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CEO Spotlight
September 2003

Arie PompasIn the CEO Spotlight section in Internet Telephony� magazine, we recognize the outstanding work performed by exemplary companies. Each month we bring you the opinions of the heads of companies leading the Internet telephony industry now and helping to shape the future of the industry. This month, we spoke with Arie Pompas, President of Telkus USA.

IT: What is Telkus� mission?
AP: Our mission is to establish Telkus as the preferred provider of VoIP solutions in the marketplace, while maintaining steady growth of our global operations. To accomplish this we are devoted to always get the best high-quality technology at competitive prices, keep high-quality standards of service, and offer tailor-made solutions that meet our clients� needs. Our commitment to update our technology and the development of new applications will guarantee a steady flow of clients. In doing so, we recognize that profitability is essential for our future and our success.

IT: What is your vision for Telkus and how is the company positioned in the next-generation telecom market?
AP: Telkus� expertise in designing VoIP solutions and applications and our global distribution ensures that our clients will get better quality communications while improving their productivity with sustainable cost reductions.

With a network of offices and distributors that spans from North and South America to Europe and Asia, our company offers its clients solid global coverage. Telkus will continue to solidify its worldwide presence with the incorporation of new distributors to cover the markets in which our clients need us as well as those we define as being of strategic importance. With the strict training and service support provided by Telkus to our distributors we can ensure global reach with very high standards of quality. We have been preparing the company for the next generation telecom market, thus I envision Telkus having a solid presence in it.

IT: What make your services unique and how can a client benefit from using them?
AP: We offer the �complete� solution. We have great communication packages at surprisingly affordable prices. Our gateways (Totalfon) are always manufactured with the latest technological innovations in IP. They are ready to use and they work. We are proud to have the solutions and the technology ready to sell. Our prices are very competitive, and our company�s activities are dedicated to building and maintaining ongoing, mutually beneficial ties, with customers, distributors, employees, and other partners. We have a Help Desk available full time to help resolve client�s problems.

IT: What are the most pressing issues facing our industry today, and what can be done to alleviate this problem?
AP: The variety of protocols and the lack of a single industry standard protocol cause delays in the programming of the applications and services. That is why users do not generally receive the final product that they need now. The diversity of gateways in the market and the fact that they are not plug-and-play makes it hard to do mass deployment of applications.

IT: Describe your view of the future of the IP telephony industry.
AP: I think that there is no doubt that all voice calls will be made over packet switched networks. The future resides in the ingenuity of the applications that companies like ours would have to develop. That will make the world communicate in a different way, at less cost, and with better quality. The difference will be made by companies with more creative solutions and with an extensive experience in communications in different parts of the world. In every country the priorities are different, that is the reason why I believe that knowledge of the different global markets and its needs, plus ingenuity are keys to success in this industry. As I noted before, the standardization of the protocols is a tendency to be expected.

IT: What is your philosophy regarding customers?
AP: Telkus� philosophy is that each customer is unique. We have customers all around the world and we try to understand their particular communications needs and problems. That is why Telkus has operations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. I think it is of paramount importance to understand the client�s priorities. The knowledge of the different cultures is very helpful for us, we are better prepared to understand and serve our client base. We provide clients with creative solutions to expand their communications, increase productivity, and reduce costs in doing so.

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