTI's response centers, the precise location and status of the vehicles via the Internet. PowerLOC's L-BIZ Tracker Server technology offers mapping, fleet management, customer care, billing, and wireless network access and Internet connectivity to their users.
www.guidepointsystems.com / 800.372.6843
www.powerlock.com / 905.764.3701

Artesyn Communications Enhances PM/PPC With RTOS Solution From Green Hills
Artesyn Communications Products has enhanced its popular PowerPC-based PMC card module with the addition of feature-rich operating system support from Green Hills Software. Green Hills has added support from Artesyn's PC/PPC to its INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System. With the addition of this system, Artesyn enhances the catalog of feature-rich operating system support available. The Artesyn PM/PPC is a complete real-time computer solution in a very compact, industry standard form factor. It is designed to allow communication equipment manufacturers to add compute functionality to a baseboard, such as a WAN I/O or ATM interface board, and provide the localized horsepower necessary for applications such as protocol processing, data filtering, or I/O management.
www.artesyncp.com / 800.831.5500

Netopia To Acquire Cayman Systems
"We are pleased to combine the talents of two great organizations. With its reliable and well-respected products, Cayman has developed an impressive portfolio of strong customer relationships with leading ILECs and cable companies throughout the United States," said Alan Lefkof, Netopia's President and CEO. "The combination of Cayman and Netopia will enhance our ability to sell more products to a broader range of carriers and service providers worldwide."
www.netopia.com / 510.814.5100

SAN Valley Systems Offers SL1000 IP-SAN Gateway
SAN Valley's wire-speed FC over IP SAN technology, available in the SL1000 IP-SAN Gateway, was proved to work interoperably within the Extreme Network's pavilion at Networld + Interop. SAN Valley delivers seamless connectivity of fibre channel SAN resources across metropolitan and wide area networks, and is designed to be fully interoperable with today's leading storage and networking products.
www.sanvalley.com / 408.559.6888

Avaya Unveils Full Color, Large-Display IP Screen Phone
Avaya has introduced a new IP-telephone equipped with a full-color, touch-sensitive screen that clearly displays Web content, call status, directory data, and other information. The Avaya 4630 IP Screenphone is designed for access to most information available on the Internet, such as corporate Web sites, airline flight status, financial data, corporate directories, and hospitality reservations in graphical form. The phone enters customer trials in October and is slated for general availability in mid-December. The price will be $995.
www.avaya.com / 908.953.6000

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