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Industry News
October 2001


VCON And Coreexpress Team For Video Conferencing Solution
VCON and Coreexpress have announced an agreement that will enable VCON resellers to provide business customers with a high-performance, scalable, and reliable video conferencing solution that extends from the boardroom to every employee's PC. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will engage in co-marketing and sales-support initiatives for VCON resellers.
www.vcon.com / 972.9.9590059
www.coreexpress.net / 877.317.7512

Phonetics Offers Infrastructure Monitoring System IMS-4000
The IMS-4000 from Phonetics has the ability to simultaneously monitor both the network environment and IP devices, automatically sending alarm messages to remote personnel. Through the IMS-4000's comprehensive infrastructure-wide monitoring, information technology managers can react to interruptions in the network before it's too late, enhancing system availability and preventing loss of unrecoverable business productivity caused by system failure.
www.sensaphone.com / 610.558.2700

Qwest To Support Telera's Voice Web Platform
Telera's Voice Web platform for enhanced services will be adopted
by national carrier Qwest Communications, and will enable the service provider to quickly and easily offer Web-based telephony services to business customers looking for the best way to serve callers. Telera allows Qwest to leverage its existing networks to deliver additional revenue-generating customer service capabilities. The Qwest Web Contact Center, which is offered in two packages (Web Connect and Qwest Web Connect &Route), is a Web-driven platform that routes and processes voice apps, enabling businesses to significantly reduce operation costs.
www.telera.com / 408.626.6800

Minerva Networks Selected By Competisys
IP Television systems designed by Minerva Networks will be rolled out by Competisys in American Canyon homes being developed by Schuler Homes. The installation of the Competisys HomeStream system featuring the Headend will bundle voice, video, and data over direct Gig-E fiber-to-the-home. Minerva's IP Television Headend is the central point of subscriber management, media aggregation, and distribution of video services over high-speed broadband IP networks.
www.minervanetworks.com / 408.567.9400

VoicePump Announces New Low-Cost VoIP Applications
VoicePump's new VP110 and VP120 voiceband processing engines for low-density VoIP gateways and IADs are optimized for one- and two-port applications and are pin-to-pin compatible with the VP 140. A variety of speech coding and telephony applications are configurable on a per-channel basis via the flexible host-processor interface protocol.
www.voicepump.com / 408.986.4300

RADCOM And SHUNRA Develop New System Development Options
In deal to join forces to incorporate SHUNRA's Internet simulation technology with RADCOM's integrated VoIP system performance solutions, the combination of the strengths of SHUNRA's WAN emulation solutions, with the cross-measurement capabilities of RADCOM'S VoIP Performer solution, will be realized, providing a fully integrated solution that uses the Performer's central console to emulate the behavior of complex, multi-node IP networks and measures the resultant effects of dynamic routing on IP-based devices and applications.
www.radcom-inc.com / 201.518.0033
www.shunra.com / 201.634.8787

interWAVE Extends Global Wireless Vision
interWAVE Communications International, a cellular network infrastructure pioneer, has announced its enhanced vision to bring communications to unreached markets with a powerful combination of wireless broadband and scalable GSM networks. With the introduction of the new WaveNet wireless broadband product line from Wireless, Inc. (recently acquired by interWAVE), interWAVE now further extends its network solutions to include wireless broadband infrastructure and broadband access offerings.
www.iwv.com / 650.838.2115

Portals In Competition With IVR
Cahner's In-Stat Group has found that voice portals are now selling both hosted and packaged voice application solutions to businesses and service providers; in many cases in direct competition with IVR (interactive voice response) and call center vendors. "Many big name portals such as Tellme, BeVocal, Hey Anita, Audiopoint, and ShopTalk are now focusing their efforts on the hosted service model," states Brian Strachman, Senior Analyst for In-Stat's Voice Applications Service.
www.instat.com / 617.630.3900

New Partnership Between CML And Intellinet
CML Versatel announced that it selected IntelliNet Technologies to add SS7 capabilities to their TotalAgility SCS4000 Services Convergence Switch. IntelliNet's solution provides an immediate SS7 capability to the SCS4000 platform, while providing a clear migration path to SS7oIP (Sigtran). SS7 signaling enhances the reach and cost-effectiveness for CML Versatel application partners who wish to deploy large-scale service solutions.
www.intellinet-tech.com / 321.726.0606
www.cmlversatel.com / 877.265.8377

MIND CTI Billing Platform To Support 80 Million Subscribers
MIND CTI has announced that China Unicom has upgraded the license for their MIND-iPhonEX solution to support 80 million prepaid subscribers. China Unicom, China's second largest national communications carrier, offers domestic and international long-distance call services, wireless paging, and mobile communication.
www.mindcti.com / 372.4.993.6666

Competisys Selects Syndeo's Softswitch As VoIP Solution
The Syion 426 by Syndeo was selected by Competisys Corporation to provide advanced telephony capability to residential users of its IP-based broadband system that delivers voice, video, and high-speed Internet services to home via direct fiber-optic connections. The Syion 426 provides a full Class 5 telephone feature set on users' standard phones, and allows them to "manage" their own telephone services such as assigning a distinctive ring to specific callers or blocking solicitation calls through a secure Web site without having to remember star codes.
www.competisys.com / 949.417.2800
www.syndeo.com / 877.7.SYNDEO

CosmoCom Announces Availability Of New VoIP Connection Server
CosmoCom has announced the availability of the Cosmocall Universe VoIP Connection Server. The VCS enables call centers to connect directly into next-generation VoIP networks, even for their phone calls, allowing enterprises to avoid the complexities and costs of configuring telephone connections and making it easier for service providers to host call center services.
www.cosmocom.com / 631.940.4200

AltiGen Announces Availability Of AltiCenter
AltiGen Communications has announced the general availability of the AltiCenter, a standalone IP call center for the small- and mid-sized business market. Designed to seamlessly integrate with legacy phone systems from outside vendors, it enables businesses to install a feature-rich call center into existing telephony systems and take advantage of the benefits of IP communications.
www.altigen.com / 888.ALTIGEN

WAP Forum Releases WAP 2.0 Specifications For Public Review
WAP 2.0, which helps content developers deliver a richer and more secure experience to mobile Internet service subscribers, has been released for public review. WAP 2.0 will allow application developers to create compelling mobile user content using the same tools and techniques with which they are already familiar. The architecture continues the convergence of WAP with the evolving Internet and merges the work of the WAP Forum, the World Wide Web Consortium, and the Internet Engineering Task Force.
www.wapforum.org / 650.949.6760

Sonexis Integrates Show N Tel With Speechworks Solution
Sonexis has announced that together with SpeechWorks, SpeechWorks 6.5 is fully integrated with Sonexis's Show N Tel software development environment for voice solutions. This integration enables Sonexis's customers to rapidly develop and deploy interactive voice applications such as speech-enabled consumer and enterprise voice portals, enhanced self-service, and CRM solutions.
www.sonexis.com / 617.531.2100
www.speechworks.com / 617.428.4444

NetNumber And VocalData To Create Interoperable VoIP Solution
A partnership joining ENUM directory services with VOISS VoIP softswitch technology from VocalData will enable service providers to offer an appealing VoIP service that broadens voice/data services to enterprise customers, providing new access options and opens up new market segments. The partnership makes available the ability to translate dialed phone numbers to IP addresses in order to enable a variety of communications services, including voice calls, to be delivered end-to-end via public or private IP communications links.
www.netnumber.com / 512.241.1855
www.vocaldata.com / 800.887.3975

OneStar Selects PurePacket Platform For Converged Local Access Services
Integral Access, an MPLS access company, has announced that OneStar Communications, Inc., will use the PurePacket sytem to provide converged local access services including voice, data, and Internet access to business customers in tier two and tier three markets throughout the United States. OneStar will leverage the operational efficiencies of the packet/MPLS-based PurePacket system to offer a comprehensive set of competitively priced communications services.
www.integralaccess.com / 978.256.8833
www.onestar.com / 812.437.7711

MCK Shipping Distributed Voice Solutions With Avaya And Iwatsu Protocols
MCK Communications, a provider of distributed voice solutions for the extended enterprise will be shipping solutions that have integrated the Iwatsu protocol and the Avaya Merlin Magix Integrated System protocol. With this announcement, MCK strengthens its competitive advantage as a distributed voice company offering solutions compatible with most of the world's leading telephone systems. MCK's distributed voice solutions provide a practical and affordable means for businesses to extend the benefits of their corporate voice system to an increasingly distributed workforce.
www.mck.com / 888.454.7979

Ameritec Releases FeatureCall Millenium
Ameritec has announced the release of FeatureCall Millennium, the company's new fourth-generation graphical user interface for the control and management of Ameritec's Crescendo, AM2 Niagara, and AM2S Squirt family of Network Load Generators. FeatureCall Millennium is an "Explorer" modeled GUI that enables the operator to manipulate protocols, scripts, call programs, test sets, units, and system domains in the same manner as they would any file on their PC. These virtual files can be shared with any Ameritec call generator on a LAN, or they can be e-mailed to distant locations.
www.ameritec.com / 626.915.5441

Corvis Working With EPIK On Multiband Switch
Corvis and EPIK have announced that the companies have signed a field trial agreement under which EPIK will be the first customer of the CorWave Optical Convergence Switch. After successful completion of the field trial, scheduled to start later this year, EPIK intends to deploy the CorWave OCS at major metro aggregation points in its network.
www.corvis.com / 443.259.4000
www.epik.com / 407.482.8400

Dorado Software And RateXchange Automate IP Delivery
The strategic partnership between Dorado and RateXchange will enable the acceleration of liquid IP service trading through the automation of IP service delivery in the broadband trading marketplace. RateXchange, a financial services firm which helps companies transition to newly commoditized industries, will use Dorado Software products for dynamic activation, monitoring, and management of IP service delivery to help telecom and service providers capitalize on bandwidth capacity to actively manage IP access and transport for trade and delivery.
www.doradosoftware.com / 916.673.1100
www.ratexchange.com / 415.371.9800

Telica Announces Addition of IPeria and ThinkEngine
Telica, Inc., a provider of softswitch-based voice and data infrastructure products for the new telecommunications network, has announced that IPeria, Inc., and ThinkEngine Networks have joined its Total Solution Alliance Program. The program provides carriers total end-to-end solutions for TDM, IP, and ATM voice infrastructure. The addition of these two partners to Telica's Total Solutions Alliance Program further broadens the range of open, reliable, and scalable carrier class voice solutions for the next-generation network available to service providers. IPeria and ThinkEngine join more than ten other participants already involved in Telica's Total Solution Alliance Program.
www.telica.com / 508.480.0909

Lucent's ClientCare Call Center Deluxe 3.1 Now Available
Lucent Technologies has announced the availability of Release 3.1 of its network-based ClientCare Call Center Deluxe Edition (DE) product, which enables a service provider to economically transform telephone systems at small and medium-sized business customers into sophisticated contact management centers. ClientCare Call Center DE allows business customers to cost-effectively manage their customer contacts with many of the professional sales and service capabilities traditionally associated with much larger companies through a switch-independent, network-based application. The release also includes the new QuickLaunch solution -- a set of enhancements for small- and mid-size businesses that make call center deployments quicker and easier.
www.lucent.com / 888.4.LUCENT

Advantech Offers New SBC
The PCA-6277 uses VIA Technologies' Pro 133A chipset with dual Socket 370 processors that support Intel's Pentium III up to 1 GHz. Four DIMM memory sockets provide up to 2 GB of high-speed PC-100/PC-133 SDRAM. With the dual processors, FSB 100/133 MHz and PC-100/PC-133 SDRAM, the PCA-6277 maximizes system throughput and performance that makes an ideal solution for the most demanding applications. Delivering data transfer rates of up to 66/100 MB/sec, the IDE interface on the PCA-6277 enables a faster connection to the new generation of ATA-66/100 hard disk drives. To complement network and Internet applications, two RJ-45 ports are provided on the dual Ethernet controllers. Additional key features include four USB ports, two PS/2 ports, hardware monitoring, and the flexibility of I/O expansion.
www.advantech.com / 800.800.6889

Info Directions Announces Joint Marketing With NEC America
Info Directions, a leading developer of rating, billing, and customer care solutions to the integrated communications marketplace, announced its joint marketing agreement with NEC America, maker of advanced communications products for public and private networks, to integrate their billing and mediation solutions to generate revenue. Terms of the agreement allow the companies to co-market Info Directions' CostGuard rating, billing and customer care solution with NEC America's IPHarvest data mediation package as an end-to-end solution for integrated communications providers. "Info Directions and NEC America have cemented a natural alliance with the interoperability of our open systems' architectures," said Donald Culeton, President of Info Directions. "Our mutual customers will also find that this complete solution can easily scale and will generate revenue through a host of Web-enabled features."
www.infodirections.com / 888.924.4110
www.nec.com / 905.712.5600

APC Launches Revolutionary New Types Of Power Management Software
APC has made power management easier than ever with the launch of three, new revolutionary software products customized to address the specific needs of consumers, businesses, and enterprises. This new family of products includes: PowerChute Personal Edition v1.0 for home users, PowerChute Business Edition v6.0 for small or medium-sized business, and PowerChute Inventory Manager v2.0 for large enterprise networks. Each of the PowerChute products has a new, graphically rich, professionally- designed interface, and offers unique and customized features.
www.apcc.com / 401.789.5735

VMIC Introduces New CompactPCI SBC With Dual Pentium IIIs
The VMICPCI-7760 is a dual-slot, dual Pentium processor-based SBC with 133 MHz system bus offering processor speeds up to 1GHz. It provides two independent 64-bit/66MHz PCI buses: One dedicated to the CompactPCI bus, and the other is available to support I/O expansion. A third PCI bus is dedicated to on-board I/O (video and dual Ethernet).
www.vmic.com / 256.880.0444

WaterCove Announces New FlowCore
WaterCove Networks this month announced FlowCore, a purpose-built architecture designed to allow mobile operators to react quickly to market demands, deploy innovative new data services, and streamline service provisioning. FlowCore's architecture design integrated service includes: The mobile data service core, an intelligent server-based solution that oversees the service control required to create and manage subscriber profiles and network policies; an intelligent support node that provides the processing power and high-bandwidth switching capability needed to deploy mobile services; and the network management system, allowing operators to efficiently monitor and manage network resources via a single point of control.
www.watercove.com / 978.608.2000

CommWorks Interoperable In 3G With Lucent
CommWorks Corporation, a leader in wireless data networking technology, today announced it has concluded successful interoperability testing of its products for standards-based 3G high-speed wireless networks with Lucent Technologies. The testing centered on CDMA2000 networks, an International Telecommunications Union (ITU) approved 3G standard. This technology enables the evolution of CDMA to deliver 3G Mobile IP data services to subscribers at peak data rates of up to 144 kilobits per second (Kbps) in high-mobility applications, using existing spectrum. This increase in data rates will open up a new generation of applications to wireless subscribers.
www.commworks.com / 847.262.5000
www.lucent.com / 888.4.LUCENT

Lane15 And Prisa Partner
Lane15 Software and Prisa Networks have announced a partnership to develop a multi-fabric network management software solution. Integrating Lane15's Fabric Manager with Prisa's VisualSAN Network Manager using XML technology will allow IT managers to control multiple fabrics using one common network management interface. Lane15's Fabric Manager will manage InfiniBand fabrics and allow VisualSAN to tune the environments. VisualSAN Network Manager automatically discovers, manages, and monitors multivendor SAN devices, including switches, hubs, routers, host bus adapters, and storage systems. It automatically generates a graphical topology map depicting the SAN network elements, servers, storage systems, and their interconnects. Lane15's Fabric Manager gives IT managers the control to efficiently administer and manage large, complex server environments.
www.lane15.com / 512.233.1515
www.prisa.com / 858.677.0262

Orchestream And Compaq Join To Market To Service Providers
Orchestream announces that Compaq Computer Corporation a global provider of both IT and telecommunications solutions, and Orchestream Holdings a leading provider of IP service activation and performance management software to telecommunications service providers, have signed an agreement for the integration and joint marketing of Orchestream Service Activator and Compaq TeMIP (Telecommunications Management Information Platform). The integrated solution will help service providers address three significant issues: 1) Generating return on their investment in network infrastructure; 2) Cost control; and 3) Simplifying OSS integration. With this agreement, Compaq is incorporating Orchestream Service Activator as the preferred solution for IP-VPN activation within the TeMIP framework. TeMIP will provide the service assurance, the service level monitoring of IP networks, and an integration point for other OSS applications.
www.orchestream.com / 212.629.3134
www.compaq.com / 800.888.0220

NMS And Vocent Deliver Enterprise Software Solutions
NMS Communications and Vocent have partnered in order to build complete packaged voice solutions that automate everyday enterprise transactions, such as order entry and customer service, using NMS' Alliance Generation voice platforms. Vocent will be incorporating NMS products, such as the AG 4000, into the company's packaged solutions.
www.nmscommunications.com / 800.533.6120
www.vocent.com / 650.938.3663

StarFabric Enhances CompactPCI
Collaboration around the specifications needed to adapt PCI technology for use in industrial and telecom applications has been started by PICMG with the kickoff of the StarFabric Compact PCI subcommittee. CompactPCI StarFabric, a high-speed, point-to-point switched backplane and chassis-to-chassis interconnect solution targeted to meet the needs of next-gen communications developers, will define redundant, switched, high-speed, point-to-point connectivity among some or all slots using StarFabric switch cards.
www.picmg.org / 781.246.9318

SMARTS Extends Cisco Relationship
SMARTS, the architect of InCharge, a fully automated suite of service assurance solutions for enterprises and service providers, announced an extension of its OEM agreement with Cisco Systems. Per the agreement, Cisco is to use the SMARTS Development Environment (SDE) to successfully build a new product suite, the CiscoWorks VoIP Health Monitor. "The ability to quickly understand the health of converged networks is critical to our customers," said Brian Promes, senior product manager for Cisco's enterprise business unit. "The robustness and ease of use of the SMARTS SDE enabled us to incorporate the VoIP Health Monitor into our CiscoWorks family of products. Now our users can verify system reliability with real-time status reports on voice health to identify network performance issues before they become critical."
www.smarts.com / 914.948.6200
www.cisco.com / 408.526.7208

Streaming21 Releases New Video And Music Software Platform
Based on a distributed and open architecture for which nine patents have already been filed, this innovative software platform enables the deployment of high-end media services on a large scale. The product suite combines with HP's components for an "always-on" infrastructure to deliver an end-to-end, broadcast-quality, streaming solution.
www.streaming21.com / 401.866.8080

DCB Releases Etherpoll EPL-1
Data Comm for Business, Inc. (DCB), a leader in innovative data communications equipment since 1981, announces the release of their EtherPoll EPL-1, Ethernet "Multi-drop Modem" to meet the needs of utilities and businesses that require extensive polling of remote terminal units (RTUs). By connecting existing serial RTU devices to a line-of-business Ethernet LAN or WAN, the EtherPoll optimizes communications without expensive RTU change outs. The EtherPoll is an RS-232 SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) modem/server that acts as an interface between any asynchronous serial device and Ethernet. Because the EtherPoll functions independently of the device protocol, it permits most 8 bit asynchronous polling protocols to communicate over IP protocol networks without requiring costly replacement of the RTU or polling host computer.
www.dcbnet.com / 217.352.3207

Ericsson Is Big On Campus
The University of Massachusetts has chosen the Ericsson Enterprise MD110 PBX for use on several of its campuses. Totaling 36,000 lines, to be used by three campuses at the university. It was implemented out of a need for a more advanced and reliable digital telecommunications system. Each day, the MD110 handles thousands of calls between the university's dorm rooms, its trauma center in Massachusetts (currently the largest trauma center in the state), the police department, and rape crisis line. From its initial implementation in 1989, the MD110 PBX has grown in size with 11 simple and inexpensive upgrades to the software platform, keeping pace with the expansion of the campuses for the last twelve years.
www.ericssonenterprise.com / 650.324.6100

CopperCom Gives Voice To Broadview
CopperCom announced that NY-based competitive carrier, Broadview, is using its voice over broadband (VoB) solution to deliver high speed voice and data services to small businesses in its 13 regions in the Northeast, with initial roll-out in New York City. Broadview has been piloting this service with a handful of small businesses in the area for some time, who can speak to the value of the service in delivering what's essentially a cost-effective, higher quality T1 replacement.  This roll-out addresses the gap left by incumbent carriers in delivering broadband services for small business customers who have traditionally either not had access to such services or suffered from the poor quality of the service itself.
www.coppercom.com / 561.322.4000

GiantLoop Teams With Globix For Metro Connectivity
GiantLoop Network, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Optical Networking services, and Globix Corporation, a leading provider of Internet connectivity and sophisticated Internet solutions for businesses, announced a business relationship that will bring all-optical connectivity to major metropolitan areas. Under the arrangement, Globix will utilize GiantLoop's managed optical networking services to enhance access to large data center spaces at Globix SuperPOP facilities in New York and connect to its existing 2.5 GB backbone network. With this increased bandwidth, Globix will be able to provide enterprise-class managed services including storage area networking, disaster recovery, remote mirroring, and metro-based failover to accommodate its customers' mission-critical requirements.
www.giantloop.com / 781.902.5100
www.globix.com / 800.4.GLOBIX

Fia Storage Systems Group Introduces POPnetserver 2000
The POPnetserver 2000 optimizes data center space with a high-density, ultra-slim design that packs an impressive data transfer rate per square inch. Flexible as a standalone, stackable, or rackmount unit, the POPnetserver 2000 is a highly scalable, three-drive system. Models are available in 40GB, 80 GB, or 120 GB configurations.
www.popnetserver.com / 888.353.0337

QuesCom Enabling Easy PBX-To-IP Migration
QuesCom has made available its NextBX IP Telephony Architecture, a suite of software applications and services that enable a business to leverage its existing investment in PBX technology. The NextBX is an open architecture that takes advantage of businesses' existing PBX systems to enable them to run VoIP, and helps ISPs offer more cost-competitive solutions for long-distance voice communications.
www.quescom.com /

Hammer VoIP 2.7 Integrates VQT With IP Emulation
Empirix's new Hammer VoIP 2.7 integrates voice quality testing with network emulation, revolutionizing lab testing for VoIP networks. Users can control both VQT and network emulation from a single Hammer interface, and specify a test profile that defines calls to be placed, as well as the type and degree of impairment on the IP network. Hammer's Quality of Experience Monitor and integrated reports correlate failures with network conditions, enabling engineers to pinpoint and fix problems brought on by network behavior.
www.empirix.com / 781.993.8500

Nuance Brings Speech Recognition To VoIP Market
Nuance has announced advanced support for VoIP that will lower the barrier of entry for many companies interested in deploying speech applications. Nuance is now supporting SIP and H.323 standards, and in turn, partnering with Net2Phone and Voxeo to deliver the new services. Through the highly scalable medium of VoIP, Nuance enables a variety of services that require the integration of voice and data, such as unified messaging, voice-activated dialing, and computer telephony integration.
www.nuance.com / 888.NUANCE.8

iTelco Announces The Release Of Geneva
iTelco Communications, Inc., has announced the launch of Geneva, a highly scalable, manageable and easy to use VoIP-based conferencing solution for the enterprise. Designed to integrate seamlessly and work transparently with an enterprise's existing voice and data network, the product will be available through value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators (SIs).With Geneva, users can set up a conference call at any time, via the phone or the Web, without having to rely on calling an operator.
www.i-telco.com / 408.432.3100

Intel Releases New Dialogic Integrated Boards
Intel Corporation has announced that the first two products in its Dialogic brand Integrated (DI) family of multifunction telephony boards that are designed specifically for small- to medium-sized enterprise switching applications, including server-based PBXs and contact centers: The Model DI/SI32, a new station interface board, and a trunk and station board Model DI/0408-LS-A. Equipped with a rich and targeted mix of telephone network interfaces and media processing resources, the DI series enables developers and resellers to create more efficient and complete system solutions that offer increased functionality at a lower cost to end users. The highly integrated DI products reduce the number of boards and server PCI slots used in the solution, thereby reducing the overall system cost.
www.intel.com / 916.377.7000

Tekelec Announces Availability Of VXi Media Gateway Controller
Tekelec has announced the availability of its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based, Class 5 local calling service application for the VXi Media Gateway Controller (MGC). The application allows carriers to provide end-office voice and data services in a pure packet architecture, Internet protocol (IP) or asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), without investing in legacy, circuit-switched equipment. Tekelec's feature set includes next-generation services such as click-to-dial, Internet call waiting, and unified messaging.
www.tekelec.com / 800.TEKELEC

SPSS Shipping New Web Server
Providing greater control in creating and distributing the results of analysis, SPSS Inc., announces the release of SmartViewer Web Server 3.0. Building on a tradition of secure enterprise-wide analytical content distribution, SmartViewer Web Server 3.0 now offers more personalization and interactivity with online documents. This latest version is a solid portal to predictive analytical content and adds tremendous value to existing systems delivering historical reports. Used in tandem with SPSS Base, the software makes it easy for customers to publish results of analysis done with SPSS products, then distribute those results to individuals both inside and outside an organization. The product is now shipping worldwide.
www.spss.com / 312.651.3000

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