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July  2001


VoIP Development Tools

VoIP is no longer the toy of the Internet world. It has grown from its humble beginnings to a revolutionary communications technology that has worldwide deployment and international effects. Enterprises and carriers everywhere are rolling out VoIP increasingly, and those who have not should be quick to realize the added value and services VoIP has to offer: Reduced telecom costs, value-added services, and integrated communications, among many other opportunities.

This Roundup should serve as a basis for putting together the first, or reworking the legacy, VoIP integrations in your network. Included are products that will help round out your communications platform, and provide the services expected in the coming VoIP age

Mike von Wahlde

VoIP Development Tools
APEX Media Server Anyuser Cyber Telco Service Interaction Center (SIC)
UniVerse Integrated Service CrystalVoice Internet Telephony Platform ThreadX
Applications Switch Message Generator Traffic Simulator (MGTS) Vonage
Show N Tel / ActiveCall Agilent VQT Application Server
The Simplified Open Services API Passwerks ISDN Q.921 User Adaptation Layer (IUA)
Fact-MG VQmon Telephony Sound ToolKit
Application Server Helmsman DesignDeck ObjectSwitch Server
HearSay SoftServer TP-240 PCI VoIP Communication Board DM3 IPLink
H.323 Protocol ToolKit ServiceWorks

APEX Media Server
APEX Voice Communications
15250 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

The APEX Media Server is an intelligent media processor for VoIP with a graphical service creation environment that integrates with standards-based softswitches for the rapid development, testing and deployment of IP-based enhanced services. The media server runs service-ready applications such as APEX Announcement Services, Prepaid, Messaging, and Wireless E-Mail; or can be used to create custom applications for IVR, messaging, prepaid calling, and one-number/follow-me.

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UniVerse Integrated Service
Kancharla Corporation
2121 Metro Circle
Huntsville, AL 35801

UniVerse is a subscription-based VoIP communications platform that seamlessly integrates voice and data over a single broadband link to small and medium-sized enterprises. Bundled services include local and long-distance calling, voice mail, high-speed Internet access, e-mail, and Web hosting. Benefits to the customer include greater capability and scalability, a single source for all of their telecom services (replacing four or more traditional vendors), and a single monthly bill.

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Applications Switch
Sylantro Systems Corp.
910 E. Hamilton Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

In addition to a complete suite of ready-to-deploy managed telephony services, Sylantro's applications-enabled softswitch provides service creation options that include APIs and SDKs. An application layer API allows easy access to JAVA objects through higher-level XML documents creating a common framework for more rapid development or integration of new services such as calendars. Service providers, alone or with third parties, can customize or develop new services quickly, thereby strengthening their ties with end users and generating new revenues.

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Show N Tel / ActiveCall
Sonexis, Inc.
70 Franklin St.
Boston, MA 02110

Show N Tel is an open, standards-based software development environment for voice solutions. With Show N Tel, you have all the tools needed to create voice solutions that integrate telephones, personal computers, and the Internet - increasing sales and improving customer service. ActiveCall adds enterprise call control service creation tools to Show N Tel. By combining Show N Tel's rapid application development tool with scalable CTI links, client application integration facilities, and management and administration services, ActiveCall offers developers a powerful, open environment for telephony-enabling enterprise, call center, and departmental telecommunications and data networks.

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The Simplified Open Services API
Simplified, Inc.
3800 Hudson Bend Rd.
Austin, TX 78734

By using the Simplified Open Services API, software developers will be able to create, test, and deploy applications for enhanced communication services that will run across any network. The Simplified Open Services API and the Open Services Development Platform will enable customers, partners and third-party developers to connect new and existing communications and business applications to future versions of the Simplified Open Services Platform.

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Blue Wave Systems
2410 Luna Road
Carrollton, TX 75006

FACT-MG is a new ComStruct building block for packet voice processing applications that are at the heart of the converged network -- such as softswitches, VoIP media gateways and IP-enabled enhanced services platforms. FACT-MG provides a layer of abstraction between the user's packet voice application and the underlying technology -- including world-leading VoIP software and the CompactPCI ComStruct CPCI/C5421 high-density packet processing platform -- which unlocks time for Blue Wave's customers to innovate their application.

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Application Server
dynamicsoft Inc.
72 Eagle Rock Ave.
East Hanover, NJ 07936

The dynamicsoft Application Server allows developers and communications service providers to integrate communication capabilities (voice, Web, e-mail, presence and instant messaging) into their solution, delivering the programmability and flexibility needed to enhance customer retention and "stickiness." In addition, the dynamicsoft Application Server allows communications service providers and developers to leverage their existing knowledge in standards-based languages and APIs to quickly deliver the value their customers require.

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HearSay SoftServer
NMS Communications (formerly Natural MicroSystems)
100 Crossing Boulevard
Framingham, MA 01702

HearSay SoftServer is a front-to-back-end voice Internet platform that integrates a VoiceXML runtime environment and audio streaming with NMS' carrier-grade HearSay platform and Natural Access development environment, with products from the market's premier speech-recognition software providers. HearSay is a full-featured development platform for speech-driven voice portals and v-commerce solutions. It offers complete telephony and speech functions such as initialization and call control, as well as tear down provided through Natural Access. Additional capabilities include fax, conferencing, and voice and fax over IP.

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H.323 Protocol ToolKit
RADvision, Inc.
575 Corporate Drive, Suite 420
Mahwah, NJ 07430

The RADvision H.323 Protocol Toolkit is the most widely deployed stack for voice and video over IP. RADvision's impressive list of stack licensees includes market leaders from virtually all industries moving into IP communications. The protocol stack includes a highly customizable toolkit that allows companies to develop a broad range of products with varying performance and footprint requirements, from simple residential IP phones to highly complex, powerful gateways and switches for central office environments. Designed to be platform-independent, the RADvision H.323 protocol toolkit is available for the VxWorks real-time, embedded operating system as well as UNIX- and Windows-based desktop OSS.

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Anyuser Cyber Telco
Anyuser, Inc.
18000 Studebaker Rd.,
Suite 295
Cerritos, CA 90703

Anyuser provides proprietary gatekeeper technology based on the H.323 standard - can manage communications of any IP-based device (voice and video), and enhances quality of calls (QoS) to near analog quality. They offer a suite of IP telephony services for those looking for a structured, turnkey offering with global connectivity (e.g., ITSPs, Telcos). Services include online IP device number registration, translation/routing, billing/online presentment, yellow pages, voice services, and other IP-side services to Telcos, ITSPs, enterprises, and consumers.

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CrystalVoice Internet Telephony Platform
CrystalVoice Communications, Inc.
919 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

The CrystalVoice Internet Telephony Platform is a unique, comprehensive hardware and software-based application platform. It enables developers to add voice to virtually any application, in any network environment, including connectivity to POTS and the PSTN. Architected to meet the needs of applications developers, ASPs, and their customers, the Internet Telephony Platform includes a high-level programming interface, the company's revolutionary voice processing technology enabling telephone-quality voice to be delivered over the public Internet, and the complete underlying hardware and software that enables developers to voice-enable virtually any application.

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Message Generator Traffic Simulator (MGTS)
26580 West Agoura Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302

Part of Tekelec's Velosity family of diagnostic solutions, the MGTS product line is an advanced diagnostic and test platform for research and development laboratories and telecommunication service providers. Its functions include integration and system testing as well as field deployment. It is used extensively in the development of VoIP technology. MGTS IP supports multiple IP telephony interfaces including SS7 PSTN, media gateway control protocol, and the megaco H.248 protocol all on the same platform. Other MGTS products include: MGTS FLEX, MGTS GPRS, MGTS UMTS, MGTS SS7, and MGTS i3000.

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Agilent VQT
Agilent Technologies
395 Page Mill Rd. P.O. Box #10395
Palo Alto, CA 94303

The Agilent VQT enables design, deployment, and operation of voice services on next-generation networks by providing accurate, objective voice quality testing, including a comprehensive set of functions with analysis of voice clarity, delay, echo, signal loss, silence suppression, DTMF, and more. Analog, T1, and E1 interfaces enable testing any telephony network, and the Agilent VQT is specifically designed to measure and analyze voice quality on IP, ATM, Frame Relay, PSTN, and hybrid networks.

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ASG Technologies
2500 Regency Pkwy.
Cary, NC 27511

Passwerks is a product for telecommunications service providers that provides a centralized method of managing access, security, and control over complex and distributed carrier-grade network environments. This results in increased network security, less administrative burden, and higher switch and user productivity -- all of which translate to an improved bottom-line. Its flexible and modular design enables networks to expand and grow in a centralized and secure environment.

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One Focus Plaza, Suite 200
3360 Martins Farm Road
Suwanee, GA 30024

VQmon is a lightweight, computationally efficient, real-time, embedded voice quality monitor that can measure and monitor all calls made over Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. It integrates easily into VoIP gateways, communications servers, IP phones, test equipment, analyzers and other VoIP-related equipment. VQmon extends the ITU E model Standard with sophisticated technology that models the impact of packet-loss-bursts, time-varying-impairments, and the recency effect.

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Helmsman DesignDeck
Ubiquity Software Corporation
555 Legget Dr., Suite 1001
Kanata, ON K2K 2X3

Helmsman DesignDeck, a component of the Helmsman Application Services Platform, is a service development tool based on a powerful API framework. It allows communication service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively combine diverse technologies, such as voice, e-mail, instant messaging, presence, Web, and databases into innovative, next-generation services. Helmsman DesignDeck allows service providers to reduce time-to-market while creating and deploying highly differentiated, converged services.

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TP-240 PCI VoIP Communication Board
AudioCodes, Inc.
2890 Zanker Rd., Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95134

The AudioCoded TP-240 is a high-density, cost-effective, DSP resource board, designed to deliver low-latency VoIP packet streaming for 128 ports in a single PCI slot. Powered by 24 AudioCodes VoIP DSP chips and advanced voice processing technologies, the TP-240 offers excellent voice quality utilizing the superior G.168 compliant echo cancellation, lost packet interpolation and jitter buffer control. Additional features include G.723.1, G.729A and proprietary Netcoder voice compression. The board supports G3 fax relay/bypass, modem relay/bypass, silence suppression, DTMF detection and VoIP IA 1.0 relay.

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Convergent Networks
900 Chelmsford St.
Tower Three
Lowell, MA 01851

ServiceWorks is an integrated service creation softswitch platform that offers a direct alternative to traditional Class 4/5 services for the New Public Network. ServiceWorks includes the following features: Allows for the rapid creation and delivery of new advanced communications services; delivers unparalleled scalability -- providing 800,000 BHCA at more than 220 calls per second; enables rapid delivery of new carrier-class services and enhanced applications-includes a Class 5 feature set; provides a migration path to deliver additional integrated voice and data services allowing carriers to deliver personalized communications services; combines service intelligence and call control; and includes an SS7 signaling gateway

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Service Interaction Center (SIC)
Interactive Intelligence Inc.
8909 Purdue Road, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46268

SIC enables service providers to deploy carrier-grade, unified communication solutions such as unified messaging (e-mail, fax and voice mail in one inbox accessible from a phone or Web interface), one-number find-/follow-me service, contact management and calendaring. Because SIC is based on the Interaction Center Platform, an event-oriented software engine, it can also support virtually any interaction type. For example, it can act as a network-based interactive voice response system and support conferencing and audio-graphics, advanced call control features, outbound calling, VoIP integrated solutions, Web interactions (chat, URL pushing), ODBC database look-ups, LDAP queries, paging, speech recognition, IP-based softswitch integration, and more.

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Green Hills Software, Inc.
30 West Sola St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Green Hills' ThreadX real-time operating systems (RTOS). ThreadX RTOS is a technically advanced real-time multitasking. ThreadX support is integrated directly into MULTI, enabling it to provide comprehensive task- and kernel-aware debugging. ThreadX helps divide your application into more easily managed portions. Dividing the application into manageable pieces also greatly improves the effectiveness of your development team.

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2147 Route 27,
2nd Floor
Edison, NJ 08837

Vonage, Inc., a VoIP communications concern, provides a complete line of session initiation protocol (SIP) based Internet telephony products. Vonage delivers alternative line services to consumers, and integrated voice and data services to SMEs. Through partnerships with industry pioneers, Vonage is extending and exploiting SIP's simplicity and power to develop and deploy feature-rich, integrated, voice and data communications offerings.

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Application Server
NetCentrex, Inc.
2115 O'Nel Dr., Suite 101
San Jose, CA 95131

NetCentrex delivers a carrier class, scalable platform for creating enhanced VoIP solutions. The NetCentrex platform includes the call control server, application server, and IPVR. The open architecture design is modeled after the Intelligent Network (IN), which allows protocol independent applications to be built. The sophisticated NetCentrex distributed architecture and platform links innovative and feature-rich applications to the IP network, which may include gateways, gatekeepers, PCs, analog phones, and IP phones to deliver the enhanced services in demand today and tomorrow.

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ISDN Q.921 User Adaptation Layer (IUA)
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc. (an Intel Company)
12100 Wilshire Bl., Suite 1800
Los Angeles, California 90025-7118

The IUA portable software product backhauls ISDN Q.931 and Q.SIG messages over IP networks by using the SCTP software. IUA is used between a signalling gateway (SG) and media gateway controller (MGC). Product deliverables consist of C source software, documentation, training, a warranty, and technical support. Computer and communications equipment manufacturers may use Trillium's IUA software to speed time to market, lower costs, and reduce the risk of developing applications for their switch, adjunct processor, terminal adapter, bridge/router, test equipment, or other products.

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Telephony Sound ToolKit
DiamondWare, Ltd.
10516 E. Flower Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85208

Tele-STK is a software component to provide ultra-low latency full-duplex audio on Windows and Linux platforms. Its patent-pending technology allows soft phones to match or beat hard phones for latency and QoS. By eliminating 500 milliseconds of software-induced delay, Tele-STK enables the PC as a viable edge device.

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ObjectSwitch Server
Kabira Technologies Inc.
One McInnis Pkwy.
San Rafael , CA 94903

Kabira's main software product is called the ObjectSwitch Server. Kabira infrastructure software products, based upon the ObjectSwitch Server enable companies to create and deploy high-performance, revenue-generating services and applications faster than other solutions across any network, and to large populations of users. Kabira-based services can be upgraded on-the-fly without shutting down the system.

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DM3 IPLink
Intel Corporation
1515 Route 10
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Dialogic DM3 IPLink is a standards-based IP-enhanced services platform from Intel which provides robust, high-performance, next-generation media processing subsystems. The platform is ideal for OEMs, application developers and IP telephony integrators looking to build next generation IP telephony solutions for enterprise and service provider markets. Based on a modular and flexible architecture, IPLink allows rapid development of new features and applications, allowing you to reduce time to market and increase revenue, in addition to ensuring your competitive edge in the next generation network.

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