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Industry News
August 2001


VoIP For Contact Centers From Aspect
Aspect Communications announced the Aspect IP Contact Suite, a new all-IP-based contact product suite. It will enable businesses to receive, track, and respond to all customer communications from voice and data networks over one merged voice and data network.
www.aspect.com / 877.621.3692

NMS Offers New Trunk Interface
NMS Communications has announced the Convergence Generation (CG) 6100C Series, a digital interface for T1/E1 trunks, which delivers expansion capacity and dramatically reduces cost per port for communications equipment providers building gateways, switches, and servers designed for delivering enhanced services around the globe. The 6100C plugs into a standard CompactPCI chassis.
www.nmscommunications.com / 800.533.6120

Atreus Systems Launches xAuthority 2.0
xAuthority, Atreus Systems' flagship product in its Atreus xLINK product portfolio, is an intelligent service creation and management platform that enables service providers to create, activate, deliver, and manage value-add IP-based network and application services. The product seamlessly connects customers to these services anytime, anywhere, and over any device they choose.
www.atreus-systems.com / 800.764.5514

Artesyn Announces CompactPCI VoP Applications
Artesyn Communications Products is proud to announce the MediaBlade CompactPCI media subsystem for high-density, voice over packet applications. The MediaBlade media subsytem is a highly modular and scalable voice over packet media-processing boardset. MediaBlade is designed for OEMs or ISPs developing VoP conferencing systems, media servers, VoP voice mail servers, and announcement servers.
www.artesyncp.com / 608.831.5500

Envox 4.0 To Be Featured In Intel Converged Communications Platform
The Envox 4.0 development software will be featured on an application companion CD made available with the Intel Converged Communications Platform to enable rapid deployment of converged, scalable, and interoperable communications solutions. Envox 4.0 is a single solution for developing applications utilizing any combination of voice, Web, IP, e-mail, and datacom technologies. Its GUI programming environment includes blocks for complete call control; reading and creating Web pages, e-mail management; effecting data communications; manipulating faxes; and reading and writing information to databases.
www.envox.com / 508.898.2600

AudioCodes Announces New TrunkPack Module-1100 Product Series
AudioCodes has announced the newest product series in the TrunkPack Module Family. The TPM-1100 series provides next-generation switch, broadband DLC, and IP services platform vendors with up to 480 PCM channels and up to 336 low-bit rate channels on a small module form factor. In addition to supporting VoIP and VoATM, the TPM's wide choice of signaling, vocoding, and channel density provides OEMs with flexibility in designing medium- and high-quality media gateways.
www.audiocodes.com / 408.576.6706

SnowShore Networks Opening Doors
SnowShore Networks, an emerging telecommunications IP infrastructure company dedicated to IP enhanced communications infrastructure products, has opened its doors. The company is developing media servers that enable innovative service providers to rapidly deliver differentiated, profitable next-generation services.
www.snowshore.com / 978.367.8400

Yipes To Introduce New Software and Interfaces From Juniper Networks
Yipes, a provider of optical IP networks, will enable new interfaces and software developments from Juniper Networks to meet customer requirements for smarter IP services. The latest implementation of JUNOS software and Juniper Networks' Internet Processor II ASIC will help Yipes improve network performance.
www.yipes.com / 877.740.6600
www.juniper.net / 408.745.2000

ADIR VoIP Technologies To Acquire Netspeak Corporation
ADIR VoIP Technologies has officially announced a definitive agreement to acquire publicly held Netspeak Corporation, creating a leading supplier of network management, call-control, and application software for VoIP networks. The merged company will supply highly scalable infrastructure software and applications that enable the delivery of basic and enhanced voice services over IP networks.
www.adirtech.com / 973.412.3551

IP Kickstarts Enterprise Phone Systems
Details of a study by Allied Business Intelligence show that enterprises will migrate their voice from traditional networks at a rate that will create a $16.5 billion IP-PBX market worldwide by 2006. The upturn is due to the large number of potential benefits and limited drawbacks in this early stage of development.
www.alliedworld.com/broadband/home.htm / 516.624.3113

Packet Telephony Gateways Thrive During PSTN To Internet Conversion
As the PSTN is gradually replaced by the Internet as a mode by which to carry voice, data, and video traffic, growth in both port shipments and revenues for packet telephony gateways will escalate, according to Cahners In-Stat Group. Packet telephony gateway revenues will reach $5.855 billion in 2005.
www.instat.com / 916.984.1179

webBASIS Announces EPIC Launch
webBASIS, Inc., announced that it has launched EPIC, a completely integrated Internet telephony (VoIP) technology and communications applications for telecommunications companies and enterprises. EPIC bridges the gap between legacy circuit-switched voice networks and next-generation VoIP, providing a migration path for telcos that enables them to leverage their investments in existing infrastructure while enabling them to provide their customers the value-added applications that drive the change to newer communications technologies.
www.webbasis.com / 661.833.6000

TI DSP Technologies To Speed Up IP Phone Development For Over 50 Manufacturers
The integration of TI's programmable digital signal processors and Telogy software products provides the required performance, ultra-low power efficiency and flexibility to execute voice encoding and compression, while saving system costs and reducing overall power consumption. The new customers include ACT, ADTech, AltiGen Communications, BONA Technology, Cetacean Networks, Telefonica, and Global Internet Telephon AG.
www.ti.com / 800.336.5236

Mid-Range Enclosure From Carlo Gavazzi Mupac
Easily configured to meet customer needs, the 535 Series CompactPCI enclosure from CG Mupac, Inc., is a mid-range, 19", 9U rackmount/benchtop chassis offering 21 usable 6U x 160mm front-accesible slots and 21 6U x 80mm rear transition slots in a package 15.75" high, 17" wide, and 12" deep. The chassis is designed to support hot-swap and N+1 power options, and also supports a variety of peripheral drives, allowing the combination of front-accessible and embedded devices.
www.carlogavazzi.com / 508.588.61100

New PMC-Based Gigabit Ethernet Adapter From VMIC
The VMIPMC-6101, a PMC-based Gigabit Ethernet adapter with copper interface, is ideal for applications requiring 1000sx Ethernet. It features Intel 82543GC Gigabit Ethernet MAC, which provides a 32-/64-bit, 22/66 MHz interface compliant to PCI Rev. 2.2. It also has a 64 Kbyte packet buffer to maintain high performance. A 1000T CAT5 copper interface is provided via the front panel RJ45 connector.
www.vmic.com / 256.880.0444

Mockingbird Networks Introduces New Multiprotocol Servers
Mockingbird Networks has introduced its family of Impresaria multiprotocol servers. Impresaria MPS provides a gateway interface between Mockingbird's Nuvo and NuvoStream media services gateways and any H.323 or SIP-based VoIP network, allowing carriers to originate or terminate traffic between their networks without requiring any modifications to either network.
www.mbird.com / 408.342.5300

VocalData Announces VOISS 3.0
VocalData delivers new core voice services and applications with its new softswitch solution. VOISS 3.0 adds two new core voice services, four new applications, broad support for analog devices by partnering with four industry leading IAD manufacturers, the addition of two standards-based IP phones, and the enhancement of the VOISS Proxy Firewall with two new products.
www.vocaldata.com / 972.354.2100

New Continuant Cluster Suite From GNP
GNP Computers now offers Continuant Cluster Suite, a multi-node computer operating environment for use in telecom switching applications. Using GNP's patent-pending Natural Clustering Technology, a virtual shared-memory programming model, the software delivers the five-nines uptime required in a central office or other true carrier class networking environments.
www.gnp.com / 626.305.8484

Convergent Networks Debuts ServiceWorks
ServiceWorks is a complete and fully-integrated broadband switching solution that delivers subscriber voice services such as Class 5, Centrex, PacketCable, and regulatory features over packet networks. Based on a distributed architecture, ServiceWorks is a highly scalable and economical broadband alternative to a traditional Class 5 switch.
www.convergentnet.com / 978.323.3300

Quicknet Launches Red Rocket
Quicknet has added Red Rocket as a new carrier giving MicroTelco customers greatly improved quality for many routes. Red Rocket is a low-cost, worldwide IP telephony carrier, and is the third carrier to enable Internet telephony customers to select the highest quality and/or the lowest quality on a call by call basis.
www.quicknet.net / 203.268.0590

Telcordia Technologies Announces Integrated Operations Infrastructure
The Integrated Operations Infrastructure is an enabling software solutions platform for operations support systems, which will support a broad array of services over a variety of networks. Communications service providers will use solutions built on this integrated Infrastructure to support next generation multimedia services, including voice, data, and video that will be provided over wireline and wireless broadband networks.
www.telcordia.com / 973.829.2000

Odysea Product Family From Pelago Networks
Pelago Networks, Inc., announced the Odysea product family, an integrated architecture for the rapid creation and cost-effective deployment of both traditional and enhanced subscriber services in local service provider networks. The Odysea family includes the Odysea SCE, a Java-based visual service-creation environment; the Odysea PSX, a programmable service switch; and the Odysea Management Suite.
www.pelagonet.com / 508.480.3600

Telco Systems' EdgeGate CPE Family
The EdgeGate CPE family of products offers extremely cost-effective IP integrated voice and data solutions for the small office, home office, and small to medium enterprise. This VoIP solution supports up to four analog phones and up to eight 10/100 Base-T ports. The EdgeGate CPE platform is also capable of full Layer 3 routing for enhanced network services, such as routing, firewall, and management capabilities.
www.telco.com / 800.221.2849

I-Bus/Phoenix Launches Compute Farm Technology
The new IBC-CF offers up to 19 Pentium III, individual application platforms in 8U of rack space. It is ideal for streaming video, network infrastructure, and telecom and broadcast markets, and combines the IBC-2601 and 2603 CPUs or Sun UltraSparc SBCs with a cPCI enclosure and power technology to create high-density, scalable computing platforms for multi-system applications, clustering, and application density per U of rack space.
www.ibus-phoenix.com / 858.503.3000

dynamicsoft Introduces Route Engine 1.0
Carriers building converged networks can immediately deploy the dynamicsoft Route Engine to provide the differentiated services made possible by intelligent, application-layer routing. The solution provided by Route Engine 1.0, which is designed to route large volumes of calls at the core of a service provider's SIP-based network, combines fast call routing speed and agility with the mission-critical, telco-grade levels of scalability and reliability found in today's PSTN.
www.dynamicsoft.com / 973.952.5000

Asita Technologies Delivers Integrated VPN
Asita Technologies has unveiled the LineSpeed 5 (LS5), an integrated VPN solution that enables SOHO, telecommuter, and residential customers the ability to attain the security level of a dedicated private network while using the public Internet. The LS5 combines three devices: VPN, firewall, and management into one appliance to allow organizations to quickly and easily establish secure communications over a private or public IP network at a fraction of the leased-line cost.
www.asitatechnologies.com / 949.757.3300

AP Engines Rev's Up Partner Program
The AP Engines partner program is a multi-tiered venture that will provide hardware manufacturers, software developers, and systems integrators the opportunity to develop complete end-to-end OSS integration solutions. The AP Engines partner program is designed to accelerate the deployment of multi-vendor next-generation solutions by service providers. AP Engines and its partner vendors will join forces to deliver new technologies and decrease time-to-market for new services.
www.apengines.com / 978.461.5000

BroadSoft, Inc. Announces Contract With TalkingNets
BroadSoft, Inc., has signed a contract with TalkingNets to supply Broadworks for TalkingNets deployment of enhanced telephony services. TalkingNets has deployed BroadWorks in Denver and Washington D.C. With BroadWorks, TalkingNets can enable service providers with data networks to offer their customers a wide range of enhanced voice services.
www.broadsoft.com / 301.977.9440
www.talkingnets.com / 910.332.1800

Code Compressor Studio From TI
Texas Instruments announced version two of the Code Composer Studio integrated Development Environment, which will bring multi-site connectivity to distributed customer work teams worldwide, dramatic improvements in code development and optimization plus debugging tools for systems based on the TMS320C5000 and the TMS320C6000 DSP platforms.
www.ti.com / 800.336-5236

Nuera Communications ORCA Platform Release 7.0
Customers can now use Nuera's ORCA SSC and ORCA GX-8 or GX-21 gateways with SS7, ISDN, or CAS to offload PSTN traffic onto next-generation VoIP networks. The ORCA product family includes trunking gateways for broadband VoIP solutions, and a softswitch. The SSC softswitch is widely deployed in networks both in the U.S. and abroad.
www.nuera.com / 858.625.2400

Trinity Convergence Launches VeriCall
VeriCall is an embedded software solution designed to tackle complex system designs employing packet technology including voice and fax over network and 3G wireless technology. VeriCall employs a distributed architecture with system controller, DSP, network processor, and communications processor elements. The system level structure helps minimize the complexity of implementing a high channel density, distributed equipment design.
www.trinityconvergence.com / 919.863.4190

NMS Offers New PacketMedia IP Platform
NMS Communications' PacketMedia platform allows IP voice technology to be used for advanced enhanced services streaming audio to the phone, voice activated dialing, voice Web service, voice browser, wireless Web access, IP conferencing, and more, while providing more traditional enhanced services such as unified communications and interactive voice response. Targeted to telecommunications equipment vendors and other application service providers, the PacketMedia hardware/software platform features high port density, mixed media processing, and expanded communications protocol support.
www.nmscommunications.com / 800.533.6120

Elthe Corporation and NaTel Network To Build VoIP Infrastructure
NaTel Network has selected Elthe Corporation's EGK 500 for deployment in its nationwide VoIP infrastructure. NaTel is building its next-generation voice network using Elthe's EGK 500 VoIP gatekeeper, the essential component of an H.323 network. To accommodate the requirements of large-scale IP telephony network for NaTel, the EGK 5000 will serve as the central intelligence agent.
www.elthe.com / 408.467.0980

Altigen Debuts AltiCenter
Altigen Communications has unveiled AltiCenter, a standalone IP call center for the small and mid-size business market. Altigen's new IP call center can be used with other vendors' PBXs, enabling AltiGen resellers to address a much larger market, including midsize companies.
www.altigen.com / 510.252.9712 x300

Aravox's New Suite Of Carrier-Class IP Networking Products
Aravox is proud to announce their new suite of carrier-class IP network services platform products for carriers, access service providers, and managed services providers deploying VoIP. The product line includes the Aravox 5000, a carrier-class IP network services platform with a gigabit Ethernet connection to support the scalability requirements for the largest VoIP networks being implemented by carriers today.
www.aravox.com / 651.256.2700

Lucent Technologies Helps Offer Business Calling Services Over IP
Lucent Technologies has introduced 7R/E IP Business Services, a new IP-Centrex solution that helps service providers capture new revenue by offering business customers hosted, IP-calling services that are more flexible and cost-effective than those offered by both traditional and IP-PBX offerings.
www.lucent.com / 888.4.LUCENT

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