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Taqua�s OCX is a next generation Class 5 platform. Based on a patented �Multiple Application Switching Platform and Method,� the OCX incorporates softswitch, signaling, and media gateway functionality on a single-card design. The OCX incorporates a core set of revenue generating CLASS and custom calling features, as well as essential network and regulatory requirements including LNP, AIN, AMA, GR-303, SS7, PRI, CAS, E911, and CALEA. The OCX is complemented by OpenManager, a GUI-based element management system.
Purpose-built to create a new model for delivering local and toll telecommunications services, the OCX is based on a software and hardware architecture designed to transform legacy proprietary and centralized switching environments into open, distributed, scalable, and cost effective next-generation networks. Scaling from 32 (including copper line terminations) to 40,000 lines (via GR-303 Concentration) in a single 17.5� X 24.5� shelf, the OCX reduces initial and overall cost of ownership providing carriers with a clear circuit-to-packet migration.

Converged Local Exchange
Gluon Networks

The Compact Local Exchange is a compact and powerful next generation broadband Class 5 local switch. It integrates key network elements and functions found in a central office environment into a single compact system, including voice and DSL physical access, voice and data switching, circuit-to-packet interworking, signaling and advanced voice and data services.

The CLX in a cap and grow strategy, or direct replacement of an existing legacy switch, is designed to provide all the necessary features to immediately begin the move to a next-generation packet-based architecture. It simplifies the service provisioning process, operations and maintenance, and improves survivability (lifeline service) in emergency standalone situations. In addition to complying with federally mandated capabilities such as CALEA, LNP, and E911, the CLX fully supports revenue generating legacy Class 5 services, including Custom Local Area Signaling Services (CLASS), GR-303, TR-08 and even direct host or remote-based copper termination for plain old telephone service (POTS).

Packet Telephony Solution
Veraz Networks

Veraz�s Packet Telephony Solution is based on the ControlSwitch softswitch platform and the I-Gate 4000 line of high-density media gateways. The open and standards-based platform provides the foundation for deployment of multiple applications such as traditional toll/ tandem switching, domestic and international long distance, VoIP trunking, as well as enhanced services such as IP Centrex, local voice services, and converged voice-data services.

Establishing itself as a leading open platform, the Packet Telephony Solution with proven support for multi-vendor solutions is driving some of the largest carrier-class VoIP deployments in the market. With its open, multi-protocol interfaces to media devices, application servers and back-office systems, the ControlSwitch acts as an operating system for the new public network, empowering service providers to rapidly deploy new revenue-generating services while the I-Gate media gateways provide high-density, toll quality voice in mixed PSTN and VoIP deployments.

Flash Horizon Inc.

iSwitch is a software solution for signaling, media transfer, and managing VoIP traffic. Benefits of using Flash Horizon�s new iSwitch include Least Cost Routing, generation of CDRs and call statistics to various destinations, Web interface for viewing CDRs and other account information, a proxy feature that enables gateways without RAS support to be used for service provision, and the ability to work as a full-fledged H.323 RAS gatekeeper and an easy to use interface for configuration and management.

Billing functionality is enabled using Flash Horizon�s iBravo! Billing System 4.0 ITSP version, which supports Pre-paid and Post-paid billing modes. Customers and callers can view their balances and CDRs remotely via the iSwitch�s Web interface.

Applications include:

� Clearinghouses;
� Enterprise H.323 IP PBX Systems;
� Termination services using small Gateways locally;
� Callshops; and
� PC-to-phone and Web-to-phone services.

Also, a hosted/on-site iSwitch provides an option for customers to leverage the power and functionality of iSwitch solutions with Flash Telco, Inc.�s termination services.

VocalTec Essentra Softswitch
VocalTec Communications, Ltd.

VocalTec�s Essentra is a comprehensive, scalable, carrier-grade, SIP-based softswitch architecture for International Long Distance (ILD) and National Long Distance (NLD) core network services as well as enhanced services such as VoIP VPN, calling card, IP Centrex and hosted PBX services.

VocalTec�s Essentra enables seamless mediation of services between PSTN/SS7 and next generation networks; offers high-quality voice services, carrier grade reliability, and maximum service flexibility; and reduces operational and capital expenditures. Multiple protocol support and protocol interworking for MGCP, MEGACO/H.248, SIP, SIP-T, H.323, SS7, PRI, IUA, and SIGTRAN enables the flexible creation of new services, facilitates peering and minimizes deployment costs. With a SIP-based service integration layer, service/routing logic and network complexity can be �hidden� from the networking layer, simplifying network management. State-of-the-art redundancy and fail-over mechanisms at all levels ensure high availability and network performance.

VOISS Application Suite

VOISS is a software-based hosted IP telephony solution on an open hardware platform that enables service providers to reliably and cost-effectively deliver voice-over-IP (VoIP) services. It includes a complete set of PBX features and multiple integrated enhanced applications that service providers can easily implement for significant revenue opportunities. Whether configured to deliver line-side hosted business solutions, business trunking, and/or residential solutions, the VOISS product suite offers a flexible and cost-effective solution and a rapid time to market. The unique partitioning and administration capabilities enable the solution to be quickly rolled out with customized service environments to each enterprise customer. When service requirements extend beyond the VOISS application suite, VocalData has the tools to efficiently develop brand new custom applications.

VOISS offers a range of market solutions to service providers for serving markets from residential customers to sophisticated business customers with reliable, full-featured VoIP in three feature packages. These feature packages are easily implemented in combination to suit a customer�s communication requirements, and implemented in a service provider or a wholesale/retail business model.

MetaSwitch VP3500

The award-winning MetaSwitch VP3500 is the industry�s first true Next Generation Class 5 Switch, combining traditional Class 5 capabilities such as 95+ CLASS/Centrex features and support for POTS lines, with advanced ATM and IP broadband voice capabilities and enhanced subscriber services.

For next generation service providers looking for a competitive edge, the MetaSwitch VP3500 opens up a host of new opportunities to reduce expenses and generate new business. Legacy POTS subscribers can be supported by a compact, low-power chassis that is easy to deploy and manage. For carriers migrating from an existing Class 5, signaling links can be shared between the old and new switch, enabling a steady, seamless migration.

The VP3500 unlocks the potential of carriers� broadband networks, whether ATM or IP based, by delivering broadband voice services natively from the switch. With no additional voice gateway, the network is simplified and unnecessary packet-TDM conversions are removed, improving voice quality. Existing legacy POTS subscribers can continue to be serviced from the same switch. With new calling features and advanced VoIP services, the VP3500 creates new markets and revenue opportunities. And since these services can be delivered from the same switch as traditional POTS lines, deployment is easy and the network architecture is simplified.

Cirpack Super Node

CIRPACK Super Node is a multi-shelf public telephony switch that can be configured for Class-4 or Class-5 services. It can manage up to five million BHCA and 6,000 E1 to meet operators� demand for very large nodes. CIRPACK Super Node also provides native support for IP and ATM protocols to connect any local loop to any core network.

The Super Node Call control is handled by the CIRPACK HVS Softswitch, which is developed in partnership with IBM. The CIRPACK HVS Softswitch (for High Velocity Softswitch) is based on a high-availability IBM server capable of handling up to five million BHCA (Busy Hour Call Attempts) by just adding more CPUs, rather than having to commit large sums in advance. This is probably the most powerful Softswitch system available today.

The HVS provides advanced Class-4 Transit and Class-5 Local Exchange services over any ATM, IP, and TDM networks connected to CIRPACK Media/Signaling Gateways. It supports all local ISDN and SS7 signaling protocol variants, as well as NGN protocols such as MGCP and SIP to replace the largest legacy TDM transit and local exchange switches at a fraction of the costs while offering native support for VoDSL, VoIP, VoWLL, VoCable, ISDN BRI and PRI.

The Converged Services Platform (CSP)
Excel Switching Corporation

The Converged Services Platform (CSP) is the product of Excel Switching Corporation, a leading provider of carrier class, open services platforms for original equipment manufacturers, value added resellers, and self-developing service providers worldwide.

The CSP is the first open services platform to address carriers� needs for profitable applications by bridging existing wired and wireless networks, as well as next-generation IP networks. The inherent nature of the CSP�s open platform enables application developers to quickly and easily create new services for service provider�s customers, thus boosting overall profitability.

The CSP adapts to many different communications environments taking on a variety of roles in the network, including softswitch, service node, media gateway, voice switch, media server, application server, and registration server. The CSP provides an open environment for service creation including data, voice and multimedia services.

Insignus Softswitch
Sonus Networks

Sonus Networks offers the Insignus Softswitch, a modular softswitch supporting a range of wireline and wireless applications such as trunking, residential access and Centrex, tandem switching, and IP voice termination, as well as enhanced services. The Insignus Softswitch logically groups softswitch functionality into modules including the PSX Policy Server, the ASX Access Server, the SGX SS7 Gateway and the GSX-GC Gateway Controller; these modules can be centralized or deployed on a regional or global basis. The Insignus supports key industry-standard protocols, such as SIP, SIP-T, H.323 and MGCP. The Insignus also supports nearly 30 different international signaling variants, in addition to international versions of ISDN PRI and CAS, and has been homologated in approximately 30 countries. Sonus� Insignus Softswitch is deployed in major service provider networks around the world and currently drives more than five billion minutes of voice traffic per month over these networks.


Tekelec�s now and next-generation switch, SanteraOne, is a carrier-grade integrated voice and data switching solution that can be deployed as a unit or in a distributed architecture. The switch, which has been listed as an approved product for purchase with financing from the Rural Utilities Service, delivers full-feature IXC Tandem, Class 4/5, PRI Offload, packet/cell switching and Voice over Broadband services on a single platform. SanteraOne has both circuit (TDM) and packet switching fabrics, such as ATM, Frame Relay, and IP, and supports all of the regulatory requirements of a legacy system, including LNP, CALEA, and E911. SanteraOne is comprised of the Open Feature Exchange, which includes a media gateway controller, signaling gateway, and an applications server; the SanteraOne Broadband Office Exchange, which is a high-density media gateway; and the SanteraOne element management system (NetScan) that delivers common GUI-based management of the complete system.

SanteraOne has been listed as an approved product by the RUS, which provides carriers with low-interest financing. Additionally, Tekelec offers SanteraOne RS, a next-generation switch with a smaller media gateway for independent and rural carriers, and SanteraOne ESA, an emergency backup softswitch that gives carriers with remote systems the ability to continue carrying traffic in cases of a fiber cut between the host and the remote systems.

MERA Networks
MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch

MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch is designed to be a core session controlling element in the network of a VoIP provider. It allows significant simplification of the net structure, added efficiency, and security. Deployment of MVTS allows the provider to attain the following:

� Material facilitation of the net administration and buildup (new gateways are registered with MVTS only);
� New flexible traffic concentration and routing capabilities (including dynamic routing, gateway load balancing);
� Solution to the interoperability problem for a collection of different H.323 and SIP equipment;
� One-point authorization and accounting according to the RADIUS standard;
� Concealment of the network structure;
� Setting up and administration of corporate customer VPNs with their individual dialing plans;
� A reliable high-performance and readily controllable system.

Telica PLUS
Telica, Inc.

The Telica Plexus Unified Service Architecture (PLUS) raises the bar for existing softswitches with its unparalleled scalability, open standards support, and flexibility to implement the major elements of a packet-based network architecture � signaling gateway, media gateway controller, and media gateways in either a fully distributed or integrated deployment. This architecture supports numerous communication solutions for wireless and wireline networks. The class adaptiveness of the PLUS Architecture enables service providers to leverage their investment by implementing a single solution today and adding other solutions to the same platform without new investment. The PLUS Architecture leverages Telica�s robust industry-proven Plexus 9000 platform. The Plexus 9000 supplies the capabilities service providers require to stay ahead: broadband capability, packet telephony, call control, data and voice termination, PSTN to optical packet network integration and service intelligence. Designed for central office installation, the Plexus 9000 is NEBS-certified and connects with current OSS processes and tools to preserve existing back office investments.

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