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September 2001


VoiceStation 100 From Polycom
Polycom's VoiceStation product is the ideal audio conferencing solution for offices and small conference rooms where traditional speaker phones do not provide the audio quality demanded by today's businesses. The introduction of this product marks Polycom's entrance into the small- to medium-sized businesses and SOHO markets with a newly designed audio conferencing product that fits their needs, at the right price point (MSRP $299). Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology allows users to speak and listen simultaneously without the need to talk loudly or repeat words.
www.polycom.com / 408.526.9000

Empirix Announces High-Density Modem Tester
Designed to test universal port gateways as well as remote access server devices, the new Hammer Universal Port with Modem Tester system from Empirix delivers real-world traffic patterns including mixes of modem, voice, tones, and fax traffic. Based on the Testbuilder user interface, the Hammer UPN is fully compatible with the Hammer MegaController. It is capable of generating up to 240 channels of modem traffic across up to 12 T1 or E1 spans controlled with CAS, ISDN PRI, or SS7 signaling.
www.empirix.com / 781.993.8500

MessageMachines Offers New Applications Servers
MessageMachines, Inc., has introduced its Carrier and Enterprise application servers, designed to enable the rapid development and deployment of cross-device routing, alert, and notification applications. The servers seamlessly integrate what were once mutually exclusive devices and protocols and empower users with mobile remote control of their messages. For softswitch developers and vendors, the MessageMachines Carrier Server is the first Message Switch to support the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). MessageMachines also offers the OEM Software Developers Kit (SDK) to accelerate the development of message-enhanced services, including SIP-based applications.
www.messagemachines.com / 617.279.8600

Audium and Odigo Partner to Provide Voice Instant Messaging
Odigo, Inc., the leading provider of instant messaging and presence solutions to wireless carriers, telcos, ISPs, and portals worldwide, and Audium, the innovative provider of next-generation voice applications, today announced the launch of Voice Instant Messaging, a voice-enabled instant messaging and presence solution developed for their respective enterprise and service provider customers. Voice Instant Messaging enables users of any Odigo IM client to access their buddy lists and conduct instant messaging sessions from any wireless or wire-line phone, via voice. Users can find out which of their buddies are online, record and send voice instant messages to individuals or buddy groups, and listen to incoming messages that are converted to text and read by the Audium application.
www.odigo.com / 212.809.2002
www.audiumcorp.com / 212.609.4000

Callbutton Launches Callbutton Realty
Callbutton, a recently launched provider of Web interaction software and telecommunications services that allow businesses to interact one-on-one with potential and current online customers, announced today launch of its newest offering -- Callbutton Realty. Designed specifically for real estate professionals, the service provides instant support to interested buyers and sellers and captures and tracks valuable contact and property information, which can be reported back directly to real estate businesses. In essence, Callbutton Realty bridges the gap between a realtor's online marketing efforts and their proven offline sales and service capabilities. "Callbutton Realty is the critical link between online marketing and offline sales and services for real estate professionals who are often highly mobile and difficult to contact," said Mike Markette, Callbutton CEO.
www.callbutton.com / 972.437.1100

Intrado Selected By TalkingNets
Intrado will provide critical 911 database management services, TelConnect, for TalkingNets, who offers advanced voice services and telephony solutions to service providers and system integrators wishing to offer advanced voice services to small and medium-sized service providers. Intrado will enable TalkingNets with its TelConnect services, allowing the company to meet emergency 911 services in a timely, cost-effective manner.
www.intrado.com / 303.581.5600

Polaris Networks Offers iMON Architecture To Metro Core Market
Polaris Networks, a new developer of next-generation optical transport switches, announces a transport-switch architecture, the iMON, to mark its entry into the optical metro core market. iMON consolidates switching and transport onto a single, GMPLS-based intelligent network platform. The architecture uses a programmable hybrid switch fabric, which allows carriers to customize their respective infrastructures with software-based features that can dynamically adjust their protocol mix to carry multiple types of traffic on a single physical line. Customer trials will begin in Q4 2001.
www.polarisnetworks.com / 408.281.7466

Trenton Technology Introduces CPLE CompactPCI SBC
Trenton's new CPLE CompactPCI SBC, boasting the Intel Pentium III low-profile FC-PGA processor and speeds up to 1.0 GHz, is Trenton's fastest performer. The CPLE has dual Ethernet, 4MB of SVGA video and standard SDRAM memory of up to 1GB, all in a single slot 4HP form factor. Additionally, the CPLE uses the ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chip set, which supports a higher front side bus, allowing more demanding applications. The CPLE features dual PCI EIDE Ultra DMA/33 interfaces, dual in-line memory module sockets, and a 100/133MHz front side bus.
www.trenton.com / 770.287.3100

Micromuse Announces Availability Of NetCool
Release 2.1 of the Netcool Internet service monitors software suite delivers enhanced services reporting for historical, comparative, and statistical analysis. The Netcool/ISMs version 2.1 determines the availability, usability, and response time of 18 Internet protocols and services. The Netcool/ISMs suite is being used to monitor 70 percent of the United States' Internet backbone traffic and services, and is helping to support the network services of some of the world's leading service providers and e-business-oriented enterprises.
www.micromuse.com / 415.538.9090

HighDeal Enables Flexible, Usage Based Pricing
HighDeal has introduced a powerful pricing, rating, and billing solution that allows service providers to quickly and easily maximize their profitability in today's dynamic e-business environment. It allows users to create flexible pricing policies, secure profitability of business plans, evaluate pricing scenarios, improve time-to-market for new products, and much more. The solution allows service providers to offer personalized, usage-based pricing, while also ensuring that vendors and other partners in the value chain are fairly compensated for supplied content and services.
www.highdeal.com / 650.620.9970

Agere Systems Announces New Customers
Agere Systems has announced new customers for its IP Phone-On-A-Chip integrated solution for Internet telephones: Avaya, Masterpoint, Phillips Business Communications, Tenovis, and Tone Commander Systems. Agere is currently shipping a two-chip solution consisting of the T8301 and T8302 chips.
www.agere.com / 800.372.2447

Anyuser.com Available To Just About Anyone
Anyuser.com, a new developer of Internet telephony services for business and consumer, today announced nationwide deployment of their first cyber telecommunications services offering commercial-grade quality VoIP. The services are priced at $6.50 a month for unlimited IP-to-IP phone calls, not restrained by geographical and national boundaries. The services are based on Anyuser Cyber telco, a proprietary gatekeeper technology based on the H.323 standard.
www.anyuser.com / 562.865.9730

Laiki Group Chooses Alcatel To Deploy VoIP in Cyprus
The Cyprus Popular bank network will comprise 50 Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 IP-based communication servers. Installed at the group's main locations, the communications servers are managed from a single central platform, allowing network administrators to easily create a virtual server for smaller branches. This brings staff at these locations low-cost access to features such as voice mail, unified messaging, and call center services.
www.alcatel.com / 800.ALCATEL

Atreus Systems And Lucent Form Strategic Partnership
Atreus Systems, Inc., and Lucent Technologies today announced a strategic partnership that consolidates Lucent's advanced networking systems with Atreus Systems' intelligent service creation and delivery platforms into one powerful solution. Together, the joint solution brings additional service intelligence and customer-specific details to the edge of the IP network and in-building installations. Based on the combination of Atreus Systems' xLINK Service Creation and Delivery platforms and Lucent's Stinger line of DSL equipment, value-added IP/application service offerings will be available through a next-generation service portal.
www.atreus-systems.com / 800.764.5514

France Telecom Interconnecting With Net2Phone
Net2Phone, Inc., today announced that France Telecom, one of the world's leading telecommunications carriers, is interconnecting its voice network with Net2Phone's managed VoIP network for worldwide carrier grade termination. The interconnection is now in service. The relationship between Net2Phone and France Telecom will allow France Telecom to gain access to Net2Phone's managed VoIP network. Net2Phone will benefit from France Telecom's global voice and data networks and international presence.
www.net2phone.com / 973.412.2800

MicroLegend Signaling Blade From Performance Technologies
Performance Technologies, Inc., has unveiled the MicroLegend Signaling Blade, a full featured, embedded signaling gateway in a CompactPCI form factor. This new product is specifically designed for telecom equipment manufacturers seeking to integrate SS7/IP signaling capabilities into their current and next-generation designs. The MicroLegend Signaling Blade enables system designers to easily implement integrated signaling applications with a smaller footprint, while lowering overall product cost. This integrated gateway product is built on the same award-winning, field-proven functionality as the company's standalone MicroLegend Signaling Gateway. "The introduction of the MicroLegend Signaling Blade reflects a noticeable trend by equipment manufacturers to offer more robust and reliable next-generation signaling products in smaller, more cost effective formats," said David Fraley, senior analyst at Gartner Group.
www.pt.com / 716.256.0200

New SBC From Technoland
Technoland, a leading industrial PC solutions provider and
systems integrator, has announced its new highly-integrated embedded SBC, the TL-EmbSBC 815E, to feature Intel's Pentium III processor, dual Ethernet, VGA, and Audio supports for communications, automation, internet, applied computing, and streaming media applications. The board also supports one DIMM socket with a maximum of 256MB SDRAM and comes with 815E integrated VGA controller, ICH2 LAN and audio, and a second Intel 82559 Ethernet controller. Other feature highlights include one 32-bit PCI slot for expansion, two serial ports, one bi-directional parallel port, four USB ports, support for four enhanced IDE HDD, built-in hardware monitor, and rear side connectors without additional cables.
www.technoland.com / 408.992.0888

Motorola Integrates NMS Hardware In Mya Vx500
NMS Communications today announced that Motorola Inc. is using NMS' award-winning Alliance Generation (AG) 4000 hardware within the Mya Vx500, the highly scalable and highly available voice Internet system that Motorola announced in March. Using NMS' AG 4000 helps Motorola to further strengthen its offering within a multi-billion dollar market opportunity that is emerging for speech-enabled information, messaging, and customer-care services and technology. A March 2001 voice Web study by The Kelsey Group forecasts that worldwide spending and revenues from the voice Web and voice applications will rise to $41 billion by 2005.
www.nmscomm.com / 508.271.1000

Cisco's New 12410 Internet Router
Based on highest performance and lowest latency and jitter (inter-arrival delay) scores when compared to competitive offerings, the Cisco 12410 Internet Router provided: Far less latency (ranging from 3 to 5 milliseconds versus competitors at 82 milliseconds) and jitter; reached BGP learning rate in 60 seconds and experienced no packet loss when transmitting 40 byte packets compared to a 30 percent loss by a competitive product.
www.cisco.com / 408.526.4000

Oracle And Wingcast To Drive Next-Generation Wireless Services For Cars
A strategic alliance has been announced by Oracle and Wingcast to jointly develop and bring to market next-generation wireless telematics services. Wingcast has selected Oracle as its first strategic technology partner and will deliver its telematics service offerings to consumers based on Oracle's software, including Oracle9i Application Server Wireless and Oracle9i Database. Wingcast will launch services in model year 2003 vehicles, including Ford Motor Company and Nissan vehicle lines, available in market to consumers mid-2002.
www.wingcast.com / 858.795.2500
www.oracle.com / 650.506.7000

Billserv and ACI Form Referral Partnership
Billserv, Inc., an electronic bill presentment and Outsourced Solution Provider delivering electronic billing, online customer care, Internet direct marketing, and communications, today announced an agreement with ACI Worldwide, a leading international provider of enterprise e-payment software, that provides for the referral of Billserv's ASP Gateway Services to ACI's customer base. Billserv's ASP Gateway Service offers billers a cost-effective solution to deliver e-bills to virtually any site across the World Wide Web. Customers who use ACI's M-Bill software to create their bills can access the gateway to deliver those bills to various Web sites. At the same time, the biller can use their ACI system to push select bills directly to consumers' e-mail inboxes. The joint Billserv/ACI solution expands options for both billers and consumers and provides joint customers with a single distribution point to virtually any bill presentment and payment location via Web presentment or secure e-mail delivery.
www.billserv.com / 210.402.5000
www.aciworldwide.com / 402-778-1682

I-Bus/Phoenix Introduces The C0406
A 4U, six-slot horizontal CompactPCI enclosure, the C0406 from I-Bus/Phoenix employs the features needed to accomodate the ends of communications, network, and medical OEMs. The C0406 supports full I/O card hot-swap to PICMG 2.1 R2.0; seven drive bays, including a 5 SCA hot-swap disk array; hot-swap blower cooling; and dual-redundant hot-swap power supplies.
www.ibus-phoenix.com / 858.503.3000

BroadSoft and Vpacket Partner Over Enhanced Services
BroadSoft, Inc., a provider of service delivery systems for next-generation telephony services, and Vpacket Communications, a privately held Silicon Valley company delivering the power of converged voice and data solutions, today announced a partnership to enable service providers to use packet-based networks to deliver enhanced telecom services to their enterprise customers. The two companies recently completed successful interoperability testing between BroadSoft's BroadWorks service delivery system and Vpacket's 6100 Series voice/data router. The joint solution is now available to service providers.
www.broadsoft.com / 301.977.9440
www.vpacket.com / 866.872.2538

Eyeball And InfoTouch Team Up In The Kiosk
The integration of Eyeball's award-winning video communication software and Info Touch's industry leading kiosk management Surfnet software will enable the development of cost-effective kiosk-to-kiosk and kiosk-to-PC videoconferencing with applications including intra-company conferencing and training, distance learning, and application sharing.
www.eyeball.com / 604.921.5993
www.infotouch.net / 604.298.4636 x235

Apropos Implemented In Juniper Networks
Apropos Technology, a leading provider of real-time multi-channel interaction management solutions, today announced that Juniper Networks is using Apropos' Multi-Channel Interaction Management solution in its multiple Technical Assistance Centers (JTAC). The Apropos solution enables Juniper Networks Customer Support Engineers to better serve carrier and service provider customers with the solution's powerful features. The Apropos Multi-Channel Interaction Management Suite consists of seven seamlessly integrated applications that create a connection between a business's software applications and its communications infrastructure, including phone call, e-mail, and contact information.
www.apropos.com / 630.472.9600
www.juniper.net / 408.745.2000

815E-Based VMEbus SBC
VMIC has introduced theVMIVME-7750, an embedded VMEbus Pentium III FC-PGA socket processor-based single board computer wth a 133 MHz system bus, PC-133 memory, and processor speeds up to 933 MHz. This SBC feautes dual Ethernet controllers supporting 10BaseT and 100BaseTX interfaces and a PMC mezzanine expansion site, and is based on Intel's next-gen 815E chipset.
www.vmic.com / 800.322.3616

Convergys And Siebel Offer Integrated Solutions
Convergys Corporation, a leader in integrated billing and customer care services, and Siebel Systems, Inc. a provider of e-business applications software, announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance to integrate Convergys' contact center capabilities, billing solutions, and operational expertise with Siebel Systems' market-leading e-business applications software. The strategic alliance enables companies using Convergys and Siebel Systems to integrate rapidly and cost-effectively Convergys billing and customer management solutions and Siebel e-business Applications. This integrated solution will improve customer satisfaction and increase return on investment by providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions, including service and billing history, across all channels.
www.convergys.com / 513.458.1300
www.siebel.com / 650-295-5000

Glenayre To Provide @ctiveMessaging To Edge
Glenayre Technologies, Inc., has announced it will supply its @ctiveMessaging Solution platform to Edge Wireless, Inc., an affiliate of ATT Wireless Communications, Inc. Currently providing mobile wireless service to rural markets in four western states, Edge Wireless will implement Glenayre's @ctiveMessaging platform to help service current markets and penetrate new markets nationwide. The system will allow Edge Wireless to offer its subscribers a variety of value-added voice messaging services. The initial purchase is valued over $750,000. Glenayre's @ctiveMessaging platform allows service providers to offer subscribers an easy way to manage their voice, e-mail, and fax messages through an Internet-based graphical interface.
www.glenayre.com / 770.283.1000

Cable To Continue Reign
According to Allied Business Intelligence, cable broadband access will continue to grow from 14.2 million subscribers to 48.7 million by 2006. The report states that the rising access fees of DSL and a slowed rollout of DSL has contributed to this trend. While not considered out for the count, DSL providers are projected to regroup and maintain their grip on the wireline market.
www.alliedworld.com/broadband/product/BLIN01.htm / 516.624.3113

Agilent Technologies Introduces New Testing Tools
The Agilent Voice Quality Tester (VQT) has several newly added features that are currently available, including a VQT IP phone adapter, a rack-mountable VQT network server and Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Qualities (PESQ) capabilities. The VQT Phone Adapter permits customers to test voice quality across IP and analog phone handsets and PC softphones.
www.agilent.com/comms/onenetworks / 650.752.5000

Global IP Sound Partners With deltathree
Global IP Sound, Inc., has announced that deltathree, the IP communications network and provider of hosted communications solutions for service providers worldwide, is proceeding with the integration of GIPS technology with various deltathree products. GIPS Soundware will take deltathree's network services to a higher quality standard for VoIP communications.
www.globalipsound.com / 415.397.2555
corp.deltathree.com / 212.500.4850

Phonex Announces Home Networking Powerline Product
NeverWire 14 is a freestanding powerplug-to-Ethernet data network device that turns any AC outlet into a 10 BASE-T Ethernet port, transmitting voice and data signals over standard electrical wiring. This product, which the user simply plugs into any networkable device and then into an AC power outlet, makes broadband powerline home networking available from any Ethernet protocol device including cable modems, PCs, set-top-boxes, and residential gateways. Phonex's NeverWire 14 can transmit up to 14 Mbps speeds over home electrical wiring.
www.phonex.com / 801.566.0100

RADVision And Ridgeway Offer Integrated Solution
RADVision and Ridgeway's interoperable solution delivers secure point-to-point and multipoint IP conferencing for enterprises and service providers. RADVision's viaIP product family, in conjunction with Ridgeway's VX Communication System, will now enable secure and controlled traversal of dedicated services over existing network infrastructure with installed network address translation and firewalls.
www.radvision.com / 201.529.4300
www.ridgewaysystems.com / 512.231.7300

Telco Systems Unveils T-Series T6
Delivering high-performance optical Ethernet services for both enterprise and service provider applications, the T6 sports a modular non-blocking architecture that offers up to 32 Gigabit Ethernet ports, including a physically redundant port. The T6 offers simplified installation plus ease of operation and provisioning through a broad range of IEEE standards-based administration, management, and network security features.
www.telco.com / 800.221.2849

SurfRider DSP Subsystem Speeds Time-To-Market
Surf Communication Solutions has announced the upcoming availability of its SurfRider family of access solutions targeted to remote access servers, media gateways, trunking gateways, and other types of OEM equipment requiring modem, VoIP, and FoIP services. SurfRider is provided as a complete reference design hardware multi-DSP subsystem including the Surf Multi-Access Pool DSP software and SMPEngine host interface software. The first version of the SurfRider, the SR240M, will provide 240 universal ports or 672 ports of voice only and will be available in Q4 of 2001.
www.surf-com.com / 978.897.4005

Bustronic Announces 2-Slot Computer Telephony Backplane
Bustronic Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance backplanes, announces a new 2-slot CompactPCI backplane with H.110 for computer telephony. Conforming to the latest PICMG specifications, the backplane is ideal for low-profile chassis. It has a slim width and a 7U-height, and accommodates 1U low-profile telephony system enclosures.
www.bustronic.com / 510-490-7388

iSoftel To Launch New Pre/Postpaid Management System
Version 5.0 of iSoftel's Millenia PPMS Version 5.0, the new enhanced version of the companies prepaid/postpaid management system, offers real time traffic and management reporting, cost control analysis, caller validation, multiple rate plan, and language support, long distance resale, and recharge capabilities.
www.isoftel.com / 213-624-8118

NetNumber Creates Open Test Bed
NetNumber has announced that the company is integrating its directory services with the SIP Center, creating a large open test bed to test electronic numbering services. "We are able to provide developers and users an automatic, easy way to convert phone numbers to IP addresses, said Glenn Marschel, CEO of NetNumber, "We value the close working relationship between our two organizations as we continue to advance the development of SIP and ENUM enabled products.
www.netnumber.com / 512.241.1855

Quicknet Releases Upgrade Of MicroTelco Gateway V2.0
Version 2.0 of the MicroTelco Gateway software, providing SoHo, SMEs, and VoIP resellers more robust features and everyday saving opportunities. PBX-Call-Through is the hottest new feature, as it offers businesses the ability to connect their PBX to the Internet while making zero change to their PBX configuration or having to retrain PBX users, making it a low-cost, money saving solution.
www.quicknet.net / 415.864.5225

Tsunami Overtakes T1 or DS3 Leased Lines
A series of tests by the Tolly Group have confirmed that Tsunami Wireless Ethernet bridges have showed that the Tsunami bridges have provided the throughput at maximum distance that equals or exceeds comparable T1 or DS3 leased lines. The test, which was commissioned by Western Multiplex, was conducted through to the application layer (Layer 7), which most closely emulates enterprise-scale network-based applications such as Web browser traffic, network backups, HR, ERP, and network-based e-procurement software.
www.westernmultiplex.com / 408-542-5200

InnoMedia Announces Upgrade To IP VideoPhone
InnoMedia has announced the immediate availability of its version two software upgrade for its IP VideoPhone. The new level of interoperability provided by the VideoPhone makes it an ideal add-on for any business environment that has made the investment in a room-based conferencing system. It can easily operate with many of the existing servers and gateways available on the market.
www.innomedia.com / 408.432.5413

Allied Business Intelligence Reports Boon In Voice In The Backbone
Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) has reported in "Alternative Voice Transport: Packetized Voice in the Backbone, Enterprise and Local Loop" that the world market for carrier class gateway shipments is expected to reach over 17 million ports by 2006. "The fact is that circuit-switched technology is embedded in telecommunications infrastructure, so the transition has to initially involve the PSTN, which makes the move to packet-based voice a steady evolvement rather than an overnight change," says Erin Thompson, ABI Broadband Analyst and principal author of the report.
www.alliedworld.com/product/AVT01.html / 516.624.3113

Avaya and PowerDsine Provide Combined Data and Power
Avaya Inc., and PowerDsine announced they are constructing an advanced switching system that delivers data and power over existing Ethernet networks, and is based on open industry standards. The new system is called the Avaya P333T-PWR. It will integrate PowerDsine's Power over LAN technology into Avaya's P330 stackable switching system family. The P333T-PWR is designed to address the issue of deploying IP telephones -- and other standard powered Ethernet devices -- with reliable, uninterruptible power. Avaya is one of the first companies to develop a switch that incorporates the current recommendations of the IEEE's 802.3af standard for power over Ethernet.
www.avaya.com / 908.953.6000
www.powerdsine.com / 631.756.4680

DCB Releases Etherpoll EPL-1
Data Comm for Business, Inc. (DCB), a leader in innovative data communications equipment since 1981, announces the release of their EtherPoll EPL-1, Ethernet "Multi-drop Modem" to meet the needs of utilities and businesses that require extensive polling of remote terminal units (RTUs). By connecting existing serial RTU devices to a line-of-business Ethernet LAN or WAN, the EtherPoll optimizes communications without expensive RTU change outs. The EtherPoll is an RS-232 SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) modem/server that acts as an interface between any asynchronous serial device and Ethernet. Because the EtherPoll functions independently of the device protocol, it permits most 8 bit asynchronous polling protocols to communicate over IP protocol networks without requiring costly replacement of the RTU or polling host computer.
www.dcbnet.com / 217.352.3207

Ericsson Is Big On Campus
The University of Massachusetts has chosen the Ericsson Enterprise MD110 PBX for use on several of its campuses. Totaling 36,000 lines, to be used by three campuses at the university. It was implemented out of a need for a more advanced and reliable digital telecommunications system. Each day, the MD110 handles thousands of calls between the university's dorm rooms, its trauma center in Massachusetts (currently the largest trauma center in the state), the police department, and rape crisis line. From its initial implementation in 1989, the MD110 PBX has grown in size with 11 simple and inexpensive upgrades to the software platform, keeping pace with the expansion of the campuses for the last twelve years.
www.ericssonenterprise.com / 650.324.6100

CopperCom Gives Voice To Broadview
CopperCom announced that NY-based competitive carrier, Broadview, is using its voice over broadband (VoB) solution to deliver high speed voice and data services to small businesses in its 13 regions in the Northeast, with initial roll-out in New York City. Broadview has been piloting this service with a handful of small businesses in the area for some time, who can speak to the value of the service in delivering what's essentially a cost-effective, higher quality T1 replacement.  This roll-out addresses the gap left by incumbent carriers in delivering broadband services for small business customers who have traditionally either not had access to such services or suffered from the poor quality of the service itself.
www.coppercom.com / 561.322.4000

GiantLoop Teams With Globix For Metro Connectivity
GiantLoop Network, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Optical Networking services, and Globix Corporation, a leading provider of Internet connectivity and sophisticated Internet solutions for businesses, announced a business relationship that will bring all-optical connectivity to major metropolitan areas. Under the arrangement, Globix will utilize GiantLoop's managed optical networking services to enhance access to large data center spaces at Globix SuperPOP facilities in New York and connect to its existing 2.5 GB backbone network. With this increased bandwidth, Globix will be able to provide enterprise-class managed services including storage area networking, disaster recovery, remote mirroring, and metro-based failover to accommodate its customers' mission-critical requirements.
www.giantloop.com / 781.902.5100
www.globix.com / 800.4.GLOBIX

Fia Storage Systems Group Introduces POPnetserver 2000
The POPnetserver 2000 optimizes data center space with a high-density, ultra-slim design that packs an impressive data transfer rate per square inch. Flexible as a standalone, stackable, or rackmount unit, the POPnetserver 2000 is a highly scalable, three-drive system. Models are available in 40GB, 80 GB, or 120 GB configurations.
www.popnetserver.com / 888.353.0337

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